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#3642 - Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3642 - Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... Something for everyone in
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      #3642 - Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights

      Something for everyone in this issue:
      Some straight nonduality from Rodney Stevens;
      a shout out from nonduality pioneer Sandeep Chatterjee to join his forum on diabetes management;
      and a look at the nonduality of UFO study, including current posts and oldies from 2001. In that spirit we name September "Take a Martian to lunch in another dimension Month."

      From the Radiance of Being blog of Rodney Stevens:

      Q&A: Deep Resonance

      Question: ...I was especially moved by the following description of your final understanding, as I believe Balsekar calls it--"So here John [Wheeler] was saying that what I had been searching for was not only 'fully present,' but it was fully present at this very moment. So I thought to myself, 'What am I looking at but--apparently--not seeing?'...Again, 'What I am looking at, but--apparently--not seeing?"....And suddenly, there it was! Utter peace and spaciousness! Felt-awareness without end!'"

      Rodney: Yes, that was it--the end of the "story," so to speak. Life continued, but as Existence itself, which includes the appearances of thoughts, a body/mind, a job description, etc. The ease with which this understanding can takes place can't adequately be put into words. Suddenly, you are seeing something that not only has always, always been directly in front of you, it has been you precisely. It is beyond time and all expression, and yet, it is the most basic and most evident of things.

      Question: I also appreciate your blog very much and find a deep resonance with your expression. We share a common experience in our earlier searching - I too became fascinated with the Catholic Church and joined it - this was after exploring many disciplines and teachings, both eastern and western.

      Rodney: Yes, all of those years, disciplines, practices, and teachings (East and West). I still have fond memories of certain aspects of the Catholic Church: The cool stone floors, the heartfelt a cappella sections of the service, and the sweet-smelling incense, with its high-ascending smoke. But no anger or regret broils over my decades of searching. There are a number of reasons for that. Perhaps the most obvious one is that there is no longer a self-image from which that kind of regret can arise. Would it have been great to come to this understanding sooner? Sure! But it isn't something that I ponder. It happened as it happened. And my main purpose here is simply to point out to seekers and readers that this seeing and understanding needn't take any time at all, much less years or decades. You are already that which you are seeking. Allow these words to nudge you into seeing that which is already perfectly present.

      Question: Yes, already perfectly present! It's a notion that I completely by passed for the longest time.

      Rodney: Same here, of course.


      Hello Jerry,
      This is Sandeep from your sordid past.
      How are you., old friend?
      Jerry, if you feel it appropriate, kindly post this message to the NDS.
      Thank you


      Hi everybody,
      I have started a Yahoo Group titled
      "A Wholistic Approach to Diabetes", located at:

      The List description is as follows:
      A wholistic approach to the Diabetic condition, so as to augment and support the currently prevailing treatment of the Diabetic condition.
      The wholistic approach will be based on the good old sweating out through arduous physical activities, dovetailed to one's daily life activities, Yoga asans(postures) and Pranayam techniques specifically aimed at the Diabetic condition, the ingestion of natural substances like, Neem , Meithi (Fenugreek leaves), DarChini(Cinnamon).
      AND the resolution of mental and emotional stress, a very active contributor of increased blood sugar.
      Does this wholistic approach work?
      The List-owner was diagnosed for a diabetic condition about 5 years ago.
      Today repeated Fasting sugar, PP Sugar, HB1Ac and the Lipid cholesterol profile readings are all of a non-diabetic normal person’s readings.
      And these results achieved with no chemical medications for the last 12 months.
      Yes it can be done. I have done it. You can.
      Sure it is not easy......sure the results will vary for each person......but a significant improvement in the diabetic condition and in the related side effects of the diabetic condition WILL occur.
      It is clarified that this forum will not intend to replace the doctor treating you.
      The decision to alter, amend or even eliminate prevailing chemical medications, in face of the improvements in the diabetic condition following this wholistic approach.....SHOULD AND MUST be taken in full and complete consultation of the attending medical doctor.
      This forum will also be a place to share one's own travails, distresses, agonies, life issues in one's journey in tackling the diabetic condition, a space for support, for encouragement, for laughter and for tears.....a place where one can trust to reveal.
      Some level of moderation will exercised to ensure no abuse of this trust and to eliminate spammers.
      Diabetes, like any other disease is a dis-ease.
      The return to ease is the focus here.
      While none of the members here may have an diabetic issue.........I am sure you may know of somebody who has.
      Send the details of the List description and ask him or her to come over by visiting the above URL.

      Thank you.

      Photo: James Gilliland
      David Bozzi:
       Oh yeah, Jerry if you're snooping around this area
       I recommend looking into James Gilliland.

       He has a ranch in Washington state in an area that produces
       so many UFOs reliably, that people (scientists & regular folk alike)
       from all over the world go there to watch the 'fireworks'.

       Here's his site:

       He has a 90 minute DVD which is up on YouTube
       (9 parts)

       Nice guy. Thought of going up there myself.
       Maybe next summer.

      Jerry Katz writes:
      At one of our local gatherings a guy showed up who claims to attract unusual
      lights where he lives here in Nova Scotia. I know a couple of people who
      went to where he lives and they say they think they saw unusual activity. He
      says he attracts the ETs by a certain kind of transmission of love.

      Gilliland speaks of the need for an open mind, a loving heart, and pure
      intent as the formula for attracting ufos of similar consciousness.

      Gilliland is "nonduality meets ET." He's the "real deal" as they say.
      There's no sense of exploitation or ego with him. He says, "I'm not really
      important. What's important is this information gets out to people and help
      people awaken to the wisdom within themselves. And if you are nobody there's
      nobody that needs defending when you bring out this outrageous information."

      He's the right guy for these times to carry on the tradition of connecting
      with UFOs.


       GENE POOLE from Highlights #703


      You wrote (in part):

      "I'm in favor of revealing these UFO secrets. I think it would be funny
      to see how it's explained and to see how people react and to see how
      the reaction is handled."

      Once the 'UFO secrets' are revealed, it will be difficult to ever
      again, see that coffee table as just a coffee table. Or to be able to
      watch TV, with the assumption that what is being viewed, is the same
      for everyone, or that it is even being broadcast from 'somewhere'. It
      will take a magnificent effort to forget what was revealed, but knowing
      humanity as I do, a lot of forgetting will take place right as the
      'truth' is being revealed, as it is being revealed, just as right now,
      we are bathed in the 'truth', but for some reason, choose to be
      occupied with 'other things'.

      Maybe the last truth to be revealed, and the easiest one to deny, is
      that we are the truth. The same truth as the mysterious UFOs and the
      many species of occupant, not to mention the many time-traveling,
      dimension-hopping, shape-shifting, universe-gobbling,
      innocent-abducting, and species saving-and-destroying, temporary forms
      of pure, unadulterated awareness. Just like that coffee table sitting
      next to you, which you naively and innocently 'think' is simply a hunk
      of wood, metal, and plastic.

      To know that it all retains its shape and form _by its own volition_,
      is an awesomely disturbing perception. Maybe that is why it is never

      On the other hand, nonattachment may allow everything to be simply what
      it actually is, unconstrained by assumptions of apparent historicity
      and/or practicality. In the face of this reality, human concerns have
      no context in which to manifest; this equals spontaneous loss of
      identity for everyone, everywhere, immediately.

      Of course, we 'nondualists' are already 'one jump ahead of the crowd'
      in that regard. Holding no assumptions or expectations, we will only
      laugh we it is revealed that the universe is being 'run' by a cartoon
      duck (and probably not any cartoon duck you have ever seen, BTW!).

      The ancient Tibetans are even more 'jumps ahead', with their
      concept/revealing of 'Display' technology. Couched as it is in the
      jargon of 'spirituality', who would ever guess that it is literally

      Or as true as 'truth' can be, when cut loose from its final anchor to
      relative awareness...

      Universal Test Pattern:

      Photo: Sacred art and geometry of Tantra, from http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~mikel/sriyantra/sriyantra.html 

      You will have to imagine the 'test tones' which go with it.

      Once you clear the channel, the UFOs can come.
      Kelvin writes in Highlights #615:
       Uh oh...

      I recently took a break from my Advaita and nonduality books and read
      Extraterrestrial Contact by Steven Greer, M.D. As it turns out, the guy is
      a nondualist, so I can't get away from it even if I try!

      The evidence he presents that we are being visited by extraterrestrials is
      very compelling. There is so much of it, in fact, that your eyes eventually
      start to glaze over. There have been mass sightings of UFOs in recent years
      in Belgium and Mexico before literally hundreds, if not thousands, of
      witnesses. Greer has, since 1992 or so, been spearheading what he calls the
      CE-5 Initiative, in which trained teams go to areas of recent UFO sightings
      and attempt to make contact with them. In one case, Greer and his team went
      to a place in England where UFOs and crop circles were appearing. The team
      did make visual contact with one or more UFOs, and they were signaling to
      each other with lights back and forth. The team also mentally projected a
      specific design to the UFOs. The next day, that exact design appeared as a
      crop circle in a nearby field! This design is now the logo of CSETI, the
      organization Greer founded

      But the most amazing part of the book concerns Greer's claims about what the
      government knows about this matter. He states, among many other things:

      - "The US government, at least at the level of a highly compartmentalized
      above top secret group, has known about the reality of these ETS
      [extraterrestrial spacecraft] and their occupants since at least 1946."

      - "The US government possesses several ETS and the deceased bodies of
      several EBEs [extraterrestrial biological entities]."

      - The government group or groups that possess this knowledge and this
      physical evidence are operating beyond Constitutional authority, and our
      elected leaders do not have control over them.

      - These secret groups have reverse engineered ET technologies and the
      release of these technologies would transform our world overnight:

      "Consider: A technology which enables energy generation from the
      so-called zero point field and which enables every home, business, factory
      and vehicle to have its own source of power - without an external fuel
      source. Ever. No need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants or the internal
      combusion engine. And no pollution. Period.
      "Consider: A technology using electro-gravitic devices which allows for
      above surface transportation--no more roadways to cover fertile farmland
      since transportation could take place totally above the surface."
      "One must consider what will happen when every village in India (or
      Africa or South America or China) has devices which can generate large
      amounts of power without pollution and without spending huge sums of energy
      on fuel. the entire world will be able to develop in an unprecedented
      fashion--without pollution and without billions spent on power plants,
      transmission lines and combustible fuels. The have-nots will have."

      Greer and his group CSETI (www.cseti.org) have been planning for some time a
      major public disclosure, with testimony from over a hundred witnesses, many
      of them former military and government employees. Many of the government
      witnesses have never come forward before and will not testify without
      Congressional immunity. They had hoped to have this event during the
      Clinton administration, but it was not to be. As I understand it, they now
      hope to have it sometime early this year.

      Greer's nondualistic outlook is evident in his chapter "UFOs, Humanity And
      The Full Spectrum of Reality." Commenting on the debate in the community of
      UFO investigators and theorists about whether UFOs are "nuts and bolts"
      spacecraft or an "interdimensional" phenomenon, Greer writes:

      "Could it be that *both* are correct?
      "The reconciliation of these two views is possible by employing a
      comprehensive paradigm of reality which does not fragment 'physical' from
      'other dimensional' but which instead replaces the either/or argument with
      and/and. That the predominant western bias for dualism, separatism and
      reductionism has been applied to UFOlogy, as well as other areas of study,
      does not mean that such a perspective in any way reflects reality. We are
      accustomed to speaking of mind-body, material-spiritual,
      physical-nonphysical as though a real separation exists, when in actuality
      such distinctions are convenient, though linear, mental constructs. The
      discussion of 'other dimensions' assumes that indeed there are other
      dimensions which are somehow separate from this dimension, whatever this
      dimension is."

      And further:

      "We are reaching the point where further advances in the physical sciences
      will require concomitant advances in the realm of consciousness or mind. At
      that point, we will find that the interface between mind and matter,
      physical and transcendent, is in reality a matter of perception and
      dependent on the level of consciousness of the perceiver. Our perplexity
      over the UFO phenomenon is in part due to a lack of insight into what it
      means to be human, of the dynamics of mind and consiousness, and a strange
      addiction to the neat and hypnotic separation between mind and matter,
      science and religion, objective and subjective. Such fragmentation is a
      monster of our own devising, and can be conquered only by evolving to a way
      of perceiving which is inclusive, holistic and unified. In this we find
      the greatest challenge and the greatest lesson in the UFO phenomenon. May
      we not fail in this endeavor.

      "In its greatest sense, the full spectrum of reality is another way of
      saying 'God,' and therefore is infinite and all-inclusive. While each
      generation of scientists and philosophers regard their current knowledge as
      the apex of all learning, just as surely the next generation will surpass
      it. We will not exhaust the full spectrum of reality in this generation,
      not in the next. But the path of exploration will remain open only to the
      extent that we hold our minds open to an ever-expanding reality. For just
      as soon as we think we know it all, or say 'aha! That's it!', we limit our
      progress and throw a roadblock onto the path of knowledge."

      Dr. Greer's book is available at www.cseti.org

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