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#3405 - Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #3405 - Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights When told the reason for
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      #3405 - Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nonduality Highlights -
      When told the reason for Daylight Savings Time, the old Indian chief said:

      "Only white man would believe you cut one foot from top of blanket,
      sew it to bottom of blanket and have longer blanket".
      posted to Wisdom-l by Elizabeth

      Gerald Durrell wrote a letter to seal in a time capsule, and he said:
      "The world is to us what the Garden of Eden was supposed to be to Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were banished, but we are banishing ourselves from our Eden. The difference is that Adam and Eve had somewhere else to go. We have nowhere else to go. We hope that by the time you read this you will have at least partially curtailed our reckless greed and stupidity. If we have not, at least some of us have tried. ... All we can say is learn from what we have achieved, but above all learn from our mistakes, do not go on endlessly like a squirrel in a wheel committing the same errors hour by hour day by day year after year century after century as we have done up to now. We hope that there will be fireflies and glow-worms at night to guide you and butterflies in hedges and forests to greet you. We hope that there will still be the extraordinary varieties of creatures sharing the land of the planet with you to enchant you."

      7 January 1925 - 30 January 1995

      World famous author and naturalist Gerald Durrell founded the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust out of a desire to show that things could be done better. "His most important contribution to zoology was in the field of animal conservation and what became known as Durrell’s Army – the people he trained from around the world to go back to their own countries and save animals for themselves.” Desmond Morris

      "Most people unconsciously assume that they are not connected, and this assumption has significant implications. When we believe we are not connected, we have an adversarial relationship to the entire world and everything in it. We think in dualities: "me versus you," "me versus it," "everything exists outside of myself." When we believe we are separate from God or from Reality, we feel that we are not whole and not complete; therefore, we must take something from somebody to get that missing completeness. Aggression is based on the failure to realize connectedness."

      Mariana Caplan: 'Halfway up the Mountain: The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment'


      I would not have been a poet
      except that I have been in love
      alive in this mortal world,
      or an essayist except that I
      have been bewildered and afraid,
      or a storyteller had I not heard
      stories passing to me through the air,
      or a writer at all except
      I have been wakeful at night
      and words have come to me
      out of their deep caves
      needing to be remembered.
      But on the days I am lucky
      or blessed, I am silent.
      I go into the one body
      that two make in making marriage
      that for all our trying, all
      our deaf-and-dumb of speech,
      has no tongue. Or I give myself
      to gravity, light, and air
      and am carried back
      to solitary work in fields
      and woods, where my hands
      rest upon a world unnamed,
      complete, unanswerable, and final
      as our daily bread and meat.
      The way of love leads all ways
      to life beyond words, silent
      and secret. To serve that triumph
      I have done all the rest.

      "VII" from the poem "1994" by Wendell Berry,

      from A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979–1997. © Counterpoint, 1998

      Everything is found in the Silence and not much in words. In quietness. You should try to be quiet for as long as you can. Especially when you are at home. Try to sit in the Silence and quietness for as long as you can. It's in the Silence where you will receive the message. It's in the Silence where pure awareness reveals itself freely. You'll never be afraid to sit in the Silence. It's your greatest asset.
      posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle

      Keeping Quiet

      Now we will count to twelve
      and we will all keep still.

      This one time upon the earth,
      let's not speak any language,
      let's stop for one second,
      and not move our arms so much.

      It would be a delicious moment,
      without hurry, without locomotives,
      all of us would be together
      in a sudden uneasiness.

      The fishermen in the cold sea
      would do no harm to the whales
      and the peasant gathering salt
      would look at his torn hands.

      Those who prepare green wars,
      wars of gas, wars of fire,
      victories without survivors,
      would put on clean clothing
      and would walk alongside their brothers
      in the shade, without doing a thing.

      What I want shouldn't be confused
      with final inactivity:
      life alone is what matters,
      I want nothing to do with death.

      If we weren't unanimous
      about keeping our lives so much in motion,

      if we could do nothing for once,
      perhaps a great silence would
      interrupt this sadness,
      this never understanding ourselves
      and threatening ourselves with death,
      perhaps the earth is teaching us
      when everything seems to be dead
      and then everything is alive.

      Now I will count to twelve
      and you keep quiet and I'll go.
      -Pablo Neruda

      -from Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon
      Translated by Stephen Mitchell

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