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#3320 - Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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    #3320 - Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Q: By what indication are the
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      #3320 - Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Nonduality Highlights
      Q: By what indication are the learned able to recognize the jnani ?

      Ramana Maharshi: From the mark of equality towards all beings, one's (attainment of) jnana is inferred.

      A living guru (spiritual teacher) is, in most cases, necessary to facilitate both enlightenment
      and self realization. Although the karana guru (the guru whose role is to help the disciple
      through the last stages of realization) appears to the disciple as a seemingly separate human
      being, he or she is knowingly established as universal consciousness. He sees the disciple
      as his own Self. Consciousness in the disciple, being recognized for what it truly is,
      resonates with the silent presence of the guru. The mind of the disciple becomes gradually
      and mysteriously quiet, with or without the use of words, until the student has a glimpse of
      the causeless joy of his natural state. A relationship of love, freedom and friendliness that
      leads to the eventual spontaneous stabilization of the disciple in happiness and peace gets

      A true karana guru never sees himself as superior or inferior to anybody, nor does he or she
      take himself or anybody for a sage or an ignorant, for a spiritual teacher or a disciple. This
      impersonal attitude creates an unmistakable perfume of friendship and freedom that is a
      prerequisite for the success of the final stages of the self realization process.
      copyright 2000, Francis Lucille
      posted to Wisdom-l by Peter Holleran


      Untainted Space

      One of the most common analogies used to describe the Buddha-nature is space itself. This analogy has three aspects. First, just as space is omnipresent and yet is unpolluted by everything it pervades, similarly, Buddha-nature pervades every sentient being without being in any way tainted. Second, just as galaxies and universes arise and pass within space, so do the characteristics of our personalities arise and pass within Buddha-nature. Our sensations arise and pass away; Buddha-nature continues. Third, just as space is never consumed by fire, so this Buddha-nature is never consumed by the "fire" of aging, sickness, or death.

      --B. Alan Wallace, in Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up

      Instructions to Painters & Poets
      I asked a hundred painters and a hundred poets
      how to paint sunlight
      on the face of life
      Their answers were ambiguous and ingenuous
      as if they were all guarding trade secrets
      Whereas it seems to me
      all you have to do
      is conceive of the whole world
      and all humanity
      as a kind of art work
      a site-specific art work
      an art project of the god of light
      the whole earth and all that's in it
      to be painted with light

      And the first thing you have to do
      is paint out postmodern painting
      And the next thing is to paint yourself
      in your true colors
      in primary colors
      as you seem them
      (without whitewash)
      paint yourself as you see yourself
      without make-up
      without masks
      Then paint your favorite people and animals
      with your brush loaded with light
      And be sure you get the perspective right
      and don't fake it
      because one false line leads to another
      And don't forget to paint
      all those who lived their lives
      as bearers of light
      Paint their eyes
      and the eyes of every animal
      and the eyes of beautiful women
      known best for the perfection of their breasts
      and the eyes of men and women
      known only for the light of their minds
      Paint the light of their eyes
      the light of sunlit laughter
      the song of eyes
      the song of birds in flight
      And remember that the light is within
      if it is anywhere
      and you must paint from the inside
      ~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti ~
      (How to Paint Sunlight)

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