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#3083 - Thursday, February 21, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3083 - Thursday, February 21, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz Nonduality Highlights - http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/NDhighlights ... Dear Jerry; I am suggesting
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      #3083 - Thursday, February 21, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      Dear Jerry;
      I am suggesting another non-duality teacher for you to put on your list. Please look at the web site of Elle Collier Re, or http://www.inei-re.org. Elle has been teaching for twenty five years, beginning in Santa Fe. She is an awakened master.
      Elle has a retreat center in Hood River, Oregon, however, she travels and teaches in various parts of the country. She is one of those rare teachers, without a large organization who is still accessable both physically and financially to the serious student.
      Please check her out.
      Pauli Halstead

      "THE PATH TO GOD - My perception:
      The direct path to God lies in answering with finality, our longing for a return to simplicity and innocence. We wander between West and East - wanting a personal god at one level yet seeking to depersonalise ourselves on another, travelling the 4 corners of the spiritual compass when we need only understand that there are NO borders.  In merely surrendering to God, we invite in, an enveloping force of love that can sweep through and vaporise personal agendas. No longer a need to look up or seek focus on reference points of God as Him/Her. Self-perception fades to a colourless dot and cultural labels and personal agendas self-destruct.  Just the Law of Love remains.
      The grip on banked memories and on tired and borrowed goals loosens. Old timetables and plans become featureless seas of ego attrition.  Mind is dismissed as a kite billowing, surfing, sweeping, arrowing, taking in all .... but at the end of its plays,  devoid ....... naked - an empty life-force - a duplicitous gaggle of gestures and postures.  The enormity of love displaces the froth of illusion that is the construct of our secular lives, dispersing over the edge of the cup that houses our egos, allowing the intoxicating essence of the underlay of truth to rush into the vacuum, contentment to sit languidly and the infusion to be nurtured into universal meaning."
      John Rooke

      Z sent the following to the Advaita to Zen list:
      Gilbert Schultz writes:
      The point is: Seeing IS happening!

      A mind pattern has no ability to see or know anything at all.
      The pure functions are apparently borrowed by mind patterns, which
      are simply beliefs in some 'entity' that is believed to be able
      to 'see and know'.

      It is simply not so.

      An open view, which clearly sees this, is already transcendent to the
      content of mind.

      Do you really believe that you leave this moment of direct cognition?
      Where do you go when you leave this moment of actuality?

      Direct cognition is all there is and ever is!

      This profundity confounds the intellect.

      The seeker who has invested so much in the process of liberation
      without results still resists the clear evidence of the obvious.
      Why? Simply because it can't SEE or KNOW anything! It is just a

      Does the pattern on your kitchen tablecloth have a choice?
      Can it 'do' anything? - Beyond all patterns, this actuality of
      knowing right now is an open view. It is already presently here (for
      you) and cannot be negated. - It only seemingly is cluttered by these
      passing visitors in the mind. - They come, they go.

      Show me one that has stayed.

      Are you one of these transient visitors? - or are you present and
      aware of all that comes and goes? There is no choice.

      You cannot stop seeing or knowing. When the dream stops you remain.
      There is awareness. - It is not 'something', which you can claim to
      be yours.
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