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#3016 - Friday, December 14, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #3016 - Friday, December 14, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz Nonduality Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights Submissions:
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      #3016 - Friday, December 14, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      TITLE:  Untitled, circa 1980
      ARTIST: Alan Saret
      CATEGORY:   Installations 
      MATERIALS:   wire 
      SIZE:   h: 30 x w: 22 x d: 19 in / h: 76.2 x w: 55.9 x d: 48.3 cm 
      REGION:   American 
      PRICE*:   Contact Gallery for Price 
      GALLERY:   James Cohan Gallery  (212) 714-9500  Send Email 
      ONLINE CATALOGUE(S):   James Cohan Gallery Inventory Catalogue
      www.artnet.com/artist/ 14907/alan-saret.html
      From Catherine's Art Tours:
      Of his own work, Saret says,” It was my work that led me to inquire as to where it was coming from, it wasn’t what I planned to do, it was a mystery and I wondered how it came, what was the source?” And with this self-examination in mind he went to study at the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in southern India.

      Saret explains that he has been studying the Brihadaranyaka, and has found that there is one verse in particular that is relevant to his drawings:

      This is the form of this being:
      Like a cloth dyed with turmeric;
      and it’s like grey sheep’s wool;
      and its like the scarlet insect called Indragupa;
      and its like a flame of fire;
      and its like a white lotus;
      and its like a flash of lightning.

      Art historians and critics have long been hesitant to write about the spiritual in art, and this is quickly subsiding. That Saret’s drawings are exhibited today is perhaps due to this change in temperature. Still, I was inspired to call Saret for an interview because neither of the writers for the catalog, Klauss Kertess or Johanna Burton, were willing to mention what Saret’s practice specifically is, and even seem apologetic that there was one at all. He says that with such a long career behind him, I was the first person to ever ask him specifically what the relation between his spiritual practice and his artistic practice is. But he also explains that “I don’t know, couldn’t, wouldn’t want to burden, overemphasize the connection between my practice and my work, wouldn’t want to burden those traditions with my own artistic life.”
      ~ ~ ~

      Earth Mind Spirit Mind
      By Ishtahota 

      Earth Mind Spirit Mind is a book about personal healing work. It is also about a personal journey of healing that I have made. This is also a book about duality and why it plays such a big part in why the world is in the shape it is in today.

      We all have hatred resentment and fear in us. Some of this, we can see in ourselves and some of this we can not see until we start to do our personal healing work.

      If you are serious about your spiritual growth and want to grow as much as you possibly can in this lifetime, then you might want to read this book.

      About the Author

      I was born and raised in East Tennessee by a father who was a mystic and a mother who was, for the most part, a good Southern Baptist woman in the town of Johnson City. Our inner family life was one that was mostly kept secret from friends and family. Having spiritual experiences that could not be shared or talked about was a common occurrence.

      I was taught to look for the things in all beliefs that make my life a better one, to search for the true nature of my own existence. To find and explore the healing ways of other cultures.

      To find my own personal vision and way to live my life has been my journey. This has led me to my vision of what my life is to be and that has led me to my joy and bliss in this life.

           This book was written in an attempt to have us all to start
      asking questions. It deals with our consciousness and a mindset that
      we all use called duality consciousness. We are not going to do to
      well as a species as long as we keep using the bicameral mind. Have
      you ever heard of (AS inside so also outside)? That just means the
      best that we can ever do is create the reflection of our own true
      inner nature. It means that as long as we are in duality we will
      never close the book on two never ending stories, Good and Evil, War
      and Peace.  There are a couple of keys to this that people miss. One
      is in the Gospel of Thomas verse 106, (Jesus said, "When you make the
      two into one, you will become children of humanity, and when you
      say, `Mountain move from here," it will move. Now go back to the
      Garden of Eden, do you remember the fruit, the knowledge of good and
      evil, to me this is the mindset of duality, just a type of
      consciousness that we as humans would use.
           Personal clearing work is just a process of changing how we
      think, how we perceive the world, and how we interact with others
      around us. It is an inward journey of self-discovery. We are never
      going to change the world until we take the time to change ourselves
            The earth mind is the mind of two under the control of the ego.
      The spirit mind is the mind of one, which has conscious contact with
      a higher power. The answers are in all of the worlds belief systems,
      but they were sent to us by the spirit mind, and a mind in duality
      cannot fully comprehend the knowledge that has been sent. We look,
      but we do not see, we listen, but we do not hear. Duality is this
            Look at the world around us and you tell me how is the mindset
      of duality working out for us.



      Dear friends,


      Over the year of 2007 I posted a number of individual Essays on my website, which have now been gathered and rearranged into a book called The Divine Universe: An Alternative To The Scientific Worldview.  This book contains four sections: the 1st section contains Essays dealing with the inherent conflict between the gnostic perspective derived from mystical experience and the scientific perspective derived from a materialistic interpretation of contemporary physics and cosmology.  The 2nd section explores the nature of mystical experience; the 3rd section looks at the formulation of the mystical wordview, known as ‘the perennial philosophy’; and the 4th section attempts to explain the tenets of Astrology in the light of the mystical worldview.


      I am making this book, The Divine Universe, available for your perusal on my website (www.swami-abhayananda.com), and am also offering it as a free ebook available for your home viewing, in the same manner of my previous ebooks:  Just email me at abhayanand@..., with the title, “The Divine Universe”, in your Subject line, and the ebook will immediately be sent to you in PDF format as an attachment by return email.  I am certain you will find The Divine Universe an informative and enlightening experience.  With best wishes for the Holidays and New Year, I am


      Sincerely yours,


      Swami Abhayananda

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