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Highlights for Saturday, March 25

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  • Melody
    from GEN: create your own landscape. . . somewhere, here below, we grew despite frost despite hail, fire, insect despite it all all here below something urged
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      from GEN:

      create your own landscape. . .

      here below,
      we grew
      despite frost
      despite hail, fire, insect
      despite it all all here below
      something urged us:
      break through, urged
      what urged?
      in this garden sorrows grew,
      and fear and we
      did not
      why we were so beautiful
      at all. . . .
      became for a time the ladder:
      stalk, leaf, tendril, bloom,
      a defense against the weather
      and not our selves at all.

      but beyond spring, and also within,
      those daffodils collapse quietly,
      no longer of use
      no longer part of the illusion--
      and the spirit of the bloom
      is as it was
      is as
      regardless of season,
      out of time
      with no color, no name and no shape.
      we can imagine
      but cannot see the ground from here--
      and the blooms thought formed,
      the what -we- imagined -ourselves- to- be--
      we now only paint for our amusement.
      because fearless, we can.

      i love you!


      from JERRY:

      ......This just
      came in my mail, an excerpt from Robert Adams' Silence of
      the Heart. Contained is the line: "There is no thing that
      has ever transpired in my life that can hurt me."

      "Feel that I am it, Pure Awareness. I have always been it.
      There never was a time when I was not it. The appearance of
      the body cannot fool me any longer. The world and all its
      manifestations cannot fool me any longer. The Universe with
      its planets and galaxies and solar systems cannot fool me
      any longer. I can see through these things to the Source.
      I can feel the Source because I am the Source. I have
      always been the Source. There never was a time when I was
      not. As far as thoughts are concerned, they do not exist.
      They can no longer bother me or make my life miserable. As
      far as others are concerned, there are no others. There is
      only the Source. I can no longer be deceived. There is no
      thing that has ever transpired in my life that can hurt me.
      I forgive everyone and everything, and especially myself. I
      am the power and the presence and the glory. If I am That,
      so is everybody else. So is everything else. All is well."


      from GENE:

      Ego which has been so 'co-opted' is indeed problematic, but the
      problem is not with ego; it is instead, with individual awareness,
      which uses _strategy_ to work for (imagined) gain. I say again, that
      to denounce ego, is to speak against oneself. To speak against
      oneself, is suicidal; to speak against oneself, is to obliterate

      To speak against oneself, is also to imagine that the speech of
      others, which may be directed against self, is actually penetrating
      self. To assume that the various insults, brickbats, etc, hurled by
      others, are literally effective weapons, is also a tragic act of

      If the integrity of the cells of the digestive tract are weakened or
      lost, large molecules of foodstuffs may enter the circulatory system,
      producing allergic reaction, or possibly fatal _anaphylaxis_.

      Similarly, ego is designed to enable balance, especially during
      stages of growth leading to maturity.

      Thus, ego is not a problem for the immature, and for the mature, it
      is 'just there'.

      TERRY, GENE, and DAN:

      Fear makes boundaries, and love erases them.
      Transcending language erases all boundaries, and all fear
      gives way to Love.

      I sincerely hope that you do not see all boundaries as the
      product of fear; to see in such a way, is to scathe yourself
      endlessly, with the scourge of boundless idealism.

      Understood from a position inside a boundary, boundaries
      divide and lead to fear. Understood from no located position,
      boundaries simultaneously divide and unite, define and connect.
      Fear is the result of placing oneself within a boundary.
      Love is the way boundary functions when no entity is placed
      within a boundary. This boundary defines me and you, unites
      me and you, and shows that there in only love - neither me
      nor you. My original skin: the meeting of time and eternity.



      Last night I was looking at the yin-yang symbol,
      and seeing that, as with expansion and contraction,

      each 'side' contains the potentiality of the opposite

      (as seen by the black dot, in the white side
      and the white dot in the black side).

      It occurs to me that it is in accepting this 'potentiality'
      that one side becomes not only 'recognizable' to
      the other....but it's a way of developing a type of
      immunity from the 'other'.

      It's what keeps one side from destroying/or consuming
      the other. It's what allows the two polarities to coexist,
      to do what they're here to do...

      until they are ready to blend....and melt as One.

      Last night Bruce says the 'real Melody spoke
      up'...and what I recognize is that it was that
      'seed'....that 'dot' which is within me that spoke...

      and that in seeing that 'dot', Bruce was saying
      to me, " I finally see 'me' in 'you' ".

      [We need not get off track here....let's get clear
      up front that I am not trying to speak for Bruce
      here...I have no idea what his view was....and
      delightfully, it doesn't matter one iota.....I'm
      simply sharing what this exchange has taught me ]

      Roger has helped me to see that Shakti, the Divine
      Mother........ has many faces, has many avenues
      of consciousness thru which one can become One
      with Shiva (or pure consciousness, as I understand

      The most common form....often seen here on this list...
      is that of a terrifying Kali....the force of destruction, who
      uses a sharp sword...attempting to cut away the transitory, and
      for protecting those who are devoted to her. She is the
      personification, as Roger suggests, of neti-neti....of
      contraction....diminishment....and promises 'heart break'
      as Judi has often offered.

      There are many other expressions....paths of Shakti -
      Meera comes to mind, of course....the path in which
      heart is not 'broken'.....but is expanded such that she
      only sees her Beloved...wherever she looks, until she
      simply disappears into Him.

      What I see now is that....like the yin-yang symbol,
      even the different expressions, paths, of Shakti can be in
      polarity...can be struggling against one another,

      until they each recognize the 'seed' they carry....which is
      the potential to transform *into* (and be *seen* by)
      it's opposite.

      Until the 'seed' is seen, recognized as within oneself...
      as *me*....the 'other' is seen as ugly, and wrong, or
      afraid, or even stupid.

      Once what was 'shadow' before...becomes the
      very seed of immunity....the distraction of
      the struggle falls away.


      MARCIA and DAN:


      I have a friend who I tell all my reactions to. I blubber all
      over him actually. He says..."Great. Now just carry on
      doing what you need to do and let your reactions be. They
      will run down sooner or later."

      I say to him..."No I can't do that. I wouldn't feel like me."

      He says...."Exactly. Just what is supposed to happen."

      Very beautiful.

      I don't feel me, and
      that's just fine.
      I'm not acting like myself,
      and that's it.
      Reactions are reactions.
      So they are.
      That which is beyond reaction
      is also beyond instruction.
      So be it.


      from CEE:

      dear one,

      it's not just that we hear nothing,

      it's that we don't hear
      a single thing.


      also from CEE:
      dear one,

      why spend so much time
      on the edges of town, (with or without a sword)?

      it's so magnificently clear
      and light, here
      at home.

      no edges are seen.


      NEO, BRUCE and MELODY:


      Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could support each other and get
      along? Is unity not the goal?


      No, seeing *what is* is the
      goal, and that never happens
      until at all until the
      nature of goal-seeking is
      fully understood.


      Maybe for you...
      but not for me.

      It never has been
      a goal of mine.

      For me, the goal is to
      have a free and open

      I find that it just so happens
      that when my heart is free
      and open [non reactive ], that.
      my awareness naturally shifts from
      a dual to a nondual perspective.


      NEO and MATTHEW:

      It is somewhat strange but for awhile now I have been watching
      romantic comedies. I have also not, by and large, been watching movies
      with violence, profanity, and movies that engender fear. This is
      unusual for me. I also find myself with this profuse flowing of tears
      during the tender loving parts of the movies. The feelings were so
      strong that I could not really appreciate the feelings or understand
      what was happening. I was wondering if this was just the power of
      Hollywood to make one cry and many other thoughts.

      It seems like everything that has happened to me has been part of a
      plan. This seems to be same thing. I have been feeling the love within
      me growing slowly stronger and stronger. Or perhaps, to be more
      accurate, I feel I am becoming love with greater intensity. It seems
      that the movies have been a way to help me handle the growing
      intensity of the love that I am.

      Has anyone else had similar experiences? This is new to me.


      Here's one thought, "this too shall pass". Oh, and another
      thought, "this too shall pass" (god, i just crack myself up
      sometimes).---Sorry neo if it sounds like i'm poking fun at you, i'm
      not. I sense your earnestness, and i answer in kind,but a little
      humor never hurt either


      MELODY and JUDI:


      I find that Love is what is left, when
      all 'else' is cleared away.

      And yes.... unity (or oneness) is ultimately
      the result of bathing in that resonance
      of Love.


      I think you were absent the day that God handed out brains.
      Next to being retarded or brain damaged, I think you may indeed be the
      stupidest person I've ever met. And I don't mean ignorant,
      I mean stupid. I am truly amazed. I'm not kidding. The idea of living
      in a world with you in it is not exactly what I would call appealing.
      All I can say is, I'm glad you live in Arkansas. Come to think of it,
      that's pretty funny.
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