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#2987 - Thursday, November 15, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2987 - Thursday, November 15, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz Nondual Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights ... the wonder of this By David
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      #2987 - Thursday, November 15, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz




      the wonder of this

      By David Brockman

      ~ ~ ~
      This text is both meaningless and useless.

      ~ ~ ~

      Jamaican Rum

      These words fall across the page as the sea laps

      soothingly against a Jamaican beach here in paradise.

      My name is David, I’m a 36 year old

      Englishman; just so you know a little of my story. A

      few years ago, I ‘died’. The limited identity I had

      clung to for so long completely fell away quite

      suddenly. In its place was revealed a wonderful,

      thoughtless, clear peace – waves of blissful energy

      ran up and down my body and all was seen as One;

      perfect and effortless.


      Later ‘David’ returned and my life continued

      on. Yet with this ‘peak experience’ returned an

      apparent recognition which had seemingly been

      misplaced somehow. What also happened was an

      apparent ‘clarity’ – which still remains. Above all it

      was seen that absolutely everything was fine and well,

      perfection in fact. So my brief two year period of

      ‘seeking’ came to an end.


      If you find yourself seeking too, know that

      nothing has to change for the questions to drop away

      quite naturally.


      This book will attempt to point to what IS

      already. Thus it recommends nothing and has no

      agenda or purpose. If you have it in your hands, you

      are probably a ‘seeker’ like I was. Maybe that will

      come to an end, maybe not. Please don’t think that

      this book might be the one that ‘does it’. If you have

      never even thought about life and who you are, etc.,

      this may also be a read for you....who knows?!


      The weirdest thing is that you, the reader, are

      actually its author. These words are literally being

      created right now, this instant, by you. This is your

      book. Your words. So enjoy!


      Much love and Gobbledygook.


      NB. A ‘Seeker’ is a person somewhat obsessed with

      the notion of ‘enlightenment’.


      Big Bangers ‘n’ Mash


      Life has JUST happened – IS JUST happening

      now in this one, timeless, eternal moment. From

      nothing to everything. So the ‘Big Bang’ as scientists

      like to call it didn’t happen 6 billion years ago or

      whatever; it’s just happening in THIS present

      moment as a singular, unique explosion of creation.


      Absolutely everything has just been created,

      including any concept of time or ‘cause and effect’.


      The oceans, mountains, sky, sun, sensations,

      thoughts, you, him, her, everything, absolutely

      everything that exists in experience has just been

      created. These words are the first and only words

      that you’ll ever read; this moment is the first and

      only moment you will exist and live. Mind-blowingly

      amazing isn’t it?!…


      So notions of time passing and ‘cause and

      effect’ are simply that – man made notions. Time is

      eternal. It IS – without movement. There is no past

      and no future; there is only the present moment. You

      will live and die in this same beautiful, timeless

      moment. You, the world, existence, has no history;

      there is no beginning or end. Pictures of you as a

      child are simply pictures. You had no childhood. It’s

      a memory created in imagination now, presently.

      You are without age.


      So time as we know it is only useful on a

      relative level; living as we do in our dreamed lives.

      It’s fine to believe in the passing of time. To arrange

      meetings, birthday celebrations, etc. Of course. Yet it

      is only an imagined dream.


      As is the law of ‘cause and effect’. Science tells

      us that the two are inextricably linked and that all

      existence is utterly governed by it. Again, on a

      relative level, this seems to be the case. Touch the

      piano key and a note should ring out; drop a ball and

      ‘gravity’ should return it to the ground. Fine. This is

      very useful, practical knowledge.


      What is actually happening is one, singular,

      timeless event which stands alone and unconnected

      to anything other. So if the ball appears to hit the

      ground and bounce up, this is happening from

      nowhere. The ball never fell and was never released.


      It is simply bouncing.


      It’s the same with language and action. You

      might say “I’m just off to the kitchen now” and getup

      from the chair and start to walk off. Yet the

      standing up and walking just happened. Nothing to

      do with the apparent words uttered or a thought of

      going to the kitchen. Nothing is connected.


      Everything is pristine, unique and miraculously



      You bubble up; existence bubbles up from

      nowhere like a bubble in a champagne glass.

      No past. No future. No ‘cause and effect’. Just

      this. Simple.


      the wonder of this
      by David Brockman
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