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Thurs./March 23

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    Hi. Andrew is having computer problems, otherwise he d be doing the highlights of Thursday s postings. We re still looking for one or more editors one day a
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      Hi. Andrew is having computer problems, otherwise he'd be
      doing the highlights of Thursday's postings. We're still
      looking for one or more editors one day a week. Have a nice

      dear one,

      where to jump in to this conversation?

      to even have a conversation in the non-duality salon
      is the great cosmic joke!

      isn't it a blast that there is only one of us!
      it's the infinite orgasm.

      who do we think we are talking to?

      can it really be true that there is no other?
      what kind of beauty is that?

      how could we ever express to each other
      the bliss
      of own true being?

      meet me at the silent place
      where bliss flows through us
      like we're not even there.

      love, cee


      SHANKAR (from I AM list)

      In (my) saying, 'again and again approach',
      why (I) picked up (this matter), and stated,
      as to who this 'Chit' was,

      is because,

      until the impression,
      ('rising' by) 'leaving' this (Chit), (and)
      'removing' (us from our abidance in this Chit),

      (it) appears (to be) like 'coming' (and) 'going',

      only (to) love (and) attempt (to approach this Chit),
      is the 'appropriate' pursuit.
      Translation of verse 230 in 'Essence of Sadhana' by Sri
      Sadhu Om Swamigal.


      Form is emptiness,
      Emptiness is form.
      I am emptiness,
      Emptiness is me.
      Because I am a mere configuration, there is freedom to form
      myself in
      innumerable ways. All the world is a stage, and each one of
      us an email

      eNjOyInG tHe nOpAtH
      by HANS

      Paying attention wears me out. And then there was this
      recognition that i *wanted* to pay attention because i
      thought it was a *must* on the way to the big goal :) So I
      just dropped it and it feels great. Several times a day
      attention is there all by itself . That feels great too. I
      suspect that attention is there always but we do not
      recognize it. Somehow we decided that this is attention and
      that is not, which of course is an invention of the mind.
      So the thing is, and it has been said over and over again,
      just let it be. I honestly do not know anymore what's good
      for me or what's bad so i am not trying to be either one.
      So there's no interference and even if there is something
      that feels like interference (its not inference really, it
      just thinking) i dont bother about it. (it will disappear
      like everything else). I have been fighting and discussing
      with imaginary things of which 5 minutes later i could not
      even remember what is was about ! There's nothing to figure
      out, we only think there is. Concepts, thoughts and
      whatever else floating through your mind, do not attach to
      it and it will be gone just like that. We just have to
      deeply understand that there's no need to interfere and if
      you do there's nothing you can do about it. Just watch (but
      dont make this a technique, the watching should be casual)
      and before you know it it's gone. It's all natural. Or
      dont watch at all, that seems to be okay too. Knowing we
      dont have to do anything is a big big relief in itself ! We
      only need explanations sothat we come to know that we don't
      need any :)



      marcia wrote--we all sing our songs again &again with the
      same notes-- ain't it the truth!! at least here on the list
      there's enough variety so it almost never gets boring, but
      in my quaker meeting discussion groups i basically know what
      every one is going to say before they open their mouths!!
      how nice it would be if no one was home... is it possible to
      drop one's "usual" personality if one is empty??just


      It is certainly possible to less and less identify with
      one's identity. The question is what moves into this empty
      space? When the personality is taking a backseat or is in
      service, more concern for others than self allows one to
      truly listen and drop any personal agenda. Almost anyone
      can at least temporarily forget self. The person who seems
      to me to exemplify this most consistently is Thich Naht
      Hanh. He speaks from such a deep place of simply being love
      and peace that he is more of a "universality" than a
      personality. At the same time he has this gentle humor and
      is so fully human..he's not "out there"...or "up
      there"..just here and very present to here. I once watched
      one of his videos over and over so much that now I can hear
      his voice when I read his books. What he communicates non
      verbally, his presence, is far more than the content of his
      words, tho the meaning all by itself is worthwhile. I
      remember very little of what was said at the week's retreat
      I attended, but I can still see him walking and holding
      hands with the children, the way he smiled at them. What it
      is, is that in his presence you too forget your "usual
      personality" and become empty.


      Expansion & contraction are the play of one process. Some
      people are more tuned to contraction (not this - not this)
      where as others are more tuned to expansion (love).


      I have never considered it in those terms, Roger, but yes.

      The image I got when I read that ....(see? there goes that
      imag-in ation I was talking about!) was of a balloon.

      Let's say that if air is consciousness, and the balloon is
      the 'sheath' of body, or personality that separates the
      'inner air' (air of the individual) from the rest of the air
      (All That Is), then it can be said individual consciousness
      can once again be blended with All That Is by either
      contracting air - forcing air out of it (neti, neti)

      or by expanding the 'inner air' to such an extend that the
      veil of separation bursts.

      As one who works a lot with balloons, I'll add that by
      'working the balloon'....letting air in, and then letting it
      out....over and over....the balloon gets very soft and
      pliable....and can grow to a much greater expanse than one
      imagined....until ultimately the skin is so thin, it easily


      Type study can be pretty useful for seeing one's own
      As well, for building bridges of communication.
      And it can be pretty entertaining.


      Someone I knew talked about types as energy rays.
      I liked that.



      And this struggle to awaken is the "problem" itself. The
      more we struggle to awaken the harder it becomes to actually
      awaken. Awakening never happens by willful effort.

      All the effort and struggle and making it hard is great
      Because eventually you realize you can't do it at all And
      give up.
      Then a beginning ..........


      Most people block out the pain or feel sorry for the
      "other". Try uniting with the "other's" pain. It can turn
      the situation from an energy drain to an energy surge as you
      become one with them.



      re: relationship between sex and meditation I've found
      Mantak Chia and Barry (Long is it?) useful resources in
      exploring the intercourse (I mean interplay) between these
      two. And most of all my own explorations.I've certainly
      found, as a male, that lengthly periods between ejaculations
      are helpful in making "higher" energies available. My cycle,
      and I suspect others' goes like this: first there's the
      normal build up of desire, then an emotional reactivity that
      wants release and feels grumpy or deprived if not indulged.
      IF I work through these emotional hurdles by staying with
      them, I find that a kind of "turned-on" sense begins to
      colour my days. I become more open sexually to the world.
      As this intensifies over days, the carnal pattern of desire
      - lusting - decreases and disappears. I'm no longer into
      body parts, or that's latently there but in abeyance. My
      sexuality starts to juice up my spritual sensibilities, so
      that surrender in meditation takes on a sexual analog
      (again, and now distinctly, without "pornographic"
      imaging).Then I'm much less prone to the emotional
      ups-and-downs of relationship and desire, a knowing that my
      sex-partner is not the source of my joy - there's a distinct
      lessening of possessiveness and attachment. We make love
      without my ejaculating and (most of the time) it's wonderful
      and enough. The shifting border of orgasm catches me
      sometimes when I fancy I didn't mean to go there, but I've
      mostly learned to laugh and appreciate that. At other
      times, when borders-I-didn't-know have dissolved, and
      there's a deep onetaste intimacy, I let go with intension.
      All this to say, it's worth a try. The key for me is
      working the feelings so I'm not secretly feeling deprived.
      If you're getting stuck in those (normal and ordinary)
      deprived feelings, this wouldn't be a useful practice.
      (Chia includes some cautionary statements about his version
      of this practice.
      He uses quite a different languaging that I am.) I don't
      know if the sex/spirit connection increases for women, by
      staying this side of orgasm. According to Chia, women don't
      "lose energy" (not his phrase exactly) as men do in the act
      (childbearing plays a similar role for women, he sez). As
      Judi says, Happy Days, or is that Happy Nights!


      I appreciated your post very much.

      I have questions and observations but not many answers.

      I too have found that if the time lengthens between orgasms
      the energy seems to rise and change into feelings and
      compassion. That is if I am not indulging in the fantasies
      or feeling deprived. I feel more alive and responsive. It
      is almost as if I am making love with all of life.

      And, like you, sometimes it does creep up on me and just
      explode when I am not even aware it is there.

      I too wonder about the female version. A woman is very
      aware of being around a man who is containing his sexual
      energy and not frittering it away in masturbation. The
      power of the male positive sexual energy focused on a woman
      evokes a total response from her whether she wants to give
      it or not. I think there is a real difference here between
      men and women.


      Well just as our soul is not just inside ourselves but
      corresponds and is one with the divine out there. So our
      sexual energy, our lower chakras of earth and water
      correspond to the elemental forces out there. Now all we
      have to do at the time of ejaculation is to exchange this
      energy with the elemental forces of earth and water . These
      forces will then fill us with mental energy that corresponds
      to our sexual energy. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea
      but if you can sense the diversity of energies that comes
      from the universal mind,it’s easy. I haven’t transcended my
      sex-drive yet and don’t belief in forcing it. It seems the
      more I welcome and embrace sex the less it is there and an
      issue. Let’s go with the flow, everything has it’s place.


      The lowest level (of orgasm) is just physical release, which
      can be for men or women but tends to more frequency on the
      male side. At this level energy is lost. Not to mention
      the whole ejaculation thing which throws the body into
      producing more.

      Women are more likely to have a whole-body rather than
      genitally centered experience and in that gain rather than
      lose energy.

      There is also the phenomenon of 'inner orgasm' which is an
      energy thing and may or may not be related to
      physical/muscular orgasm. As I understand it this is quite
      common for women and can be learned by men through
      withholding ejaculation and letting their sexual attention
      become more subtle.

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