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Highlights from the NDS for Saturday, March 18

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  • Melody
    SKYE writes to GENE: You really do have this ability to abide in any point of view, how relaxing your company must be and so refreshing to yourself also. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2000
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      SKYE writes to GENE:

      You really do have this ability to abide in any point of
      view, how relaxing your company must be and so refreshing to
      yourself also. I still have resistances, trivial tantrums
      and then i sense important data is resisted. But then there
      are moments of cavernous openings and nonresistance, then i
      really understanding what you mean by nondual abiding.


      Thanks. You report that you are 'still alive and alove'. No argument here!

      Each resistance is a 'lump of coal for the boiler'. And there is no
      fuel, like an old fuel.

      Spring is happening here... ahhh...

      JERRY responds:

      Gene Poole is very easy to be with. You can feel very open
      with him. He has a quality of evenness and emptiness covered
      with a strong, clear skin of ego. I learned something about
      ego from him, though I'm not sure I've assimilated it all. I
      still can't see myself. I'm not sure what my ego is, yet I'm
      socially distinct, but I'm not exactly sure what I need to
      be doing to keep that distinction clear, healthy and open.
      I've never really thought about it. Or maybe I have and
      don't realize it. I don't think in terms of the psychic skin
      known as ego. What is it and how to keep it strong and

      a look at profanity:


      For me, profanity is very useful. Man, oh man, sometimes
      nothing communicates frustration, anger, being 'off center',
      more than a good 'shit' or 'damn'. When I use them....not
      only does it serve to release some 'locked up' energy....it
      also serves as a kind of 'turning point' for me....an opportunity
      to recognize that 'my will' is in opposition to 'thy will'....
      that I am in resistance to what is happening right now....
      and it invites me to stop and look and listen.

      Osho's joke about the sister was particularly funny to me
      because it made light of our tendency to 'repress' certain
      wrong or impolite feelings, thoughts, and expressions,

      and even then suggests that despite all our 'cloaks' of spirituality,
      we cannot escape what we're holding onto inside.


      Hey Melody, what do you think of "holy shit". I prefer that one because it
      links the holy with something very down to earth ............... :)

      Humor forever


      There is a difference between repressing negative emotions, fully
      feeling them, and acting them out. It is not a choice only between
      repression and acting out. Would it perhaps be more useful to go
      within and totally explore the negative emotion rather than acting it
      out? If you were in the presence of God (which you are) would you say
      that fucking Christ is just a piece of holy shit?

      There is a difference between repressing negative emotions, fully
      feeling them, and acting them out. It is not a choice only between
      repression and acting out. Would it perhaps be more useful to go
      within and totally explore the negative emotion rather than acting it
      out? If you were in the presence of God (which you are) would you say
      that fucking Christ is just a piece of holy shit?


      I'm hadn't been very good at controlling anger at certain levels, like when
      here in Chile. But about a year ago I realized that every time I directed
      anger at some(one/thing), I lost my connection. For me, it wasn't that it
      a bad thing to do, or that it made me feel better at the moment, but that it
      distracted me from what IS. I realized that I was cursing at "myself". Now I
      just cruise along in traffic, and everybody else is going for a ride of
      "bumper cars". It's great, I haven't felt better in traffic, or other things
      for that matter.


      You want to hear a good one? I just found out yesterday that last year
      here in Santa Cruz, the City Council wanted to make Santa Cruz a
      "No Hate Zone"! :-) Thank God it didn't pass. Can you imagine, sitting
      in a restaurant, and someone says, I hate this broccoli, and the manager
      calls the police and they arrest them? :-) Or sitting in traffic bumper
      to bumper
      and someone overhears someone saying I hate this! :-) And off to the
      clinker they go! And another, there's these geese down at the lagoon
      that hiss and and snap and chase the kids when they're walking home from
      and my Meriann has told me on numerous occasions...Mom, I hate those
      geese! :-)
      Keep your mouth shut Meriann, you'll end up in the clinker!
      Sheesh...only in Santa Cruz! :-)


      One of the funniest things I have heard in my entire life
      was a tape of Osho responding to a woman's question:
      Bhagwan, I hear a lot of your students using the F---
      word and it makes me very uncomfortable. What
      should I do?

      He went on for over 30 minutes about the many and
      varied uses of the word *fuck*. I rolled on the floor
      laughing. Brilliant humor! Maybe some old sannyasins
      (his students) still have it lying around.

      I'm not sure if this is the same one or not, as his comments
      are in response to a different question.....but you can hear
      his hilarious comments about this word by clicking the
      RA audio button next to:

      "What is the most important word in our language"

      at http://osho.com/talks/audio/audio.htm


      in a different thread:


      It all reminds me of a favorite cartoon that I kept until it fell into
      shreds. This guy was saying, "I am going to give up one bad habit a day until
      they are all gone." And this old crone, who come to think of it was a lot
      like our Old Hag, says, " I am sorry I will not live to see the victory


      That's the trap isn't it? Giving up habits/tendencies
      with a future goal of self perfection.

      Instead there is the option to give up Now whatever
      self-constructed trap shows up, and just for the
      blessed experience of giving up.

      That is the discrimination practice of jnana yoga.


      JUDI offers a few quotes from Ram Tzu:

      You clever ones
      Are always looking for a way
      to beat the system.

      You want Enlightenment
      You want eternal bliss
      You want the ultimate orgasm
      You want it all...
      You want to be around
      To enjoy it.

      This renders you
      The ultimate sucker.
      You are fair game. :-)

      You get baptized and analyzed
      You get rolfed and ESTed
      You meditate and vegetate
      You're rebirthed and realigned
      You're fucked and sucked.
      You chant, you rant.
      You heal the child within,
      You collect money in airports
      You get in touch with your feelings.
      You have your palms, your cards,
      Your auras and your chakras read.

      If you're very clever
      You go to India, Tibet,
      Thailand, China...

      In your hert
      You know the Truth is incompatible
      With indoor plumbing.

      You humbly contract dysentery or hepatitis.
      You pretend that Sai Baba
      is different from Oral Roberts.

      It's a wonder Ram Tsu hasn't died laughing.


      [also from Ram Tzu:]

      You believe in yourself
      You believe in
      The power of positive thinking
      You attend seminars
      To gain control of your life.

      Once again you become pregnant
      With visions of limitless opportunities,
      All yours for the grabbing.

      You need merely to
      Set your goals
      Define your wants
      Establish priorities.

      Then you can march off
      To claim all
      That is rightfully yours.

      Ram Tzu has a question for you....

      What went wrong 'this' time?



      In many religions are found metaphors about victory. Victory over
      ignorance, victory over evil impulses, victory over selfish tendencies,
      even victory over the world! Also found are metaphors in which
      victor and conquered are not-two, in which nothing is split.
      One aspect is transcendent of everything, the other aspect is
      inclusive of everything. The paradox is that both are true, everything
      is included, nothing excluded - also, everything is transcended and
      "left behind". I guess it's a case of winning by not rejecting,
      victory by not-contesting, conquering by being conquered, being
      by releasing all existence.


      also from DAN:

      What is the meaning of this flower?
      It grows its petals with no
      need to read books or hear
      lectures about petal-growing.
      Who will improve on this flower
      by explaining to it
      the meaning of its being?


      A new voice from another 'Andrew',
      today known as ANDY/AUDREY:

      For years I tried to meditate and understand spiritual stuff while feeling plain humanly scared and unsafe. I was just too upset
      and angry and resentful to risk the vulnerability of being myself.

      Funny thing! The moment I started to pay attention to how I was actually feeling - crummy (not the word but the way I was actually
      feeling in me body) - in a friendly genuine way - instead of trying to get past it - my quivering hurtin' self could relax and soon
      as it did it could feel its . . . o my god that's joy, that's . . spiritual presence I'd been longing for, buried in the moment I
      was most avoiding.

      So finding a way to witness "the hurt" so it can know you truly do understand moves things. (The opposite of drowning in the hurt or
      being beat up by it!) But it's the nature of unenlightenment that "what's actually there" is our experience of being identified with
      some hurt. It's also not a place we want to go - we're sure we're going to find we're stuck with what ails us. In fact, we see we
      never really had it.

      This door to "I am" through the hurt is a call for me. (The best 'art/method' for all this that I've found is "Focusing" as
      developed by Gene Gendlin; Focusing came out of therapy but I'm interested in meditative applications.

      The hurt, met compassionately on its own ground, offers you its real nature, "I am".


      Andrew Carter MacDonald but was switching to andy to distinguish me from the excellent andrew macnab. But secretly wanting this
      morning to switch to audrey - must be a cross-writer in me. I've a pet peeve about the way our gender-identification makes
      assumptions about who we all are. Today I wanna be both.



      My favorite bits from Dan's exquisite clarity:

      The only way to truly be beyond self-deception is when there is
      no "framing of reality" by words, ideas, or sense-based images.

      It "reveals" to itself its own nature ... Funny that there was the
      impression that there could be something blocking it.

      I am not under any illusion that any scheme of reality is a substitute
      for Reality.

      The value of all of this is ultimately for the "relative mind" to prepare
      itself for "giving itself away".

      My observation is that "Shining Through" doesn't depend
      on how I understand ... all the wonderful concepts we
      use as we share our "journey into Now"...

      ... the "Beyond" is here fully Now, and *is* Now,
      and none of our words add or subtract :-)


      XAN, in her own words:

      All degrees of awakening
      as this boundless Heart
      are blessings for me.
      All signs of deep slumber
      in suffering
      are sad.

      It is true -
      I can no longer pretend
      they are happening
      to someone else.


      I do have another set of i's that say I am talking
      about "me" too much and drawing too much attention to
      myself and no one wants to hear all that all the time. :-)

      No worries. Instead of looking and talking about this 'case' (Marcia),
      have you looked directly at the 'talking' itself, to see what that is?
      Have you noticed any foaming as yet? :-) Getting my drift Marcia?
      It's the working it out, all this 'talking', either out loud, or
      internally, that is the suffering, the plotting, the 'dis-ease' itself,
      the search,
      that keeps the illusion of separateness going.
      Marcia herself is held blameless, so get off her case. Let her be.


      No worries. That is what they say in Australia.

      Well something is coming out. Maybe each "i" has to say a few words
      as it has it's day in the sun. The "i's" are blameless: they are programs
      and not the programmer. I would add that whatever is on "Marcia's"
      case has to be another Marcia so the judger is blameless too. Whatever
      is real wouldn't blame. The programmer is blameless also as he just
      did what was needed in the moment to protect the innocent. It is
      just that the programs keep running. Somebody has to break the
      nexus between the stimulus and the "reactional" program which
      automatically loads itself.


      Who? _______________
      When? ______________
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