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Wed/March 15

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    SRI SRI SRI MELODY ANDERSON QUOTES OSHO Meditation has two parts: the beginning and the end. The beginning is called dhyana and the end is called
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2000

      "Meditation has two parts: the beginning and the end. The
      beginning is called 'dhyana' and the end is called
      Dhyana is the seed, samadhi is the flowering. Dhyana means
      becoming aware of all workings of your mind, all the layers
      of your mind - your memories, your desires, your thoughts,
      dreams - becoming aware of all that goes on inside you.

      Dhyana is awareness, and samadhi is when the awareness has
      become so deep, so profound, so total that it is like a fire
      and it consumes the whole mind and all its functionings. It
      consumes thoughts, desires, ambitions, hopes, dreams. It
      consumes the whole stuff the mind is full of.

      Samadhi is the state when awareness is there, but there is
      nothing to be aware inside you; the witness is there, but
      there is nothing to be witnessed.

      Begin with dhyana, with meditation, and end in samadhi, in
      ecstasy, and you will know what God is. It is not a
      hypothesis, it is an experience. You have to *live* it -
      there's no other way to know it."


      There are three or four things that irritate the heck out of
      me. If I am sincere, I have to admit that they are
      character traits which I myself possess. So right before I
      blast somebody I do a personality check on myself and I
      usually find that it is just exactly in that very situation
      that I am employing some form of the trait I am about to
      blast the other guy for.

      Just like our "me's" are fragments of our consciousness, we
      as individuals are fragments of God's consciousness.


      Yes. And the awareness "we" call "God" is actually unsplit
      and all there is. So, our "me's" aren't "really" in the
      position that they tend to form beliefs around - a position
      of autonomous separate existence. This "one being" Alone is
      the fact. Just don't get fooled by the way people talk and
      act - they'll do everything they can to convince you these
      "fragments" really have a separate existence all their own.

      it's all one Voice, all the "fragments" are one Voice
      speaking infinitely different tones. Just like those Tibetan
      monks who can pronounce three distinct tones at once.


      JERRY: Abide has many meanings. Quoting the dictionary: To
      wait patiently for. To be in store for; await. To
      withstand, persevere under. To accept the consequences of.
      To put up with; tolerate. To remain in one place or state.
      To continue. Endure. To dwell or sojourn. To conform to;
      comply with.

      GENE: Yes, those all fit. Try this:

      Abide: A behaviour which allows notice of the entire
      spectrum of observable phenomena.

      JERRY: I make no comment on the above definition, simply
      offer it.
      I only remind the reader what it is that is being abided:
      the Self: I Am, Ground of Being, etc. Abidance is that of
      one's fundamental nature. It is Self-abidance. In that
      way, it is seen that there are no conditions; there are

      GENE: Arisings are taken for conditions, and thus reacted

      Buddha (a most excellent 'abider') noted, from his clear
      space, that all arisings arise together. He thus originated
      the 'doctrine of interdependent arisings'. All arisings,
      taken together, may be considered to be the 'voice of God'.
      This point is universally ignored. It is by abiding, and not
      deciding, that the 'voice of God' may be heard and

      JERRY: Abidance is that of the Self, the I Am. You abide in
      what you know most deeply to be the Truth, even though that
      knowledge is always deepening. Abidance is Self-abidance is

      GENE: Allow me to 'correct' this paragraph:

      It is Self which abides, and in that abiding, is the
      unfiltered statement of I AM. All statements which can be
      made, devolve from this primary statement; 'knowledge' is
      the fading echo of that primary statement.

      JERRY: It is one part of four fundamental forms of practice,
      all of which are implicitly offered and supported here
      without intention or planning or via one teacher, but by
      Grace they are all simply and abudantly made available by
      meditation (Self-abidance), study, self-discipline, and

      GENE: Yes. In this context, there is indeed a meditator.
      In the previous paragraph, there is no meditator.

      JERRY: All four intimately and immediately mix when one sits
      at their computer and opens to certain electronic
      So this list work is a good practice, I offer. It requires,
      supports, engages, instructs on abidance.

      GENE: "All paths lead to abiding". Sooner or later, someone
      has the experience of translating their desire to 'get it',
      into abiding; it is then, in abiding, that one 'gets it',
      and what one may really get at a much deeper level of
      knowing, is that it is abiding which is the doorway to
      'getting' anything. I am saying that on the journey, one
      may reach many desired destinations, but at some point, will
      realize that it is their feet which are allowing this
      fulfillment to occur.
      In the same way, any understandings gleaned on our journey,
      result from abiding, even if that means to abide in ways
      that later prove to have been truly 'stupid' or 'a waste of

      The ship that abides on the sea, will be propelled onward by
      the wind which fills the sails of that ship.

      Motion is (measured as being) relative to an observer. The
      one who is moving cannot measure their own motion, except by
      noting the passage of apparently stationary objects.

      Abiding means that by allowing the universe to pass by,
      one's own motion can be noted. This motion/momentum is
      usually unnoticed; when it is noticed, the noticer, the one
      abiding, is then finally able to adjust both momentum and
      direction. Abiding allows the captain to awaken from his
      coma, and take the wheel in hand. Navigation is possible
      only when true relative motion is perceived.

      Of special interest to some readers, will be the concept of
      the speed at which one moves from idea to idea. Is it
      possible to navigate deliberately in the realm of ideas? Is
      it possible to 'hang out' with an idea, without moving away
      to a 'similar' or 'opposite' idea, for a period of time, as
      an exercise?

      Is it possible to detect, in this exercise of 'abiding with
      an idea', just which _values_ have been attached to that
      idea? Is it possible to then, 'manually remove' those
      values, to denude the idea of any _attractiveness_ or
      _aversiveness_, which may trigger desire and/or aversion?

      Consider the possibility of abiding in a universe of ideas
      (or people), in which there is no desire or aversion. This
      is possible, and allows deliberate navigation between
      points. It is in this act of deliberate navigation that one
      may finally 'arrive'. In abiding, one 'arrives'
      continually. In abiding, one is 'already here'.

      ED AARONS: In serenity I abide...attached to nothing. I am
      a vehicle and its navigator, a conveyance or an "abidance"
      which moves freely within all aspects of duality and

      LARRY: (Buddha) did indeed teach interdependent origination
      (arising) but later, in the madhyamika (middle way
      philosophy) "he" taught that because of the nature of
      interdependence nothing actually exists, therefore nothing
      arises. The easiest way to see this is to look at any kind
      of group. Where does a forest exist? How does a pretty face
      To me, abidance only makes sense as no abidance. But then,
      that magical word "no" makes sense out of everything. So
      maybe that's too easy. What continues is _that_ there is no
      me, even when I forget :-)


      The strain caused by any emotional unbalance can be eased by
      finding a perspective where the situation would be comical.
      How or even if that works with North-American teenagers, I
      don't know. Here in "sunshine paradise" (Canary Islands) it
      would be easy although due to what I call "miami-ization" it
      is likely to change rapidly.
      It isn't difficult to understand a teacher can have value:
      when the veils are removed, it can be easier to see the Self
      via a teacher than directly "in oneself". This is rather
      different from oral teaching though.
      The only teaching that can be considered worthwhile is to
      show "who I am"; in principle that is possible without using
      words. That is the traditional role of a guru, still alive
      in India; a plethora of words can at best produce
      intellectual understanding which in the course of time will
      be forgotten. Western society does favor egalitarian
      intellectualism with the predictable result that spiritual
      life won't last for another millennium :) Another difference
      is that no teacher will be able to motivate "beyond"
      recognition of "who I am"
      wheres a traditional guru wouldn't have to :)
      Although knowledge on Advaita is abundant, few mention that
      99% of "practice" consists of dedication, love and
      devotion. Within the framework of nature this makes a lot
      of sense: one's practice will enable or ease the practice of
      others. Man is designed to function optimally in small
      communities (so that all members can be known)...
      As the essence of nondualism is that there isn't an "I", it
      is useful to differentiate longing and desire into "natural
      or I-less" and "egocentric". Eating and drinking to keep the
      body in good condition is natural whereas smoking or boozing
      isn't. When properly understood, a natural longing / desire
      can be extended to become spiritual; the arranged marriages
      in India were intended this way, to see the divine in a
      partner as soon as possible.
      1. With the present availability of spiritual knowledge,
      who is waiting for another Buddha who will essentially say
      the same as the "old" one?
      2. When performing "miracles" like walking on water,
      levitation, healing the sick given up by the MD's, it is far
      more likely to get a job as the successor of magician James
      Randi then to be seen as another Jesus :)
      3. With the present status of moral and ethics, an
      incarnation of Krishna would only be flooded with responses
      of cupidity, not bhakti :)


      sometimes i am walking around for a while with a certain
      feeling in the background. Then, suddenly, for some unknown
      reason, this feeling is pulled into another level of
      awareness, is looked at and then just fades away (it
      literaly feels so !)


      Discrimination with love *as* original awareness is
      manifested as a universe of open learning with no fixation.
      this reality is no one's possession.
      There is one awareness, it isn't possessed by any being. No
      one "has" It. "It" has everyone and everything. And "It"
      has All by being All. There is only "It" itself, nothing
      anywhere apart from It. "I" am not "seeing" this to be
      true, and it has not "become true" for "me". It is and has
      always been the only Truth. It's not dependent on "me"
      seeing "It" for "It" to be Real. "It" sees "me" and
      therefore "I" have the appearance of being real for a time.

      The reason that "I" am perceptually and literally the
      universe is because "you" are perceptually and literally the
      universe. Although you may claim that "you" don't perceive
      this, so it's not true for "you" doesn't change the Reality
      that "makes" you real by perceiving "you". It's true right
      now, right here, regardless of whether "you" or "I" perceive
      It or not. It will never, can never be an "object" of our
      perception or knowledge. "It" Alone is. Now.
      Jesus pumping gas!
      Buddha shopping for clothes!!

      Yes - let's remember to smile and say "hello" :-)


      HARSHA: There is no Harsha, as you see Harsha, apart from
      your imagination Melody. Therefore, any explanation of
      Harsha's imagination giving life to Ramana would become only
      part of your imagination.

      Indeed only our own imagination can give life and power to
      Imagination is the most beautiful veil and yet cannot
      completely contain the nature of reality and hide the
      Radiance of the Self. The seeds and power of awakening lie
      in this profound understanding that you yourself constitute
      all the characters in your dream and you yourself always
      permeate imagination in all its forms.

      Ramana Maharshi once said beautifully that just as the
      elephant wakes up upon seeing a lion in his dream, the
      devotee wakes up upon seeing the Guru in his dream.

      JILL EGGERS: Hi Harsha and Melody and everyone,

      This immediately made me think about how I felt when my dad
      died two years ago. I love my dad very much but he had a
      life of extremes--alcoholism, mental illness, some serious
      breaches of ethical behavior--in short, he was a difficult
      person to love at times, and it was very emotionally trying
      to keep coming back to that great love and desire to trust
      him, to which my sisters and brothers and I continually

      When he died, I soon had the thought, that now I can live in
      that state of love for him, and forget the other stuff--no
      more trials. I hope this does not sound callous or
      mean-spirited--what I am trying to say is that after his
      death, my dad remained a teacher to me in the best sense. I
      could continue to learn and mull over the spiritual lessons
      he taught in his best moments and actions, without the
      struggle of the real ups and downs, the contradictions
      inherent in his behavior.

      So with our spiritual teachers--we build our cosmologies
      around the long ago and far away, and love our spiritual
      teachers the more when they are removed to the realm of the
      archetype, don't you think? Then we can begin to, as you
      say, Harsha, make them in our own image, imparting to them
      all that we need them to be.

      HARSHA: Yes, nicely put. What you say Jill makes perfect
      sense both psychologically and spiritually. I will forward
      this to other lists.

      My feeling is that Imagination appears as both the veil on
      Reality as well as the way to understanding. It contains
      within it the power to awaken because Consciousness
      permeates it and Consciousness is always aware of its own
      light even in the thickest fog and the darkest night. The
      ancient sages called this power of imagination, which
      appears to veil the Self-Radiance, Maya.

      Maya cannot be said to be real or unreal and yet when it
      disappears, Revealing Reality, One Sees Clearly that Reality
      has Never been Absent and Imagination has never existed
      apart from the Reality of One's Own Consciousness.


      One possible way of envisioning the human passage is the
      following. We think of ourselves as originally emerging
      from the unknown, from darkness, nothingness or
      non-existence into the light of consciousness. But as
      consciousness develops we discover the increasing ability to
      see in the dark, see into the nothingness or mystery within
      ourselves and eventually realize that this darkness and
      nothingness is the divine from which we emerged and with
      which we are one. Thus we discover that our original
      darkness IS true light.

      Midway in this passage, divine light (darkness or unknowing)
      and the light of consciousness are in balance, with neither
      outshining the other. But as we move beyond this mid-point,
      divine light begins to outshine the light of consciousness
      until, in the end, the light of consciousness goes out and
      only divine light remains. From this vantage point we look
      back on the passage and see that although consciousness was
      the veil that dimmed the light, this dimming was necessary
      in order to make the human dimension possible.

      But if consciousness makes human existence possible, it is
      also not separate from the divine, nor does it completely
      hide it; on the contrary, consciousness or self is man's
      faculty or medium for experiencing the divine -- so long as
      it remains, that is [this is key]. Our passage through
      consciousness is the gradual return to the divine; we leave
      the divine unknowingly and in darkness, but we return
      knowingly and in light.

      --Bernadette Roberts


      Tony: I tend to think that there are few Jesus's and Buddhas
      on the planet.

      XAN: ~ What joy to run across another awakening mind While
      pumping gas or shopping for this and that Or reading between
      the lines on the internet.

      No names No certificates No funny clothing Or dietary rules.

      No insistance that some imagined level of enlightenment has
      been reached.

      Just mutual silent recognition .........

      What Joy !!!!!!!!!


      HARSHA: I don't know anything about meaning being separate
      from the one who gives meaning to anything (including the
      writing). With Maya, without Maya? Maya does not exist
      apart from the Self. But to get a completely accurate
      answer, perhaps Maya Her Self can be asked later. She is
      currently skipping rope.

      JODYR: That's funny, I just saw her in a peep show booth
      down the street. ;)

      BRUCE: In the movie "Kama Sutra," she was played by the
      breathtakingly beauteous Indira Varma. Ms. Varma was
      definitely *not* featured in Jodyji's "peep show booth"

      JODYR: Neither was Harsha's skipping girl, but all 3 embody
      qualities of Maya. She's always at play, She uses sex as a
      means to an end, and She can be exceedingly beautiful.

      HANS: Hi Marcia, sometimes i am walking around for a while
      with a certain feeling in the background. Then, suddenly,
      for some unknown reason, this feeling is pulled into another
      level of awareness, is looked at and then just fades away
      (it literaly feels so !).
      Is that the same thing as you described ?

      MARCIA: It could be but what I am describing doesn't feel to
      me to be background. It is intense foreground. I am pissed
      and feeling sorry for myself and I am primed to emote and
      dump or discharge. It feels as if instead of the energy
      going out it gets cycled inside and the reaction feeds
      something inside me. I internally stop, relax and press the
      reset button. In the relaxation part I feel this throbbing
      in my crown. It is as if my heart is beating in my crown
      but also I can feel the circulating energy throughout my
      body not just in the crown.

      There is still the teenager in the car having a fit cause
      her lipstick isn't right or some such thing. It seems as if
      I have given myself some choices. I can choose to get angry
      or I can choose to try to talk about how false being so
      preoccupied with appearances is or I can choose to just let
      it be. But I am choosing and not being run by reactions I
      am having. I have created some space around my reactions;
      some breathing room.


      here: More Brother Theophyle </A>

      contributed by Bhagvan Sri John Metzger


      MICHAEL: Everywhere i go I AM. I am no better than anyone
      else. There really nothing to do. There really is no
      enlightenment. A vegetarian is no better that a meat
      eater. Both take life to live. All life is concious, even
      plants. And if you could see it even the stones live and
      think thier slow stony thoughts!

      ANNIE: Michael, to see my being so perfectly portrayed here
      shows me again that all/you and I AM... even those slow
      stony thoughts.

      MICHAEL: Have you ever heard the story of how to make stone
      soup? The story comes out of the depression era. It goes
      something like this:

      One day two men were hungry. All they had was a large iron
      pot with no food to cook in it. One of the men said that
      they were going to go hungry again. The othe man said no,
      start a fire and set up the pot - I'll get a stone and we'll
      have stone soup. The first man thought his friend was crazy
      but built a fire and set up the pot as instructed.

      Soon a crowd gathered to see what the men were up to. They
      had a big fire and a big pot of water boiling but no food.
      The second man announced loudly that they were making stone
      soup! They were cooking a stone in the pot! The two men
      invited evryone to share in the soup as soon as it was done.

      Well, someone said, the soup would be better with some
      carrots in it
      - so he added some. A woman remarked that some potatoes
      would go well
      - she added some. Some body else added a chicken. Then
      some salt was brought and.... Well you get the idea. Soon
      a feast was had by all!

      Isn't that like these lists? :-)

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