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#2890 - Thurday/Friday, August 2-3, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2890 - Thurday/Friday, August 2-3, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nondual Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights One: Essential Writings on
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      #2890 - Thurday/Friday, August 2-3, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

      One: Essential Writings on Nonduality. Amazon site: http://nonduality.com/one.htm 
      Check availability at your local Borders Store:  

      An article by Jenny Munday, followed by a selection of emails sent to the Nonduality Salon community.

      It All Happens By Itself
      Jenny Munday
      Whatever it is that you believe that OTHERS believe about you --- that is what You believe about
      you. Your self image takes the form of the thoughts hidden in another's mind (you believe) and
      becomes THEIR hidden agenda concerning YOU. In the field of Psychology this dynamic is called
      simply: "Projection" and sometimes wrapped up as "Counter-Transference."
      Thus you go looking for yourself in others and wind up finding yourself - but you claim it to be
      THEIR thoughts. If I were to write down what I think each of my associates, friends, family members
      "think" of me -- I would wind up with a word picture of what "I" think of myself.
      Thus, it is "Other" who thinks me no longer needed (as family or friend). "I" think myself as no
      longer needed ?" And yet I am needed but on their terms and not mine. Thus this creates the problem
      of "feeling used to fulfill a role" and not actually be an individual but only a role. That isn't
      acceptable because I don't want to be used to fulfill his role requirements of me. I want to
      fulfill MY role requirements of me. And that would seem to be "remove ALL negative thoughts,
      actions, responses, or needs from others." It seemingly requires that others be ready to agree to
      this wish of mine to be free from their need to "use" my presence for their needs. Yet, others do
      not think like this. "Others don't actually exist except as my mind projections, so THEY think as I
      think. Quite crazy, isn't it !
      Thus in the psychoanalytic process we hear client speak of their significant issues and people and
      in the listening, they tell us (therapist) what they think of themselves. In guiding them into
      forgiveness of "other ?" - we actually guide them into forgiveness of themselves and freedom from
      the horrific guilt-ridden complexes of the conditioned mind syndrome - perpetuated by all segments
      of society, family, and in general, lower-mind materialistic, "rational" thinking. We have been
      both brain-washed and programmed for negativity.
      Put another way, can I say I am no family or friend, I am too critical and judgemental to be, as
      well as controlling? And IS this who I am - or just who "I" think I am? And then - who IS this "I"
      that thinks this? It appears to be the flow of thoughts constituting m i n d. So, then what is
      this mindflow which has created this judgement of a mask that is believed to be the actual real
      There appears to be a continuous flow or river of words saying in a thousand different colors that
      the entity allowing this flow or experiencing this flow - IS this descriptive flow. In Jenny's case
      - the flow is always imperfect - always lacking in major respects - never finished - always
      disturbed in body/mind/life-experience.
      This FLOW called (fill in the blank) who appears as this negative flow - is something that can't be
      captured, fleeting, though ever ready to appear and re-appear. It is seemingly the WHO appearing.
      What is behind this WHO - the substrata on which it is projected? There is a projecting agency and
      seemingly it would be LIFE FORCE. Why does LIFE project this negative image of a creature so
      imperfect? Is it fact (reality) or a non-fact - maya? Since it comes and goes - it must be maya
      --- but then it FEELS so real. How does one separate the flow of Life from the flow of Feeling - or
      negative/positive emotion? Well, apparently this negative (or) positive flow is up for grabs. We
      can select one or the other. But then again, since all is movement - not object - how can flow or
      movement objectify itself into form and grant that form free will? Well, it can't; and yet maya
      would have us think just this: That it does.
      If I look behind this flow of negativity and ask significant questions such as "who is the WHO" - I
      get no answer for there isn't a "who". If I ask then "what" - I get also a no answer. For there
      isn't a "what". I am then left with a "no-thing" and have to conclude that there is No Thing
      present - there is only Flow or Life Force, equaling constant second-to-second movement of the
      atoms, electrons, and gravational forces composing the invisible body mass which manifests
      (temporarily) as a solid form.. Thus what one IS - is the movement mass of emotions, positive AND
      negative, which flow through and selected to be reacted to. What I am now Re-Acting to, I probably
      have multi-thousands of times previously. If I stop NOW, that dynamic is changed forever.
      But "I" can't stop until "I" get the answers I am seeking. And the paramount one is: "What
      constitutes the field of appearances which are to be called: "tomorrow" - or future - or destiny?
      What is it which determines this?
      Well, it is in actuality my own "Hidden Agenda" - my own
      "Sub-conscious" thoughts which holographically project into manifestation the world which my
      perceptive devices (sight - hearing - understanding, etc.) receive as "the world". In this manner
      we each do, in actuality, create the world and are the "ONE" which is referred to. Yet is not each
      individual entity doing the same thing. Is not each of us seemingly separate electro-magnetic units
      doing just the same thing - creating from the sphere of the unconscious - sub-conscious - not-yet-
      creative source - god, etc.?
      Do we not then all create continuously but unconsciously (in about 90% of the mass)? Perhaps TRUTH
      is just the understanding of this principle that what controls manifestation is the hidden agenda -
      or those thoughts which we think no one else sees; those thoughts that even we have hidden from
      ourselves, in a mystical, non-real space called the Sub-conscious mind.
      MIND is too big to be segmented thusly. If left to its own devices, it will uncover - reveal -
      expose itself. Try as you will, you (EGO you) cannot stop the process. Watch out - you never know
      when Big Mind is about to grab you !!!


      When the Buddha smiled

      the mirror world cracked,

      the Light of Prana,

      like billions of silver commas,


      in the sky around me,


      clouds were floating

      like unspoken Poems, and I,

      strangely enough,

      heard them all in the veins of a upturned leaf,

      drinking in the cool summer breeze.

      --Anna Ruiz



      definitions, borders, rules.
      they confine, restrict, direct.
      but the wind
      knows nothing
      of this
      and the sky
      cannot be bound.
      if you trap the wind

      ya yosy,
      let your spirit

      this moment
      is one
      with the ocean
      of time.



      Phil Burton:

      Whose is the image
      In the silvered glass
      That haunts the mind?

      Whose mind is being haunted?

      You answer mine
      I answer yours

      "Wherever you go, there you are."


      :) oh yes...

      Simply being IS perfect.

      Mirror is a great tool,
      yet it is also
      the biggest liar in the world.

      a. You see yourself as only
      you can see yourself - no one else;
      yet you take for granted
      this is how others see you. . .
      and none of those is
      what you truly are.

      b. the mirror shows you
      your right as left,
      and left what's is rightly right.

      There is more, but one
      should look for one self....




      new7892001 contributed:

      is like the breeze that comes in when you leave the window open; but 
      if you deliberately keep it open, deliberately invite it to come, it 
      will never appear.
      The quality of possessiveness
      must never enter into meditation, for meditation has no root, nor 
      any substance which the mind can hold.
      The seeing is not a determined effort. There is no 'I will see', but 
      only seeing. Observation puts aside the observer, and in this there 
      is no waste of energy.
      I don't know if you have ever
      tried to die to something which is very close to you and which gives 
      you immense pleasure - to die to it, not with reason, not with 
      conviction or a purpose, but just to die to it as a leaf falls from 
      the tree.
      J. Krishnamurti
      Bruce Morgen contributed:
      "Meditation is not the repetition
      of the word, nor the experiencing
      of a vision, nor the cultivating
      of silence. The bead and the word
      do quieten the chattering mind, but
      this is a form of self-hypnosis.
      You might as well take a pill."
                  --   J. Krishnamurti


      The History of Reality

      Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a person named Reality.

      Reality was different from most people because he was always carefree
      and happy. He was always happy because he did not care about anything.
      The less he cared about what was going on the happier he got. Until he
      became so carefree and happy that he was Untouchable.

      Reality was Untouchable because nothing in life could touch him. The
      Untouchable Reality observed that everything happened without him
      having to do anything. And he also observed that everything he did also
      happened automatically.

      When people came to ask Reality why he was always carefree, happy and
      Untouchable he told them that it was futile to care about things
      because everything happened automatically. He told them that the less he
      cared about things the more carefree and happy and untouchable he
      became because literally everything in life had to Automatically fall
      into place: but only because he did not care. He told people that
      caring only obfuscated all the ways everything in life happened not only
      automatically but perfectly.

      He told people that caring about things only fueled the fire of what
      happened automatically, with or without caring, so why should he care:
      when caring makes no difference -- except for the carefree and
      untouchable happiness of not-caring.

      And there is much well-hidden History over the Ages about all the ways
      society and religions have had to slaughter and otherwise malign the
      followers of Reality -- like all the ecstatic Christians, Martyrs and
      Saints; Gnostics, Cathars, Albigensians, Sufis ... Indians, Africans and
      Aborigines -- just so the World can continue to be miserable and
      victimized by literally everything, especially when it is obvious that
      this everything happens not only automatically but also perfectly.


      This carefree untouchable happiness of Reality the Hindus call
      the "SurrealBliss" of the thoroughly multi-raped word
      Kundalini is just the manifestation of Samadhi, Now, to thoughts,
      the mind,
      so that thoughts simply cannot matter,
      they cannot even appear to matter.

      -- Reality TwoToo.

      If All is One, only in the illusion of the play does it appear as
      though that One needs to find itself. Should One find itself then
      the seeker would be no more, but only in the illusion of the play!
      That is all that would 'appear' to happen in so called awakening. It
      would be part of the illusion, and has nothing to do with 'becoming'
      One for it would already be One appearing as not finding itself !!!

      In that illusion of awakening there can be the sense of not seeking
      to become what All, including 'brynmerlin', already is. This is not
      known beyond doubt, it just hangs around like a pair of old
      underpants or odd socks.
      That story could appear to change anytime to maybe an Evangelical
      Christian preaching the gospel on Castle Square on Saturday
      mornings. But I hope its Hari Krishna 'cause I like the pictures and
      the gear better.

      Whatever the change might be it will be the 'One' of All is One
      appearing as that regardless of whether 'brynmerlin' is aware of
      that or not, and all will be exactly as complete as it is now, even
      if 'brynmerlin' no longer appears to rest secure in the Non-Duality
      harbour and the turbulant sea appears to claim him once again.

      From Love to Love

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