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#2841 - Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2841 - Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nondual Highlights - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDhighlights One: Essential Writings on Nonduality:
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      #2841 - Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      One: Essential Writings on Nonduality: http://nonduality.com/one.htm



      Orva Schrock sends the following:


      Who Am I ?


                     by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


      God and I in space alone and nobody else in view.

      “And where are the people, O Lord,” I said,

      “the earth below and the sky o’er head

      and the dead whom once I knew?”


      “That was a dream,” God smiled and said,

      “A dream that seemed to be true.

      There were no people living or dead,

      There was no earth, and no sky o’er head;

      There was only Myself---in you.”


      “Why do I feel no fear,” I asked,

      “meeting You here this way?

      For I have sinned I know full well—

      And is there heaven, and is there hell,

      And is this the Judgement Day?”


      “Nay, those were but dreams,”

      the Great God said,

      “Dreams that have ceased to be.

      There are no such things as fear or sin;

      There is no you—you never have been—

      There is nothing at all but Me.”




      What I see is me,
      I am reality and nonduality.
      I am seeker and sage.
      I am those who think they are here for the first time,
      and those who think they are here for the last time,
      I am those who know they are and those who don't.
      Will I be travelling the path again?

      That's why I post messages, directions and shortcuts.
      if this were my last travel I would not say a thing.

      But according to my nondual mind,
      I am one without second,
      I am every seeker in this world,
      and every sage.

      I travel every road.
      Not just my own.

      Is the consciousness inside your mind,
      the same as inside mine?



      Twelve Laws for World Peace
      by Adi Da Samraj
      1. Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.
      2. All of humankind must "lose face" together — in order to
      require cooperation and tolerance of each other.
      3. The people are now the direct and specific targets of all
      wars. Therefore, armed conflict must no longer be engaged as a
      means for dealing with world issues.
      4. No nation or culture has the right to enact — or even to
      plan — mass destruction, for any reason whatsoever.
      5. The "Humble Unity" of all of humankind (as
      "everybody-all-at-once") is the power that must dissent from
      all efforts to achieve world domination.
      6. The right ordering of human society can only occur on the
      basis of freedom from any "ruling ideology" — whether that
      ideology is religious or secular in nature.
      7. The universal human rights are unlimited physical
      participation in the opportunities of human life and unlimited
      physical protection from harm.
      8. The real (even genetic) situation of the human species is
      prior unity. Peace requires that prior unity be the
      working-presumption of humankind.
      9. The working-presumption of prior unity must become the
      basis of a global body of universal participation — or Global
      Cooperative Forum — that exists to represent and address the
      urgent global issues that everyone has in common.
      10. In that Global Cooperative Forum, all "name-tags" and
      "slogans" and "flags" must be "left at the door". Every
      participant would represent all of humankind as a totality.
      11. Ultimately, the habit of presuming to be a separate "self"
      (confronting a "world-out-there") is to be outgrown in the
      Enlightened understanding of Reality as inherently One,
      Non-separate, and Indivisible.
      12. Perfect Peace Is the tacit, direct, and Intrinsically
      Self-Evident Self-Realization of the inherently egoless, and
      Perfectly Indivisible, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature,
      Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself — Which Is
      Utterly Beyond all mere ideas, and all presumptions of
      "separate self", and all presumptions of separate
      "world-out-there", and all presumptions of separate" God".

      Dear Friends... i thought you may like this new poem
      with respect and love bindu
      Dear Self ...
      Before you i was not....
      your silence called forth all!
      Silence thundered ...
      in the echo of Love ...
      the myth of "i" came forth.
      That ray ...
      your love is - was ...
      that which lit each scene.
      Each heart ...
      born of the echo
      is - was mirrored truth.
      Eloquent Silence ...
      every response void ...
      devoid of expression of you.
      Empty ...
      i do not merge with you
      i... who am not ...
      am merely this affected effect!
      i am Thor ..
      Indra, my name is Zeus.
      A myth, i am that thunder!
      Silence writ ....
      each syllable ...
      every word an uttered lie!
      Oh intelligent one
      each letter here laid out
      your echoed-nature strings together!
      Silence ...
      not i ... is the cause of being!
      You are in Love with yourself!
      Your Love ...
      This manifestation of Om..
      is not its own cause!
      Surely ....
      Love is its own reflection
      yet the love-light arises also!
      From the sheer moment
      from the sheer presence
      from the unfathomable
      from Silence!
      Oh Mind be quiet and listen..
      listen to the eloquent one.
      understand this..
      Realize that nothing arises from you!
      realize that you are not self-arisen
      recognize your dependance upon HE who does not speak!
      Oh mind acknowledge this...
      do not lie to yourself
      avoid it not --
      in Silence all is done!

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