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#2782 - Sunday, April 8, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    #2782 - Sunday, April 8, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee Nondual Highlights Close your Eyes and you will see clearly Cease to Listen and you will hear truth Be
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      #2782 - Sunday, April 8, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee

      Nondual Highlights

      Close your Eyes
      and you will see clearly
      Cease to Listen
      and you will hear truth
      Be Silent
      and your heart will sing
      Seek no Contacts
      and you will find union
      Be Still
      and you will move forward on the tide of spirit 
      Be Gentle
      and you will need no strength
      Be Patient
      and you will achieve all things
      Be Humble
      and you will remain entire               

      - Taoism

      In humility is the greatest freedom.

      As long as you have to defend the imaginary self
      that you think is important, you lose your peace of heart.
      As soon as you compare that shadow
      with the shadows of other people, you lose all joy,
      because you have begun to trade in unrealities
      and there is no joy in things that do not exist.

      - Thomas Merton

      Easter Exultet
      Shake out your qualms.
      Shake up your dreams.
      Deepen your roots.
      Extend your branches.
      Trust deep water
      and head for the open,
      even if your vision
      shipwrecks you.
      Quit your addiction
      to sneer and complain.
      Open a lookout.
      Dance on a brink.
      Run with your wildfire.
      You are closer to glory
      leaping an abyss
      than upholstering a rut.
      Not dawdling.
      Not doubting.
      Intrepid all the way
      Walk toward clarity.
      At every crossroad
      Be prepared
      to bump into wonder.
      Only love prevails.
      En route to disaster
      insist on canticles.
      Lift your ineffable
      out of the mundane.
      Nothing perishes;
      nothing survives;
      everything transforms!
      Honeymoon with Big Joy!
      - James Broughton
      (Sermons of the Big Joy)


      Cup of Kindness
      You gave yourself up to the mystery
      And sailed the oceans looking for
      The secret of the key
      To unlock a truth that you may never find
      For it was in a cup of kindness all the time

      You feel the thirst
      But none can make you drink
      The answer's waiting for you here but
      It's not what you think
      It won't steal your soul or leave you blind
      It was just a cup of kindness all the time

      And when Mother Mary finally comes to call
      She could pass right thru your heart
      And leave no trace at all
      While you were reaching for
      The sacred and divine
      She was standing right beside you
      All the time

      And the emptiness
      You can't seem to fill
      Beauty fades and pleasures cannot
      Take away the chill
      And the glamour lures you down into a lie
      O but the cup of kindness
      Never will run dry

      You hear the vandals
      Howlin' down your walls
      And arm yourself against the ones
      Who want to see you fall
      Till some Holy Grail reveals
      The grand design
      Well it was in a cup of kindness
      All the time
      - Emmylou Harris

      Lyrics for Song: Cup of Kindness
      Album: Stumble Into Grace
       For Easter...
      "You Are Loved/Don't Give Up"
      features The Josh Groban Foundation and children around the world
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