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  • andrew macnab
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2000


      The labour of liberation must be born individually by the whole.

      This sentence can be read so many ways.. and each points exquisitely to
      personal responsibility as impersonal One.

      Tracking Jerry:

      One of the signs that a person is on the right track, the
      track that cuts through high bush and fallen trees, is that
      they are being ignored. You do that for 20 years and then
      one day you see someone in the distance helping you to push
      the trees away, and you meet them and help them push their
      trees away, and you find all the tracks are very close
      together, traversing similar terrain and all headed to the
      same place and we see that place together. Many have arrived
      already, many have been there and come back to tell us what
      it is like. Many are specialists in track building and
      engine maintenance. Many cool us with lemonade and show us
      there's nowhere to go, but go along with us, toiling and
      sweating just to be with us on the day we stop, the day we
      arrive. All in all, it's a good trip.

      ....it is everything to make the effort, to look into the
      eyes of the Guru (within), even if for only a second and
      even if it means looking away. Making the effort brings
      buckets full of Grace, when the effort is automatic and

      and... also this from Kerouac:

      "The simplest truth in the world is beyond our reach because
      of its
      complete simplicity, i.e, its pure nothingness-- There are
      no awakeners
      and no meanings--"

      Truth, whatever it is, is so fine, finer than angel hair. I
      tell you, the universe weighs two ounces, at the most.
      Probably less. Probably nothing. The two ounces comes from
      thinking about it.


      Dan and Gene get ultimately ultimate with Annie:


      Gene recently wrote of levels of awareness, with unknowness always
      outside of each increasing level of awareness.

      Any understanding or awareness that is higher than another level, will
      itself be surpassed. However, the ultimate understanding has
      nothing above it. Because nothing is above it, nothing is below it,
      either. Nothing above me, nothing below me, nothing beside me,
      nothing in front of me, nothing behind me. The only reason
      this is called "ultimate awareness" and similar terms
      is because people are lost in higher understandings
      and lower understandings. The ultimate awareness is purely Unknown
      to all levels of awareness, however, to itself it is neither known or

      I don't understand the concept that awareness can be 'neither
      known or unknown'. Does this refer to just being?

      It can't be known or unknown to itself.
      It can't be awareness or nonawareness to itself.
      It can't be being or nonbeing to itself.
      Any of these categories can only make sense to
      an "other" looking at "it" - not "it to itself"
      or "I to I-self".


      Hi Annie...

      Oneself is only 'known' as a supposition, impression or assumption;
      what is 'knowing' the assumed self, is itself unknown to that assumed

      The assumed self cannot 'know' anything which is not included and
      validated via experience of that assumed self; thus, the assumed self
      is limited to perceiving a 'reality' which is composed entirely of
      history, or as it is called, the past.

      Constrained to an interpretation of reality which is only a
      reflection of the past, the assumed self is incapable of recognizing
      (due to lack of prior experience) its own limited nature; still, the
      whole and complete Being which is Self, is actually what is going on,
      the whole time.

      Our words and thus thoughts are constrained to a grammar which is
      itself predicated upon an assumption of separation; consequently, our
      language is used to describe particles and agglomerations of
      particles, each named and ranked according to the best use of the
      grammar of separation. Such a grammar, ruling language as it does,
      excludes any word which would threaten that grammar. The grammar of
      language, thus enforces our notion of separation and particulars, as
      being the ground of reality.

      Awareness is the whole of what contains all perceived particulars;
      indeed, all particles are misperceived language of wholeness. All
      particles, individuals, each separate thing, are actually in total, a
      great harmony; it is the perfection of this harmony, which allows the
      persistence of 'us' as apparently discrete and separate 'Beings'. We,
      as products of harmony, are imbued with a sense of harmony, which is
      our ability to be attracted to beauty. In this way, is each Being
      attracted to the greater harmony; and that greater harmony is the
      'ultimate awareness' to which Dan alludes, above.

      It is one thing to be attracted to beauty, and another to be beauty.
      When a person has a glimpse of their own beauty, in that instant,
      everything is beautiful; in that instant, is seen a glimpse of the
      great harmony which sustains us.

      Now that this is in the category of experience, all of what is 'past'
      is rewritten; now, everything is beautiful and harmonious, and always
      has been, for eternity. In this moment, in this glimpse, self is
      reconciled, and can thus fall away.

      Thus falling away, the assumptions of which oneself is composed, also
      fall away. In this moment, free of assumptions, is freedom. In this
      freedom, one realizes that one has been dreaming a life; and one may
      then also realize, that they are truly free to dream any life or
      quality of life, which they may choose. Thus free of assumptions, and
      thus so free, one realizes the unrealizable nature of realization
      itself; that it depends upon no validation or evidence or anything at

      It is only our assumptions which constrain us. Letting go of
      assumptions on no basis whatsoever, is quite difficult to do; there
      is no evidence that such a course of action could possibly have a
      desirable outcome. What one must remember, is that a reality which is
      qualified by experience, is itself only a reflection of those
      experiences, and thus cannot ever be anything 'new'. It is good to
      remember also, that knowing is built upon what has been known; and
      that it is not-knowing which encompasses all of what we do not know.
      By not-knowing, one opens space, and that space is awareness. In that
      space, is what is known, but the space itself is unseen.

      Looking at space,

      ==Gene Poole==


      Dan in bloom:

      ...Indeed - it's an unsplit situation. Once we talk about it,
      our words seem to split it up. But even so, it's still not "really"
      split, and our words themselves are a manifestation of unsplit reality.
      As a flower forms petals, humans form words.
      Our words will never clarify what is always the case.

      Hans opening up:

      You just have to see the trick. I realised it not as some big bang, but
      gradually, this understanding grew. A thought sets itself apart giving you
      the illusion of the "I" but it is just a thought or a concept or whatever
      you want to call it.

      Just do not go into it. Realize it is just a thought but do not follow the
      contents of the thought because you will get lost in all sorts of
      associations etc. Just realize it is a thought, and all thoughts are
      worthless (for this purpose anyway) and this realization is also just a
      thought ! Beautiful, isn't it ?

      When you keep watching something starts happening. it seems almost
      inevetable. It gives me much joy just to see it happening. Thoughts are
      getting less and less, they are also getting less dense and also you stop
      caring about them, they are just there so what, which is really is a great
      joy. it frees a lot of energy that was lost before in this never ending

      Things are opening up for me (and i thought it would never happen after 35
      years of dialogue !) and this process can not be stopped, no way, because
      once you have seen it, it takes over.

      Anyway, this is how i experience it. It might not work for everybody just as
      anything else.


      xan xan xan:

      ... The thought of the presence
      or absence of an "I thought" has never been useful in my
      awakening. As I see it everything at essence is energy.
      When energy contracts it feels cut off, separate, static.
      The *I thought* IS contraction.

      When I notice contraction in myself and stop it, relaxation
      is automatic and awareness returns to unlimited expansiveness.
      This goes on at more and more subtle levels.



      Big Jack Bhodisat (thanks John Metzger):

      All great statements ever made
      abide in death
      All the magnificent & witty
      rewards of French Lettrism
      Abide in death

      All the Roman Sculptor
      of Heroes, all Picassos
      and Micassos and
      and K e r o u a c o ' s ---

      even Asvaghosha's Glorious Statement
      and Asanga's and Holy Sayadaw
      and all the good and kind saints
      and the divine unabstractable ones
      the holy and perfect ones
      All Buddhas and Dharmas
      All Jesuses and Jerusalems
      And Jordans and How are You's
      ---Nil, none, a dream,

      A bubble pop, a foam snit
      in the immensities of the sea
      at midnight in the dark

      Jack Kerouac, Mexico City Blues, 24th Chorus
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