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#2724 - Thursday, February 8, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2724 - Thursday, February 8, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz Nondual Highlights Past issues, search engine, and link to send to your friends:
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      #2724 - Thursday, February 8, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      Nondual Highlights
      Past issues, search engine, and link to send to your friends:  

      This is Part One of Two, of Petros's version of the Tao Te Ching, from http://www.ewakening.net/.


       the way of no way

      trans. petros

      truth is not always eloquent
      eloquence is rarely true


      contented is the one
      with no need to go next door


      failure is opportunity
      blaming is wasted opportunity

      water wears away
      the hardest rock
      insight wears away
      the hardest thought


      for a bow to work well
      it must bend towards the center

      born flexible
      later a dead stiff

      intrusion irritates

      kill fear
      and achieve anything

      accept inevitable transience
      and fear nothing

      the way works without working

      when wonder goes,
      religion comes in


      not to know
      is ultimate knowledge
      thinking you know
      is delusion


      this way is easy to comprehend
      if you abandon comprehension
      this way is older than the world
      awaken to what is within

      when irresistible force
      meets immovable object
      the more porous
      will envelop the less
      sword cannot cut smoke


      the greater the resistance
      the greater the growth

      to the mind ridden
      this way is for fools
      to the fools
      this way is deep

      all water flows to sea
      but sea does not control

      all energy flows to basins
      but basins do not demand


      the wise ones taught nothing
      and all learned from it


      anticipate challenges
      and correction is easy

      do without doing
      work without working
      think without thinking
      struggle without struggle

      this way is the hub of the universes
      basin of attraction of everything
      the original singularity
      when you seek,
      it seeks


      when one becomes great
      one becomes the lowest
      and all fall into that

      center oneself in the way
      and challenges come clear


      one wise in this way
      is not held by his own ideas
      no fixed goal in mind,
      anything becomes fuel


      repression teaches evasion

      the pursuit of happiness
      is an invitation to sorrow

      the master is exemplar
      not controller

      not controlling,
      not fixing tight plans,
      life goes on momentum.

      knowers don't babble
      babblers don't know

      close the mouth,
      close the senses,
      quiet the mind,
      relax the tensions,
      unfocus the awareness,
      settle into steady seat:
      thus is this way established.


      one in tune with this way
      is something like a child,
      weak yet tenacious,
      unlearned yet wise.

      who is planted in this way
      will not be transplanted
      who embraces this way
      will be embraced by it

      active in one's life,
      life is expanded
      active in one's world,
      the world is the way.


      this way is so easy,
      most prefer harder paths,
      and cul de sacs
      to get lost within


      at the start is this way
      at the end is this way
      in between are all things

      to discover the beginning,
      follow the clues
      knowing the manifest
      one can deduce the unmanifest

      if one judges one won't seek
      rather follow one's own light back
      to the source of it


      everything manifest
      comes from the unmanifest
      everything unknowingly
      honors this way


      masters surrender
      to the moment
      expecting death,
      death is irrelevant
      expecting transience,
      transience passes
      expecting resistance,
      resistance dissolves,
      not thinking much
      answers come


      no mind of his own,
      the master reflects all
      no thought of his own,
      the master amplifies all
      no voice of his own,
      the master echoes all

      chasing knowledge,
      one adds things daily
      realizing the way,
      one sheds things daily
      until one does all
      with nothing


      masters achieve without doing
      see all without looking
      arrive without leaving

      the less one knows
      the more one realizes

      this way is made manifest
      without looking outwards
      the master opens to the all
      without opening any doors

      in tune with this way,
      the body makes all it needs
      out of tune with the way,
      the body is malnourished

      fear is a severe delusion
      that leads to paranoia
      and attracts destruction

      to see the delusion
      is to recognize
      all is safe


      perfection looks imperfect
      to those not in the way
      fullness feels empty
      to the worldly
      perfect order seems chaos
      to those pursuing mind

      true success
      looks like failure
      true wealth
      seems impoverishment
      true wisdom
      seems foolish
      except in the way
      the masters are free
      looking to no others
      but the way


      masters teach without words
      accomplish without doing
      as the lightest winds
      wear down hardest rock


      from the void: the one
      from the one: all things

      all things rush out from it
      like births from a womb
      ignoring their source
      lost in multiplicity
      combining all things to one
      and returning one to none
      the sage finds the way again

      the mind-ridden fear to be alone
      masters embrace solitude
      knowing it to be the way freedom


      when the ready hear of the way,
      they merges with it
      when the average hear of the way,
      they analyze it
      when fools hear of the way,
      they dismiss it

      were it not so
      the way would not be the way

      nowhere to be found
      it encompasses everything


      from nonbeing, being
      from being, all things
      the way returns
      to the way

      ~ ~ ~

      The rest of the verses will appear in the next issue of The Nondual Highlights.


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