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  • andrew macnab
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2000

      Dave's encouraging words:

      Doing what you have to do is as hard as knowing why. Pain is pain, peace is peace.
      Seeing through the veil can give you the strength to convert the former into the
      latter. Especially now, don't let it go, but by all means get down and get dirty.

      Mary tells herself something:

      All this discourse, Mary, has been an interesting side trip. Set the
      compass on Home and on the ONE who will guide you there. A leap of
      faith is just that, a leap. Time to take that leap.

      Jan B's rhyming wisdom:

      What makes them move so very slow?
      A lot of mass that has to go
      The mass of all that karmic goo
      Makes realizing Self taboo

      So just let the slowmos* pass
      Until they gather critical mass
      Then things are starting to burn well
      And will give rise to "Dante's hell"

      Instructing them would be in vain
      What would that harvest but disdain...

      The fire that burns itself is rare
      So handle it with greatest care
      It leaves "What is" as just delight
      And seals one's lips forever tight

      It can't be moved or be improved
      And it knows neither wrong nor right
      But all explaining is in vain
      What would that harvest but disdain...

      * slowmos, slow movers


      Joyce and xan about inclusion and exclusion, resistance and nonresistance, duality and
      wholeness, etcetera:

      ...I am reacting to
      something that I read in a chat a few days ago somewhat to the general tone
      that neurotics and those confused and needy are not welcome at satsangh...a
      sort of sense of "them" that didn't belong, didn't get "it" etc. And, a
      kind of an attempt to be awareness of oneself as a kind of bare awareness,
      empty of what it is aware of, washed clean of all thoughts, all things.

      When I remember to allow it, open to it, I experience the presence of
      awareness that is Wholeness with nothing and no one left out. As someone
      pointed out to me, looking out now, I have what others appear to be, looking
      in, I am what they are. But, when I identify with those left out - and
      don't wish to identify with those perceived to be doing the exclusion - pain
      arises. I find it very difficult to welcome pain as part of the Whole -
      well, some kinds of pain much easier than others. Which - of course, as
      usual - is the arising of fear....so I allow fear and welcome it - but, this
      still doesnt help me to accept/respond to what I perceive as exclusionary
      activity, the "false", in the name of spiritual growth. And yes, I note
      awareness arising as that and all perception - but injustice in the world
      continues - how does the student welcome this as Wholeness?

      I can usually see when my perceptions are "personal", distorted and confused
      - but when others seem agree in the perception of the event such as what Im
      writing about - then there must be some truth there beyond any personal
      projection? Ive never been able to resolve this -

      you see, muddled.


      Dear Joyce

      Stepping into this conversation, here, I was also quite
      amazed that anyone would want to set any terms
      whatsoever for who should be welcome to satsang.
      *Sat* itself has no such terms, of course.

      I've investigated the activities of exclusion and inclusion of
      the vagaries of the world quite a bit .... understanding that
      exclusion is the maintenance of duality and wanting to know
      how to transform my "dark side" through inclusion. What I
      learned was, all I needed to do was to stop the subtle mind-
      activity of resistance. Wholeness is natural and original, so
      as what is humanly fabricated is seen for what it is and ceased,
      wholeness is revealed. For some time my practice was simply

      Also, just because a group of people agree about a delusion,
      it does not become real. When has human agreement ever
      been a real test of truth?

      with love

      xan on the difference between watching the watcher and awareness of awareness:

      ~Dear Kristie

      The watcher and layers of watching you are describing reveal
      your involvement in what is being watched. To be done with it
      become aware of awareness itself, letting go of engaging with
      all that stuff that comes and goes, including evaluation, ordering,
      self-manipulating, etc. etc. Awareness itself is what you have
      always been and will always be. You can relax into and as that.

      with love

      Marcia saying something different about watching:

      There is a huge difference between introspection and analysis and
      self-observation. If you find yourself giving reasons like "I am
      avoiding issues that need to be resolved" you can be sure that
      you are in your head analyzing and introspecting. If you can just
      watch, the watching itself will begin to change things. As you
      are there is no way that you can "fix" anything. You can't
      wake up. You don't know how. Thinking that you can is
      a huge mistake. All you (or I) can do is to just watch impartially.
      The watching itself will bring all sorts of things to light. It is the
      light that begins to change things not anything that you can do.
      The activity or the doing that you can do is to watch impartially.


      Kristi and Melody about watching and procrastination:


      Watching can become
      disassociative.........being aware that there is no sufferer....can induce
      inertia.......the practices and/or concepts themselves are not inadequate or
      wrong-minded but they can be misapplied.....and I have misapplied them.

      Hi Kristi,

      I have too. And you make an important point, highlighting the inertia
      that can be induced....the procrastination....in (for me) hiding behind
      such phrases as "there is nothing to be done" and especially "all things
      unfold naturally, in their season". While this is certainly true of a
      if you try to rush the maturation of a tomato, you will get a tomato with
      'something' missing...with the fullness of expression lacking, but

      I have used such a statement to justify "not now....maybe tomorrow".

      I have used such a statement to *deny* the very season standing
      before me. What diligence it takes to empty ourselves of resistances
      ......resistances to living the ripeness of each season - no matter how
      it suits our tastes.

      I share your walk.


      Dave aka manchine:

      Just don't get lulled into stopping there.
      The first coming of Christ was one man who was All, could it be that
      the second coming is All who are One.

      There is lots of work to do.


      Yes, the lets not think we might not be singing lullaby's
      here. Isn't I AM the first coming, and isn't Standing Free,
      or Full Enlightenment, the second coming? So there's nowhere
      to go and nothing to do, really. Well, that's another
      lullaby. It's a good question, Are we, instead of awakening,
      deceiving ourselves and causing lulling? It's very possible
      we're moving from dream to another. It's almost impossible
      to be awake.


      Jerry on muscular Gurus:

      ...By muscular I mean
      extremely powerful, forceful, vigorous with respect to
      Kundalini or Being, such that one has almost no choice but
      to either be a devotee, or to resist being one.

      A couple of snippets from Mira:

      Ah yes, the beauty of the destination as it paves every stone along every way.
      Even when I discovered that there never was anything but the destination, that all is
      this destination already, I was thankful for the journey nonetheless.

      There is no one anywhere in particular. Thoughts about non-duality do not interfere
      with what one is. What one is IS stillness. What one is IS noise. What one is IS
      thoughts. Only when one starts to conceive of oneself as being something in
      particular, in reference to a particular location, can one conceive oneself to rest
      somewhere in stillness. If one does not conceive of oneself in any particular way,
      actually has no conceptions about ones beingness, nature or location at all, then
      resting 'somewhere' is quite impossible.

      Judi sent this:

      After he had journeyed
      and his feet were sore
      and he was tired
      he came upon an orange grove
      and he rested
      and he lay in the cool
      and while he rested, he took to himself an orange and tasted it
      and it was good
      and he felt the earth to his spine
      and he asked, and he saw the tree above him, and the stars
      and the veins in the leaf
      and the light, and the balance
      and he saw magnificent perfection
      whereon, he thought of himself in balance
      and he knew he was.

      And he thought of those he angered
      for he was not a violent man
      and he thought of those he hurt
      for he was not a cruel man
      and he thought of those he frighteneed
      for he was not an evil man
      and he understood
      he understood himself.

      Upon this he saw that when he was of anger or knew hurt or felt fear
      it was because he was not understanding
      and he learned compassion
      and with his eye of compassion
      he saw his enemies like unto himself
      and he learned love
      Then, he was answered.

      Just open your eyes
      and realize the way it's always been
      just open your mind
      and you will find
      the way it's always been
      just open your heart
      and that's a start.

      Gill sent this:

      "It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an
      The next Buddha may take the form of a community -- a community practicing
      understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living.
      This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the

      ~Thich Nhat Hanh

      Allspirit website
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