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  • andrew macnab
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2000
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      Dave Manchine asks: What is the 'me' for?

      Christiana Duranczyk:
      Here, on this list, there sometimes appear to be so many taboos or
      linguistic/perceptual points of contention. Each contra-diction itself
      being the arising position of 'me'.

      It can appear to not be ok to be: a 'seeker'; to have 'beliefs'; to
      mention God; to have hope; to have wounds; to speak of your heart; to
      frame reality as inner/outer; to have a practice; to believe in free
      will or mind; to have ideals; to think we are dual; to think at all....

      All positions are undermined, as any position is seen as maintenance of
      an appearance of self... the apparent ultimate illusion.

      So.. what is the 'me' for?

      Without a 'me'... would I enter any of the above dances? Would I know
      the poles of duality in all their pleasures and sorrows? Without a 'me'
      would I know the tensions of opposites which gives rise to the center
      door which leads to expanding vibrant Stillness?

      The vagaries of these injunctives can either invoke contracted 'me'
      reactions... or... free 'me' once and for all.

      Perhaps, the 'me' is here to be known and understood. Perhaps as a
      consequence of understanding the dance of 'me', compassion for the many
      facets, as other, is engendered. Perhaps, with compassionate openness we
      simply become clear receptors in service to the arising and descending
      Living Presence in this moment.

      Perhaps, the 'me' is here.. to know and love 'you'... to love and serve


      Jan Barendrecht:
      Why does one have to take driving lessons in order to drive
      properly? Without these lessons, a lot of accidents could be
      made. Likewise, the purpose of a "me" is learning to properly
      take care of the body; when learning has ended the "me" is
      supposed to be dissolved. Without a "me" feelings still are
      but they do no longer belong to "me or others". The very
      absence of the theme "me & the others" means Stillness just is
      and one's sensitivity is greatly increased, enabling (live)
      communication to be more effective. Regarding the issue
      "enjoying life" one might say that life begins when "me"
      ends... The weirdness of 'life with the "me"' couldn't be
      demonstrated any better than on this planet: perhaps it serves
      as THE example that when things go wrong with an intelligent
      species (resulting in egocentric "me" life), it means the end
      for it.

      hope this helps :)


      Joyce Short:
      "isn't "me" also a thought? Joyce

      Jan B:
      It has been thought that the "I" didn't exist because there
      doesn't remain any memory of it. In fact, this is a kind of
      clue: emotional memory could be called its center and
      emotional memory vanishes together with "I". For instance, for
      some, visiting the dentist is a kind of mini-trauma: knowing
      that in a few hours, the drill will be screaming its way
      through one's teeth will cause side-effects like a change of
      heart beat, perspiration and like to happen, although nothing
      is happening yet :) This is impossible without a "me". One's
      behavior will be so different (laughing, telling jokes etc.)
      that fellow patients won't believe one is a patient...


      I persist, what is the "me" for?

      Did you get Jerry's (indirect) answer (Intention / Desire)?
      Or no?


      Skye Chambers:
      The me is a necessary stepping stone across the river,
      a baby self playing with childrens blocks and humanity will
      eventually grow out of it *as we know it* at present.
      The Self is One and many at the same time, but the baby self
      naturally has had difficulty understanding that bigger
      picture. It thinks there must be one or the other, that time
      and timelessness cannot exist together, in fact togetherness
      in any form is even a little too hard for it to understand,
      so the me's on this planet are not very bright, at all.

      And we wonder why they don't land *LOL* :-)))

      Jan B:
      Without a "me", there is no "I" and vice versa; although in
      the course of events the "me" can become almost unreal, it
      still remains as a potential. Regarding this and other
      (veiling) potentials I used the analogy of enjoying a sunset,
      standing with a burden of 200 lbs on one's back; when the
      burden is removed, the enjoyment is more intense and less
      restricted although the sunset doesn't change one bit. Because
      the "feel" without that burden ("I") yet is so natural and
      having felt the burden cannot be remembered anymore, the "new
      heaven and new earth" is embraced without any thought or
      analysis... Eventually this will become possible much later,
      as the process of unidentifying is natural and will just go
      on. This doesn't mean a kind of "nowhere land": one will
      spontaneously understand the source of scriptures like
      Upanishads, Bible etc. the moment the "I" is oblivion.
      Although without properties, radiant Void/Self/impersonal God
      was the "reference" all the time but *"I" and "my" feelings*
      were obstructing :)


      Explaining the inexplicable.

      Tony O'Clery:
      Namaste All,

      Some asked me why I asked this question, did I know
      the answer. If I knew the answer I wouldn't be writing

      So if 'I Am', is non-dual, is that, it is a feeling of
      nonduality or oneness?

      Chuck Hillig:

      But Tony, "I AM" is neither a "feeling" nor an "experience." It is
      a......actually THE.....Reality.
      (snip, snip)

      For even the nondual 'I Am' state is duality for there
      is yet another state, or rather non-state!

      But "I AM" is also not a "state" either because it's not a "position"
      that one can take.

      "I AM" has no opposite. (e.g. "I am NOT.") It just is what It is.

      With Blessings,

      Tony and Dave:

      My thought again, is that if the little ego has gone
      then effort is impossible. Therefore it is only
      possible to drop the I Am and Bliss feeling, with the
      Grace of the indwelling 'God with attributes'.

      Om Namah Sivaya, Tony.

      Hi Tony.

      Close your eyes, and repeat that last paragraph whithout using a single word
      or thought. Then slowly open your eyes without changing anything and move
      into the image.

      love d:

      Gill Eardly:

      Dear Friends

      There have been several new additions to the Allspirit website,
      which are listed on the 'recent changes'page.

      A selection of Zen writings has been added, as well as new
      poems from Rumi and Rabindranath Tagore.




      Old Hag:

      Hello, dears:

      This is for anyone who may feel that they are not enough just as they
      are right now.

      "You are Enough!"
      A Woman Seminarian's Story

      "It is not enough
      said her father
      that you
      get all A's each quarter
      play Mozart for your kinfolk
      win starred-first in contest
      you must
      come home on your wedding night.

      It is not enough
      said her mother
      that you
      smile at Auntie Lockwood
      take cookies to the neighbors
      keep quiet while I'm napping
      you must
      cure my asthma.

      It is not enough
      said her husband
      that you
      write letters to my parents
      fix pumpkin pie and pastry
      forget your name was Bauer
      you must
      you must

      It is not enough
      said her children
      that you
      make us female brownies
      tend our friends and puppies
      buy us Nike tennies
      you must
      let us kill you.

      It is not enough
      said her pastor
      that you
      teach the second graders
      change the cloths and candles
      kneel prostrate at the altar
      as long as there are starving children in the world
      you must
      not eat
      without guilt.

      It is not enough
      said her counselor
      that you
      struggle with the demons
      integrate your childhood
      leave when time is over
      you must
      stop crying
      clarify your poetic symbols
      not feel
      that you are
      not enough.

      I give up
      she said
      I am not enough
      and laid down
      into the deep blue pocket
      of night
      to wait
      for death.

      She waited...

      her heart exploded
      her breathing stopped

      They came with stretcher
      took her clothes off
      covered her with linen
      then went away'
      and left her locked
      in deep blue pocket tomb

      The voice said


      And the third day
      she sat up
      asked for milk and crackers
      took ritual bath with angels
      dressed herself with wings
      and flew away.

      (Nancy Ore, in Rosemary Radford Ruether's "Womanguides")

      ~~You are Enough. Just as you are. Perhaps if we just drop all the
      ego's-antics analyzin', all the how-to-wake-up discussin', all the
      self-improvement manuals in the commode, down the drain, flushed 'em
      all, and just accepted all as it is - even the unacceptable, oh yes,
      "Accept the Unacceptable," we would learn to fly! No, can't even use the
      word "learn" - cause there is no learnin' - everything we have put into
      that wondrous brain of ours drains out through the "You are Enough"

      "God shatters all that is not Him!" the Sufis say.

      Buddha had the idea: what do you think he was "doing" under that tree?
      Jes sittin' - that's all. And ole Mara came along and threw all that
      stuff at him about what he could "do"....jes like Jesus heard, "have
      power," "seek sex" "brag" "invest in tech stocks" "lose weight" "fight
      for that promotion" "use strips for your blackheads"...well, somethin'
      like that, and Sidd ignored him, and just sat. And his big awakening was
      to simply see things as they really are, right there, in front of his
      nose. And IT was enough. HE was Enough. And so are WE. Enough.

      That's what it seems to this ole woman, all those dudes who Made IT
      learned: they were enough. And when they stopped seekin' to be more - or
      less - when they stopped. Period. They began to live for the first time,
      And every dern one of them had their wings pop out and were flyin' all
      over the place.

      "Not for this were my wings fitted." Plato.

      It jes feels so damned good sometimes to remember how simple it all is.

      love to all,
      lalala...i love you jes the way you are...lalala

      _________________________________________"The Three Answers: 'Go
      Anywhere. Do Nothing. Love Everybody." Neem Karoli Baba/Amrita Nadi



      A little excersize that might help! It's an excersize to help show you where
      your thoughts start. Getting to know where they start can help you expand
      the boundaries from non-thinking to thinking.

      Go to an open public place, like a park for instance, one can't be shy about
      these kinds of things. Close your eyes and quiet the mind, until you are
      alone. Carefully and slowly open your eyes and move into the image. Don't
      focus on anything, just feel the energies moving around you.

      It's like dreaming, when you realize you are dreaming, you wake up, so at
      first you won't even make it till you stand up. Don't worry. It's only an

      Remember as Dan said,
      The program of the body-mind is not only programmed to repeat, but to
      "open". It opens when there is readiness. Readiness can't be forced, and
      occurs naturally when
      the time is right.



      Photos from the trip to Santa Cruz with Judi, Gene,
      Christiana and myself have been uploaded to the files
      section of Onelist at


      click on the folder named Four Fold Way. I also enjoyed the
      most recent upload, which is by Freeheart (Eric and
      Erin).Gorgeous pictures.

      The files section is now full. Additional photos have been
      added to the EasyFoto website at


      Enter 'umbada' where it says 'enter member name below' and
      click on Visit Album'. To add new photos either send them to
      me for uploading or, now that you're sick of looking at us,
      start your own albums. It's easy and fun, just like nondual

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