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#2538 - Friday, July 28, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2538 - Friday, July 28, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nondual Highlights Archive, Search Engine, and How to Contribute Your Writing :
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      #2538 - Friday, July 28, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nondual Highlights

      Archive, Search Engine, and How to Contribute Your Writing :

      Eric Chaffee contributes a portion of truth and humor via an essay by Swami Beyondananda.

      Swami Asks ... Do We Go for ABunDance or Stay Stuck in ScareCity?
      By Swami Beyondananda
      A great Yogi—I think it was Yogi Berra—once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
      Well, here we are at the junction of love and fear, and if we stay on the all-too-familiar path of
      ScareCity—we’re totally forked. Yes, in a shrinking world that could definitely use a good shrink,
      we can do the same old same old and get the same old results, or ... we can try something different
      for a change. Instead of ScareCity, we can go for ABunDance. That is when we get up off of our
      assets, move our buns, and dance together in rhythm and flow. Can it work? Well, consider what
      hasn’t worked.
      Goin’ to ScareCity Where It’s Two to One: Two Fears for Every Joy
      ScareCity is the way it’s always been. The fear that there isn’t enough to go around has caused us
      to separate into “people like us” and “people who don’t like us.” No wonder we have nations at odds
      trying to get even, a dogma-eat-dogma world where misinterpreters have translated great spiritual
      teachings as “We’re going to heaven, and everyone else can go to hell.” But living at each other’s
      expense can be expensive. Huge defense budgets, not to mention all the waste and corruption hiding
      behind defense, are bankrupting the world, financially and morally.
      And in a world terrorized by terrorism—and, for that matter, anti-terrorism—it’s important to
      understand that fear makes the body politic more susceptible to psychopathogens (i.e.,
      opportunistic organisms with a poisonality disorder). And we all know that the fear-gnomes (little
      gnomes of gnawing fear) that the current administration has injected into the mainstream are
      directly related to the serious bout of Mad Cowboy Disease that we haven’t been able to shake.
      Now, of course, we don’t want to eliminate fear completely. That’s why we have clanging bells and
      flashing lights at railroad crossings. And badness knows, there is plenty of badness in the world.
      But when we use evil to fight evil—well, I’m not a math whiz but it seems to me we’re increasing,
      not decreasing the evil in the world. And it’s not just the math, it’s the aftermath: A world stuck
      in greedlock, ruled not by the highest common denominator but the lowest common dominator.
      In a world that seems dead-set on destruction, it’s no wonder so many people have looked heavenward
      for divine intervention. But lately, more and more people are waking up to the notion that we
      humans cannot expect to be fed intervenously forever. Maybe we have to actually live those
      spiritual teachings we’re willing to fight to the death for. After all, Jesus didn’t say, “Now
      don’t do a thing until I return,” did he?
      Can I be blunt? Maybe it’s time for all of us children of God to become adults of God and finally
      grow up and take some responsibility. And if we’re going to evolve and overgrow the current
      dysfunction at the junction, we will have to transcend the old nation vs. nation and build the one
      nation we have in common— imagination. Yes, in a world of scarcity, the one thing we have in
      abundance is imagination.
      Time to Get Out of ScareCity and Declare ABunDance for All!
      Here’s a wild idea: What if we applied our abundant imagination to find ways we can be fruitful and
      multiply—instead of staying stuck in fruitless division? What if we came to our senses and declared
      the current system illegally insane, and committed ourselves to making the world a sane asylum?
      Sounds crazy? Well, what could be crazier than spending so much of our precious livelihood on
      weapons of deadlihood? Is it any wonder the ’hood is so deadly?
      Seriously. What if we used our religions wisely and taught those old dogmas some new tricks? What
      if we decided that we’re not here to earn God’s love, we’re here to spend it? Hey, even Republicans
      could relate to “supply-side spirituality,” right? What if we changed the game from survival to
      thrival? What if we went for heaven on earth—just for the hell of it?
      Now of course, this is all easier said than done. But if we want to do it, first we have to say it.
      So I say we declare a state of emerge ’n see. Let’s emerge from our addiction to the old needy-
      greedy, and see that when we are all dancing together in rhythm and flow, there is no need for
      greed. So let us begin by using our imagination to imagine how we can create a world where we rise
      through the Golden Rule rather than fall to the rule of gold. What if we lifted our vision to see
      above the us vs. them mindset and said, “Wait a minute ... I think we’re all US!”
      So it is time to ask each other, and ourselves what kind of world do we want to leave for our
      children and grandchildren? A world where we’re all in this together? Or a world where it’s every
      man for himself? (Hint: Jesus did not say, “Doodoo unto others before they can doodoo unto you.”)
      As we stand at this crossroads, I say it’s time to make a stand and stand by our stand. Time to
      choose ABunDance, the only true pro-life choice. Now I know what you’re thinking—no really, I do
      ... I didn’t take that Evelyn Wood Speed Mind-Reading Class for nothing—you’re thinking, how can
      little ol’ me make a difference? Well, the world is made up of 6.5 billion little ol’ me’s, and
      each of us chooses every day with our words, deeds, intention and attention. What is out-pictured
      in the world is the sum total of 6.5 billion in-pictures. By choosing to not choose, you are still
      choosing, and if you’re already choosing, why not choose to choose instead of not choose?
      It’s either ABunDance or ScareCity, folks ... and if you’re still sitting on defense, ask yourself
      this: Which world do I want to live into?
      ABunDance or ScareCity. State of Emerge ‘n See or State of Emergency. Live by the Golden Rule or
      Live by the rule of gold. Holistic approach to problems or Assaholistic approach to problems. One
      Spirit, many paths or We’re going to heaven, you can go to hell. Rule of law or Overrule of law.
      Concern for justice or Concern for just us. Liberties given to all or Liberties taken with our
      liberties. Wealth for the whole or Wealth down the hole. A world growing in love or A world
      shrinking in fear.
      Time to Weave a Web of Mass Construction
      Sixty-something years ago, when we were battling Nazism, scientists from everywhere were brought
      together in the Manhattan Project to develop the first weapons of mass destruction, nuclear power.
      Today, the enemy is “Not-Seeism”—that is where people still choose to not see that we all have the
      most to gain from a win-win scenario, and that a win-lose scenario is really a lose-lose scenario.
      It all goes back to the feudal feuds, where we got into the habit of getting even. Even if you
      start out even, one goes one up, and then up goes the other in one-upsmanshhip, and it goes one up,
      and one up, and one up, and finally it’s, “Oh, yeah? Well one-up yours!”
      That’s why I say, “Don’t get even—get odd!” Let’s go for the odd solution that beats the heaven out
      of getting even. It is time now to bring scientists (and everyone else, for that matter) together
      in a new Man-Helpin’ Project to weave a web of mass construction and develop new clear
      power—renewable, nonpolluting energy so abundant we don’t need armies to defend it. It’s time to
      abandon the old fission expedition, folks, and go for fusion instead.
      Imagine—a world-win campaign where the whole world can win. Time for all of us who choose ABunDance
      over ScareCity to address each other with deep reverence and respect and say, “May we have this
      ABunDance together?” Time to turn off the TV and tell a vision instead. Who needs reality TV when
      you have a reality game where everyone can play and everyone can win: Extreme Planetary Makeover.
      Will we succeed? Well, that’s what we’re playing the game to find out. But even if we don’t win,
      one thing is for sure. “The World Game” is a heaven-of-a-lot more fun to play than the “end-of-
      the-world game.”
      © Copyright 2005 by Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved. To contact Swami, please call 800-SWAMI-BE
      or catch the Swami online at www.wakeuplaughing.com.
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