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#2529 - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
    Sweet Darkness -- David Whyte#2529 - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee The Nondual Highlights Archive and Search Engine:
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      Sweet Darkness -- David Whyte
      #2529 - Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      The Nondual Highlights

      Archive and Search Engine:
      All the world is full of suffering.
      It is also full of overcoming it.
      Helen Keller

      There is only one teacher. What is that teacher? Life itself. And of course each one of us is a manifestation of life; we couldn't be anything else. Now life happens to be both a severe and an endlessly kind teacher. It's the only authority that you need to trust. And this teacher, this authority, is everywhere. You don't have to go to some special place to find this incomparable teacher, you don't have to have some especially quiet or ideal situation: in fact, the messier it is, the better. The average office is a great place. The average home is perfect. Such places are pretty messy most of the time--we all know from firsthand experience! That is where the authority, the teacher is.

      --Charlotte Joko Beck, in Everyday Zen


      The present moment is the most profound and challenging teacher we will ever meet in our lives. It is a compassionate teacher, it extends to us no judgement, no censure, no measurement of success and failure. The present moment is a mirror, in its reflection we learn how to see. Learning how to look into this mirror without deluding ourselves is the source of all wisdom. In this mirror we see what contributes to the confusion and discord in our lives and what contributes to harmony and understanding. We see the realtionship between pain and its cause on a moment-to-moment level, we see the bond between love and its source. We see what it is that connects us and what it is that alienates us.

      -- Christina Feldman and Jack Kornfield, Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart


      If you could get rid
      of yourself just once,
      The secret of secrets
      Would open to you.
      The face of the unknown,
      Hidden beyond the universe
      Would appear on the
      Mirror of your perception.

      Gill Eardley on Allspirit

      The Good News
      They don't publish
      the good news.
      The good news is published
      by us.
      We have a special edition every moment,
      and we need you to read it.
      The good news is that you are alive,
      and the linden tree is still there,
      standing firm in the harsh Winter.
      The good news is that you have wonderful eyes
      to touch the blue sky.
      The good news is that your child is there before you,
      and your arms are available:
      hugging is possible.
      They only print what is wrong.
      Look at each of our special editions.
      We always offer the things that are not wrong.
      We want you to benefit from them
      and help protect them.
      The dandelion is there by the sidewalk,
      smiling its wondrous smile,
      singing the song of eternity.
      Listen! You have ears that can hear it.
      Bow your head.
      Listen to it.
      Leave behind the world of sorrow
      and preoccupation
      and get free.
      The latest good news
      is that you can do it.

      — Thich Nhat Hanh

      Bob on Nonduality Salon


      Sweet Darkness
      When your eyes are tired
      the world is tired also.
      When your vision has gone
      no part of the world can find you.
      Time to go into the dark
      where the night has eyes
      to recognize its own.
      There you can be sure
      you are not beyond love.
      The dark will be your womb
      The night will give you a horizon
      further than you can see.
      You must learn one thing:
      the world was made to be free in.
      Give up all the other worlds
      except the one to which you belong.
      Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
      confinement of your aloneness
      to learn
      anything or anyone
      that does not bring you alive
      is too small for you.
      ~ David Whyte ~
      (House of Belonging)

      (left button to play, right button to save)

      In the light
      all the sight
      in the sight
      all the light
      in the guru
      all the light
      in the Mother
      all the Son
      in the Son
      all the Mother
      in the Darkness
      only the Womb
      from the Womb
      all the light
      Son and Mother
      its Father and Daughter
      all radiance of Rigpa
      the Radiance of Itself
      before Rigpa
      not even That
      the Suchness of Thatness
      the Nothingness of Somethingness
      Gate Gate Paragate Bodhi Svaha
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