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#2461 - Tuesday, May 2, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Jerry Katz
    #2461 - Tuesday, May 2, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz The Nondual Highlights Archive and Search Engine: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm How to Contribute: We
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      #2461 - Tuesday, May 2, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

      The Nondual Highlights

      Archive and Search Engine: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

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      Jenny Munday kicks off this issue with Part Two of The Conditioning Process and Its Conclusion. "You can safely validate yourself and honor the One within by ignoring nearly everything you have been told thus far."
      Jim Dreaver follows with an article on religious belief: "By insisting on clinging to beliefs or concepts about reality, people are literally keeping a lid on consciousness."
      Finally an anonymous contributor sends a letter from Self to Self: "Now I know I cannot focus on God, because it is God »who« is focusing."

      by Jenny Munday
      We take our drugs then (prescribed or street) but they no longer work or the side affects are worse
      than the original problem. The pharmaceutical giants are making billions on prescribed drugs that
      cause permanent biological and psychological damage. All TV ads say to "ask your doctor" and
      unfortunately, more and more doctors are going with the pharmaceuticals.
      Our crisis occurs and possibly for the first time in our entire life, we finally STOP and start
      asking questions. GREAT ! We're headed home now. Because actually there's no other place to go. We
      have discovered that this material realm has not yielded what it promised to. Thank g o d (whatever
      that is). We will soon start wonder if our beliefs about that are also conditioned and therefore -
      From here on in the journey becomes "eradicating the conditioning" --- or maybe "changing the
      mindset" or maybe "self individuation or enlightenment" - whatever.
      If we face the fact of our conditioning and come to understand it as something that happened; and
      can be changed, then we are in a good place to start some positive approaching to being different.
      If we just become angry at what was apparently "done to us" we will get nowhere. Those who "did it
      to us" had it also done to them. That's how they learned it.
      The higher dimension of understanding awaits our decision., While we have no actual free will - we
      each are given "decision making" possibilities. Although a seeming contradiction on the plane of
      logic - it is not a contradiction on the plane of consciousness or spirit for that plane is of a
      different nature than this.
      If you have read this far you will probably be a candidate for change. Or you may read this far and
      say "I don't believe a word of this. It's all nonsense". In which case it will be logged somewhere
      in your inner library as something to be never thought about again - or - as something which can be
      retrieved after you have tried some more of lower mind's collective remedies for mind/body/ spirit
      Whatever "your" decision is - it won't make a lot of difference anyway because we are all going
      where we have been programmed to go by the program of the Spirit or that Causeless Cause that
      becomes our salvation and peace-maker. If we follow it's leading Life can change dramatically
      quickly. If we continue to follow our small limited Will and it's ways, it will be a tough journey.
      Even collective mass has come to believe this to be a time of great evolutionary change where-in
      much of the negative forces of greed, hate, force will give way to a kinder environment. It has
      been called the commencement of a higher spiral on the ladder of evolution - the beginning of the
      Fifth Root Race. And that is another story and a fascinating topic for exploration. If you choose
      to go with this great tide of change, just begin by analyzing your present mind-set; your beliefs,
      where you got them from, have they worked for you, what you want to do with them if they haven't.
      In short, realize that you can change no one else - only yourself. You can receive love best by
      giving it out. You can safely validate yourself and honor the One within by ignoring nearly
      everything you have been told thus far. You can make a 180 degree turn - if you are willing - and
      as Life unfolds it's next chapter - you can go with IT or keep fighting against it. The choice is
      (seemingly) yours !

      Religious Beliefs
      by Jim Dreaver
      At the heart of every religion, there is a core of truth that gave birth to the story, to the
      belief system. Most religions are built upon an original revelation of life’s fundamental unity and
      harmony, a revelation that came through a particular prophet or master. Unfortunately, not all of
      those who came after, and who gave form to the religion itself, who organized it, politicized it,
      and endlessly revised the story around it, had the same degree of insight and compassion. They
      didn’t share their founder’s awakening, or enlightenment.
      Much of the time all they had were the words, the dogmas and, using the mechanisms of guilt,
      coercion, and fear, a pervasive need to control other people, rather than set them free. It is
      worth remembering that Jesus was not a “Christian,” and Buddha was certainly not a “Buddhist.”
      Indeed, both individuals held to the big picture, and saw themselves as being beyond the
      limitations and restrictions of any one religion or practice. Jesus’ essential teaching was
      forgiveness and love, and Buddha’s was awakening to the truth of being, to inner freedom, so that
      we could love.
      Now, many people of course—in fact, the vast majority—stop here. They don’t look too deeply within
      themselves, and they don’t really question the religious beliefs, the stories, that they have been
      fed, or that they have chosen. Consciousness, in a very real sense, is still asleep in them. It has
      not evolved, flowered. It can’t. By insisting on clinging to beliefs or concepts about reality,
      people are literally keeping a lid on consciousness.
      Now, it is also true that many people find a certain level of inner peace with religion, especially
      if their faith is strong. But, I emphasize again, that faith is tied to the beliefs they hold. Take
      away the beliefs, and their faith doesn’t have ground to stand on.
      Q. What if I am a very religious person, and do see the futility of relying on money, other people,
      the government, and so on for my happiness, but just rely instead on my inner belief in God, or a
      higher Power, or Jesus, if I am a Christian? Surely that would suffice? I mean, if my belief is
      really solid, grounded, firm?
      It works well in theory, and is in fact the basis of all religions. Just believe what we teach you,
      and the peace of God, or at least salvation in the afterlife, will be yours. The problem with
      religions, all religions, is that regardless of how long they have been around, or how many
      adherents they have, or how noble or sacred their traditions, they are essentially just stories
      about the origin, meaning, and purpose of life.
      If you can believe the story, embrace it fully, and live according to your particular religion’s
      precepts and dogmas, then you probably will have a fairly good chance of being happy. And some very
      devout, sincere people actually do this apparently successfully. However, in my observation, the
      ones that benefit the most from traditional religion are those who connect with the spirit of the
      religion, the essential message of the scriptures, rather than the rules and the dogmas.
      It’s just a fact that most religious beliefs, whether they are about how we got to be here, or
      where we are going when we die, strain credulity, at least in the minds of those with educated,
      inquiring, skeptical minds. That was certainly the case with me, and it is probably the case with
      most who are interested in awakening to the deepest truth knowable. The bottom-line is that the
      majority of people, in this scientific, technologically sophisticated age we live in, find most
      religious beliefs just too un-believable. It is trying to believe in Santa Claus again—or the
      Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.
      That doesn’t meant to say religion can’t serve us. It does. There is much in all religions that is
      good, true, beautiful, but the goodness, truth, and beauty lie in the common human and spiritual
      values most religions espouse. I am talking about such values, or virtues, as mercy, charity,
      kindness, compassion, love, gratitude for the gift of life, and so on.
      ©Jim Dreaver, 2006

      Anonymous Contributor
      Dear Self
      The focus or the attention can be directed towards the stream of information coming from the senses, towards thoughts, emotions, towards memory and/or immagination.

      The attention cannot be directed towards the Self the same way as one cannot hear its own ear. It is imposible to focus on the source of the focus. It simply is and it moves all the time. To become aware of the Self or to become one with the Self which is the same, it is usefull to »zoom out«. No effort is needed to do so. You need effort to zoom in, to pay attention or to concentrate on something particular. To zoom out from any direction of attention is a completely effortless process. So, who is the one who is zooming out?


      It is the Self it is God. It is nothing sensational as I was used to expect from the various forms coming out from immagination or from the books, which I believed to be God. Now I know I cannot focus on God, because it is God »who« is focusing.


      As the sun is not choisy about what its countless rays are going to shine on, so is the Self.


      Zooming out from any direction, from any object of attention the Self is. When the Self has zoomed out from any words and immagination I am the Self.


      It is very difficult to say it or write it down. Nevertheless, I just love to do it. I love to share it. I know it is not mine so I need to give it to anybody who would love to read it. From your eyes and from the eyes of any person the same Self is writing and reading all the words. I think the Self love to do it because I love to do it.

      The Self  
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