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NDS Highlights for Wednesday, February 3rd, 2000

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  • lhelwig
    Another day replete with writing about it, playing with it, getting with it… (taking slight editorial license with it…) Skye wrote: it is the fervent
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2000
      Another day replete with writing about it, playing with
      it, getting with it� (taking slight editorial license
      with it�)

      Skye wrote:

      it is the fervent desire in your heart, to come to know
      the I am who needs nothing and may have anything,
      simply for the joy of it. The jewel in the lotus.

      To me most of what we say, in this here enchanting
      kindergarten, is a form of meditative chanting. A
      sustained and relentless, repetitious study of self
      nature, without any sense of labor, more a sense of
      play. As Siddharameshwar Maharaj explained - it is the
      method by which we awoke the mind and the method by which
      we silence it and become aware that the idea of "I" does
      not exist. But he also says it does not do, to just keep
      quiet and go into deep silence, because if one step
      (subtle body) is missed in haste there is great
      possibility of chaos and the aspirant misunderstands
      sleep for samadhi and ignorance for knowledge.

      He says that when a subtle body is explained to the
      aspirant a description of its great importance is first
      shown, (such is our love of such tempting rewards ;-).
      Once that subtle body is fully understood and before
      explaining the next, the futility of that subtle body
      must also be completely understood. Only after that do
      we become eager to know the importance of the next
      tempting steadier and bigger subtle body which swallowed
      the former, but which is also automatically renounced
      etc.etc... In this way we learn that
      it is only because of these subtle bodies that matter
      ever appeared to exist.

      Dan wrote:

      Alone is not the same as lonely. Quite different, in
      fact. Lonely involves a sense of loss, nostalgia,
      missing. Alone moves "away" from "lonely" to a "space"
      of no thought or remembrance about gain or loss.
      For me, Alone is not really associated with any familiar
      words or concepts. Truly Alone, there is no association
      to explain it or characterize it.

      "No one has spoken my name," said Dandelion.
      "Those who say they have known me, haven't.
      Those who think they have thought about me, haven't.
      People claim their practices bring me closer,
      but no one can bring me closer, nor make me farther away.
      People say that they see me clearly, but the clothes they
      put me in never fit."

      Obviously, it's impossible to use words to say what is
      beyond words, to use concepts to point to what is not a
      concept. Once one says anything, one has made an error.
      But saying nothing makes it seem otherworldly, even
      divorced from life, which is another sort of error. So,
      countless words are spoken, but nothing has ever been

      Sarlo wrote:

      The puzzle is perfect as it is, that hole in the middle
      does not represent a missing piece. That hole is the
      field of play for our creativity, otherwise stasis is.

      xan wrote:

      Many levels, many expressions. But no effort is required
      to encompass the variations of expression arising from
      the formless source. All inclusiveness becomes obvious
      as awareness of truth deepens.

      Remaining in any mind set has nothing to do with the
      truth of OneSelf. But finding unity amidst
      diversity is going about it backwards. It is trying to
      fit puzzle pieces together to make a picture that was
      artificially cut into pieces in the first place.

      When you remember the unity that you were before
      diversity began, will be when it has all died away, and
      are now during its apparent existence such efforts will
      be seen as superfluous.

      When God as the source of all life is investigated it is
      discovered that there is no authority, no rules, not even
      any guidelines. Only unending beingness. But one must
      investigate for oneself.

      Kristie wrote:

      We have, at different times, offered little pieces of
      "reality" through our experiences of trauma, or
      suffering, and had them pretty routinely
      rebuffed...revealing, I believe, a great fear among many
      of the list participants, that their "enlightenment"
      cannot bring them closer to the capacity to love someone
      "who threatens their survival" , as Roger put it.....as
      though a pivotal change in consciousness or function of
      perception can be held entirely within the
      individual...and not emanate out in a change in behavior
      and aims within the context of relating to other human
      beings. I would hope that a list such as this would
      welcome tales of personal experience that invite us, or
      demand of us, that we become aware, of how we react to
      suffering...or the appearance of unloveableness....or the
      appearance of foolishness...of instability....instead we
      sweep it under the rug.....I think, because it makes us
      uncomfortable, suggesting to me, that "enlightenment" as
      it is characterized here, frequently has not occasioned
      much change, from the regular, ordinary world, in how we
      relate to others.

      I don't have any answers here.....actually, I do think I
      have some unique insights here because I have had some
      extraordinary life experiences, especially with the
      "unloveable", the "wounded," and those who threaten the
      survival of others.....but have become very tentative
      about sharing those on the list....... It is of small
      gain to make of "enlightenment" yet a change in form to
      the habits of mind that were carried "prior to
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