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Late NDS Highlights for Saturday past

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  • lhelwig
    Life gets busy sometimes doesn t it? Here is a quick look at Saturday. peace, Lynne .................. Jay asked: And as we become aware, what do we do then?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2000
      Life gets busy sometimes doesn't it?

      Here is a quick look at Saturday.



      Jay asked: And as we become aware, what do we do then?

      Jan provided: The top-ten of enlightened activities:
      1: Set up a website
      2: Give in to every subtle desire as all desires have
      become enlightened.
      3: Invent a crunchy jargon to impress both lays and
      4: Start teaching to non-existing "others".
      5: Write books to help non-existing "others".
      6: When not married, marry as it will add "naturalness,
      maturity and credibility" to the realization.
      7: Only when the above fails, take a try at moksha,
      unless at 40+ age.
      8: When even that fails, appoint yourself as Sat Guru for
      the world at large.
      9: Continue to live "normally" as if nothing happened.
      10: When even lays start recognizing "bliss radiating
      from you", blame it on Reiki practice; it's better for
      both peace and business.

      Phil adds (with blessings): Who needs to know?
      Jay does not become aware, has never become aware, will
      never become aware. It is in Awareness that "Jay" appears
      to become this or that.
      "What do we do then?" --We-- is a very awkward
      expression and not really precise. "We do" is really "I
      do" but you do nothing. When "you" is seen as fiction
      the appearance of doing may or may not persist, but it is
      seen as more like impersonal functioning.

      Dan says: Nonmoving infinitely deepening movement is the
      "reasonless reason" for human being, for "apparently
      individual" nonindividual awareness. In fact, it is so
      much the reason, that we can't help doing it. We all are
      involved in this deepening nonmoving movement.
      To see this is to see beyond thought, although thought
      can still function (and does).

      In fact, all that we consider "our experiencing" is
      past. How
      far past, how long ago? Who can say? Only the Word is
      present. And in that Word is life. Music, art, stories,
      lives - all
      from, of the Word. Our lives are stories of the Word.
      Our nonverbal
      awareness, our feelings, are as much from the Word as are
      our thoughts.

      Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. There is nothing new
      under the sun.
      And that is the beauty of our lives. Only the Word is
      new, and it
      is ever-born, this moment. Awareness, thought, and
      meaning "come together" in this Word.

      Pain has a function in life, as does pleasure. It is the
      attachment/identification with painful and pleasurable
      images that
      leads to bifurcation in consciousness. The body staying
      until it doesn't is no problem, and pain and pleasure
      play their
      part in that. You are merely talking about a pin here,
      but stick
      your hand in a Waring Blender and you will withdraw it.
      intellectualizing about no pain being felt will be "seen
      through" ;-)
      The pain is felt, the body reacts, yet no one has an
      existence as the
      separate experiencer of pain. As pain and pleasure are
      and as movements occur resulting from these sensations,
      pain and
      pleasure have a relative reality and function. As pain
      and pleasure
      don't infer an existent entity, reality is ultimately not
      in terms of pain/pleasure or the body-mind system.
      Awareness as
      reality is in no way constrained, involved, or attached
      into the
      body-mind's reactivity and constellations of internal
      The inside/outside dichotomy is interpretive, is
      in a conditional sense only, not "ultimately" definitive
      of reality,
      including "mind-body" reality.

      The body-mind system can function without interpreting a
      in here opposed to separate other things "out there".
      The point
      where inside/outside meet is the point where each defines
      other. It is at this "point" that identification with/as
      image constellations ends. All of these constellations
      organized around a hypothetical center that is inside
      out. Without identification, the body-mind can function
      "programmed" - live out its life. Awareness simply isn't
      to be located "in" it.

      What seems from here to cloud the viewing of awareness is
      not just
      intellectualization. It's emotional reactivity
      based on images of threat and images of something
      Deep-rooted experiences of hurt and threat are associated
      these images. So, from here, it appears that simply
      "ending one's identification" with
      intellectual thinking, even with conceptualization,
      awareness as such an "opening". Full expression of
      awareness (without
      being "caught" in dichotomized images) further involves
      resolution of
      the image-associated identifications that involve

      Said simply, memories of shock, hurt, violence,
      etc. formulate into images that seek avoidance and
      As I see it, this is a "natural human process," not
      intellectualization. I believe it occurs prior to
      cognizing, quite possibly with birth and even in utero,
      and continues after and with intellectual cognizing.
      Of course, such bifurcating process of consciousness can
      easily occur
      (in "rarified form") along with pursuit of a "spiritual
      (as long as there is the identification with avoiding
      undesired states and
      outcomes, and to have idealized states and outcomes). To
      relinquish these
      (generally unconscious) formulations around pain, threat,
      and self-protection involves work of awareness "at its
      (or whatever metaphor you prefer).
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