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NDS Highlights from Wednesday, January 26th, 2000

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  • lhelwig
    As Jerry is away for a couple of weeks, a few of us have volunteered to help out with the highlights. You ll notice a few new faces on the roster of editors
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2000
      As Jerry is away for a couple of weeks, a few of us have
      volunteered to help out with the highlights.
      You'll notice a few new "faces" on the roster of editors
      during this period. Jerry is looking for people to help
      out with this task, so if you have time to do a "guest
      spot" editing, let him know when he returns.
      No long term commitment necessary.

      peace, Lynne


      andrew macnab submitted the following "I"deas:

      I the projector and the projected other appear together.
      Without each other they don't exist.
      No other no I, no I no other.
      Knowing other or knowing I is shutting the doors.
      Known is past, present reality always unknown.
      There is no I in the present.
      Only constant presence.

      no attributes no identity unknown unknowable
      unnamable no one

      not presence of I not presence of presence
      not even presence of absence only presence


      "neo" asked - is swearing really needed to give our
      message of love?

      and received the following succinct answer (with love)
      from Sarlo:
      Fuckin' right!

      The longer answer is: "Our � a dubious proposition,
      BTW. Do we have some corporate identity to project here?
      � message of love" cannot be expressed in just sugary
      sweet terms. As Osho has said, too much sugar will just
      give you diabetes. Some salt is needed for balance.

      There may be some conditioning lurking against improper
      Have a look.


      Larry wrote: Awareness still seems like something apart
      from "me". Any thoughts on this?

      Dan answered (in the way only he koan):
      First question here: is the awareness that seems like
      something apart from "me" an idea of awareness, or the
      actuality of awareness?
      If it is an idea of awareness, then it is not awareness
      itself that seems apart from me, it is the idea of what
      awareness is.

      Second question: what is the nature of the "me" that
      perceives itself to be apart from awareness's actuality?
      Can there ever be a "me" apart from awareness, or does
      not "me" occur as: awareness of "me"?
      What is the awareness that is aware of "me", that is
      always already the case whenever "me" appears?
      What is the "me" that appears assume kind of object - or
      is it the subject? Indeed, what exactly is it,
      is it really detectable - where is it located? What is
      the "me" other than assumptions that a "me" must exist,
      should exist, is desired to exist,must be there because
      memory images occur, seems to be there as an
      assumption in comparative thought processes, is assumed
      by "others," has been named, etc.?
      If the "me" is merely assumption and inference, then how
      real is it in the face of "What" or "Who" is not
      inferential - already
      there before any assumption can be made, or thought can


      Harsha submitted the following news story (w/ thanks to

      Monk Gloats Over Yoga Championship: 'I am the serenest!'
      he says

      LHASA, TIBET - Employing the brash style that first
      brought him to prominence, Sri
      Dhananjai Bikram won the fifth annual International Yogi
      Competition yesterday with a
      world-record point total of 873.6.

      "I am the serenest!" Bikram shouted to the estimated
      crowd of 20,000 yoga fans, vigorously pumping his fists.
      "No one is serener than Sri Dhananjai Bikram-I am the
      greatest monk of all time!"

      Bikram averaged 1.89 breaths a minute during the two-hour
      competition, nearly .3 fewer than
      his nearest competitor, second-place finisher and
      two-time champion Sri Salil "The Hammer" Gupta.

      The heavily favored Gupta was upset after the loss. "I
      should be able to beat that guy with
      one lung tied," Gupta said. "I'm beside myself right now,
      and I don't mean trans-bodily."

      Bikram got off to a fast start at the Lhasa meet, which
      like most major competitions, is a
      six-event affair. In the first event, he attained total
      consciousness (TC) in just 2
      minutes, 34 seconds, and set the tone for the rest of the
      meet by repeatedly shouting, "I'm
      blissful! You blissful?! I'm blissful!" to the other

      Bikram, 33, burst onto the international yoga scene with
      a gold-mandala performance at the
      1994 Bhutan Invitational. At that competition he
      premiered his aggressive style, at one
      point in the flexibility event sticking his middle toes
      out at the other yogis. While no
      prohibition exists against such behavior, according to
      Yoga League Commissioner Swami
      Prabhupada, such behavior is generally considered

      "I don't care what the critics say," Bikram said. "Sri
      Bikram is just gonna go out there
      and do Sri Bikram's own yoga thing."

      Before the Bhutan meet, Bikram had never placed better
      than fourth. Many said he had
      forsaken rigorous training for the celebrity status
      accorded by his Bhutan win, endorsing
      Nike's new line of prayer mats and supposedly dating the
      Hindu goddess Shakti. But his
      performance this week will regain for him the number one
      computer ranking and earn him new
      respect, as well as for his coach Mahananda Vasti, the
      controversial guru some have called
      Bikram's "guru."

      "My special training diet for Bikram of one
      super-charged, carbo-loaded grain of rice per
      day was essential to his win," Vasti said. The defeated
      Gupta denied that Bikram's taunting was a
      factor in his inability to attain TC. "I just wasn't
      myself today," Gupta commented. "I wasn't any
      self today. I was an egoless particle of the universal

      In the second event, flexibility, Bikram maintained the
      lead by supporting himself on his
      index fingers for the entire 15 minutes while touching
      the back of his skull to his lower
      spine. The feat was matched by Gupta, who first used the
      position at the 1990 Tokyo Zen-Off.

      "That's my meditative position of spiritual ecstasy, not
      his," remarked Gupta. "He stole my thunder."
      Bikram denied the charge, saying, "Gupta's been talking
      like that ever since he was a 3rd century Egyptian

      Nevertheless, a strong showing by Gupta in the third
      event, the shotput, placed him within a lotus petal
      of the lead at the competition's halfway point. But event
      number four, the contemplation of unanswerable riddles
      known as koans, proved the key to victory for Bikram.

      The koan had long been thought the weak point of his
      spiritual arsenal, but his response to
      today's riddle - "Show me the face you had before you
      were born" - was reportedly
      "extremely illuminative," according to Commissioner

      While koan answers are kept secret from the public for
      fear of exposing the uninitiated
      multitudes to the terror of universal truth, insiders
      claim his answer had Prabhupada and
      the two other judges "highly enlightened."

      With the event victory, Bikram built himself a nearly
      insurmountable lead, one he sustained
      through the yak-milk churn and breathing events to come
      away with the upset victory.


      xan responded to a question about whether alcohol could
      assist in the
      "achievement" of enlightenment:

      Ideas about whether or not you should not
      relax too much show your sincerity about
      enlightenment, which I appreciate.

      As someone else said, I much prefer the word
      Awakening, since the term "enlightenment" has
      too much confusion around it from overuse and
      abuse. Much like the word "God".

      If there is one thing in the way of awakening
      it is ideas, even the best and most sincere.
      In fact many people miss the utter simplicity
      of Truth just because it is not in the realm of
      ideas. Words and ideas at best can direct you to where
      to look.
      That place is your present awareness.

      This is 'just being awake', in this moment.
      First see what you are aware of.
      Then notice the awareness itself.
      It is what you are eternally and Now.

      Only you can know if drinking wine or any
      other activity supports your conscious
      resting as awareness while thoughts,
      feelings and sensations come and go.

      It's that simple.


      And finally - I've tried to include some of the
      "extermination" discussion here:

      Judi has said she feels no remorse about using a "can of
      Raid" on the sly and nasty bugs she perceives crawling
      about on the list. Many have "taken offense" at her
      strategy and/or disagree about the "nom de plumes" of
      these "bugs". These long-term members of the list have
      different ways to look at it.

      Andrew: Spraying Raid at the mirror.

      There's no coercion here. No one is forced into these
      If one doesn't want to get into this sort of interaction
      why do it?
      I've never seen Judi refusing to back off if people don't
      to her test shots. What is personal?
      If all parties involved take full responsibility for
      their own actions and reactions then there's no problem
      here is there?

      Suppose you express an observation about me.
      I can deny it.
      I can accept it.
      I can use it as a way of looking at myself.
      Or I can tell you to mind your own business and ignore

      It's up to me.
      Why do I care what you think about me?
      In this context I can only stand on my own feet.

      Melody: It reminds me that one man's waste is another
      man's feast.

      How we view the material set before us ..as either waste
      or feast... is as much a reflection of our state of mind
      as it is a snapshot of where our 'state of mind' has led

      Bruce: There's no control over outcome, none at all --
      best we can do is
      not get attached to outcomes. Sometimes "Raid" just gets
      bugs agitated, whether its your can or someone else's.

      Send any accolades to lhelwig@... (send any
      complaints to Jerry when he gets back!)

      Bye all.
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