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  • Jerry M. Katz
    Sometimes there is an intense personal confession and encounter not brought to the highlights because to directly do so would violate the moment in which the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2000
      Sometimes there is an intense personal confession and
      encounter not brought to the highlights because to directly
      do so would violate the moment in which the encounter
      occurred. Such postings may stand for the best of the NDS
      list, yet they never appear here.

      from The Ashtavakra Gita (via Xan)


      All things arise,
      Suffer change,
      And pass away.

      This is their nature.

      When you know this,
      Nothing perturbs you,
      Nothing hurts you.

      You become still.

      It is easy.

      God made all things.
      There is only God.

      When you know this,
      Desire melts away.

      Clinging to nothing,
      You become still.

      Sooner or later,
      Fortune or misfortune
      May befall you.

      When you know this,
      You desire nothing,
      You grieve for nothing.

      Subduing the senses,
      You are happy.

      Whatever you do
      Brings joy or sorrow,
      Life or death.

      When you know this,
      You may act freely,
      Without attachment.

      For what is there to accomplish?

      All sorrow comes from fear.
      From nothing else.

      When you know this,
      You become free of it,
      And desire melts away.

      You become happy
      And still.

      'I am not the body,
      Nor is the body mine.
      I am awareness itself.'

      When you know this,
      You have no thought
      For what you have done
      Or left undone.

      You become one,
      Perfect and indivisible.

      'I am in all things,
      From Brahma to a blade of grass.'

      When you know this,
      You have no thought
      For success or failure
      Or the mind���s inconstancy.

      You are pure.
      You are still.

      The world with all its wonders
      Is nothing.

      When you know this,
      Desire melts away.

      For you are awareness itself.

      When you know in your heart
      That there is nothing,
      You are still.

      When faced with impending death, the perspective becomes
      very different indeed. Very few realize death is certain
      but not the "when". What is your biggest fear is also the
      biggest helper, when it is possible to give up the idea of
      "waking up further" completely. Giving up this is the
      greatest renunciation possible and many "before" you were
      forced to it while the body was dying, despite a healthy
      body, as will many "after" you.
      --Jan Barendrecht

      Of all that I have read and experienced, it seems silent
      meditation is the key to awakening. Even Buddha spent his
      last few days before awakening in meditation. It is said
      that he remarked he would not move until he awoke. Most
      people take that to mean his body would not move.
      I believe he meant that his mind would not move. Thought is
      the barrier to awakening. A silent mind is no mind and is

      Wherever there is ruin, there is hope for treasure - Why do
      you not seek the treasure of God in the wasted heart?
      --Rumi (via Judi)

      Wherever there is hope, there is clinging.
      Where clinging is, 100% surrender is not.
      When 100% surrendered, Silence is and no fear can touch you.

      Fear may not be a readily accepted companion, but it may
      turn into your greatest ally. In the willingness to be
      "someone who will never awaken any further" and "lose
      awareness altogether", this fear turns out to have no power
      or ground in reality at all. I am not saying this just to
      give you some bandage, but there is a sweet secret of the
      deep bliss of our own heart when we allow ourself the
      willingness to be exactly where and how life wants it to be,
      and no other way. So no more wishes for further awakening,
      nor fears of losing awareness. This bliss is beyond further
      awakenings and levels of awareness. It is your own heart of
      the matter. The one that you are, that you know, that
      experiences all wishes and fears. You already know this...,
      I am not saying this to make a point. I am saying this to
      tell you that I share this heart, that I am not separate
      from yours, and that your message brings me the experience
      of shivers and emotions; but I also rejoice and recognize
      that we can never be separated in that heart, and that no
      experience, however frightening, can touch that.

      I was born with you and will burn up with you in the
      timeless and spaceless Joy that is our sum and substance and
      --Greg Goode

      If you go to http://www.alexgrey.com and enter the Shop the
      picture I have in my study is Holy Fire 1. I also have
      Theologue in my living room.

      I would say the effect on meditation is small unless you
      consider your life a meditation. I surround myself with
      spiritual art. Besides the two I have already mentioned, in
      my study/computer room I have a large stone bust of the
      Buddha, a sitting Buddha meditating, a large beautifully
      framed print of Christ, The Marharisi (TM) and his teacher.
      They are all visible to me now. There are others throughout
      my home of solitude. They are constant reminders to stay on
      the path.
      A glance at one can be a guide. There is nothing more
      important than the path, except it's end.

      ...looking at Grey's paintings is seriously like a flashback
      to the mid-90s, when (by the Grace of God) I enjoyed
      frequent participation in chemical satsang. In Grey's
      "Gallery" section, under Sacred Mirrors, I find his
      depictions of visionary anatomy to be startlingly
      realistic. His "Psychic Energy System" is very much like
      what it "feels" like or "looks" like on the inside when
      tripping. The next level up, "Spiritual Energy System,"
      represents some *really* potent peaks, where one's
      boundaries start to dissolve. By the time one gets to
      "Universal Mind Lattice," there's not much left of one. I
      guess this would be called Nirvakalpa Samadhi.

      The "Clear Light of the Void," the highest level, I don't
      quite resonate with. Maybe I'm missing something or his
      depiction is just very personal for himself. Maybe it's
      like the period after the peaking when the "trip" suddenly
      seems to come to a complete end from one moment to the next,
      and one is just sitting there is one's room. One gets
      disappointed by this and starts to get up and go about one's
      business, then one realizes it ain't really "over."
      Everything is the same, but different.
      Perhaps it is hard to make oneself clear in words.

      Thank you for sharing this site, neo, and also your thoughts
      about spiritual art. I enjoyed looking through Alex Grey's
      The painting called "Oversoul" seemed to suggest awareness
      seeing itself as seeing only and always itself. His art
      attempts to express the inexpressible. I, as you, have
      found inspiration in Buddhist works of art.
      Statues of the Buddha seen in various museums often convey
      to me an evenness of unattached awareness, all-pervading,
      "solid" yet insubstantial.

      I appreciate your suggestion that life is meditation. You
      speak of nothing being more important than the path, except
      for its end. How do you see this end? I view the end of
      the path as this present moment. The "end" is then to see
      the end in the beginning. Here and now is the beginning and
      end, hence endless "nowness" or "openness". Endless
      openness, yet unchanging evenness. This is the "razor's
      edge" where words become insignificant, awareness is all.
      Whatever seems to appear as "nowness" passes - the "nowness"
      never comes or goes. The silent stone statue of the Buddha
      speaks. Peace and blessings to you, and thanks for what you
      share here.
      -- Love --


      Tony: Apart from supplying purpose and meaning to life he
      also provides rituals and activities. One can help the poor
      and at the same time serve him. There is even a heirarchy
      to rise up the ranks in. The whole world is with the
      Avatar. The price is your soul, you lose your Moksha and
      become a 'captive spirit'.

      Jodyr: We cannot possibly "lose" our souls. We *are* our
      souls, and our souls are ever free.

      If one submits to a guru, one is doing so from the level of
      ego. We might seek the favor of the guru as a way to feel
      good about ourselves, thereby acquiring the trait of being
      in the guru's good favor. However, doing so does not
      prevent Moksha. Moksha is prevented by having expectations
      about what Moksha is like.

      For instance, it is common for people to hold their gurus as
      an example of what a realized person will be like.
      Therefore, their expectation that they will be like their
      guru prevents their realization from occurring, as one's
      realization will be unique to them. That is, they won't
      notice their realization as they are expecting it to be
      different from what it is. This isn't the guru's fault
      directly, but the good gurus will recognize this dynamic and
      assist their devotees in shedding these kinds of

      Tony: However if the Guru is genuine then the situation may
      be different. For if the Guru is is a 'realised soul', then
      he/she can lead one to liberation not captivity. For God is
      the Guru and the Guru is God.
      It is possible to 'merge', with him Saguna

      Jodyr: Even a false guru can be true for the sincere
      It's really not as much about the guru as it is about the
      devotee's sincerity.

      Tony: The Grace of the Saguna or the Devi is necessary to
      move to the stage of nirvikalpa or nirguna. That is
      presuming in the case of a Guru that he is in a state of
      Nirvikalpa Samadhi permanently and is Truth.

      Jody: One cannot exist in Nirvakalpa Samadhi permanently.
      See Harsha's posts on the matter for more info.

      Tony: Other Gurus are not Gurudevas but teachers, it is the
      Satguru that leads one to Moksha.

      Jodyr: It is the grace of the Saguna or Devi that allows for
      Moksha to occur. A Sat Guru is not necessary in each and
      every case, and there are members of this list that are
      examples of this.

      The state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi that Sri Ramakrishna refers
      to and Kevala Nirvikalpa that Ramana Maharshi refers to are
      two different things. This is known by the adepts and
      advanced students who have engaged in long term practice of
      meditation and actually have experienced these states. This
      cannot be grasped through intellectual discussion as it is a
      matter of practical experiences. This is why words and
      explanations can only help a little but also succeed in
      generating controversy.

      The Nirvikalpa Samadhi referred to by Sri Ramakrishna
      involves the Kundalini Shakti moving up to the Sahasarara in
      a special way. The Samadhi that ensues involves the whole
      energy of the mind/body system and body consciousness is
      totally obliterated.
      As the union of Shakti and Shiva in Sahasarara leads to such
      ecstasy, the desire to come out of such a state can quickly
      disappears. It is helpful to have other people around at
      such times.

      Kevala Nirvikalpa results when the Shakti (after reaching
      the Sahasarara) comes down from Sahasarara in the frontal
      Nadi known as Amrita Nadi or Para Nadi. This Nadi connects
      the Sahasarara and the Spiritual Heart referred to in the
      Upanishads. As Ramana Maharshi has pointed out, the
      Spiritual Heart is not the physical heart and nor is it the
      Heart Center of Kundalini Yoga. This Heart is experienced
      slightly to the right of center and the Sage of Arunachala
      has spoken extensively about it. The Spiritual Heart sucks
      in the Kundalini Shakti along with the mind (the mind being
      a manifestation of Shakti). Here everything disappears
      totally. No Energy, No Ecstasy, No Anything. Only the Pure
      Self. Self That Is It Self Sat-Chit-Ananda. That You Are!

      Sri Ramana took great care to distinguish between Kevala
      Nirvikalpa and Sahaj Samadhi as indicated in his
      conversations. Sahaj Samadhi refers to the permanent
      continuous and the ever awake stage and there can be no
      rebirth after that.

      From the words of gangaji; who is helping me out of my
      ignorance, as you all are.

      "The great gift that Ramana offers you as his own Self is to
      be still. To not look to the mind as the reference point of
      who you are, mind being "thought" mental thought, physical
      thought, emotional thought, circumstantial thought. To be
      still. What can be said about what is revealed in
      Nothing has been said that can touch it. Much has been said
      that points to it. Words such as enlightenment,
      realization, Self, Truth, God, Grace, all of these words
      point to that.
      The moment they are conceived as some 'thing' they point
      away from that. And then you begin this ridiculous practice
      of comparing yourself with someone else. All in the hopes
      of reaching something, or leaving some-thing. And these all
      based on the idea that you are some 'thing'.

      "Who you are has no need of, no desire for, no fear of
      either ignorance or enlightenment. You are free of these
      concepts. Ignorance points to not realizing that. And
      enlightenment points to realizing that. But the moment you
      cling to any concept of ignorance or any concept of
      enlightenment as reality, you are already in the experience
      of ignorance again. You see how subtle the workings of the
      mind are? How subtle?

      YOU ARE NO 'THING' AT ALL! Everything that appears, appears
      in you, because of the vastness of the mystery of you. When
      you identify yourself as some �thing� something mental,
      something physical, something emotional, something
      circumstantial and you believe this identification to be
      real, you overlook the reality of the vastness of being who
      you are. It is so utterly simple. This is what has held it
      as the deepest secret.

      So all of your strivings, all of your practicings, all of
      your comparing, all of your taking notes on, is realized to
      be worthless. In this moment of realization of the
      worthlessness of that, there is ultimate freedom. If there
      is the slightest clinging to that as worthwhile, as worth
      something, there is once again being caught in
      The opportunity for the mindstream that you have identified
      as yourself, the opportunity is, in the midst of that, to
      real-ize you are that animating force that gives the
      mindstream its apparent power. This can be realized
      immediately -- in simply being still. You will never
      realize it by searching for it in thought. You may have
      intellectual understanding, and I would say you all have
      this intellectual understanding, but you aren�t satisfied
      with that, because you will never be satisfied until you
      embrace yourself, the truth of who you are. Luckily you will
      never be satisfied. You will not settle for second best.
      This is the greatest gift -- this gift from Ramana, through
      Papaji. This opportunity to stop, midstream, to stop, and
      recognize who you are. All discussion before that and after
      that is worthless, is some mind game. Maybe beautiful,
      maybe horrible, but worthless.

      love skye

      A search engine has been installed on the NDS website home
      page. It appears to work very well.


      Taking nondualism too far?

      Young man Not-Two applied for an engineering position at an
      Nondualist firm based in Sedona. A dualist applied for the
      same job, and both applicants having the same
      qualifications, the department manager asked them to take a
      test to determine who would get the job.

      Upon completion of the test, both men only missed one of the
      The manager went to Not-Two and said, "Thank you for your
      interest, but we've decided to give the job to the dualist."

      The Nondualist replied, "And why would you do that? We both
      got 9 questions correct. This being Nondualism country and
      I being a nondualist I think I should get the job!"

      The manager replied, "We have made our decision based not on
      the number of correct answers, but on the question you

      "And just how would one incorrect answer be better than the
      "Simple. The dualist put down on question #5, 'I don't
      know.' You put down, 'Neither do I.'"

      --adapted from the Aham list







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