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#2246 - Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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    Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Nondual Highlights Issue #2246 Wednesday, August 31, 2005 ... If
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      Archived issues of the NDHighlights are available online:

      Nondual Highlights Issue #2246 Wednesday, August 31, 2005


      If continually you keep your hope
      quivering like the willow in longing for Heaven,
      spiritual water and fire will continually arrive
      and increase your subsistence.
      And if your longing carries you there, it will be no wonder.
      Don't pay attention to your weakness,
      but to the intensity of your longing.
      For this search is God's pledge within you,
      because every seeker deserves to find something of which she seeks.
      Increase this search,
      that your heart may escape from this bodily prison.
      If your spirit shall not live without the body,
      for whom is the blessing promised in the words:
      in Heaven is your provision?

      - Rumi, Mathnawi V:1731-1735; 1742, version by Camille and Kabir
      Helminski, from Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance, posted to Sunlight.


      Great teachers and philosophies are like special
      portals that point you into the infinite vastness of

      However, most seekers get stuck at these doorways
      whenever they begin to worship the portal itself
      instead of looking into what they're being pointed

      Unless you find the inner courage to eventually walk
      through these Gateways - and be destroyed - you'll
      spend your life teetering at the edge of your own

      Stop seeking outside of you for something that only
      lies within.

      Portals are not the Truth.

      Portals only point out the Truth.

      But be still. Be patient.

      Sooner or later, all roads lead to OM.

      - Chuck Hillig, from Seeds for the Soul, posted to AlongTheWay


      The human psyche is almost infinitely complex, made up of layers
      upon layers of thoughts, experiences, emotions, fears, loves, and
      Those who seek to find the true essence of being or to move past a
      fear find
      that there are many intermediate steps along the way. When we first
      inward, we look at ourselves as a whole, when in fact we are only
      seeing the
      surface. Like an onion, if we move past the surface, we will find
      layer. Moving past that, we find yet another layer. These layers are
      barriers and everyone has them. You may work past one fear only to be
      confronted with a deeper, underlying fear. Or you may fully
      assimilate a
      revelation only to find other aspects of that revelation that you
      had not
      discovered. How many layers you will confront before finding a
      resolution is
      unknown. This is the journey, this is life.

      But the journey to the center of the onion - what they called
      sunyata in Sanskrit or mu in Chinese - can be an enlightening
      experience in
      and of itself. As you break through each barrier, you gain a more
      understanding of your own mind and come to learn the unique facets
      that make
      up who you are. You will become intimately acquainted with your
      needs and
      wants, reactions, aversions, pleasures, and pains. You will discover
      qualities within yourself that have been buried by the years or by
      hurts. This knowledge is cumulative. As you break through one
      barrier and
      confront the next, oftentimes more powerful, barrier, you will be
      with the knowledge of self that you have gained during your

      During the "peeling of the onion," you may feel frustrated
      because it can seem like progress is slow or nonexistent. But don't
      let the
      multitude of layers bother you. Many of the qualities that make us
      who we
      are may be hidden at first. The process can continue indefinitely,
      for with
      self-discovery comes growth and thus further discovery. The more you
      the more you will inevitably find, as you travel deeper and deeper
      your soul.

      - posted to The_Now2



      On Friday the doctors and attendants knew it was the last day. In
      the morning he again bade them go and meditate. About noon, when
      liquid food was brought for him, he asked the time, punctual as
      ever, but then added, "But henceforth time doesn't matter."

      - report about Ramana Maharshi's death, by Darrell Berrigan of
      Saturday Evening Post. posted to MillionPaths


      Guided Meditation on Dying
      To be read slowly to a friend or silently to oneself

      Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Bring
      your attention to the level of sensation, feeling in the body.

      Just feel that which sits there.

      Feel this vessel. Feel the substance of it. Feel the weight of the
      as it is balanced on the neck. Feel the musculature of the neck,
      its strength and its thickness. Its substantialness. Feel the
      long bones of the shoulders and the sockets that form
      to receive the arms.

      Feel the weight of the arms as they rest on either side
      of your body. And your hands.

      Feel the torso. Its thickness, its weightiness. The earthen
      quality of this body.

      And your buttocks as they rest against the pillow or chair.
      Feel those points of contact, how it supports your weight.
      Feel the pull of gravity on this substantial form,

      Don't grasp at sensation, Just allow thse sensations to
      be received as they arise in this body.

      Open to the sensations in the legs, their thickness,
      heavieness. Feel the solidness of this body, the feet.
      Earth. Solidness. Weight.

      And feel the sensations that are arising here and there,
      in the palms, the back of the neck, the buttocks, the soles
      of the feet. Tinglings. Vibrations. Heat. Multiple sensations
      arising here and there.

      Feel these sensations, and notice how they seem to be
      received by something subtler than this heavy form. Something
      lighter. Awareness itself seems to experience these sensations
      in the solid body, receives these tinglings and vibrations.

      Feel this lighter body, this body of awareness within the
      heavier vessel.

      Sense within this heavier body a lighter body, a body which receives
      all the experiences that enter through the senses. It receives
      sound as hearing, experiences light as seeing, tastes, knows
      life as it is experienced.

      Enter the light body of awareness.

      See how each breath, entering into the heavier body, is
      received as sensation by the lighter body. Each breath entering
      the heavier body sustaining this lighteness, maintaining
      the balace that allows this body of awareness to remain.

      Feel how each breath maintains this connection.

      Let the awareness settle very alertly, very carefully, on
      each breath as it is breathed in, as it breathes out. Feel this
      contact between the heavy body and the light body. Feel how
      each breath sustains the light body.

      Experience each breath: feel life in process in this body.

      Just awareness and sensation. Each breath, Experience
      this delicate balance, moment to moment, as sensation,
      as awareness itself.

      And take each breath as if it were the last.

      Experience each inhalation as though it were never
      to be followed by another. Each breath the last breath.

      Each breath ending without another to follow. The last breath.
      The connection severed between the heavy body and the
      light body.

      The end of a lifetime, the final breath.

      Let go. Don't hold on to it. Let each breath go, finally
      and forever. Don't even anticipate the next breath.

      Let go. Let yourself die. Don't hold on. Don't clutch at life.

      Let go. Gently. Smoothly, Let it all go. Let it all float free.
      Let yourself die.

      Each breath disappears. Each thought dissolving into space.
      Don't hold on. Let go once and for all. Let go of fear. Let
      go of longing.

      Let yourself die. Open into death. Nothing to hold on to.
      That's all past. Die gently into this moment.

      Holding onto nothing. Just let yourself die.

      Let go of thoughts. Let go of even the ideas of living
      and dying. Let go completelty and at once, gently into death.

      Go on now. Die gently into the light. Float free from that
      heavy body, free from thoughts. That body is not so heavy.
      Each thought is so heavy. Go beyond now. Float free.
      Altogether beyond, altogther free.

      With an open heart, let go of all the things that pull on you,
      that hold you back. Let go of your name, let go of your
      body, let go of your mind. Just float free beyond holding,
      beyond clinging. Let yourself die now.

      Don't be afraid. There's nothing to hold on to. Moment
      after moment, the light body free now. So go on. Gently
      into the light. Free from this dense body. Free from this incarnation

      Let go into the light, into the pure, open luminosity
      of your original nature. Just space. Space floating in space.

      Let go completelty. Die gently into luminosity.

      Just light, floating in vast space. Float free in boundless space.

      Let go of your knowing, let go of your not knowing,
      All that comes to mind is old. Any thought is just an old
      thought. Nothing to hold onto now. Just be the clear mind
      dissolving into the open heart, Free at last.

      Just awareness dissolving into light. Light experiencing itself
      within itself.

      Space within space. Light within light.

      Altogether gone. Beyond gone. No inside. No outside.
      Just is-ness, just edgeless being in endless space.

      Open into it. Floating free of the body, free of the mind.
      Let yourself die into pure space.

      Gone beyond the denseness of the body, of thought.
      Die into the open light of your essential purity.

      Vast space. No boundary. Just floating free in the vastness.

      Open endless space. Vast edgeless space.

      And from across that space notice something that gently
      approaches. Watch each breath approaching as if from far away.
      Watch it entering the body.

      Each breath the first. Each inhalation the first breath of life.
      Each breath completely new.


      Consciousness experiencing the body once again.
      Space within space.

      Pure awareness reinhabiting pure form. Born again.

      Awareness continuing, moment to moment, just as ever.
      Experiencing what is the breath of life once again in the body.

      Gently that lightness once again animates the heavier form.
      Once again takes birth to fulfill its karma, to learn what is to be
      learned, to share what is to be shared, To be with things
      as they are.

      To let go of the last moment and to open to the next
      is to die continuously moment to moment.

      - excerpt from: Who Dies - An Investigation of Conscious Living and
      Conscious Dying by Stephen Levine. posted to AdvaitaToZen

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