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#2145 - Monday, May 16, 2005 - Editor: Gloria

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  • Gloria Lee
    Nonduality Highlights #2145 - Monday, May 16, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Love is the fulcrum On which all pairs teeter. Stop your childish kicking And sit in the
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      Nonduality Highlights
      #2145 - Monday, May 16, 2005 - Editor: Gloria
      Love is the fulcrum
      On which all pairs teeter.
      Stop your childish kicking
      And sit in the middle.
      by Mark Otter



      Arriving like the bees. 
      into this unnamed place,
      In love of beauty all is spent.

      Here's no obstruction to the view,
      but up and down and to the sides,
      the wall of forms is coloured red.

      Pray may we stay in gratitude.
      Not spread our wings in vain,
      at pulsing edge without a cent.

       Please tell, about the dream,
      sweet spinning spell, 
      what lies ahead, 
      why dawn's a scheme
      with drops of dew upon the thread?

       Half asleep,  I ask again
      Is it too much in this dark night? 

      To have a taste of life
       without the sting.
      And then so loud and clear
       I hear the Robin sing;

      Now wake and rise, come close, come tight 
       Inside each note is every sorrow.
      This beam of light is shining on the morrow.

       ~ Alan Larus ~

      poem and photos by Alan Larus

      Two Poems by Lalla

      By the highway I came,
      But by the highway I return not.
      And so I find me still on the embarkment,
      not having gone even half the way,
      And the day is done, the light has failed.
      I search my pockets but not a cowrie find:
      What shall I pay for the ferry fee ?


      With a rope of loose-spun thread am I towing
      my boat upon the sea.
      Would that God heard my prayer
      and brought me safe across!
      Like water in cups of unbaked clay
      I run to waste.
      Would God I were to reach my home!


      posted by Alan Larus to nondualnow


      In order to acquire spiritual knowledge, receive
      inspiration, prepare one's heart for inner revelation,
      one must try to make one's mentality pliable like
      water rather than like a rock. For the further along
      the path of life's mystery a person will journey, the
      more subtle he will have to become in order to perceive
      and to express the mystery of life. God is a mystery;
      His knowledge is a mystery; life is a mystery; human
      nature is a mystery: in short, the depth of all knowledge
      is a mystery, even that of science or art.

      All that is more mysterious is more deep. What all the
      prophets and masters have done in all ages is to express
      that mystery in words, in deeds, in thoughts, in feelings.
      But most of the mystery is expressed by them in silence,
      for then the mystery is in its place. To bring the mystery
      down to earth is like pulling a king down onto the ground
      from his throne; but allowing the mystery to remain in its
      own place, in the silent spheres, is like giving homage to the
      King to whom all homage is due.

      From 'The Art of Being and Becoming'
      Hazrat Inayat Khan


      As the cleansing of a metal object produces a shine
      on it, so does the cleansing of the heart, especially its
      cleansing from feelings that produce humiliation. When
      a person thinks, "I have been wrong by acting in a
      certain way, by saying a certain thing, or by having
      thought something that should not have crossed my
      mind," he loses so to speak a radiance that even beams
      out through his countenance and that is called in Persian
      aab-e ruh, meaning, "the radiance of the soul." Every
      person shows from his expression his condition of heart.
      Therefore innocence of expression is a sign of purity of
      heart. A person may be clever, learned, qualified, most
      able; he may be strong physically or even mentally, he
      may be wealthy or of high rank, but none of these outside
      things helps him to retain that glow of the countenance
      which depends only upon the purity of the heart.

      From 'The Art of Being and Becoming'
      Hazrat Inayat Khan

      posted by Gill Eardley

      Allspirit Website: http://www.allspirit.co.uk

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      For Christiana

      “I did what I always do when I am in a strange place, in dreadful circumstances, without an idea in the world of what to do next. I went to the library.”

      - Mary Kittredge

      posted to AlphaWorld

              What you need will come to you, if you
              do not ask for what you do not need.  Yet
              only few people reach this state of com-
              plete dispassion and detachment.  It is
              a very high state, the very threshold of

                                - Nisargadatta Maharaj

      posted to Along the Way

      ”A certain wandering light comes to me which I instantly perceive to be the Cause of Causes.

      I t transcends all proving.

      I t is itself the ground of being;

      and I see that it is not one & I another, but this is the life of my life.”

      - Ralph W. Emerson
      posted to AlphaWorld

      "The moon's the same old moon,
      The flowers exactly as they were,
      Yet I've become the thingness
      Of all the things I see!"

      ~ Bunan

      posted to Daily Dharma


             Self inside self, You are nothing but me.
             Self inside self, I am only You.

             What we are together
             will never die.

             The why and how of this?
             What does it matter?

                          - Lalla
                          14th Century North Indian mystic

      posted to Along the Way

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