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Highlights, Friday, Dec. 31

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    Happy New Year, everyone. May this be a year of stength and good health. --Jerry ____________________________________________________________________ As the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2000
      Happy New Year, everyone. May this be a year of stength and
      good health.


      As the sun reaches down
      to kiss the horizon,

      I can hear it's soft
      whisper, "farewell".

      Tis like saying good-by
      to an old dear friend

      who taught me that

      rain or shine,
      wind or no.
      cold or hot,
      tired or rested,

      there is a 'me'
      that is timeless
      and unending.

      A 'me' who can
      watch that setting sun

      ....and who is witness
      to the ebb of time.

      So with this kiss goodby,

      I open my arms

      to the Stillness

      upon me.

      Walking into the night
      with arms wide open

      that I may melt

      into the great Unknown.



      already the streets are blocked.
      Sydneysiders are gathering on the sandy coves and grassy
      cliffs surrounding surely, the most beautiful harbour in the

      7 hours to go and already the city streets are jammed. Its
      been raining heavily off n' on all week, but not to worry
      we've been told :-) rain or no we'll have the biggest party
      of the millennium showering our Harbour Bridge, yey, the
      whole world, with billions of dollars......Hurrraaaayyyy

      and i'm still freezin' by butt off over here ;-) its barely
      20C (68F)!

      sending loving healing rays to george harrison, meditating
      with you greg and everyone.

      love, skye


      This list is a hall of mirrors for me, each reflecting to
      the others, with reflections in turn reflecting. All to the
      *point* where, when focus is taken off of myself, my
      cognitive senses can't distinguish between the real mirrors
      and the reflections -- but only momentarily because, damn
      it, there I am again, staring back at my silly selves!

      I was and am still guilty of attempting to organize
      nonduality. How can I organize something that, as Jerry put
      it, is organizing me? The explanation is simple: I'm trying
      to organize something that I've imagined is real and, to
      begin with, I've objectified my imaginary nonduality!
      (Objectification makes it possible to organize something,
      right?.) How screwed up is that?

      Hmmm... I've objectified something imaginary, so that I can
      make all kinds of references in imagined experience in order
      to apprehend my precious, imagined nonduality. One day in
      the future, in my little spiritual hall of mirrors, I've
      imagined that I have at last apprehended my imaginary
      nonduality and, voila!, I'm enlightened! The only problem
      is that it is a mere reflection of something imagined in the
      first place. Oh man, somebody get me a doctor! I'm chasing
      a tail that I don't even have!

      I just wish some of you lived over here in Honolulu so that
      I could reflect in living color with a *warm link* to this
      community. Even when I'm offended (ahem...this todo with
      Joshua is really killing me -- would you all just leave him
      alone or keep that correspondence off the list?) at some of
      the schlock I find here, well, I keep coming back to the
      same point. All that is there can be used as a catalyst to
      launch myself into uncharted (previously unimagined?)
      territory. There is no need even for me to react the way I
      I do, but hey...Wonderful.

      (That was for you Sarlo!)

      Crunching. What a wonderful word. Invokes memories of a
      mouth full of granola high up in Tualomne Meadows. Now I
      got poi on Sunset Beach. Sheesh, what a life.

      Thanks to everyone for being a part of this hall of
      mirrors. I'm upholding my imaginary friends. And that's my
      Millenium Speech.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling quite over the

      Cheers, Jay


      There are lots of creation stories accounting for the
      genesis of the I-thought, or the I-feeling. But let's try
      to look directly at the experience, setting aside the
      theories for a moment... Check this out, see if it doesn't
      conform with your experience.

      The I-feeling and I-thought come up, say, if someone accuses
      us wrongly (or rightly!) of doing something harmful. The
      feeling might be a sense of localization or contraction or
      burning in the chest, or in the pit of the stomach, or the
      face, or behind the eyes in the center of the forehead, or
      wherever. This might correspond, roughly speaking, to
      "where" we think we are located, if we have such a notion.
      What about the I-thought? The I-thought is the thought I
      have of myself. It is a thought whose object is the entity
      I take myself to be. After the accusation, it is this
      supposed entity that seemed to be touched or hurt by the

      How does this all relate to the mind? By examining our
      experience, we cannot find a "mind" that is a holder or
      container or controller of thoughts. All we find is
      thoughts. We cannot even put our finger on a causal
      process, whereby one thought causes another thought. What
      we find is a series or stream of thoughts, one following
      another. Even if we found what we take to be a cause, it
      would be just another thought. Same thing for feelings and
      bodily sensations -- all these appearances or experiences,
      one simply follows another.

      So where do the thoughts and feelings and sensations come
      from, where do they go? Try, and we cannot find any such
      place or source. If we did seem to find it, like AHAA!
      It's HERE! Well, that would be another thought or feeling
      or sensation. There is awareness before and between the
      experiences, taking note of the coming and going of the
      experiences. The experiences arise from this awareness, are
      sustained in the awareness and subside back into the
      awareness. But this awareness cannot itself be an
      experience, because an experience cannot be aware of an
      experience. So I cannot be any one of these experiences.
      What I am is that to which these experiences appear -
      Awareness Itself.


      I may not post very often, but I do take part in this
      community as a reader, just enjoying the interactions. As I
      read, I learn about myself, and I truly enjoy this
      learning. Learning to me is 'bringing the unknown into the
      realm of the known', and experiencing this process is a
      joy. It is the experience of witnessing the process of
      becoming and disappearing, being continuously at the point
      where nothing is.
      Of course, this learning is only enjoyable as a process, not
      as a means to an end. It is not my objective to know the
      unknown, this is impossible. The unknown has infinite
      potential to make itself known, but cannot be known by
      itself, for it is that which is cognizing this knowledge.
      Still, this duality of known and unknown only exists from
      the point of view of the known, they are not two different
      things in my experience, but it is this play of becoming,
      from unknown to known, that makes learning possible.
      I just want to thank you all for all your inspirations, for
      your knowledge and your wisdom, for your words, your
      kindness and your undaunted confrontations and challenges.
      I wish you a wonderful year 2000...

      Now we continue with Sri Ramana's Forty Verses on Reality.
      Each Verse is pregnant with meaning, method, and suffused
      with direct insight.

      35. To seek and abide in the Reality that is always
      attained, is the only Attainment. All other attainments
      (siddhis) are such as are acquired in dreams. Can they
      appear real to someone who has woken up from sleep? Can
      they that are established in the Reality and are free from
      maya, be deluded by them?

      36. Only if the thought 'I am the body' occurs will the
      meditation 'I am not this, I am That', help one to abide as
      That. Why should we for ever be thinking, 'I am That'? Is
      it necessary for man to go on thinking 'I am a man'? Are we
      not always That?

      37. The contention, 'Dualism during practice, non-dualism
      on Attainment', is also false.
      While one is anxiously searching, as well as when one has
      found one's Self, who else is one but the tenth man?

      Note: The last verse makes reference to a well known story
      in the Indian literature where each of the 10 people thought
      there were only 9 people in the group left and that one had
      been lost. This caused them great sorrow. The error in
      counting was that the person counting others forgot to count

      The concise Oxford dictionary defines "compete" as "strive",
      from Latin com petere; the prefix "com" meaning "with" and
      "petere" meaning "seek", with a sense of striving after or
      contending for something. Competition therefore is seeking.
      "Surrender" is the prefix "sur" from French meaning over or
      above and "rendre" or "render" meaning to give back. So
      there is a sense of transcendent giving, of giving UP and of
      giving something back, or giving something in return,
      returning something to its rightful place. In this sense I
      see it as giving up seeking, or in other words giving up
      competing, ceasing to compete.
      It is offering the ego as a sacrifice to be dissolved.
      The act of surrender is the salt doll diving into the ocean.


      "Com" - with, together, jointly
      "Petere" - seek, strive, contend
      "Panis" - bread

      I am not seeking. Therefore I am not a competitor. I offer
      to share. Therefore I am a companion.

      Are you? This would imply identification. One's real
      nature is without identification; because there is nothing
      else but one's real nature, nothing remains to identify
      with. One cannot help being seen as companion, friend,
      passionate etc. by "others" but this is the response, these
      "others" are evoking/interpreting. The universe is like a
      giant pinball game and the balls always return to the one
      who is imagining to be the player shooting them :) It isn't
      necessary to find the cause for the play; ceasing to be the
      player will do...



      We are complete in ourself, no need to think we are some
      thing or another.
      I was reacting to Joshua's identification of human
      relationship as competition, trying to suggest an
      alternative way of seeing human relationship. Rather than
      com-petition or shared seeking, striving or
      asking(petition), which implys a perceived lack or wanting
      or incompleteness, a supplication to some other, I suggest
      com-panionship or sharing of our wholeness, of nourishment
      of each other, breaking bread together. Bread being the
      symbol of flesh, of our incarnate separate selves, offering
      to share bread is offering the recognition of our oneness.


      All identifications are self-fulfilling: interpret one's
      facial expression as one of a grouch, respond to that and
      you receive a grouch's behavior.
      Know that every creature wants to be happy and respond to
      that: the one with the facial expression of a grouch will
      open up and confirm (by behavior) that everyone wants to be
      happy :) By giving up all identifications, one will discover
      life to be "fitting very well". As far as there remain
      thoughts about "we", reflecting on the fact that "we" are on
      the same playing ground is a great help in order to respond
      sensibly. So if you know someone is presenting an
      identification called Z, reflect on how to respond in order
      not to receive Z back :)

      When words ARE understood . . . silence follows


      Only when I gave up all talk, all words, books, posts,
      politics and agenda's...

      I came to know You

      My beloved, who were always so close to my heart. So near
      to me that my senses overlooked your presence

      Only now can I reflect You

      Forgive my ignorance

      31.12.199 Amsterdam




      This is I hear from (Ramana): Whatever means one takes -
      meditation, self-inquiry, control of mind, breath, mantra,
      bhakti, jnana, etc., with sincerity and persistence the
      result is surrender of the false idea of a separate/dual
      self to the eternal reality of one Self.

      Some people say the original imagined idea of separation
      arose when an angel "fell" into competition with God. I
      say, the whole idea falls away when one surrenders to the
      truth of the one Self.
      One may appear to continue to exist in a world of forms
      which seem to be joining with or competing against each
      other. Without competition in consciousness however,
      appearance is only appearance.

      Another definition of surrender:
      Giving up belief and involvement in appearances.

      ==GENE POOLE==

      Thoughts and Realizations
      New Year's Eve December 1999


      How does one who succeeds in giving up striving, strive to
      help others give up striving?

      As one who has succeeded in giving up, I am puzzled by this
      and other seemingly pertinent questions, on this, the dawn
      of the 21st century.

      Certainly, I fully expect that all such questions will be
      answered eventually, as all previous questions have been
      solved automatically by abiding.

      However, this assumption does not ease the distance between
      abiding and striving. The polarities involved, embody the
      difficulty of abiding; that such a practice is not
      detachment, nor ignoring, but the willingness to be
      experiencing what is going on, to be tested, to maintain a
      practiced tolerance, in the face of a changing array of
      apparent circumstances.

      It is the constancy of this practice, which allows the
      arising and the continuance of the context of self. It is
      the ever-present context of self, which is the reminder of
      the futility of trying to fix what is already ongoingly

      On the other hand, it is the contrast between 'what is'
      versus 'what should be' which is the driver of the momentum
      to make better. It is the assumption that it is within my
      grasp to make change occur, which is the permission to
      attempt to act on the apparent evidence of deficiency.

      The question arises in the face of changing circumstances or
      conditions; does this 'new' circumstance require a movement
      on my part? If I am to move, where am I moving from, and to
      where would I move? If I have the context of self, I am
      aware that everything that is happening is happening in this
      'field' of self; I am thus aware that all movements are
      actually my own movements; and thus I am aware that I have
      the privileged position of not needing to move, for I am
      already moving.

      As the observer of all of this movement, I recognize how
      beautiful is this display; it is all done for me; I may play
      or sit, as it suits me. I observe the dance, and I
      eventually am infused with the beat. I see that it is the
      beat of my own heart; this is the gift of abiding. My heart
      is the whole universe, expanding. Awareness allows this
      perception; this is the beauty of display. And all of this
      is mine to have, to relish, to let go of. I am independent.

      It is lonely to be free, but freedom is also the ability to
      connect and share when I choose to do so. The menu of
      opportunity is unending; it is a gourmet's smorgasboard of
      delights. I choose to have choice. Choice is beyond
      choices; choice allows choosing 'none', and still having
      self as the continuing context of Being.

      As I expand, I encompass more and more of what is; this is a
      movement which is toward omniscience, or so it seems. By
      avoiding the assumtion that I must conclude, I never stop
      expanding. The constant challenge is the appearance of
      ever-more-delightful circumstances; will I decide to 'get
      off the train' at this point, which seems so satisfying? Or
      will I abide, enjoying display, knowing display deeper and
      deeper, realizing that it is myself which is revealing
      itself, in this multifarius dance of attraction and

      Is there ever a conclusion? Is there ever a stopping? Is
      there ever a point at which all of this stops, to be
      replaced by an imagined or visualized ideal, now held as a
      goal? Is not the goal, the ideal, thevery motive which
      offsets the oft-denied impulse to abide? Is abiding held
      out as the last resort, to be implemented only after all
      strategies have been found to be fruitless?

      To abide... is to be filled with the 'energy' of what
      passes through, once one stops running apace with
      circumstance. It is similar in this regard, to the
      electrical phenomenon known as 'induction'. In this effect,
      a magnetic field _moves_ across a material which is capable
      of conducting electrons; in this manner is 'electricity'
      generated; electrons are excited to movement by the movement
      of the magnetic field. The key to understanding this
      analogy is to realize that it is the very difference between
      the movements of the field and the conductor which is
      responsible for the generation of power. I am pointing out
      a relationship of relative velocity.

      To abide is not to 'be still', for life itself is movement
      which cannot be denied. To abide is to leave behind the
      assumption that running apace with changing conditions will
      result in anything but being jerked back and forth between
      aversion and desire. It is the resumption of natural
      momentum, which is the establishment of proper relative
      velocity between self and Self; in this relationship, Self
      inducts self; self is equalized by Self to Self. In this
      relationship of movement, Self is greater power, which in
      relationship with self-in-abiding, inducts into self, that
      greater power.
      It is the resumption of natural momentum of basic life,
      which enables this induction of power.

      Now comes the understanding. In the beginning, we are
      unconditioned, having only the basic human/mammalian
      organism-specific response-patterns in place as _criteria_
      for reaction to changing conditions. As we age, we garner
      many social criteria, all of which generate reaction.

      Now, as we understand the practical benefit of abiding, we
      are able to resume adherance to the basic organismic values
      of existence, in spite of the pushes and pulls of
      socially-conditioned desire and aversion. It is this
      abiding in the basic organismic values of existence, which
      is the original condition of Being in existence. In this
      voluntary abiding in and as the original condition, we are
      able to accept, at long last, the original gift of natural
      momentum, which is life itself.

      To be at rest while moving, is the gift of abiding. To
      allow the movement of self to be the movement of Self, is to
      make peace with the apparent disparity displayed between
      Self as 'outside' conditions, and self as the experience of
      those conditions 'inside'. To know the fact that these
      apparently differing conditons are different only to the
      degree that we are ignorant of self, is to allow oneself to
      be liberated from that disparity; to allow oneself to be
      liberated from that veil of apparency, is to allow what has
      been obscured, to be seen. And what is seen, is self.

      I wish for you, the very best.

      Millenia may pass, self remains...

      Here in Tenerife, the best fireworks are still "high above"
      and silent :)









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