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#2103 - Monday, April 4, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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  • Gloria Lee
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      Nondual Highlights
      #2103 - Monday, April 4, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Remembering Pope John Paul II

      May 18, 1920 - April 2, 2005

      "Be not afraid!"


      Bhagavan:  Silence is of four kinds: silence of speech, silence of the eye, silence of the ear, and silence of the mind.  Only the last is pure silence, and it is the most important.
      While God sustains the burden of the world, the spurious ego assumes its burden, grimacing like an image on a tower seeming to support it.  If the traveller in a carriage which can carry any weight does not lay his luggage down but  carries it painfully on his head, whose is the fault? - Ulladu Narpadu Anubandham, verse 17:

      Whatever happens, let it happen; whatever does not happen,  Let it not happen.”  A mind with this attitude will be well established in the Self.

      from:  'Padamalai' by Muruganar, Edited by David Godman.

       posted to MillionPaths by hs chandraseckariah

      Just as from a heap of flowers
      many garland strands can be made,
      even so
      one born & mortal
      should do
      --with what's born & is mortal--
      many a skillful thing.

      -Dhammapada, 4, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

      "The love of truth lies at the root of much humor."
      Robertson Davies

      ~   ~
      “My existence does not depend on the fact that I am thinking; it depends on the fact that, whether I know it or not, I am being thought… by a mind much greater than the consciousness which I ordinarily identify with myself.”

      Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)
      'Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Other Essays' [1956], "The Education of an Amphibian"
      ~   ~
      “In the case of a grown man who has made incontestable progress it is disgraceful to go hunting after gems of wisdom, and prop himself up with a minute number of the best-known sayings, and be dependent on his memory as well; it is time he was standing on his own feet.
      He should be delivering himself of such sayings, not memorizing them.  It is disgraceful that a man who is old or in sight of old age should have a wisdom deriving solely from his notebook.
      "Zeno said this."  And what have you said? "Cleanthes said that."  What have you said?  How much longer are you going to serve under others' orders?  Assume authority yourself and utter something that may be handed down to posterity.  Produce something from your own resources.”
      Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. 4 BC-65 AD)
      Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium, Letter XXXIII
      posted to AlphaWorld by Sandra

      Originality  does  not  consist  in  saying  what no one has ever said
         before, but in saying exactly what you think yourself.

                      James Stephens (1882-1950)


      posted to NondualNow by Vicki Woodyard

      If you want hot tea, you put the kettle on the stove.

      There's no way around it.

      All the advaita talk in the world, and all the speculations
      about what is true or isn't true, won't give you hot tea
      if you don't put the kettle on the stove (or the cup in
      the microwave, as the case may be). :-)

      Recognize the vanity of human pronouncements about the
      "way things really are," what is so, what isn't so in any
      ultimate sense.

      Here, in the world, people are confused, manipulating each other,
      fighting wars, pursuing their greeds and needs at the expense
      of others, including the so-called spiritual folks with their
      manipulations to provide images of truth.

      Pronouncements about the way things are are so much hot air.

      Live your life fully, one day at a time.

      Be open to what is, as is.

      Don't deceive yourself or others.

      Whether there is or isn't some ultimate truth doesn't matter.

      That there is no ultimate separation of anything doesn't need to
      be stated, and in fact can't truly be stated.

      It can't be conferred, expressed, embodied, or worshipped.

      It simply is to be lived, openly, as this is, now, moving through
      the world and its conflicts like a knife through butter,
      nonavoidantly yet not attached,
      not proferring any spiritual absolutes nor

      Open eyes.




      posted by Dan Berkow


      The Pope has left his body and the world (indeed the world not only the
      catholic world) has lost a father and great soul.

      During his last days he reminded me a lot of our Ramana Bhagawan. The
      courage he showed. The will to give Dharshan to devotees even though
      his body was failing. Before his illness he was a very good looking man
      with a beautiful voice (just like our Ramana Bhagawan). But not only in
      death also in life there were some similarities. The Pope spoke 5
      languages, he had known hardships, he was a loving and kind person, he
      was funny, witty with a quick tongue and had a heart for the poor and
      downtrodden, he was not above to share food with a poor african family
      or join in a dance or song. He was of sterling character. He believed
      that the sign of a holy person and what should be aspired for by
      believers is total dependance on God. He abhorred fanaticism of any
      kind. He encouraged people to uphold their own traditons. He said that
      there was a reason that God gave many religions to the world and that
      all should be equally respected. He had eight meetings with the Dalai
      Lama. He met with members of all major religions. He invited their
      leaders to Assisi in Italy and prayed with them. He always had an open
      ear, and he never tired. He forgave the man who tried to kill him and
      even visited him in jail. He worked relentlessly from dust to dawn. He
      was instrumental to the fall of the Berlin wall. He was deeply
      spiritual, and this divine Bhakti shone through his eyes and on his
      beautiful face. Children and animals were naturally attracted to him.
      He loved to be out in nature and especially in the mountains. Sometimes
      he slipped out of the Vatican and drove to the closest mountain where
      he would ski for a couple of hours much to the delight of people,who
      were very surprised to recognize the Pope in the man with the black
      ski-suit, before he had to rush back to Rome again.

      May he rest in peace.

      Om Arunachala Shiva

      P.S. When a person is one with God there is no way to hide it. It is
      noticed by all who have the eyes to see because the Self shines on
      their faces and through their eyes. Such a person can be the Pope, an
      Indian lawyer, a french lady, a tamil school boy or a russian teacher.
      That is unimportant. Their bodies have become mere instruments.

      posted to HarshaSatsangh by Christina

      Dear Friends in Ramana,

      Catholic Church rituals, portrayed as dualistic, are actually all non-dual teachings of Christ, the Vajra Siddhi Guru.

      Yesterday (Saturday), during the day of watching the progress of the Pope onCNN/BBC, I heard a Cardinal say that "Christ will open the Gates of Heaven to receive the Pope."
      Upon hearing of the populous that had assembled outside his residence, the Pope strained word by word to tell the Cardinals to tell them, " I went looking for you, and now you have come to see me.  Thank you."
      Watching, as many, the last hours of the Pope, waiting for the news on his health, I turned off the TV finally at 1 am (Bangkok time Sunday), and went to sleep.
      I'm often struck by the Middle Ages story told to the people in Europe, when they asked about the light of the stars in the night sky, that at night-time God covered the Earth with a shroud, a veil, behind which was the Infinite Glory of the Father, and that the stars pinpricks in the shroud through which the Living Light of the Father shines, but also that this pinprick shines in each of us in our hearts. And then we come to, "The pure in heart shall see God ("I AM")."
      I was dreaming that I was looking over the dark expanse of the planet, when suddenly off in the distance there appeared a hole in the night sky, and rays of Light streamed forth down to the Earth, swirling around an area in th distance.
      As I watched, wave of energy (life force) pervaded the planet, like one feels during an electric storm, and my whole body filled with light, flowing through the top of my head like a beam or pillar.
      Abruptly, I woke up, and sat up feeling the flow of radiance.  After a while I turned on CNN.  A few minutes later, Breaking News, The Pope had passed on at 9:37 Rome time from his temporal life on Earth to Eternal Life in the Father.
      Shortly after, my daughter, Saifa, also woke up. I told her that the Pope had left the Earth to be back home to be with his Heavenly Father.
      I sent off some text messages, and waited for President Bush to speak about the passing, then went back to sleep, until 5 am.  The Radiance continued, like an electric storm that continues unabated through the night sky.
      We often hear about this phenomenon, where people experience being transfixed by Radiance, when the Soul of a Saint departs.

      posted to Nonduality Salon by Pieter Schoonheim Samara, Thailand



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