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#2082 - Monday, March 14, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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  • Gloria Lee
    #2082 - Monday, March 14, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Letter to the Editors: Click Reply on
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      #2082 - Monday, March 14, 2005 - Editor: Jerry Katz
      Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm 
      Letter to the Editors: Click 'Reply' on your email program, compose your message, and 'Send'. All the editors will see your letter.

      From a letter sent to Jerry

      It seems so strange, once the realisation of what One is has taken place, that this that is so obvious was not seen all along. This which is natural and ordinary has somehow become hidden and apparently elsewhere. What is clear is that seemed to be the case because there was identification with things instead of knowing One's Self as No Thing.
      All our life we are conditioned by people, who have themselves been conditioned, to believe that we are something and not the Nothing in which all the some-things appear in. Not seeing clearly and being constantly told that we are someone has led to our identification with objectivity and the consequent suffering. We are taught that we are the doer of what happens through the body, the thinker of the thoughts etc, yet when this doer is sought however there is nothing to be found. There is tremendous fear of being nothing when we imagine our self to be something and the developing of intuitive understanding to the point of conscious recognition carries huge releases of energy which are experienced as fear by the imaginary entity, which in truth is an activity. This energy has been locked up as an activity in consciousness around an imaginary centre, the centre is Emptiness itself but the constant wish to see one's Self as something has never allowed the Emptiness to be revealed and the mind has endlessly created and attached itself to yet another object appearing within our empty home ground.
      Fear therefore could be said to be the wrapping around the ego concept and to get at the centre the sensation that is the unwrapping is experienced as the approaching of death. The last wrapper reveals Nothing, no one at centre.
      The wrapping is constantly being done, it is a constant every-moment activity done with the intention of keeping the imagined one, the ego, in place. Even the doing that appears to be the removal of the wrapping is an activity based upon the imaginary one and in not doing the wrapping simply falls off. This not doing cannot itself become the doing of not doing either, otherwise once again it holds a doer in place and the ego concept is supported.
      A deep penetration of this activity by understanding is what is needed and this comes only when Awareness has prepared the particular body/mind in which the wrapping is ready to fall off. The one that we imagine our-self to be does not like to hear that there is nothing that can be done, worse still that there is no one to do it, yet until this is accepted the doing that is a happening, unfolding, will not and cannot take place. When there is the recognition that the thief dressed up as the policemen has no intention to catch the thief that is himself then the activity of a doer drops, this is surrender and in this there is no one who surrenders, it happens because understanding has penetrated the illusion of the imagined doer.
      It is imagined that when something has been consciously recognised that someone is responsible for this recognition. The truth is that Awareness IS conscious recognition and it is the unfolding action of Awareness in its play of manifestation that brought about this return to Awareness, this conscious recognition, it is not the result of someone who has understood or who did the understanding, an imagined entity.
      When you finally SEE who or rather WHAT you are the One that sees this is the empty Awareness it's Self, no other. In this the illusion of being a separate somebody is no longer present. One SEES that all along what one imagined one's Self to be, the "I" that was being related to, was Emptiness its Self, the imaginary one never actually existed, it was simply imagined to be by the only One that can be said to exist.
      When you do not know what or who you are it is Awareness that is ignorant of it's Self in your form and when the recognition of who or what you are takes place it is Awareness it's Self which finally wakes up to its Self, this is Self Recognition. The Koran states " He leads aright whom he will and leads astray whom he will", simply put ALL is the doing of HE, Awareness. There is therefore no right or wrong, there is simply the unfolding of the universe as the play of existence. If this is allowed to penetrate the ego's defences through understanding then there is nothing left to do, no where to get to and no one to go there.

      Absolute Reality is simple. 

          It is concerned only with the absolute allness of God.


      Absolute Reality shows that God -- also called the One, I AM, Consciousness, Being, Spirit, Love, Life, Infinite Mind -- is absolutely all Presence and Power, the only Self there is. 

       God, the Self, is never afar off, is never "higher" than you, but is the very Consciousness, Life, alive and aware reading this now.         

       The Allness of the One leaves no secondary self, life or personal mind that ever became separate and must get back at-one with the One.  There  is no contact that needs to or can be made, for the One being You now never separated from Itself. 

       Absolute Reality states what God is to God  -- 

       for there honestly is no other being alive or  conscious.  It starts with the allness of God, continues with the allness of God and ends up with the allness of God.

      To appreciate the viewpoint presented here, ask yourself:  If the One, the All-Self, could talk or write a book, what would the One say?

      The One could only speak of Its own Being, the immediacy of Its own Total Presence, Its own Absoluteness.  The only One It could be speaking to would be Itself.  The Self wouldn't have to learn or be instructed how to become Itself, because It already is Itself, is All, Now.

                        This doesn't leave "you" out, for that very Self

                   is the only You there is.


                  What Is is All that is!


                       Be the You that is the only Being that is!




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