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Highlights, Thursday, Dec. 23

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    Judi: How many times and how many different ways can I say the same thing over and over and over again?? ~~~ It makes me think of Ramana and the 40 or so
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25 1:46 PM
      Judi: How many times and how many different ways can I say
      the same thing over and over and over again??
      It makes me think of Ramana and the 40 or so years he said
      the same over and over. And Buddha's 50 years, and
      Papaji's, and... and ... and .... same old, same old. But
      what else is there to do?

      I've found that the periods I've been homeless have
      constituted the best "education" ever gleaned anywhere. I
      expect that a PhD in anything pales in comparison to what
      can be learned and absorbed from living on the streets, even
      for a week, interacting with other homeless folk in various
      ways. This goes for both men and women.

      There should be some kind of requirement for every adult
      over 21 to spend a week on the streets, in homeless
      shelters, just as there is a requirement for grades 1-12 (in
      the U.S.). :-)


      I actually 'stumbled' into the nondual perspective...
      never having sought it. Working as a hypnotherapist, I
      simply discovered that moving 'thru' an emotion...by
      amplyfying it....then diving underneath it...was a way to
      'untie knots'. And once 'polarity' was neutralized, the
      stillpoint was what remained....if only until the next knot
      was touched.

      Many times I have slipped off that edge, and found myself
      mired in the quicksand of anger, or fear, or such. The key
      seems to be staying 'witness' to the event....and guiding
      myself, *reminding* my self....to dive underneath it.


      "Christ has no body on earth now but yours, no hands but
      yours, no feet but yours, Yours are the eyes through which
      Christ's compassion must look out on the world.
      Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good.
      Yours are the hands with which he is still to bless."

      St Teresa of Avila

      May our awareness of non duality allow us to release the
      shackles that bind us to pain ..



      It's not that depending on people and expectations are bad
      things in and of themselves, but you can't derive your sense
      of self worth or identity on these things because they're
      always gonna change and then what?? As soon as something
      unexpectedly changes, some crisis, which will invariable
      happen, to one degree or another, then where does a person
      stand then?? UHOH!!
      That's what happened to me. A love affair that I was
      totally wrapped up in, for my enlightenment too even, fell
      apart, I was left without anyplace to stand. But I finally
      got smart, I took advantage of that situation and didn't
      blame him or luck or anything else and re-evaluated my
      Surpirse surprise!! And that's how I discoverd my inherent
      I dropped a big load. 50 years worth of life dropped in a
      matter of a couple minutes or so. And it was such a nice
      life too! :-) I can laugh about it. It's great. Bruce and
      Gene and I were in the chat room last nite and we got to
      laughing because they were both there and know the
      WA`` that surrounded my awakening and it's really
      some funny stuff. Totally bizarro!
      Don't anyone bother asking, wait for the book to come out!!
      "Enlightened Girl meets the Crime Fighting Messiah" LOL !
      I realized that my loved was based on experience, on
      conditions and others outside myself, not already inherent
      within me, as me.
      That is what I realized. You see, I saw that it wasn't
      working, I saw my own failure, my own heart break with it.
      I became totally heartbroken. My whole life and identity
      became one and the same and came to a screeching halt.


      Do you think we don't know this......those of us with dirty
      laundry......we do know this.....but the realization has
      dawned slowly, not in one cathartic event which resulted in
      some ideation to take its place........for me these
      realizations, that love and goodness will never save
      me......have been the result of horrible traumatic life
      events.....but nothing has taken its place except in drips
      and drabs.....you are very lucky that you got a one shot
      package......I am very lucky that I keep putting one foot in
      front of the other - on some days.........I don't know your
      life circumstances then, but I can't come to a screeching
      halt......I don't want to be homeless again.....I can't
      afford the luxury of total heartbreak, I have to keep
      demonstrating to my children that life is hope and that hard
      times pass and renewal takes its place......Why? because I
      know nothing else...is that immaturity and stupidity?
      Maybe, but it's all I've got. If you want to explain in a
      way that I can hear I would love to know what you
      know.....not about what isn't true, but about what
      is.....when your heart broke and your true identity revealed
      itself What Was That???????? and how did it take shape and
      form in your life differently?


      As Gotama said on his deathbed,

      "Be a lamp unto yourself. Be a refuge unto yourself. Take
      yourself to no external refuge.
      Look not for refuge in anyone beside yourself. And those
      who either now or after I am dead, shall be a lamp unto
      themselves, shall betake themselves to no refuge, but
      holding fast to the truth as their refuge, shall not look
      for refuge to anyone beside themselves, it is they who shall
      reach to the very topmost height."


      Nonduality, although it attracts many people who are very
      familiar and comfortable with a mental approach to
      understanding their place in the cosmos, is in the end about
      going beyond the mind. Osho has an interesting definition
      of insanity. In contrast to the conventional phrase, "out
      of your mind," he says insanity is being completely IN your
      mind. He also says that the line between madness and
      enlightenment, from the point of view of one in conventional
      (un)consciousness is not easy to discern, both in terms of
      the conventional point of view and the person veering into
      non-conventionality. That is, if we stay safe we will judge
      those such as Mansoor and Bodhidharma mad, and if we venture
      off the beaten track we may find ourselves stumbling into
      madness if we don't have a razor-sharp awareness.


      ha ha sushi lovers, i'm off to eat sushi and drink
      sake!!(chat room folks will know what i mean)--it's my
      birthday! love, nora


      There once was this lady named Nora,
      whose name was left out of the Torah,
      on her birthday did eat,
      raw fish instead of meat.
      What a relief to the cows and the flora!








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