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  • andrew macnab
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lovely lovely
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 1999

      Lovely lovely
      unspeakably beautiful

      Not being a poet
      I just do
      whatever I do

      When Papaji told Gangaji to teach she said
      "But there is nothing to say about this."
      He said, "I know. We talk about it anyway."

      or not

      grateful for your grace-filled Now

      I don't think that stuff like zen, or nondualism, or 'the Truth' can
      actually be taught, or even learned. Once we have unlearned
      everything we think we know, we can zero in on not doing anything
      either. When we don't know anything and we don't do anything, we have
      achieved all that can be achieved.

      aloha and mahalo,

      Posted by Skye:

      Nisargadatta: Live your life intelligently, with the
      interests of your deepest self always in mind. After all,
      what do you really want? Not perfection; you are already
      perfect. What you seek is to express in action, what you
      are. For this you have a body and a mind. Take them in hand
      and make them serve you. The purified mind is the faithful
      servant of the self. It takes charge of the instruments,
      inner and outer, and makes them serve their purpose.The self
      is universal and its aims are universal. There is nothing
      personal about the self. Live an orderly life, but don't
      make it a goal by itself: It should be the starting point
      for high adventure.

      Dear NDS,

      Tonight I copied Thomas Byrom's translation of the Ashtavakra Samhita
      from the web, and made it into a plain text version. It has been
      uploaded to our Onelist files. It was a sheer joy to edit it, and have
      the chance to read through all of it in the process.

      See: http://www.onelist.com/files/NondualitySalon/Phil/gita.txt



      I have experienced this week as an acceleration of deep challenge,
      higher tonal learning and subsequent powerful release. The only words
      which describe what I have known this week is the continuous sense of
      being licked clean, opened up and poured into. I am deeply grateful for
      all of you showing up as my teachers and companions. If this be maya..
      it is of a high order!


      If we use the old metaphor of life (world) as dream (getting a bit
      worn-out at this point, but still workable), there are a lot of people
      here stirring in their sleep, mumbling *coherently*, tossing and
      turning, on the verge of awakening. Some are taking dreamy "restroom
      breaks" before lying back down and falling asleep again. And some are
      waking up completely. Most of the world seems to be sleeping soundly,
      but there isn't a lot of sound sleeping going on here.

      ********* You know the kind of dreams I like the best are the ones
      where you wake yourself up laughing like hell! :-)

      Happy Days,

      Does anyone remember those advent calendars where you open a little
      window each day until christmas? I found a really neat one here, on a
      biochem. image library site from the former east-germany, truly
      marvelous pictures of the illusory (ha!)stuff that we living things are
      made of. It'll let you open one more image each day. I don't understand
      these images, but they are very beautiful;

      love, andrew


      Do you all know that story about how some Americans set up a dharma
      combat between a Zen master and a Tibetan lama. Thru interpreters, the
      Zen master held up an orange and said,"What is this?" the lama looked
      very puzzled and replied, "What is the matter with him, don't they have
      oranges where he comes from?" The Zen master then got up and left, end
      of debate.

      ...a couple quotes from
      Swami Vivekananda:

      "Social life in the West is like a peal of laughter; but underneath, it
      is all a wail. It ends in a sob. The fun and frivolity are all on the
      surface: really it is full of tragic intensity. Now here (in India), it
      is sad and gloomy on the outside, but underneath are carelessness and

      "What the world wants today is twenty men and women who can dare to
      stand in the street yonder, and say that they possess nothing but God.
      Who will go? Why should one fear? If this is true, what else could
      matter? If it is not true, what do our lives matter?"

      With Love,


      ...I spend a lot of time thinking about the community,
      and from different perspectives. It's a kind of meditation,
      I suppose.

      It makes me wonder. I'm not one of the silent ones here, but
      there are silent ones here. Is this a microcosm of the
      planet? It is said that there are silent ones on this
      planet, unheard of ones whose presence keeps the world from
      falling apart. May sound strange. But it is not strange when
      applied to something like an email community. I have no
      doubt that there is much silent work going on. There may
      even be one or two silent ones who keep this place together.
      It's not asking much to extrapolate that to include the

      And so we return to silence.

      Thank you.


      Posted by Xanma:

      Student: I want to be so careful to take care of this silent awareness.

      Papaji: You are the baby thinking it must take care of its mother. You
      must only learn to let Self take care of you, as it has always done but
      you did not know.


      Posted by Jerry:

      An 104-year-young woman was being interviewed by a
      reporter. "And what do you think is the best thing about
      104?" the journalist asked.

      "No peer pressure," she replied.
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