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#1957 - Friday, October 22, 2004 - Editor: Gloria

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  • Gloria Lee
    #1957 - Friday, October 22, 2004 - Editor: Gloria Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm INEVITABILITY No snowflake ever falls in
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      #1957 - Friday, October 22, 2004 - Editor: Gloria
      Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm


      No snowflake ever falls
      in the wrong place.

           - Zen Proverb

      In Spirit senses are
      One and the same. 'T is true,
      Who seeth God he tastes,
      Feels, smells and hears Him too.

      ~Angelus Silesius
      by Gill Eardly on Allspirit Inspiration


      “ I n our complicated culture, being literate is the critical tool in being able to think for one's self; People who read are not at the whim of what others want them to think. A literate person has access and avenues to many points of view and a fuller perspective on the world in which he or she lives. Not every literate person chooses to think independently, of course. But every literate person can. I n a place and time where so many people have invested so much money and effort in telling other people what and how to think, we need all the independent minds we can cultivate.”


      John Scalzi


      posted on AlphaWorld


      Sharing What You Are

      All of us are sharing what we are, whether we choose to or not.  It is not in words that we share but in vibrations, in energy.  I have lived next door to a wonderful friend for well over twenty years.  We never talk about anything serious, never.  Even when Bob was in the hospital twice this summer, we did not have to go there to communicate.  It is not our way.  She would bring food and a small amount of chat.  Her husband would bring me home from the hospital after visiting Bob and on the drive he would give me what he was.  I knew that they cared deeply.

      One day he sat at our kitchen table and prayed with my son and I.  The couple from Guatemala who clean our house every two weeks prayed and cried with my son and I.  He would say strongly and with great conviction, "God has the power.  God has the power."

      Others could not even stand with us as Bob went from bad to worse , needing more and more blood transfusions.  One of  my best friends said unapologetically that she "could not go there" with me.  I myself was lying on the bed crying and spewing helplessness.  I, of all people, know that there is no "doer."  Not at all.

      There is a spirit of power and grace but we are not always open to it.  Our fear blocks it out.

      Intellectual advaita is over for me.  I wonder why.

      Vicki Woodyard


      "Go beyond
      This way or that way,
      To the farther shore
      Where the world dissolves
      And everything becomes clear.

      Beyond this shore
      And the farther shore,
      Beyond the beyond,
      Where there is no beginning,
      No end.

      Without fear, go.

      Live purely.
      Be quiet.
      Do your work with mastery.

      Give up mischief.
      Be serene.
      Leave everything behind you.
      Do not take offense
      And do not give it.

      Want nothing from this world
      And nothing from the next.
      Be free as the bird who
      Leaves no tracks in the sky.

      Let go of life,
      Of home and pleasure and desire.
      Let nothing of this world hold you.
      Nothing of all creation hold you.

      And with great gladness
      Know that you are finished.
      You have woken from your sleep.

      Then in you there will be
      No yesterday,
      No tomorrow
      No today.

      Possessing nothing,
      Wanting nothing
      You will be free.

      Without fear, go.
      The Deathless is waiting for you."

      ~The Buddha

      From the Dhammapada, translated by Amrita Nadi.
      posted by DharmaG on Daily Dharma


      How I Met Bob Adamson
      and Some Initial Experiences

      I had been on the path since my teenage years, well over 30 years of seeking in various forms: Christianity, theosophy, Krishnamurti (I went to his talks in Ojai in the 1980s), Buddhism, Hinduism, yoga. There were others also, too numerous to mention here. In my mid 20s I was introduced to Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj (through books on their lives and teachings).

      Something about those teachers seemed solid and unshakable and I found myself returning to their teachings over the years, even though I can’t say I fully (or even partially) understood or experienced what they were talking about.


      The article is continued here:



      The main page of his website is here:



      And to conclude, Sailor Bob Adamson’s site is here:


       by Ben Hassine on Awakened Awareness

      Runaway gnome checks in from Oslo

      A garden gnome stolen from a Swedish couple has been 'sending' regular messages home since vanishing in the middle of August. The gnome has apparently been on a tour around Europe, and the Roslins have so far received many postcards and Polaroid photos.
      posted by Al Larus

      Al Larus
      poem and photos

      Ben Hassine ~ SatsangDiary
      Krishnamurti Live  - 7 minute movie

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