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#1881 - Thursday, August 5, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1881 - Thursday, August 5, 2004 - Editor: Jerry The Nonduality Salon list began August 12, 1998. The Highlights began June 3, 1999. That means no Highlights
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      #1881 - Thursday, August 5, 2004 - Editor: Jerry
      The Nonduality Salon list began August 12, 1998. The Highlights began June 3, 1999.
      That means no Highlights were done to cover August 12, 1998 to June 3, 1999.
      The next several issues of the Highlights that I edit will include coverage of that 9 month period. There are about 7000 messages during that time span, of which about 200 were reviewed for this issue. Therefore there could be 20 Highlights issues covering the early days.
      I'll call this series
      In Nonduality Salon
      It is only by the 'words' of silence
      that Nothingness becomes revealed.
      It is with this garland of silent words
      That I went forth, and thus enjoyed that perfect meeting.

      Please understand the meaning of my words,
      And thereby satisfy your hunger and your thirst.
      Regard yourself as a shining flame
      Burning brightly, without name or form.

      These words are uttered simply
      To open the eyes of your inner Self.
      The perfect meeting with the Infinite
      Is eternally within ourselves.

      The rivers flow surely toward the sea,
      but when the final Deluge comes,
      Both rivers and sea are submerged.
      In the same way, you should devour both 'I' and 'Thou',
      For, truly, you are the source of both.
      --Jnaneshvar (1271-1296) from the Amritanubhav (The Nectar of Mystical Experience)
      Contributed by Jerry Katz

      A Sufi Prayer
      We who know, and do not know that we know:
      Let us become one, whole.
      Let us be transformed.

      We who have known, but do not know:
      Let us once more see.
      The beginning of it all.

      We who do not wish to know,
      But still say that we want to know:
      Let us be guided
      To safety and to light.

      We who do not know,
      And know that we do not know:
      Let us through this knowledge, know.

      We who do not know, but think that we know:
      Set us free
      From the confusion
      Of that ignorance.

      He who knows, and knows that he is:
      He is wise.
      Let him be followed.
      By his presence alone man may be transformed.

      As with our forebears
      So with our successors
      So with us
      We affirm this undertaking
      So let it be.

      (a Sufi prayer-anonymous)
      Contributed by David Bozzi

      Jan Barendrecht

      Intrusions, distractions, disturbances have a negative influence on
      passive meditation (being the witness, observing thoughts, emotions etc.).
      Digging out these disturbances might be a more effective approach for some.
      It is a very deep going reflection on the "why am I getting angry, why am I
      disturbed while in a traffic jam, why am I such an automaton to always react
      this way etc." If one "knows" intuitively and experiences a subtle 'desire'
      to be free from these afflictions, the digging out can be successful.
      "Longing" to be free from these afflictions isn't a desire, as one's true
      nature IS free from these afflictions. This "longing" is a form of
      meditation, the form of "as you meditate, so you become". So one day, while
      caught in a traffic jam, one could think: "What can I do" - the answer comes
      "Nothing" and there is only "I AM". Once afflictions are removed, they never
      'intrude' again.

      Let's assume the distraction is doing the dishes and you don't like it. So
      if you are the witness, it is the witness of " I don't like it" and IMO this
      isn't a good meditation. The key is to let go the "being the witness"; pay
      full attention so there is only "the dishes being done". Now where did the
      dislike go? The reason why creative work is almost addictive is that there
      is only "something being created"; there is no witness whatsoever. This is
      the natural state; when it shines without attention and its object, it is
      Self. The bliss that remains after having been engaged in creative work, is
      the 'aftertaste' of the bliss of Self.

      When the answer comes "Nothing" to "What can I do in a traffic jam" are you
      saying Jan that this is not frustrating for you?

      I would suppose ordinarily it would be quite on the contrary.

      Because if you are all ready at peace with the answer "nothing" not just to
      a traffic jam but to Life as such then the question as to what can I do
      would not arise in the first place.

      The question what can I do, what should I do, arise because I believe I can
      do something about the events in Life
      Frustration is not getting your way for what you believe is your way.

      This traffic jam example is very interesting for me as living in city with a
      population of 18 Million, all "satoris" has to perforce be in the midst of

      All my frustrations at not being able to do anything with a traffic jam
      vanished the moment I realised that I do not have to reach anywhere, I do
      not have to "really go" anywhere, I do not have to "really " reach anywhere.
      Then sitting still in the traffic jam or darting here and there to get ahead
      in a break in the traffic jam , both are OK with me.
      Jan Barendrecht
       "When the answer comes 'Nothing' to 'What can I do in a traffic
      jam' are you saying Jan that this is not frustrating for you?
      I would suppose ordinarily it would be quite on the contrary."

      There happen to be exceptions from the ordinary. The example of the
      traffic jam is from more than 30 years ago, when I was an anti-war activist,
      not even knowing the meaning of the word "meditation". When I came to a
      conclusion (eventually after reflecting on something deeply), I took the
      consequences of it immediately. My mind is hard-wired in that fashion.
      Realizing "nothing can be done" meant "do nothing" for me (unless you call
      peacefully waiting "doing"). I always thought human beings will take the
      consequence of their thoughts, if it turns out that the behavior/action,
      resulting from it is compassionate and intelligent; the "difference" only
      being that for some, it takes a little longer... Thank you for reminding me
      of being a reincarnated alien -<[:>)
      "Because if you are all ready at peace with the answer 'nothing'
      not just to a traffic jam but to Life as such then the question as to what can I do
      would not arise in the first place."

      At present, things differ from 30 years ago. To illustrate: Tuesday
      afternoon I drove to the mountains for a hike. Two policemen halted my car
      and said the road was closed because of a fire in the woods. Lying was
      detected and checked. Then I went back, took a road to a place where I knew
      there would be no police because the hike had to be preceded with a 400 m
      climb. As part of the hike another 600 m was climbed to the top of a hill
      where the rangers are on the lookout for fires. There was no fire. To
      prevent misunderstanding, "I" did not go anywhere; the body had its


      We are always on the path, whether we realize it or not. We were reborn
      into to every experience for more learning, I spent hours and days
      looking ofr something I could be apart of......I wanted to be one of group,
      to say I BELIEVE IN ?....This is my path,,,,,,but..nothing felt right to
      me.Most were to limiting,to restricting, to much ritual, to many
      whatevers.....I found no group or organization that just taught awareness
      and expansion of self, without restriction or a need to believe,,,,,,That
      just did not leave me anything to belong to,,,,As a result -I felt more
      alone than ever,,,,Then ,,I bought a computer,,,,this opened up a new
      world,,,,I joined the Bridge mailing list,,,met all kinds of people. Out of
      the two hundered or so that were on the list ,,,,there were a handful that
      I felt drawn too,,,,,mostly because of their sense of freedom, and I could
      relate to what each of them
      were saying,,,,,and though they taught or spoke in different ways
      ,,,,,,each one said the same thing,,,,,,They won my heart so to speak......
      When I reached my crash point,,,,they were there ,,,,not to hold my hand
      but to walk beside me as I crawled through the dark period..
      I give thanks every day that I was led to them,,, Out of the two hundred
      people , EJ, Sandeep, Lobster, Einar, Bruce , all offered their wisdom, and
      support...I don't idolize them,,,,put them on pedestals,(wouldn't want them
      to fall off ) but I sure do love them . That is all I can offer
      them,,,respect and love,,,,and they gave me so much more,, ( emotional
      moment here guys-shhh)
      I spent alot of my time on Light Mission reading, learning,,,and trying to
      get a grasp on what I felt , or was looking for...It taught me that all I
      was already available to me, by going within, working on myself, and healing,
      Am I there yet? No,,, still having moments of crawling and throwing
      tantrums,,, every so often moments of realizations come through and it feels
      right,,, moments of bliss and moments of connection,,,,,,I learned to let
      of expectations,,,,I try to live in the moment,,,,and to me , thats the big
      lesson for me,,,,,staying in the moment and not projecting or regressing, I
      may be wrong,,,,but I find by staying in the moment as much as
      possible,,,there is nothing I need, nothing to crave, nothing missing,
      nothing to fear, nothing to gain,,,,,it just is.....and I just
      am......Every moment of my life,so far, has led me here,,,,,just to write
      these words in this moment,,,It may not sound like much,,,,,,but to
      me,,,its a blessing to have the freedom of speach,the freedom to
      express,,,,and the freedom to share,,,,,
      And by staying in the moment -I have a tendancy to talk to much,,,,so will
      stop on this note,,,,,,

      I don't give to much advise,,,,,if any---but as I said, my truths are in
      the moment,,,,,stop the search,,,,,let go of expectations,,,and live every
      moment as it happens,,whether you label it good or bad,,,,,its all we have....

      Hi all

      Seriousness is a disease. Live Life


      "G.R. Chandran" wrote:
      > Subject: Boston-ISO
      Spiritual healing for ejaculation control

      > I am a male in my mid
      30's, Vegetarian, spirtual of asian Indian
      > origin. I would like to know
      if anybody can help me with
      > sexual healing. I am looking for info or
      help to devlop control
      > on my ejaculation. I am looking for spiritual
      healing methods
      > either Eastern (Such as Tantra), Yoga or any other
      western techniques
      > of sex magick (rituals).
      > If anybody
      has tried any techniques or
      > can offer any help in controling my sexual
      energies, please let me
      > know.

      alrighty G.R. you asked for it pal. here it ...cums [egad].

      step 1: stop touching yourself there bub... how do you want to control your
      libido's appetites if you keep teasing it.

      step 2: Maybe you should treat yourself to a good ol' cheeseburger (ummmmm)
      now and again... it might sublimate your manifest desires for ... flesh.

      step 3: Ever hear of the infamous western method of taking a cold shower?
      works wonders... also known as the "Shrink-a-dink" technique.

      If all else fails, wait another 20 years or so... and I'm sure natural
      decay will eradicate the problem... (unless of course you are of the
      uberman stock, in which case why bother trying to repress
      ejaculation...hell, go sell that stuff buddy.)

      As for my personal approach to handling inappropriate "rises" from Mr.
      Jimmy, I treat 'em as I would a stubborn puppy... scolding: "down boy! down!".

      good luck, you lusty dog you.

      from 'The Way to Go'
      -Irving Layton (1984)


      "Envy, lust, ... rule men's lives;
      lust declines
      for time and use turn the love-muscle flabby
      but envy takes a man right to the grave...
      I pray my last days on earth be mad
      with sexual desire
      so that virgins scatter at my coming [*winkwinknudgenudge, mr. Chandran]
      like timorous pigeons and sparrows..."

      Montreal, PQ




      All forms of expectations hinder Self Recognition. All methods lose usefulness after a certain point. Then how does it happen? How is it that people who have practiced meditation for years and years and wept their hearts out to the Divine for the Truth get even a glimpse of Reality. How do people so attached to enlightenment get it? They do so because of the mysterious force of Grace which is in Reality the Self. The Grace operating in deep meditation allows the dropping of expectations, fears and a total self surrender. This allows for merging of the mind and "Emerging"
      of the Self.

      Driftwood Dave
      It's a matter of becoming "aware of your awareness" , really living or
      BEing that awareness and personally I have found it more fun to play with
      it in it's various aspects than anything else I've ever run across.

      It's sorta like hearing about disneyland and you can intentionally head for
      disneyland and get there or you can wait until you run across it in the
      course of doing something else.

      Of course when speaking of awareness you are *starting* from within

      Dear List,

      I am Harvey, sometimes referred to as "Dr. H.," sometimes "Doc." Sandeep sent me a
      message suggesting this list. I know him from the "Bridge." I am a
      beginner at meditation and T'ai Chi. I practice daily.

      My home is at the base of the Organ mountains in southern New Mexico,
      USA. I am married with three grown children, three horses, three cats,
      two dogs, one goat, and a goldfish pond. I live a simple life, as lives
      go. There is little hustle and bustle of people in the desert. I am a
      practicing psychotherapist and a willing student.

      I hope to join your discussion soon. As regards the above, I wonder
      what the question is...
      Be at Peace...

      Dr. H.

      Inadequate as words may be...yours did remind me to reflect on who is
      silently present with me, and so near that even thoughts of them seem
      merely in the way, hardly necessary. It seems I first became really
      aware of this (consciously) after my father died. Somewhere amidst the
      grieving, I had a dream where I spotted him with a large crowd of
      people, walking away from me. He waved and smiled, but went
      on...silently telling me. "See, its just all these bodies moving
      on...that's only how you think you recognize me, my real presence is
      always with you in your heart." He actually made me laugh tho...in my
      dream. (I know what you THINK you want, but get over it!) I spent the
      next several days reflecting on how I can never really lose or miss my
      Dad, how much he just IS a part of me, however many years of being there
      for me it may have taken to establish his presence - nothing, including
      death, can remove his presence. And this may be finally realized in an
      instant of awareness.

      Family is not about geography...is it? Presence is not about words,
      thoughts, feelings, moods..all THAT comes and goes. But "what comes and
      goes" is grist for the mill..it gets our attention...its a start.. at
      least its a way to approach and learn to see "I AM."

      Since living with this Buddha question...and just noticing when I feel
      pressured to speak or do...I notice how most of my deepest and tenderest
      thoughts and feelings remain silent. There is no risk in speaking out
      with my sarcastic voice...( Tho I do try to include myself in the
      general mockery of our foibles)...there is a silent scream underneath
      the laughing, but I exaggerate the 'silliness" in order to minimize the
      "truthfulness." Who wants to go around with some open, bleeding heart of
      vulnerability? But it is always present..silent, still present. Who can
      bear such constant intensity? Of course, seriousness and sincerity of
      purpose will get you somewhere, but lightheartedness will too. I mean I
      once had some epiphany of awareness while cleaning up vomit, and it was
      from from seeing the humor in the situation. What is to be excluded from
      this IAM presence? Well, nothing...but maybe its more in the way you see
      it or talk about it...so its the expression here on the list which is
      really a matter of concern? See, I always somehow "saw" or felt that as
      long as there was loving concern and true listening at the "IAM
      list"..it hardly mattered "what" was being discussed..from spanking to
      losing weight..it was just more grist for the mill. A bit of silliness
      is always welcome...even attacks and anger seem to have ultimately
      proved useful, if people were willing to stick around and work with it.
      So help me to understand here..this sacred space means what to you all??

      Kate Bodie
      For the last two weeks I have been trying to sort out exactly what
      this list is talking about. Today I read through some of the
      literature available.

      I realize that the truth here is no different from the truth I
      encounter everywhere. I have been looking for truth in various
      presentations and with a headshake saying "almost" but "not exactly" I
      look now at what is truth and realize the absurdity!

      It is the same.
      It is only my mind that sees differences.
      What I seek is already here.
      What I see never is.
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