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#1845 - Thursday, July 1, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1845 - Thursday, July 1, 2004 - Editor: Jerry Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Letter to the Editors: Click Reply on your
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      #1845 - Thursday, July 1, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

      Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

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      This issue of The Nondual Highlights features extracts from the book Presence, by Ray Morose, and from his website: http://www.presencethebook.com/author.htm 

      "Presence is a book exploring the experiential formation and
      functioning of consciousness, exposing the practical use of spirit
      psychology within daily life. This unveils the purpose and direction
      of existence as both are embedded within consciousness. The unveiling
      process is a knowing-faith pathway as distinct from a belief-faith
      pathway. A knowing-faith is constructed upon personal experiential
      knowledge devoid of construct and belief constraints. This book has
      623 pages."



      Ray Morose
      Editor's note: For all Ray has written, he has kept a very low profile. A Google search of his name attaches him to his own website, an article on buzzle.com, and a brief mention in Highlights 1448. I figure more exposure is called for. Here's lookin' at you, kid.
      From twelve years of age onwards I had this unrelenting but
      indistinct sense of having to know the 'how and why' of my existence.
      It plagued me through my educational years, leading into the
      evaluation and participation in various religious and spiritual based
      organizations plus short-term monastic living and meditation
      practices: all the while keeping myself alive. It was an on and off
      affair that kept growing in intensity. The growing sense of
      dissatisfaction finally culminated when I was about fifty-five years
      old, necessitating a do or die attitude to get to the source of that
      unrelenting demand of 'how and why. Obviously I lived, but
      the 'how and why' did reveal itself. And this is where it became
      interesting, as all the effort resolved or dissolved into
      effortlessness, and clarity arose of its own accord. The 'how and
      why' was only obscured by my supportive but restricted knowledge,
      beliefs and constructs. When they went, the blockages they created
      went too and clarity of insight arose of its own accord, which of
      course is subjective.
      The books 'Presence' and 'Resolution Psychology' delineate that
      subjective knowing into framework terminology, creating objective
      learning processes that can be used to facilitate subjective knowing.
      The experience then becomes yours and not just second hand
      information. At the end of the day, it is the subjective experience
      and not the objective knowledge that contains life. You have it from
      the very beginning. It simply is a matter of lifting the veils that
      obscure your own clarity of insight.

      Presence is a book about existence, which is consciousness in all its
      varying forms. Unraveling consciousness into its primary components
      exposes existence as to how and why it was formed, and also how it
      functions. The unraveling process is the practical application of
      consciousness mind inquiry in daily life and through active spirit
      psychology evolved by spirit philosophy and logic through duality
      resolution. This unveils the purpose and direction of existence, as
      both are embedded within consciousness. The personal experience of
      discovering your essential and eternal nature is not a complex
      process. It is a simple process that has become complex by your
      acceptance of constructs (yours and others) of that nature and
      process. To discover what is permanent you are only required to
      recognize and remove that which is impermanent and transitory — the
      'shadow world' of your existence. By recognizing what you are not,
      reveals what you are.

      Presence is a book about existence, beginning with the obvious
      certainty that you exist. The content of the book deals with how that
      existence came to be, and its purpose. If you have ever brought your
      existence under evaluation and investigation this book will support
      your chosen direction without suggesting what you should or should
      not do.
      The intent of this book is to support your direction, but not create
      a direction, as direction is purely an individual choice. To that end
      the terminology presented is constructed from unrestricted language —
      pointing at an experience — allowing you to drop into the
      terminology, but not necessarily adopt it as restriction. It is like
      diving into the ocean, once you're in you,re in. You can then make up
      your own mind if the water is warm or cold without being told it is
      warm or cold.
      One day ends, which issues in another and another in succession until
      you last day. There you may be faced with one huge regret, rather
      than joyful anticipation of a greater range of experiencing. Everyone
      ultimately arrives at that last day on this earth-plane of existence;
      but very few actually prepare for it or make any real attempt to
      understand what that last day brings, beyond adopted or created
      constructs. To work now to discover that your consciousness is
      indestructible, realizing only you have the power to eternalize it,
      is a great gift. If that gift is left unwrapped, it will remain that
      way. When that last day arrives a huge regret may be waiting for you.
      You are responsible for your existence. If you give that
      responsibility away to others or to constructs, you have effectively
      given the responsibility for your existence to another. This is not
      evolution but stagnation. The resolution energy (see glossary) will
      resolve that stagnation in ways that you may not appreciate. The
      resolution experience is of your own making, as existence is
      evolution. If your consciousness is stagnating within restrictive
      constructs you are blocking the natural flow of existence. The
      resolution energy is there to support the removal of that block —
      absolute compassion— but it is rarely recognized as that. Evolution
      is the evolution of your consciousness, and only you can do that. You
      either take responsibility for your evolution or you do not. It is a
      straight yes or no. There is no in-between, no matter how many 'yes
      buts' you can come up with.
      Your daily life is fraught with ongoing complexities and dramas that
      never seem to abate. This will continue to be so in varying forms
      until your last day on this earth-plane of existence. It takes
      personal courage to go beyond all your created and adopted
      constructs, delving into your existence to discover for yourself why
      you exist. No one can give you that experience: that you have to
      Many will point and exclaim,'There it is or here it is', and some may
      well be right. But you will never know unless you experience it for
      yourself, and not merely accept what is given. Your existence demands
      its own confirmation, and only you can do that confirming work. It is
      absolutely impossible for another to do it for you. This creates a
      knowing-faith pathway as distinct from a belief-faith pathway, even
      though ideally they can and should go hand in hand. A belief-faith
      dominantly remains within restriction and a knowing- faith
      perpetually lives within non-restricted. The era we live in rarely
      allows one to mix with the other. But the mixing or the amalgamation
      is where individual evolution can achieve its greatest potential.
      The courage it takes to investigate is paid back a thousand fold in
      the personal discovery of Presence. You may never appreciate the
      truth of that statement unless you discover that truth for yourself,
      and not just accept it. Your life and its direction is totally in
      your hands to do with as you will. No one anywhere can interfere with
      that gift. The entire process begins with your decision to try, and
      the trying only continues with consistent tenacity and courage. Every
      ounce of effort creates spirit value, and that value is given back to
      you many times over.
      Your existence is a journeyless journey, as the journey begins and
      ends within consciousness. Your investigation ultimately discovers
      the indestructibility of consciousness. But it is only spirit value
      created by individual consciousness, which can eternalize it. The
      difference between an indestructible consciousness and an eternalized
      consciousness is personal survival. Eternal survival is not
      automatically given simply because you exist. It only occurs because
      of directional effort by the individual, or you earn it. The earning
      is spirit value based.
      Individual direction is a matter of personal choice. The results of
      that choice depend upon why and what that choice is made upon, and
      how it is used. How the choice is made and used dictates how
      effective or destructive the consequences of that choice are. The
      moment you adopt or accept a construct, no matter how good and
      beneficial it is, you have effectively adopted or accepted something
      outside yourself. This construct is then available for manipulation
      by the knower-I deception or the deception of others for their own
      ends under the guise of benefit to you or humanity: the knower-I
      deception and deceit in action. You can also knowingly or unknowingly
      manipulate the constructs of others under the same illusion of
      beneficial good intent.
      If you do not already have it, you cannot gain it, for if it can be
      gained it can be lost. If there is anything permanent it must already
      exist, and will have its roots within the Substance of creation:
      Absolute Consciousness. Individual consciousness is permanence in
      potential. The actualization of that potential is not a difficult
      process, as spirit value — the creator of an eternalized
      consciousness — exists within simplicity and sincerity. Creating
      spirit value is simply the act of openly following whatever direction
      your felt compassion is pointing. This has been said by innumerable
      people throughout the ages, and it really is that simple.
      Presence is not hiding, you merely have to alter your reference of
      how and where you look. Then Presence becomes obvious everywhere. The
      veils that prevent your clarity of vision are all self-created by the
      deception and maintained by the deceit. Your existence light is
      always full on. It is only the knower-I deception veils that appear
      to dim it, but your light can never be dimmed, only veiled. To remove
      the deception removes the veils, and your light shines with its own
      natural brilliance. It is a beacon to illuminate the pathway to
      Presence, preventing evolving individuals from stumbling upon the
      stones that have been strewn there by the good intent of others.

      To read many more extracts and to order the books, please visit http://www.presencethebook.com/index.htm.
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