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NDS digest for Thursday

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  • Melody
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nondual Digest - for Thursday, June 17, 1999: To join the Nonduality Salon please go to
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      Nondual Digest - for Thursday, June 17, 1999:

      To join the Nonduality Salon please go to


      From: Tim Gerchmez


      From the past they come unbidden,
      memories of fear and loss.
      Desire not escape in Self,
      for Self loves Self
      and Self grieves for Self.
      There is no pity.

      In agony the cries of mankind;
      come unbidden.
      Cries for healing that go unheard.
      Cries of starving that go unfed.
      Cries of tortured who know no relief.
      Seek not relief, for there is no relief
      unless relief is given by Self.

      Life is suffering, and suffering is kind.
      From suffering all healing comes.
      The wheel turns; time moves.
      There is no escape.
      Why escape?

      Emptiness of mind is no peace.
      Joy of heart is no relief.
      Impersonal God is no salvation.

      In Self lies agony as well as ecstasy.
      In denial of agony lies suffering.
      Suffering is joy. Jesus suffered.

      Coins are flipped; heads or tails?
      Both sides read the same.
      Heads read joy; Tails read agony.
      All creatures have heads and tails.

      To feel agony is release,
      in suffering is liberation found.
      To let tears flow is to let grace flow.

      Deny misery? Deny God.
      Deny nothing.
      In denial lies death.
      Let the tears flow.
      Tears of joy,
      Tears of anguish.
      The wheel turns again,
      and the water of life
      flows from the eyes
      irrigating the soul.

      Without crying there is no laughing.
      Without laughing there is no feeling.
      Without feeling there is no Soul.
      Soul withers and dies in absence of feeling.
      There is no feeling without all feeling.

      Seriousness is disease.
      Absence of seriousness is disease.
      Life is joy and pain. No pain, no joy.

      Love illusion. Hate reality;
      Or reverse.
      It is the same.

      I am memory
      and I am now
      and I am dream.

      Deny one, deny all.
      Deny nothing.

      Let all flow.
      Let all come together.
      Many becomes One.
      One becomes coin.
      Coin becomes heads and tails.
      Heads and tails become animal.
      animal evolves to Self.

      Memory is not of mind.
      Memory is of Soul.
      The Prophets lie.
      Forget Me not.

      ... Tim Gerchmez, Rev. 2

      From: PhamDLuan@...

      KKT: Excerpt from the book "J. Krishnamurti
      as I Knew Him" by Susunaga Weeraperuma.




      Susunaga Weeraperuma: After all these years of
      self-observation, isn't it shameful that the image-
      making process still continues in my mind? The
      torrential rain of thought never stops pouring down.
      One feels depressed in defeat.

      Krishnamurti: Why do you judge yourself? As a
      child you must have played games. Awareness
      is also like a game. If you play only, for the fun
      of it, does it matter whether you win or lose?

      SW: I find that awareness is not continuous. There
      are flashes of awareness. The flashes stop and then
      there are moments of dullness. One is suddenly
      aware again. This intermittent nature of awareness
      is a problem.

      K: Awareness does not have to be continuous:
      seldom is it continuous. When you criticize
      yourself by saying that awareness is not continuous,
      it shows that you have formed a concept of awareness,
      an ideal, a standard. Thereafter you try to conform to
      that standard established by yourself. Sir, awareness
      is not a self-imposed practice. You cannot practise
      awareness. When you have an insight into the way
      your mind works, do not become greedy for more
      insights by saying the mind should be aware all the

      SW: I feel fatigued after trying to be aware from
      moment to moment.

      K: Take a rest when you are tired. After you have
      refreshed yourself, then you are ready for work again.
      Self-observation involves very hard work. Without
      energy you cannot work and when energy has
      depleted by work then you have to rest again.

      SW: I seem to expend more energy when the
      mind is struggling to be alert.

      K: Struggling to be alert is a waste of energy
      whereas BEING alert generates energy. Have
      you noticed that there is actually an increased
      energy when you come to terms with yourself?
      Let us consider fear. The mind loves to escape
      from fear by justifying its existence or brushing
      it aside. You do not eliminate fear by escaping
      from it. But the moment the fact of fear is
      accepted and fully faced, without running away
      from it, fear disappears and a new energy comes
      into being.

      SW: The memories of certain pleasant and
      unpleasant experiences often recur. Certain
      thoughts are so deeply entangled in consciousness
      that they seem to be permanently residing there.

      K: Whenever a thought recurs you must look at
      it anew. An annoying thought or a pleasurable
      thought that keeps on emerging has a story to
      tell. Why not allow the fellow to reveal his own
      story? Can't you find out a little more about the
      fellow each time he emerges?

      SW: My other difficulty is the rapidity of the
      thought process. It moves so fast that I cannot
      keep pace with it.

      K: It will calm down as you uncover the layers
      of the unconscious. You must lay bare the
      unconscious so that there are no dark corners
      within it.

      SW: I experience periods of tranquility, when
      thought has temporarily fallen into abeyance.
      It is a pity that these periods are not of longer

      K: Why ask for more? Surely it is thought that
      is demanding tranquility. There will certainly be
      no tranquility so long as thought operates. On
      one occasion a very learned friend remarked that
      he had read a great deal with the result that there
      was no space in his mind. Can a mind that is very
      active and full of its own noise ever have the silence
      to receive something untouched by thought? Sir,
      if I may suggest, try to be alone for at least one
      hour every day. During this period you should not
      read, work or enjoy the company of your friends.
      You may devote this time for taking a solitary walk
      or observing nature. It is a sheer delight to watch
      the birds in flight, the lovely green trees and the
      vast open skies. The mind loses its sensitivity
      whenever there is no communion with nature.
      Live close to nature.

      SW: It is necessary to know every thought?

      K: You cannot possibly know every thought.
      There are far too many of them. The stream
      of consciousness is enormous and powerful.
      Only by understanding the limitations of
      thought can you transcend it. The very act of
      understanding is also the act of crossing this
      stream. You have got to walk out of it. Sir,
      walk out of it right now!


      from Elisabeth Bell:

      There is a level of serenity and fearlessness in my life today which I would
      not have believed even 2 years ago. But this ease, this cool observance,
      was "bought" at the "price" of an ended relationship, (harder on him than on
      me) and a daily workload of 1- 2 hours of contemplative work, journalling,
      retreats, reading, etc. To maintain it (at present) requires daily
      contemplation and a machete-like willingness to cut conflicting stuff out of
      my daily life.

      And I have little doubt that if my circumstances were changed, like if I got
      falsely shoved into prison, or subjected to torture, or got one of the
      severly painful cancers, that my serenity could be altered, perhaps
      obscured, the link forgotten, the body, though under siege, back in charge
      of my perceptions and behaviour.

      Yes, when the awareness comes through most of the (all of the) knots which
      bind me sublime - ("pass directly from solid to gaseous state"). When the
      awareness fades, I live on the field rations of the memory of that
      awareness. I never forget constant work, at least at present, is necessary
      to keep me from falling back into the world of fears, petty annoyances,
      gaudy toys, and danger. The danger, to me, is that false world, which can
      impose itself as long as I have a body.
      Jan wrote:
      << 3 kinds of tantra:

      1. LH: left hand
      2. RH: right hand
      3. path of the Kaula sect.

      The last one can roughly be equate with Kundalini yoga.

      Jan, as far as I know all schools of Tantra involve working on the energy
      centers and raising the Kundalini Shakti in some way. Historically, practices
      have differed among the schools with everyone claiming their school to teach
      about the highest, etc. Swami Rama, a good friend of my teacher was an
      advocate of Samaya, a purely yogic path, leading to the union of Shiva and
      Shakti in the Sahasarara. The Himalayan Institute that he founded focuses on
      the Sri Vidya tradition.


      > ==Gene Poole==
      > "one plus one equals no one"
      > Have I won one? Or can one win one, if one is one?
      > Two ones are one one reflected in the cosmic nondual mirror of Self, he said
      > "I am I am, and I am I am", and no one asked him what he meant, in that
      > Amen.

      Thanks for the smiles, Gene, and for playing along. I think that if a
      person 'knows' the more perfect answer, then the koan is answered. I
      know you know the '3', even though to give the answer is to miss giving
      the answer.

      To me the more perfect answer is to consume it. To gobble it up. Like
      the cookie monster or the last french fry in the bag. I've had these
      questions or koans come to me throughout life, and when they get
      answered it is always through a kind of consumption. I guess in the
      context of a Zen monastery or a Nonduality Salon, perhaps, that
      consumption gets captured verbally. If a person is a loner, it is not
      necessarily going to be captured.

      What's going on now is very strange. Something is happening that is like
      the formation of a koan and both the answering of that koan, at the same
      time. I guess that's a kind of koan in itself. In other words, I sense
      that the koan and the answer will arrive at the same time. There is some
      kind of precipitation in the process of happening. I can't say too much
      more about it. I'm kinda watching it happen.

      With love,


      Tim Harris wrote:

      We need only look back to see how far we have come.
      We need only look down to see how much we have grown.
      We need only look within to find peace of mind.

      Gentle Peace.



      From: Bruce Morgen <editor@...>

      We don't see things as they
      are, we see things as we are.
      --- Anais Nin


      Tim Harris wrote:

      The world as we see it or 'seeing things as we are' points
      clearly to the fact that we feel 'separate' from the world. The key, I
      believe, is how we react to the world. We may react as being 'separate' or
      we may react as a 'part'. Either way, the outcome is absolute therefore the
      only separateness that truely exists is that which you create within your

      There is no difference between these as, whether one sees themself as
      'separate' or 'part of' or, for that matter, even 'all' of the world, the
      only separation that takes place is 'when' one reacts. Your 'actions' are
      'part of' all action towards goodness as they are done in the spirit of good
      intention however, it is your 'reactions' that set you apart. There is no
      difference as these 'two', seperateness and oneness, are only but one idea.
      It is the mind that makes them two and sets them against each other.

      Remember, the essence of nonduality is 'not two'. A rainbow is infinte in
      all dirrections. To simply take two 'complete' ideas and set them beside
      each other as opposites is not being able to capture the essence of what it
      means to be nondual. Hot is 'not' the opposite to cold. Hot is whole unto
      itself with its own specific properties as too is cold. They are 'elements'
      that, when mixed, have a 'chemical' reaction to create something 'new' and
      'whole unto itself'. It is this unique 'blending' of elements and dimensions
      that creates this 'experience'.

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