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#1796 - Thursday, May 13, 2004

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1796 - Thursday, May 13, 2004 - Editor: Jerry Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Letter to the Editors: Click Reply , compose
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      #1796 - Thursday, May 13, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

      Highlights Home Page and Archive: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm
      Letter to the Editors: Click 'Reply', compose your message, and 'Send'. All the editors will see your letter.


      This issue features emails to the Nonduality Salon (NDS) list and one from the mother list, I Am.

      The photos were taken by editor Gloria Lee and she doesn't know I'm using them. I guess it's too late now!



      What is the way to heal a broken heart? How to gather
      positive energy to handle a sudden seperation from
      your lover?

      ~ ~ ~
      Welcome the grief, embrace it, and enquire gently what is it really?

      Love, Mark
      ~ ~ ~
      Dear Jayanth,

      leave you heart totally open, totally broken-open. When your heart
      will be open 360° will become only Radiance in which "you" will
      disappear and only Love will remain.

      When someone leaves us we have a wonderful opportunity: to see how
      Love does not come from any object, including our partner, but is
      what is creating everything and everybody. This Love does not go
      away, is permanent and is what you really are.

      Love is not an emotion: emotions come and go, but what you really
      are does not go away, never. Real Love is Unconditional, it is not a
      contract, it is not exchanged by persons. When you fall in Love, you
      experience this openess that come directly out of Emptiness...then
      you start to pretend Love, thinking that Love is coming from the
      other person and problem starts. The relatioship in that moment is
      already finished, because that openess is disappeared. Just see that
      the Love that you feel for a person is arising IN YOU, is totally
      yours. The other person is just an excuse to discover this...say
      thanks to your partner for what you shared and be open. In this
      openess in this Radiance an other person will arrive that will have
      all the characteristics that you loved in the other and more the
      same openess you have discovered again.

      TRUST: Life is our Dream and is always giving what we need to see
      what we are. Sometimes we need a bit of suffering like a separation
      because we have become attached to a person...if this is the case
      say thanks and go ahead...if you learn the lesson that Life is
      giving you with this separation a more free and open relatioship
      will appear if this is what you really want. When you become open,
      when you are in the acceptance, you become One with Life and God.
      And in this way your willing and the willing of God become One.    

      With all my Love

      ~ ~ ~
      I have a secret method for curing a broken heart that was given to me by my
      teacher. This method is given to monks because for them being infatuated
      with a woman and having a broken heart is no good (very bad for meditation
      and Nirvana).

      Monks who practice this are not affected even when exceeding beautiful women
      throw them at their feet.

      They remain serene and calm without a hint of disturbance.

      The method does not work perfectly for everyone and can take a couple of
      weeks to a three month period for it to be effective.

      I am not giving this method publicly yet but letters like this make me feel
      the world needs it.

      Let me give this some more thought.

      Bless you all.

      Love to all

      ~ ~ ~
      Separate from separation.
      ( a voyage on the sea maybe?)

      ~ ~ ~
      Hello Jayanth,

      Follow your sense of reality, not your boyfriend or girlfriend.


      ~ ~ ~
      A broken heart is conflict within.
      Conflict within is a door, not a problem
      to be solved or to be run from.

      Unfortunately, we so often tend to run
      from conflict.

      To enter the door that is conflict within
      us is to encounter the divisions within.
      It is then for us to witness the fragmentariness
      of our own inner life.

      In beholding without judgement what is
      within us we come face-to-face with our
      own aliveness. In pain there is life, and in
      life there is wholeness, and in wholeness
      there is redemption.

      In judging our experience as painful we
      cut ourself off from life. We come to see
      the pain as the issue when in truth it is
      our own judgement, cutting ourself off from
      life, that is the crux.

      So go in, in, in and be at one with what is.
      Go wherever it will take you.


      ~ ~ ~
      The heart breaks due to many reasons. Most often it is because of
      someone breaking the trust .someone such as a friend,  a lover, a
      relative, a politician, a guru or a person in power. And,
      unfortunately it happens .all the time. And, it will keep happening.
      There is no way around it.

      Many people earn their livelihood on lies, dishonesty and deception
      and their survival depends on their ability to cheat you, fraud you .
      upon their ability to break your heart. Many of them have years of
      practice and experience doing it. They have great cheating and heart
      breaking skills, .they are trained professionals. There are lot of
      them in the politics, in marketing and .in other positions of power.
      There is very little we can do about it. People with these skills
      tend to gain power quite easily. That is their mission, and .many
      times they succeed. Whenever, you run into them, you will led to the
      land of promise, expectations, hope .only to be abandoned after your
      utility for them is over.

      That is the way it is. That is the way it has been..There is no other
      way..If you are not a good cheat yourself then you got to be ready to
      be cheated .anytime. If you are a good cheat, the, it is a fair game.
      Give and take, they win some, you win some. Use, your debacle to
      learn, .to hone up your skills and there is always tomorrow to try
      your skills.

      As, Katie rightly puts it our perceived pain and agony doesn't come
      from the reality. No matter how `good' or `bad' it is. Our pain comes
      from fighting an impossible battle, our pain comes from wanting the
      reality to be something else, from wanting the `what is' to be `what
      is not'. It starts with things like `he shouldn't have done
      this', `she should not have done that', `the world should have been
      fair', `the people in power should have been truthful and honest' .
      and, the failure is built-in in the expectations itself. Many times,
      you are wishing that the things  could have been different in the
      past which is no longer there. Now, you are running a torturous
      mental movie of past again and again in your mind and are making it
      increasingly more torturous by repeating `this should not have
      happened', `that should have been different'. It is an insane
      approach, and it can only create more pain.

      A better, healthier and saner approach to just accept the plain fact
      and then decide what is the best thing to do next. Yes, he has
      cheated me or yes, she has abandoned me; what can I do know. What is
      the best thing to do: A. To sit and complain. B. To run the torturous
      movie of the tormenting past even again and again. C. To confront
      him/her and make him/her aware of your complain. D. To forget it and
      move on towards the next mission, next person, next event. E. To
      learn how to be more careful and move on. F. To take a break and
      enjoy something different like .more time in nature, woods, beach, or
      read a book of poetry, or enjoy music .and, thank the person involved
      for giving you this opportunity.

      Or, else, if all you want is .peace, then, there is nothing to be
      done. Just watch the broken heart and it will mend itself. The heart
      is incredibly strong and self sufficient. It knows how to love, how
      to feel and it also knows how to accept and heal. You just watch the
      pain whenever this pain comes on its own. Don't pass any comments,
      don't label it, don't make any `what if' or `should have' remarks and
      it will start losing strength, it will start losing grip and it will
      start disappearing. Watching pain is a great lesson, a great exercise
      in reality and it can serve as great tool and opportunity to take you
      to your inner immensely peaceful reality. In the moment of pleasures
      you are too `busy' chasing or running behind other `important'
      things, running behind your `desires', `expectations', `hopes' and
      you have no time to know the inner peace and serenity. As such, the
      pain can serve as an alarm clock, a reminder .a friend and you can
      use it to get closer to your eternal inner peace.

      Situations are always what are .at that moment. Accepting them fully
      and utilizing them the best you can is the only smart choice. Wanting
      things to different .only creates pain as it is an impossible demand.
      Things are just what they are, .at that moment ..

      After all, you can never avoid breaking of heart, breaking of trust,
      breaking of hope .they will keep breaking .again and again. All you
      can do is to learn some lesions, learn to be conservative in your
      hope, trust and expectations, learn to be more careful to possibly
      reduce the frequency of the heart-breaks and then fully enjoy the
      interval between two heart breaks. The heart was broken in the past,
      it might break again ..why lose the interval in the middle, why not 
      fully enjoy this precious interval, this moment in .joy, celebration,
      laughter .peace. Why and destroy this perfectly good moment by
      running an old tormenting heart-break movie again and again in the
      mind. Living it once was enough, why keep running it in the mind, why
      keep living through it again and again .in the mind, .even when it is
      no longer there, .even when it is a thing of the past .

      Just learn the lesson and move on ..
      Adithya Comming
      ~ ~ ~
      BE Well and Mindful Wonderful New Friend.




      Why trying to switch off your mind? How would you actually be able
      to do it?

      There is no personal mind, there is just Mind. There is just
      Consciousness. Any thought arises out of Awareness/Emptiness, there
      is no such a thing like a personal thought.
      You are not a thinker of that thoughts, they are arrive on their own
      and you dont choose them. You are not in control of them and yet you
      maybe would like to stop them.

      Through pratices and tecquique many spiritual seekers try to put an
      end to what is called mind, or better to the thinking
      process. The mind is an activity, is a repetitive action that is
      going on in Cosciousness. Its repetition gives the sense that can be
      some sort of entity on its center. Its repetition happens because
      Awareness is attaching itself on that particular thoughts instead
      that being aware of itself.

      Actually there is just Mind, there is just Consciousness. Trying to
      put an end to the mind as it was a "personal process of
      enlightenment" is just ego. Simply see clearly that all thoughts are
      impersonal, simply notice that there is something that is always
      aware of any thoughts and never changes. Thoughts come and go, they
      pass like clouds. You are the empty sky, all the time. Why you want
      continue to catch that coulds? Let them go.

      Nothing could ever touch this peace.
      This peace is Nonthingness itself.



        This morning I have awoken with the word *acceptance* in the mouth.
      And from one thing to other I started to understand the *there is no
      good or bad* all is a part of the whole, nothing better or worse.
      Everything is as it should be. But at the same time this things are
      not the same between them, there is an incredible diversity.

        Understanding this, creates an intense feeling of peace and self-
      acceptance. I feels very good. :). Later I took a look to my garden,
      and yep, it was all there. Perfect!.:)

        This remembers me a phrase from D. Berkow -- "there is no
      differentiateness but there is no sameness at the same time"

        And precisely this lack of understanding is what produces personal
      problems, social problems and international problems.

        But, curiously this produces a new good and bad.

         Good -- all the things and ideas who point toward this and thus
      creats harmony and peace. -- dialogue, agreement, consensus

         Bad -- all the things and ideas who point against this and thus
      creates disharmony and war. -- fight, discrimination, totalitarism

        Comments? :)



      I Am
      Om Namo Bhagavathe Sri Ramanaaya

      Greetings friends:

      The book Sri Ramana Anubuti -"Nondual Consciousness - The Flood Tide of
      Bliss" - , being Muruganar's Classic exposition of the process of his
      sadhana leading up to full-blown realisation of the Self by the Grace of our
      Lord Bhagavan Sri Ramana Mahrshi,  has been translated into English from the
      Tamil by Robert Butler. It is published by the Ramana Maharshi Centre for
      Learning in Bangalore.

      Robert has now written a full exposition on Bhagavan's Ulladu Narpadu, The
      Forty Verses. Word by word and line by line, he  analyses and explains the
      words Bhagavan is using in the poem, and he looks very deeply at how the
      language works.

      Although the book seems quite 'tough', it can also be read at a much simpler
      level, as Robert matches the phrases up with their English equivalents - so
      that by working closely and carefully with the text, the reader experiences
      the Forty Verses from the inside. From Deep within....

      Now that the work is in the process of being worked through very carefully,
      a forum has been opened where members can ask questions, clarify points, and
      give valuable feedback to Rob as the work approaches its final stages.

      The beauty of working in this way is that even devotees who believe that
      they do not know Tamil at all can, by carefully reading over the sections
      and reading the lines over several times,  acquire a feel for the magic of
      Bhagavan's poetry; and they  will find that step by step they could soon
      reading it in the original.

      The forum is also a meeting point for devotees to ask questions, where they
      can help in clarifying issues, whilst at the same time providing valuable
      feedback to the author. In this way the book is seen as  "Everybody's", in
      the same way that Bhagavan Ramana Himself dances in the Heart of every soul,
      inside every Being.

      It has indeed also been the experience for some that by a careful study of
      the matter in hand, the process of the Investigation of the Self is
      initiated automatically; in this way Bhagavan reaches out to us holding and
      nurturing devotees in his compassionate hand.

      Because of the serious and concentrated nature of this forum, membership is
      restricted, as only sincere applications for membership are entertained.
      This is to discourage frivolous applications.

      An important feature is that the book is also being prepared in
      easy-to-follow Roman letters which accurately reflect the  Tamil script
      which is used in the original book. The first four verses in Roman letters
      have already been uploaded to the Files area in PDF format, and  all
      postings on the group are written in Roman letters. Tamil natives can also
      download the book in the original script. Transliteration keys and files to
      get you started are uploaded onto the Files section. It is also undertaken
      to explain via postings, as often as necessary, points which are not

      A simple "Walthrough" of the Forty is underway, and we have only just
      started on verse two, so it's a good time to join.

      The tape with the sung chant of the Forty Verses is available from Sri
      Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, South India. It is the cassette called
      "Tuesday" (sevvaaykizhamai), which is part of the Tamil "Parayana" of which
      there are five other tape cassettes. The "Tuesday" tape starts with the
      singing of Upadesa Undiyar and moves onto the Forty Verses along with the
      Supplement. It's recommended that members acquire a copy of this tape in
      order to familiarize themselves with the haunting cadences of the words.





      Who am I this time?
      I am reminded of an old movie i once saw. It is a wonderful little
      short, done from a short story by Vonnegut, if i remember
      correctly. It stars Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon.

      I think it was titled Who Am I This Time.

      I was reminded of it as it pertains to how we believe in the
      personality we construct, like a sick actor who mistakenly
      believes he is the character he plays.

      I highly recommend you see this, if you haven't already...or if you
      already have, perhaps you might want to see it again.

      The character in the movie has a slightly different problem....
      It's a small masterpiece.


      Warwick Wakefield
      this afternoon I went to a little
      cafe-bookshop near the beach.

      It was just on sunset and all the white-painted buildings were glowing in
      the soft golden light. I'll post a picture some time.

      I bought a card, (this one) and sat down to drink my coffee.

      Nearby there was a woman feeding two babies who were sitting in a kind of double-barrelled stroller. Their shoes had come off and they were playing with their toes, the way babies do.

      I walked over to their table and asked the mum if I could say hullo to them. She was very happy so I looked at the closest, and made a kind of gurgling sound and the baby engaged with me totally. She smiled, then looked away, and then looked back again, and kept on looking back and smiling and waving her arms.

      The babies were twins, not identical twins, but both girls, and they were seven months old.
      Their mother was a sweet young woman, so in love her baby daughters and so happy that I had seen with my heart what beautiful souls they are. And she was delighted that her daughter was relaxed and confident and happy, not at all shy, and showering me with smiles. She, the young mother, kept making little surprised sounds,"Oh!" and "Look!", and we kept exchanging glances and smiles and happiness. Oh the happiness! It was a circle of happiness as golden as the evening sun. I kept thinking, "This is simply Grace; nothing one could do would bring such happiness as an entitlement; this is the overflowing generosity of the Divine."

      Much love


      Bill Rishel
      Squirrel Dharshan

       I was meditating in a forest by a stream. My mind
      was a bit stirred up as I walked to the spot, but
      as I sat it quieted down. How can I describe the
      breath-taking beauty? It was as if melted into a
      deep puddle of feeling that was hued by leaves
      and tree trunks, rock and water, and pierced by
      crystal sounds. A squirrel came down from a tree
      a ways away, looked at me, fussed around but
      gradually worked closer and closer until he was
      peering at me from a few feet, his forlegs
      perched on a branch that lay near my feet. He was
      young and there was a softness about him. Not
      just his fur, but a tenderness in his gaze. In a
      few moments he had skittered off again.
      Later that night I was meditating at home. The
      presence of that squirrel was suddenly so great
      in my mind. I felt pierced by that presence.
      "Squirrel dharshan," I thought. And a deep
      feeling of blessing poured through me.
      Bill Rishel 10-2002
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