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  • andrew macnab
    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ JERRY
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 1999


      Added Timothy Schoorel and Don Quixote de la Mancha to the
      Nondual Realizers/Confessors list.


      Thank you,

      Jerry Katz (de la Halifax)


      What treasure to be remembered. Thank you.
      Never enough time with my children...who should be drunk until utter
      intoxication...however....the time I do see them is wonderful and we are
      moving through the grief and anger, doing good work, getting clear and
      setting foundations for celebration in the here and now and planting
      seeds for the future. Thank you for holding us in your heart. Many
      blessings to you and those you love.

      Love, Kristi

      MOZOX Quotes Sarara Devi:

      " I cannot see others' faults. I am simply not made that way, There are
      enough people always ready to criticize others. Surely the world will
      not come to an end if I refrain from doing so."

      "let me tell you how to love all equally. Do not demand anything of
      those you love. if you make demands, some will give you more and some
      less. In that case you will love more those who give you more and less
      those who give you less. Thus your love will not be the same for all.
      You will not be able to love all impartially. "

      "As you progress in your spiritual practice you will see the same Being
      in you as in me, and that He is in all Men, be they of the lowest
      castes. Then only can you get humility."

      XANMA quotes ROBERT Rabbin:

      "This silence is of utmost importance, much more
      so than anything I or anyone else can say. The
      mysticism I know, I can only point to: an exquisite
      silence within the deep core of each human being
      which can be directly experienced. This inner silence
      is itself the true seat of power and teacher of wisdom.
      I learn from this silence. I see from this silence. Silence
      opens the heart and clears the mind. I trust this
      silence to provide clarity, courage, and truth. This
      is what I trust, and this is what I know inheres in
      each person: a clear mind and an open heart. It
      is not enough to agree or disagree; in order to be
      authentic, the indwelling silent beauty must be
      realized by each one of us. "

      RICK introduces himself:

      Howdy everyone~
      Jerry your site is awesome it has been the lauching pad of my every web
      exploration. I guess its finally time to share some thoughts thats been
      rolling through this head so thanks for the warm atmosphere that makes
      this possible. Most of my understanding of non-duality is intellectual,
      havent yet been able to practice much. My understandings are mostly a
      product of Alan Watts, Nisargadatta, and Ramesh to let you all know
      where i am coming from. To some extent it feels like i have become more
      authentic, whereas my thinking mind was at one time so active trying
      unsuccesfully to control myself, it seems more and more that i am just
      being. There is a certain peace that comes with even just an
      intellectul surrender. Sure, the
      description of mystical experiences are so beautiful that i desire these
      with all my heart, but i can accept that this 'me' may never have them.
      Its not in my control, and its a selfish pursuit anyways. But there is
      no one here to deny selfishness either. For so long i have hated ego,
      thinking there had to be a way to kill it. But there isn't, part of
      surrendering is accepting the fact that it is in this nature to be
      selfish at times. I guess what worries me is that whereas before i may
      have acted out of concern for what 'others' thought about me or whether
      i was
      offending anyone, now things just come out that can be nasty at times.
      This doesnt seem to be right at all. Shouldn't a greater love come with
      detatchment or does is this just a purging process where hidden things
      are coming to the surface to be looked at and witnessed? Do things
      sometimes get worse before they get better? It seems that questions are
      irrelevant in non-duality, i guess anything is possible. The have said
      there is no controller of this body/mind, events just happen so what
      there should be no concern at all if these acts are an expression of
      love or not? There is no one here to try to be loving, will true
      spontaneous love come about in due time?

      Confused as can be


      Hello, Rick. Thank you. I try to make the site a place I'd
      like to stumble upon myself. It consists of the works of
      others and all I do is collect those works as though they
      are shells on the shore, and then I put them on display.

      I think confusion is good as long as one doesn't fall in
      love with it and refuse to let it give way to clarity. If
      you are feeling more authentic, that can only mean that
      falseness is falling away. The movement has to be toward who
      you really are. When you know who you are that is the end of
      your life and the beginning. Keep attending to what you know
      is real. The names you mention above are hardly surpassed.
      Once the Self is known, or the nature of Being is known, it
      is known in others, and this is a kind of love, perhaps the
      one you question above.


      TIM G.

      Intellectual understanding *is* a form of practice (jnana yoga). You
      use this knowledge to negate ignorance. But when that ignorance is
      negated, it is then time to throw ALL knowledge overboard. In other
      the jnana practitioner uses a vast knowledge of Advaita as a "boat" to
      cross the ocean of the world. Once the ocean is crossed, the boat
      is discarded as useless.

      However, it's greatly helpful to combine some meditation along with
      as you also need to experience the Self directly. If you integrate some
      meditation into your practice, I think you will find much of that
      clearing itself up.

      HariH OM,

      With Love,



      Truth is plain
      Words are not always true
      Persuasion is unnecessary
      Whether by argument or skill
      Courses or degrees

      Don't fixate on unpossessed possessions
      What you possess - give away
      So to possess more

      Fulfillment lies in attentiveness
      In accepting the Whole
      While doing our Part (D.K. Reynolds, paraphrased)


      DAN responds to CHRISTIANA:

      >I've notice that we are often quick to confront and quick to defend.
      >There is, in this, also an enormous opportunity to pause and observe...
      >really observe through the portal of no defense.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments on this, Christiana. It seems to me
      that As long as there is something to defend, it will be defended
      one way or another. How else can it be? There are different ways
      to defend - some emotional and some intellectual,
      some spiritual in a rote way,
      some ways divert energy into confrontation, whereas
      other ways divert energy into sidetracks.

      Who is to be the judge of
      whether someone is being defensive or open? Only the person himself
      or herself can really ascertain this clearly. There is a saying
      that when a pickpocket meets a sage, only the sage's pockets are
      noticed by the pickpocket. Each one will color how
      words are heard and understood through
      the "lens" of each one's awareness. We can learn about ourselves by
      looking at our defensive reactions in clarity. Hopefully, our clarity
      about defensiveness will itself open into awareness. If we try too hard
      be open, we end up defending ourselves through our very
      "attempt to be open". In other words, it seems to me that openness
      involve effort; it's more a matter of readiness and seeing no other way
      than a matter of believing that we must be open and not defend

      Love, Dan


      ...For me, I do have concerns, and I do have feelings. Now, who is this
      "me" who "has" these concerns and feelings? That "me" turns out to be
      an assumption, a linguistic artifact, and a cultural imposition. And
      that's okay. My concerns and feelings don't block awareness - they
      simply appear in awareness. So what is this awareness? It's "not a
      thing", and calling it awareness is also a linguistic artifact and
      assumption. And I celebrate the beauty of this moment, of this awareness
      in which you and I share these comunications.
      -- with love --


      *Found! Western how-to text!*

      Called THE BOOK OF PRIVY COUNSELING, this is a remarkable 14th guide to
      contemplation from the anonymous English author of THE CLOUD OF
      PRIVY COUNSELING has what we had been discussing earlier in this thread
      hadn't really found - an authentically Western non-dual vision, a very
      direct step-by-step method, and a description of the unspeakable joy
      is revealed as the fruit. This is all simpler, more explicit and more
      direct than I've ever seen in a Western text. I can only suspect that
      there are likely many more such texts out there, lying around monastery
      libraries and English country-house attics.

      [[This paragraph's info comes from editor William Johnston's Forward.
      author was an English churchman, mystic and theologian. He remained
      anonymous. One of his influences was the great 6th century Syrian
      (Christian) mystic Dionysius the Areopagite, who wrote Mystical
      Our English author translated it as Hid Divinity.]]

      Although they are in print, these two English books are little known in
      West, overshadowed by the more lyrical St. John of the Cross' DARK NIGHT
      THE SOUL. In fact, Bernadette Roberts wrote a lot about non-dualism
      the Christian tradition, and used St. John as her guide. I never saw her
      mention PRIVY COUNSELING.

      Before the quotations, here is the bibliographical info:

      Edited by William Johnston, Image Books, Doubleday, c1973,
      30th printing, 1996. ISBN 0-385-03097-5

      Here are excerpts of THE BOOK OF PRIVY COUNSELING showing both aspects,
      (I.) the author's non-dual vision, and a (II.) bit about the fact that
      had a method. All emphasis in the original (denoted by asterisks like


      >From Chapter 1
      He is your being, but you are not his.


      "That which I am, I offer to you,
      O Lord, for you are it entirely."

      >From Chapter 2
      In any case, do not think *what you are* but *that you are.*

      >From Chapter 13
      I did not say that you must desire to un-be, for that is madness and
      blasphemy against God. I said that you must desire to lose the
      and experience of self.

      >From Chapter 21
      Finally, the mind which sees and experiences God as he is in his naked
      reality is no more separate from him than he is from his own being,
      as we know, is one in essence and nature. For just as God is one with
      being because they are one in nature, so the spirit, which sees and
      experiences him, is one with him whom it sees and experiences, because
      have become one in grace.


      Chapter 1
      When you go apart to be alone for prayer, put from your mind everything
      have been doing or plan to do. reject all thoughts, be they good or be
      they evil.

      Chapter 2
      It is not hard to master this way of thinking. I am certain that even
      most uneducated man or woman, accustomed to a very primitive type of
      can easily learn it.

      Chapter 3
      If you begin to analyze thoroughly any or all of man's refined faculties
      and exalted qualities (for he is the noblest of all God's creatures),
      will come at length to the farthest reaches and ultimate frontiers of
      thought only to find yourself face to face with naked being itself.

      Chapter 4
      All this you can verify with the authority of the Scriptures, the
      of Christ, and the scrutiny of sound logic.

      Chapter 5
      You have reached a point where your further growth in perfection demands
      that you do not feed your mind with meditations on the multiple aspects
      your being. ... For there is no name, no experience, and no insight so
      akin to the everlastingness of God than what you can ossess, percieve,
      actually experience in the blind loving awareness of this word, *is*.
      [emphasis in the original]

      Chapter 12
      But now I want you to understand that although in the beginning I told
      to forget everything save the blind awareness of your naked being, I
      intended all along to lead you eventually to the point where you would
      forget even this, so as to experience only the being of God.

      OLD HAG

      Thanks so much for posting from this book. i have enjoyed parts of it
      for many years on my own spiritual journey. My experience has been
      different than yours re exposure to this text, however. i have found it
      mentioned, and quoted from, very often in books on Christian mysticism.
      In fact, i would say more often than St. John of the Cross, only second
      to St. Theresa's autobiography. So, never know, eh?

      Here are some more:
      ...."See that nothing occupies your thoughts except a naked intent to
      reach out to God: no special thought about what he is, or how he works,
      but only that he is as he is. Let him be himself, please, and nothing

      .....Therefore, at this stage, you are to think of God the same as you
      think of yourself, and of yourself as you do of God, namely that he is
      as he is, and you are as you are.

      ....Just as nothing can exist without him, so also he can not exist
      without himself.

      ....Look up cheerfully, and tell your Lord, aloud or in your heart,
      "What I am, Lord, I offer you, for it is yourself." And keep in mind,
      simply, plainly, and unashamedly, that you are as you are, and there is
      no need to inquire more closely."

      Hope you are well and happy.



      <The one thing I find will really take my kundalini down is
      a glass of wine, which once in awhile I'll drink intentionally
      to bring the k down. But usually not.

      <On the other hand, music will bring the k up, as will the Sun for
      some reason I haven't figured out, but have several cds with
      beautiful songs and mantras which in certain keys bring the
      k up, not all mantra songs do, I think it is dependent on ourselves
      as to which musical key effects us. I think it is different for
      each one of us and we have to discover which combinations
      work for ourselves... it's something i stumbled upon rather
      than read or learned, something that just happened ... :-)
      LOL doesn't sound very learned or researched, but it does
      work and it is beautiful, I am so happy with my Puccini tonight.


      Oh my, how I love Puccini ! Also Rachmaninof, Chopin - on and on.

      I have come to feel that the use of sanscrit terms can be
      a hindrance to our coming to recognize what is already
      intimately present. It took me years to realize that kundalini
      was not something exotic, but the variety of movements of
      life energy through my body that I never named. There has
      also been a growing understanding that I did not need to do
      something difficult and foreign to me to cultivate awareness
      of my essential nature. Those things that naturally attract
      me are my path, my practices, my yoga. As I follow my
      longing for pure beingness/love - there it is.

      I am grateful that I no longer need the identity of *a spiritual person*
      in order to know the One Self. The moments of profoundest
      presence come as spontaneous gifts. The opening of my
      heart and mind occurs in the simplest ways.


      Hi, Bo darlin'

      Know what you mean about certain songs affecting k. Years ago, when k
      very active, Gayle what's her name - country singer, had a song, "Don't
      It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue"....i was NOT a country fan, but sure
      enough, every time that dern song came on, ole k started shooting up,
      hitting bliss buttons and all on old woman, in every crazy place -
      Burger King, K-Mart, the "Mall." Woulda been so much more dignified if
      it happened with Debussy or somebody - Puccini very impressive. Way to
      go, girl! ,^)) Well, sharing little memory - not worth much.

      Hope you are mighty well tonight.



      excerpts from A Recipe for Bliss
      Kriya Yoga for the New Millennium
      by Carl Schmidt

      A genuine philosopher [aspirant] must learn how to *stop*. If he
      never stops, he is carried on by the noise and the activity of this life
      and does not attain the perspective needed to unveil the deepest
      understanding. He feels the activity and hears the noise, but he has no
      reference point for the Whole Truth. That reference point is complete
      Stillness, Silence, Transparency. When we are silent and still, we
      begin to perceive our Self. Meditation is the art of becoming utterly

      The Divine Life is the only Life that yields permanent satisfaction.
      other life is destined to pass away. This physical life will pass
      Every specific physical condition will undergo ceaseless change and
      eventual dissolution. That to which we might cling today, will vanish
      tomorrow. There is no permanent physical support anywhere. There can
      never be such a support. There are only temporary havens. The Divine
      Life, however, has a permanent Quality.

      We are Unborn and Formless. Our true nature is Everlasting
      Consciousness, not form. We may appear to be a solitary, physical
      being, mysteriously extracted from Spirit, separate and vulnerable���
      but we are not what we "appear" to be. We are visiting a world of form
      to make a discovery. We have come here to uncover a mystery that has
      plagued our consciousness for a time that curiously predates our present
      memory. We are here for a reason, to find out exactly who we are.

      The basic assumptions and choices we make play a definite role in the
      discovery of our Self. If we persist in believing that the material and
      separate aspects of our experience are the "real thing," our prison will
      seem essentially material and, in a deep way, we shall feel alone and
      fundamentally helpless. We will hardly notice that this appearance is
      assumed. However, if we make no limiting assumptions at all and look
      intently and continuously into the life that is given, a delightful
      begins to unfold. Gradually, or quite suddenly, our seemingly mundane
      environment becomes extraordinary. The physical appearance begins to
      evanesce. In its place emerges the Primordial, Resonant Heart.



      I always like to frisk people first, see if they're carrying
      any weapons. :-)


      LOL.....Love it!!! ....Love you!

      i always frisk dear Richard (Gere) when he visits pile. ,^)) Sheesh!!
      Let an old woman have her dreams!


      Yes, better safe than sorry! :-)
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