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#1728 - Thursday, March 11, 2004

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1728 - Thursday, March 11, 2004 - Editor: Jerry Nondual Highlights Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm ... Vicki Woodyard - NDS
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      #1728 - Thursday, March 11, 2004 - Editor: Jerry

      Nondual Highlights Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm


      Vicki Woodyard  -  NDS
      Until You Have Chosen

      Lizelle Reymond wrote a book called To Live Within.  It is a difficult book to understand; I have read through it several times.  It is dry and foreign to the ego.  Her guru's name was Sri Anirvan.  He told her that when she knew her place in the universe, she would leave him.  He was a Baul, one destined for freedom.

      Dancing with life can only happen truly when you know your place in the universe.  Your dance will only have beauty and meaning when you have chosen truth.  Until then, you will partner division and ignorance. 

      Dancing with life will only have depth when we choose.  Choose to own our beauty, strength and eternal nature.  Others will fear it, hate it and argue against it.  So will we.  Something in us knows.  Will we recognize it for what it is?

      Spirit demands choice--inner choice which the world does not require.  We must find our ballast, heft and conscience before we can dance with beauty and meaning. Take it quickly, put on your shoes and begin. 

      And the Bauls came
      they danced
      they sang

      And they disappeared
      in the mist...
      and the house was left empty...the house...
      in the mist...

      Song murmured by Ramakrishna shortly before he died
      Mary Bianco - NDS
      Hi Vicki,
      I like to read your posts because you write from a kind heart
      that expresses honesty, vulnerability, humor and deep insights.
      Meant to send this to you a while ago when you wrote of
      Kwan Yin on a motorcycle. Your images inspire me.
      How's Larry?
      gotta zoom off to work...love mary

      Daily Dharma
      "Say for instance, that you're meditating, and a feeling of anger toward
      your mother appears. Immediately, the mind's reaction is to identify the
      anger as 'my' anger, or to say that 'I'm' angry. It then elaborates on
      the feeling, either working it into the story of your relationship to
      your mother, or to your general views about when and where anger toward
      one's mother can be justified. The problem with all this, from the
      Buddha's perspective, is that these stories and views entail a lot of
      suffering. The more you get involved in them, the more you get
      distracted from seeing the actual cause of the suffering: the labels of
      'I' and 'mine' that set the whole process in motion. As a result, you
      can't find the way to unravel that cause and bring the suffering to an

      "If, however, you can adopt the emptiness mode -- by not acting on or
      reacting to the anger, but simply watching it as a series of events, in
      and of themselves -- you can see that the anger is empty of anything
      worth identifying with or possessing. As you master the emptiness mode
      more consistently, you see that this truth holds not only for such gross
      emotions as anger, but also for even the most subtle events in the realm
      of experience. This is the sense in which all things are empty. When you
      see this, you realize that labels of 'I' and 'mine' are inappropriate,
      unnecessary, and cause nothing but stress and pain. You can then drop
      them. When you drop them totally, you discover a mode of experience that
      lies deeper still, one that's totally free."

      ~Thanissaro Bhikkhu

      From the article, "Emptiness," from the web site, "Access To Insight,"


      If we understand Sri Ramana's teaching, we see that
      anything other than what is already here, no matter
      how beautiful and captivating, will always turn out to
      be a mirage.

      A mirage can never satisfy our thirst. Therefore, we
      have to understand what is already here. What is
      always here?

      People speak of being in the present moment. It is
      just a way of speaking. How can we be separate from
      the moment. We are never in the present moment. We Are
      Always The Present Moment.

      See that this presence, this ordinary presence, is the
      True Presence. This mind, this ordinary mind, is the
      Buddha Mind.

      Is it possible to truly understand anyone's suffering
      other than by reference to one's own? It always comes
      back to that.

      Is it possible to know anyone else's self without
      reference to one's own self?

      This is why the ancient sages beautifully declare,
      "Know That by which all else is known."

      Know That by which all else is known.

      Love to all

      RK Shankar
      4th 5-line verse translated

      With the loosening, of the one primal bondage of 'work',
      With the springing (into existence), of the one primal loss of (the) 'birth'
      (of the ego),
      more than whichever 'that' (non-native) other path (in vogue),
      'this' path (of Self-Knowing through Self-Enquiry is) very easy.

      'Abiding still seated (in the Self)',
      without a little of the 'cause' of the work of body, mind and speech,
      Listen! (there will be) the Light of the Self within, the Eternal
      (the) Fear (of the ego) will not be, (but, only) the Ocean of Bliss (of the
      Self, will be)!

      Yours in Sri Bhagawan
      RK Shankar


      Ben Hassine
      Awakened Awareness
      Ribhu Gita - Chapter 26 (cont-d)


      That which is verily of the nature of the Supreme Brahman,
      Which verily is of the nature of the Supreme Siva,
      What verily is of the nature of the immaculate,
      What verily is of the nature of the Supreme State,
      Which verily is of the nature of the Knowledge of Reality,
      And which verily is of the nature of the Supreme Truth --
      That, indeed, am I.
      By such conviction, be in the Bliss of ever being That itself.

      That which is verily of the nature of the pure Absolute,
      Which verily is of the nature of a mass of Bliss,
      Which verily is of the nature of the subtle Supreme,
      Which verily is of the nature of the self-luminous,
      Which verily is of the nature of the nondual,
      And which verily is of the nature of the meaning of the undifferentiated --
      That, indeed, am I.
      By such conviction, be in the Bliss of ever being That itself.

      That which is verily of the nature of Truth,
      Which is verily of the nature of the peaceful Absolute,
      Which verily is of the nature of the eternal,
      Which verily is of the nature of the attributeless,
      Which verily is of the nature of the Self,
      Which verily is of the nature of the undivided Absolute --
      That, indeed, am I.
      By such conviction, be in the Bliss of ever being That itself.

      A dialogue from Arjuna, the Anime.

      Do you know when the food I eat turns into me?

      Of course it happens the moment you eat it.

       Like when it goes into my mouth?
      Or when it goes into my stomach?

      Well, when it's in your mouth, it's pretty much still just food.
      So, maybe when it goes into your stomach?

      There're foods that come out undigested,
      after they go through your stomach.

      Well, maybe it's when the food gets digested,
      and absorbed into your body.

      When it gets absorbed and becomes blood?

      Yeah, that's it. Eventually food becomes blood and then flesh.

      Then, would you say that my blood is me?
      If my blood was actually me
      and then my blood were to be transfused into you
      does that mean I become you?

      What? Let's see...

      And what about breath?
      When I breathe in and inhale the air around me
      the oxygen gets absorbed into my blood
      and that becomes a part of me, right?
      Then, if I were to exhale and you were to breathe that in
      does that mean I become you as well?

      How could there be something so ridiculous?
      I mean, think about it.
      Whether it's blood or breath
      there's no emotion, no soul or spirit.

      Soul? If that's the case,where is the soul?

      Well, that's in the brain or something.

      Then, any part of me other than my brain is not me?
      My arms, legs, stomach and heart are not part of me?


      Synopsis of Arjuna:
      Now, a miracle is about to be created upon this planet.
      Teenage girl Juna Ariyoshi struggles to find her place in the world,
      just as everyone does. But destiny has a special fate in store for
      Juna. After a motorcycle accident leaves her fatally wounded, a strange
      form appears before her and offers to save her life, if she will take
      up his cause and fight against the creatures known only as the Raaja.
      Confused but desperately wanting to live, Juna reluctantly accepts the
      mysterious offer. Now she is reborn as The Avatar of Time; her mission
      is to protect the planet Earth, which is slowly dying. To the people
      around her, including her friend Tokio, Juna doesn't look any different
      -- but she certainly is acting stange.
      These mysterious creatures prowl the world... strange incarnates called
      Raaja, that take the form of the various contaminates that plague the
      earth. To kill them would be to fall victim to the behavior that drives
      the Raaja. The only way to truly conquer them is by purifying them, but
      how do you purify a faceless, angry beast? With the help of her friend,
      Tokio, will Juna be able to master her new-found powers as the avatar
      of time, and restore a sense of balance between man and nature before
      its too late?

      Sugar Gandolf
      Just an FYI, there has been a single meeting of this group (see
      below) in person so far in NYC (about 15 people showed up to a
      Starbucks, I had intended to go but was unable), it got
      good "reviews" from some who went. There is a plan for monthly
      meetings, as well as the possibility of attending other events w/
      group members, if desired. I'm not interested in it as an email
      list, but the social aspect seems unusually promising in a city
      where this kind of informal, open meeting of the "like-minded" (?)
      seldom seems to cohere. Take care, su


      text from home page:

      Welcome to NYC Aware!

      We are a group created for those whom personal growth/spiritual
      development is one of the most important aspects of life. What these
      concepts share is the importance of developing and deepening one's
      awareness. NYC Aware was formed as the East Coast counterpart to the
      group SFBay-Aware. Please read this description carefully before
      deciding to join.

      Has your life been guided, consciously or unconsciously, by these
      questions: What do I really want? Am I as happy and emotionally
      healthy as I could be? Who am I, really?

      Have you embraced psychological and/or spiritual practices such as
      counseling, yoga, spiritual healing, mindfulness meditation, art
      therapy, journaling or self-inquiry along your life's journey?


      1. You have probably come to the point where you have recognized
      that material or other types of "success" are unlikely to bring you
      the happiness that you are seeking. And you're probably concerned as
      well with what this lifestyle is doing to the planet and your fellow

      2. You are not all that interested in much of what popular culture
      considers "fun," particularly when it comes to drinking, smoking,
      partying and drugs. You may have tried these but you've realized
      that they are not only NOT the answer, but actually an obstacle to
      your deepest desires. And so you have faced any addictive tendencies
      (or are currently doing so), whatever they may be.

      3. Kindness, compassion, freedom, peace and simply "being real" are
      words that ring true to your heart, overused as they may be. You are
      constantly seeking to manifest in your life the true meaning behind
      these words.

      Finally - you are in search of supportive friends and community on a
      similar path and will give you encouragement and companionship
      through it all.

      So if you feel that ALL of the above fits you well, then please join
      us! There is no "in crowd" in this group...you are an

      Note: This is not a "singles group," just a social group.

      We must find our ballast, heft and conscience before we can dance
      with beauty and meaning. --
      Vicki Woodyard.
      Graphic contributed by Su Gandolf

      Bob Rose
      Meditation Society of America
      My name is H-- and I live in the UK (someone has to!) I've often
      thought about meditation but never bothered learn nore. Now I'm sorry
      to say I have an ulteia motive for being here.
      My wife has a condition known as CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome),
      its been likened to putting your hand in boiling water and never being
      able to take it out, in her case it is in her leg. Drugs dont help
      much, she is on the strongest possible and she says it only takes the
      edge off.
      We asked at the pain clinic about meditation and he said 'it cant hurt'
      smilling, but he did not say where or how to learn.
      Well thats us and why we are here.
      Thanks for letting us join.
      Dear Harry,
      I am confident that you and your wife can benefit greatly
      from meditation. As an RN, I've had the experience of seeing a patients
      pain go away just by distracting them by talking about something they
      are interested in. I particularly remember watching as a nurse chatted
      with the patient whose pain was the hardest for us to control
      chemically, about the local baseball team, and the patient comnpletely
      forgetting the pain. This connects with Sandeep's correct observation
      that pain can be very associated and primed by the mind, as well as
      On our web site, Meditation Station, we have a good healing technique
      that has been used successfully by many, and can be found on many other
      sites as well (like the physicians againstpain site), that has a pain
      relief component in it. Here's the URL:
      We also have a Guided Meditation CD that I will be glad to mail you
      that has 7 different guided techniques which will be able to teach your
      wife how to meditate as well as let her guide and control her attention
      towards the objects of her meditation and away from her pain. Just
      email me with a mailing address, and I'll send it right out. The Email
      # is: medit8@...
      In any event, I feel you both will be pleased by the results you get
      from meditation in dealing with pain. It also has the potential to let
      you find the root causes of stressors that affect one daily and prevent
      the calm that allows our mind and emotions, as well as our body, to
      flow functionally with maximum wellness. And, as you were told, it
      can't hurt :-) I wish you both all good.
      Peace and blessings,


      A True Guru is like a bridge. One end of the bridge invites one to use one's energy and start walking (that is the method). The other end of the bridge invites one to rest (that is the goal). The last step is not easy and so there is the Guru existing as the bridge inviting us to take it, to take the last step and to see with our own eyes, our own true nature. Faith and trust are helpful at some stage. To allow for that faith to flower is Grace. Guru is Grace.

      Anqa Publishing
      Anqa Publishing is dedicated to bringing out the works of the great Andalusian mystic, Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi (1165–1240), and his line. These writings contain some of the most beautiful and comprehensive depictions of the vision of One Reality in all its facets.
      Our aim is to produce:

      • High-quality translations of these classic texts, most of which have never appeared before in Western languages.
      • New and authoritative editions of the Arabic texts, using the best manuscripts available.
      • Contemporary writings and studies of Ibn 'Arabi's teaching

      'Celtic Visions' celebrates culture and helps children. (Artist Gayle Clark Fedigan) fell in love ... with the landscapes of Ireland, which she painted from a cottage she rented in Fanore during the second week of her stay.

      ''It's like mystically beautiful,'' said Fedigan, who was enamored with Ireland's sunsets. ''There's myths and it's on the gulf stream. It's warm and welcoming, very mystical and it's a very spiritual place to be.'' -more-
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