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#1643 - Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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  • Know Mystery
    Grasses in Water by Alan Larus ~ TrueVision Music: Within_You.mid from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Panhala/ ... Again Parting with the Kang Bridge Lightly I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2003

      Grasses in Water by Alan Larus ~ TrueVision

      Music: Within_You.mid from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Panhala/



      Again Parting with the Kang Bridge

      Lightly I went
      As I had lightly come
      Waving softly
      To clear dawn-lit clouds.

      The pale floating heart sits on soft mud
      With swaggering blooms that glisten beneath water.
      Yet I would willingly be a mere blade of grass
      Gently drifting in the tide of the Kang river.

      That golden willow on the bank
      Is illuminated by its bride, the sunset.
      The light casting an amorous reflection upon the current
      Ripples in my mind.

      The deep pool under the elm�s shade
      Is not a crystal clear fountain; but colors are found
      Scattering as shards of light between leaves
      Once settled, a rainbow-like dream.

      To search for a dream? It�s like bearing a heavy oar
      Punting in reach of clear grass upstream, boundless.
      The boat overflows with stars' radiance
      A speckled celestial song released.

      But I cannot play this music
      For quiet is parting's chorus
      Even the cricket is hushed for me.
      Silent is this bridge tonight.

      Quietly I went
      As I had quietly come
      Dusting off my sleeve
      Without taking a single band of dawn-lit sky.

      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~

      (translated from Mandarin Chinese by Jyothi Natarajan)


      #1643 - Wednesday, December 10, 2003 - Editor: joyce (Know_Mystery)

      Away from my world I soar,
      To somewhere I've never known.
      There seems to be
      A cloud carrying me
      To a place so distant from here.
      Ai, I really have no desire to return,
      And perhaps that is what they call


      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~






                          Photo by Alan Larus


      Where is She

      She isn�t here.
      Where is she?
      She stays in the shine bright
      of clouds white.
      Stays in the moon crescent,
      distant and quiescent.
      She stays in the lotus of the valley
      ever open timidly.
      Stays in the flower that reveals
      from inside the lotus seed.
      She stays in the adolescent heart
      where prayers are sent forth.
      Stays in its naive artlessness.
      She isn�t here.
      She is in the quintessence of Nature.


      ~ Xu Zhimo  ~

      quanji, Poetry, Vol. I



      News from the Celestial Kingdom
      Lovely Autumn scene! Silent leaves fallen
      gently, gently, dropping on this narrow path.
      Within the fence, a whisper of tiny kids� laughter.
      Clear sizzling sound the quietude of huts surround,
      as if birds in the valley receiving the morning happily,
      driving away stale stagnation of the night,
      beginning, the unbounded brightness.
      A momental ecstasy surges like the epiphyllum,
      My momental open, I forget my love for Spring.
      The fear, doubt and anguish of life, melancholy and hurry -
      I have the vision of the Celestial Kingdom amidst
      the innocent kids� laughter!
      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~


      I am a cloud in the sky,
      A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.
      Don't be surprised,
      Or too elated;
      In an instant I shall vanish without trace.
      We meet on the sea of dark night,
      You on your way, I on mine.
      Remember if you will,
      Or, better still, forget
      The light exchanged in this encounter.
      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~

       Our Spirits

      Photo by Alan Larus




      The Dew on Grass
      O Poet! How can springtime, that
      Already has reached out to other men,
      Still not release your
      Fountains of creative energy
      Laugh, laugh aloud!
      The mountain ranges north and south have not yet
      Spat out all their jewels,
      Nor the oceans East and West sprinkled in all their pearls
      Soft, soft the sound of pipes, of strings,
      Drink deep the light of stars, sun, moon!
      O Poet! How can springtime, that
      Already has reached out to other men,
      Still not release your
      Fountains of creative energy
      In your oven, there is imagination
      And the everlasting flame of inspiration
      Refining poetry and charming music
      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~

      (translated by Zhenyi Li)

      Carolyn Rong ~ Spiritual- Friends

      The Weak Flame of a Star

      I sit alone on a rock on the mountain's back,
      Staring at the clouds moving pass a summit,
      Just then, a sparrow flew pass,
      Mocking my lost soul.

      One by one, the white clouds set off to heaven,
      Vanishing into the distant oasis;
      Woe is me! My heavy heart,
      Destined to be filled with fogs of sorrow.

      Daylight sets in,
      Cleansing the island like summit;
      Like the specks of light among the dusts,
      A glowing star burns within me.

      Though, as weak as the flame of the star may be,
      It lights up the ashes of the old and forgotten,
      No matter what ridicule there may be,
      The glow burns ever brighter as time goes by.

      by Xu Zhimo  ~

      Panhala ~ Joe Riley 

      Letting Go

      At the end
      things pass away
      into a hard won perspective.
      The sepia photographs
      of childhood
      like twilight encounters
      with eternity
      and the youthful
      laughter peeling
      across a mountainside.
      Standing close together
      we make our vows
      in front of others
      with a backward
      kind of courage
      that everything
      away no matter
      how precious
      the memory
      and that
      even in this
      we recognize
      the flourish
      and the firm
      signature of love.
      Everything we ever
      held in our hands
      is given to another
      or slips like sand
      through the gate
      of our fingers
      into something
      which to begin with
      we cannot recognize.
      Everything we ever
      held in our hands
      is given away
      in marriage to another
      person or another world.
      How could we know
      the blessings
      which illuminated our days?
      The joy too strong to feel
      until it was
      no longer there to disturb us.
      We find ourselves
      always at last
      ennobled by the encounter
      the wedding vows
      remembered at the end
      and cherished now
      like a  live hand
      holding a dead hand
      loving everything it must let go.
      ~ David Whyte ~

      (Everything is Waiting for You)

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      This is a Coward World
      This is a coward world:
      With no room for love,
      No room for love!
      Let your hair down,
      Kick off your shoes;
      Come with me, my beloved.
      Reject this world
      And die for love.
      I'll take your hand.
      Love, come with me;
      The thorns may piece our feet,
      The hail may break our heads,
      Come with me,
      I'll take your hand,
      Beyond this cage
      Freedowm will be ours again.
      Come with me,
      My love!
      The world is now behind us---
      Look, is that not the white and shining sea?
      The white sea,
      The shining sea,
      Boundless freedom
      Of our love!
      In the distance where I point,
      In the blue of that small star---
      An island, and on that island grass,
      Flowers, birds and beasts.
      Climb aboards this little skiff,
      Row towards that paradise---
      Love, joy, freedom---
      Bid this world farewell,
      For evermore! 
      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~

      I gaze at the evening outside my window,
      like a longing for my future.
      The quake in my heart blinds my hearing.
      ~  Xu Zhimo  ~
      (Excerpted from "I Wait for You")

      Editor's Note: A thank you to Carolyn Rong from Spiritual-Friends for the introduction to the fine Chinese poet Xu Zhimo. More of his poetry is available in English translations online, including:

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