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  • Melody
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 1999

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      ==Gene Poole==

      "one plus one equals no one"

      Have I won one? Or can one win one, if one is one?

      Two ones are one one reflected in the cosmic nondual mirror of Self, he said
      "I am I am, and I am I am", and no one asked him what he meant, in that



      Subject: Re: [NondualitySalon] On the ground between Knowing and Being

      From: Kate Bodi

      Why do we draw lines between what is known
      and what is not? What happens when the lines
      get crossed? Can there be a turning back?


      Understanding is the arithmetic mean between
      knowledge and being.

      All the knowledge in the world comes to naught if I
      can't apply it through understanding.

      All the being in the world comes to naught if I have
      no knowledge to what it should be applied through

      The first is a man who knows but can't do and the
      second is a man who can do but doesn't know what to
      do. A stupid saint in others words.

      kate wonders:

      A stupid saint?
      I like that image :) --perhaps the fool?
      Would the other then be a wise sinner?

      Regardless of whether understanding is/isn't applied,
      aren't they both the same? Just roles/masks?
      One may perceive that one is acting from either
      innocence or experience and yet, the songs remain
      songs. Understanding helps to reconcile to the mind,
      but what is there to do? Can we be certain that
      "knowing" makes a difference? --esoterically


      For me there is a world or two of difference between
      knowing and understanding. In the understanding the
      doing happens.

      I have always been a head person. I think that depending
      on where one's center of gravity is i.e. body, emotions, or
      head sooner or later it needs to shift and then shift again
      so that all three centers work properly.

      I have found that head stuff just doesn't do anything for
      me anymore. It just doesn't resonate. I start to read
      stuff about self and no self and I actually feel a little
      nauseated. I take this as a message. My head center
      has wound down. It would seem that simultaneous with
      that my body woke up and me heart is coming online.

      The tradition that I worked with for years I think mainly
      attracts head people. The aim is to feel. To be able to
      really feel. I believe I have been so locked up that I
      didn't understand that. The operative word here is
      understand. I knew it and believed it to be true but I
      did not really understand it. My being had to catch up
      with my knowledge for understanding to be born.

      Once tasted the taste is never forgotten. And it may
      take time to be able to actually prepare the food in
      the first place and then let it cook.

      Marcia, thank you so much for sharing your insights
      with me. I believe that I understand what you mean
      about understanding and up to a point, I can agree.
      My own knowledge is, in a sense, trying to catch up
      with my being, but my feeling is that this doesn't
      really matter all that much.

      The truth is that my song is singing me. I never
      actually do anything, so what matters understanding?
      Sure, it's nice when it is there, but is still all
      good even when it isn't.

      I dually note that my intuition leads me deeper and
      deeper into unknowing and undoing. Naturally, I
      wonder why? <S>


      From: umbada@... (Jerry M. Katz)

      Sometimes it seems that something has to be pointed out or carried out,
      in which case it is deemed that something has been done. But who can say
      what was done? Who can say what was done that wasn't done already?

      Those who Know, may engage in action. It's purpose is to bring about a
      condition in which one can know that wholeness already exists. Every
      action is taken to show that everything is already done.

      Nondual perspective sees the futility of action unless it is by the
      hands of the Master. Only the Master can see that his action is done as
      a way of stopping the fidgeting so that the ultimate nature of
      everything can be seen and known. But the Master hasn't created
      anything, hasn't manifested anything, so what has he done? And why is
      what he appears to do, a big deal? And what can anyone do?



      Subject: [NondualitySalon] One year ago...

      Today, June 16, marks one year ago that my wife Dolores passed away. I
      want to remember Dolores with this lyric by Karla Bonoff. It is sung by
      Linda Ronstadt on her Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind, album.
      I don't know how 'nondual' it is, it's just a human song.

      Thanks to those who saw me through that period and through the two
      months of numbness, the two months of heartache, and the two months of
      physical breakdown. Thanks especially to Dustin LindenSmith who was (and
      is) there with me 'in person', as so many of you would have been.

      So close yet so far,

      Though we never know when life will take us,

      I know it's just a ride on the wheel.

      And we never know when death will shake us,

      And we wonder how it will feel.

      So goodbye my friend.

      I know I'll never see you again.

      But the time together through all the years will take away these tears.

      Its okay now,

      Goodbye, my friend.

      I see a lot of things that make me crazy,

      And I guess I held on to you.

      You could have run away and left --

      well maybe,

      But it wasn't time, we both knew.

      So goodbye my friend,

      I know I'll never see you again.

      But the love you gave me through all the years will take away these

      I'm okay now,

      Goodbye my friend.

      Life's so fragile and love's so pure,

      We can't hold on, but we try.

      We watch how quickly it disapppears and we never know why.

      But I'm okay now,

      Goodbye my friend.

      Need to go now,

      Goodbye, my friend.


      From: "Harsha (Dr. Harsh K. Luthar)" <hluthar@...>

      Hi Jerry. Here it is again.................................................


      Taking a deeper than my usual sigh
      I thought
      what poem shall I write tonight
      when only your face seems in sight
      and all the birds have taken flight.

      When emptiness invades me so
      and the void
      fills me head to toe
      then looking at the fresh grass
      makes me uneasy;
      it's not hard to see
      that youth and tenderness will go
      like flowers blooming yesterday
      and hide beneath the Christmas snow.

      I console myself now and then
      still inconsolable I remain
      because your face always
      so brightly lit
      will never be seen again
      by the eyes that watch
      the nightly stars
      to catch a glimpse
      of the light of love.

      The leaves are dropping
      early this season it seems
      and days from now on
      will be less shady
      but the night will still
      have its moon beams
      and I think you would have
      made a splendid old lady.

      Yes, I said it
      in a round about way
      what I wanted
      to tell you all along
      that I was in love with
      the creases around your lips
      and to wrinkles under your eyes
      I dedicate this song.

      What I cannot bring
      myself to say
      that since the spring
      of my youth
      has passed away
      it comes to mind that I should
      do the very best that I can
      to be a nice old gentleman
      and only if you could have
      remained my steady
      hanging on my arms
      you would have
      made a splendid old lady.

      (c) Harsha (Harsh K. Luthar), 1998


      When they ask
      Where is it to be found
      point to the mask
      When they ask
      tell me how
      Do not look for it
      Just Look
      And See It
      Here and Now
      If they ask again how
      Tell them to
      go milk a cow.



      Tim wrote:

      Prior to really discovering the nondual perspective, I was homeless for a
      month or two. I became comfortable with walking down dark alleys in the
      most dangerous parts of Seattle at 3AM. I became comfortable with
      associating with mentally unbalanced people who would love to drag you off
      and shoot you at the slightest provocation, or beat you to death. I was
      threatened with death several times with deadly seriousness.

      When I re-acquired a permanent place to live, I discovered something
      amazing... all fear was gone. A little has returned now that I am
      "sheltered" again, but just a very little. Mainly the fear is that of
      losing my way, of becoming enmired in superstition.

      "When superstition enters, the brain is gone." ... Vivekananda


      Can we be certain that
      "knowing" makes a difference? --esoterically


      For what it's worth:

      Whether a 'wave'... knows it's Ocean* or not...
      in Shakti's entropy... it is still caught.




      >From: Kate Bodi

      >ps. What actually happens to endlessly questioning
      >malcontents around here, anyway? just wondering...
      > ____________________________________

      The endlessly questioning malcontent...
      to this Salon... is a gift... Heaven* sent.

      We offer a live 'mike'... and a tall chair,
      we'll turn on a 'spot'... to back light your hair.

      You have our attention... 'speak' as you will.
      (Jerry has agreed... to pay your bar bill. :-)

      Please carry on Kate... we like what you say,
      and would like to read you... many a day.

      ( /\ )



      Having brightened my day,

      and added warmth
      to even the coldest of moments,

      the sun lays to rest
      over the horizon.

      Then comes the gloaming....

      a time of reflection -
      that looking back,

      and appreciating
      each moment of the day.

      How easy
      to lose track of time here....

      where seconds
      can seem to last for hours,

      and sometimes,
      an eternity is lived in a minute.

      Until it happens....
      without even a moment's notice,

      the Sky
      cracks open completely,

      those awesome colors of Her splendor.

      Letting go
      of the events of the day,

      my heart opens again.

      Embracing the beauty
      of that Magnificenct moment,

      when night touches day,

      I can see the Silence of Night
      coming closer and closer yet.

      How easy it is,
      to slip into that Stillness....

      to where nighttime
      and daytime

      are One.

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