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#1524 ~ Friday, August 15, 2003

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  • Gloria Lee
    ___________________________________________ #1524 ~ Friday, August 15, 2003 ~ Editor: Gloria ___________________________________________ Gill Eardley ~
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      #1524 ~ Friday, August 15, 2003 ~ Editor: Gloria


      Gill Eardley ~ Rumi-Hafiz

      With Us

      Even if you're not a seeker,
      still, follow us, keep searching with us.
      Even if you don't know how
      to play and sing,
      you'll become like us;
      with us you'll start singing and dancing.

      Even if you are Qarun, the richest of kings,
      when you fall in love,
      you'll become a beggar.
      Though you are a sultan, like us you'll become a slave.

      One candle of this gathering
      is worth a hundred candles; its light is as great.
      Either you are alive or dead.
      You'll come back to life with us.

      Unbind your feet.
      Show the rose garden -
      start laughing with your whole body,
      like a rose, like us.

      Put on the mantle for a moment
      and see the ones whose hearts are alive.
      Then, throw out your satin dresses
      and cover yourself with a cloak, like us.

      When a seed falls into the ground,
      it germinates, grows, and becomes a tree:
      if you understand these symbols,
      you'll follow us, and fall to the ground, with us.

      God's Shams of Tabriz says
      to the heart's bud,
      "If your eyes are opened,
      you'll see the things worth seeing."

      translated by Nevit Ergin with Camille Helminski
      'The Rumi Collection' Ed. Kabir Helminski

      Allspirit Website: http://www.allspirit.co.uk  
      Manuel Hernandez ~ A Net of Jewels
      "Give up all questions except one: 'Who am I?'  After all, the only fact you
      are sure of is that you are.  The 'I am' is certain. The 'I am this' is not.
      Struggle to find out what you are in reality.   To know what you are, you
      must first investigate and know what you are not.   Discover all that you
      are not--body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that--nothing,
      concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you.  The very act of
      perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.   The clearer you
      understand that on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms
      only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search and realize that
      you are the limitless being."

      The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


      Daily Zen

      Meaning to get away from intellectualization
      And avoid word traps,
      I sailed across the sea to search for the
      Transmission beyond the teachings;
      Went on pilgrimages till my sandals broke
      And found water in the clear stream,
      The moon in the sky.

      - Kakua (1143 - ?)

      photo: a grandfather in Bhutan
      Lisbeth ~ Monks_Mystics

      My prayer beads are strung on my life span.
           I am not allowed to skip a single bead:
      Sometimes the bead is a seed.  Or a bone.
           Or jade.  Or dry blood.  Or semen.  Or crystal.
           Or rotted wood.  Or a sage's relic.  Or gold.
           Or glass.  Or a prism.  Or iron.  Or clay.  Or an
           eye.  Or an egg.  Or dung.  Or a ball.  Or a
           stone.  Or a peach.  Or a bullet.  Or a bubble.
           Or lead.  Or pure light.
      No matter what the next bead is, I must
              count it.
           Perform my daily austerities.
           Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.
      Until repetition becomes endurance.
      ~ ~ ~

      People seldom understand the power of repetition.  What is
      repeated over and over again can become enduring; what is
      done in a moment is seldom lasting.  If farmers do not tend
      to their fields every day, they cannot expect a harvest.
      The same is true of spiritual practice.  It is not the grand
      declaration or the colorful imitation that means anything.
      It is the ongoing, daily living of a spiritual life that has
      meaning.  Our progress may range from dull to spectacular,
      but we must accept both.  Each and every day should be
      linked together, strung into a long line of prayer beads.

      In life, you don't know how many beads you've counted
      already, and you don't know how many are yet to come.  All
      that matters is fingering the one that comes to you  now and
      taking the spiritual significance of that moment to heart.

      365 Tao
      Daily Meditations
      Deng Ming-Dao
      Awareness in Empty Space
      Imagine yourself as a child lying on your back, gazing up into a cloudless sky,
      and blowing soap bubbles through a plastic ring. As a bubble drifts up into the sky,
      you watch it rise, and this brings your attention to the sky. While you are looking at the bubble,
      it pops, and you keep your attention right where the bubble had been.
      Your awareness now lies in empty space.

      -B. Alan Wallace, "Tibetan Buddhism From the Ground Up"

      Copyright Wisdom Publications 2001. Reprinted from "Daily Wisdom: 365 Buddhist Inspirations," edited by Josh Bartok

      Gene Poole ~ NDS
      Space itself is primary, and universal; in this space,
      anything that arises, can be known. Nonpersonal
      consciousness is itself this space, whose invisibility
      compassionately allows everything to exist.

      Space is yet another name for silence; yet these are
      merely descriptors. The vast unknown births within
      itself, all of what 'we' experience; yet we humans tend
      to attribute more reality to the objects of memory,
      than to the presence of the unknown, itself.
      Mike ~ E-Zendo
      "One morning when we were all sitting zazen, Suzuki Roshi gave a brief
      impromptu talk in which he said, 'Each of you is perfect the way you
      are...and you can use a little improvement.'"

      from "To Shine One Corner: Moments with Shunryu Suzuki:
      Stories of a Zen Teacher Told by His Students"
       Terry Murphy ~ SufiMystic
      from "The Book of Chuang Tzu," trans Palmer & Breuilly, p196:

      The swordsmith of the Grand Marshal was eighty years old, but he had
      not lost any of his skills.
      The Grand Marshal said, 'Master, you are so
      skillful! Do you have the Tao?'
      He said, 'I do have the Tao. From the age of twenty onwards I have
      been devoted to making swords. I pay no heed to anything else, I look at
      nothing but swords. By being so constant, I am now able to do it without
      thinking. Time brings one to such art, so imagine how much more
      significant this would be for one who used the same method but never
      ignored anything. Everything would depend on him and everything would be


      Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me


      Last night

      the rain

      spoke to me

      slowly, saying,


      what joy

      to come falling

      out of the brisk cloud,

      to be happy again


      in a new way

      on the earth!

      That’s what it said

      as it dropped,


      smelling of iron,

      and vanished

      like a dream of the ocean

      into the branches


      and the grass below.

      Then it was over.

      The sky cleared.

      I was standing


      under a tree.

      The tree was a tree

      with happy leaves,

      and I was myself,


      and there were stars in the sky

      that were also themselves

      at the moment

      at which moment


      my right hand

      was holding my left hand

      which was holding the tree

      which was filled with stars


      and the soft rain –

      imagine! imagine!

      the long and wondrous journeys

      still to be ours.


      ~ Mary Oliver ~


      (What Do We Know)





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