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Highlights, Thursday, October 28

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    TIM HARRIS Each life a pebble dropped in the sea of life. Each one a song singing that can not hear itself until it reaches every shore and then, returning
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 1999

      Each life a pebble
      in the sea of life.
      Each one a song
      that can not hear itself
      until it reaches
      every shore
      and then,
      returning home
      it finds peace.

      Gentle Peace.




      A soft and gentle rain falls.
      A strange, thin cloud layer sings in the sky.

      Softly, the wind blows.
      The sound of wind chimes are heard.

      Strangely, the sound is silent.
      The absence of E minor chimes.
      The absence of A major rings.
      Absolute silence chimes
      with each non-movement of the hollow tubes.

      Silence mingling with the raindrops.
      Emptiness blowing in the wind.
      Chime after chime, gently, ringing only silence.

      The rain falls,
      The chimes ring silence.
      Nothing is happening.
      Nothing has ever happened.
      Nothing will ever happen.



      (from the works of Goethe)

      the holy longing

      tell a wise person, or else keep silent,
      because the massman will mock it right away.
      i praise what is truly alive,
      what longs to be burned to death.

      in the calm water of the love-nights,
      where you were begotten, where you have begotten,
      a strange feeling comes over you
      when you see the silent candle burning.

      now you are no longer caught
      in your obsession with darkness,
      and a desire for higher love-making
      sweeps you upward.

      distance does not make you falter,
      no, arriving in magic, flying,
      and, finally, insane for the light,
      you are the butterfly and you are gone.

      and so long as you haven't experienced
      this: to die and so to grow,
      you are only a troubled guest
      on a dark earth.



      One more tonight from my file of Sandeep's postings:

      Once there lived a great artist, a sculptor and painter.
      His art was so perfect that when he made a statue of a man,
      it was virtually impossible to differentiate the man from
      the statue.
      It was so lifelike, so alive, so similar.

      Comes a seer who tells him that his death is fast
      Frightened and wishing to avoid death, the sculptor thinks
      hard and finally gets a clue for escape.

      He made eleven statues of himself and when Death knocked at
      his door he stood among the statues, not breathing.

      The angel of Death was puzzled, couldn't believe his eyes.
      So alike, so same, who to take with him?
      It had never happened before, so irregular, God always
      creates unique, never duplicates and here 12 of the same.

      Worried and nervous, he goes to God and explains the
      God laughs and whispers something in his ear.
      "Will it work" asks the nervous Angel of Death.
      "Oh yes, I know Man a bit" replies God.

      Returning back to the room of 12 statues, the Angel of Death
      looks around and addressing no one in particular says
      "Everything is perfect except one thing.You have done very
      well, only one point was missed. Only one error."

      Immediately the sculptor jumps out " What, what error?"
      He the greatest sculptor and error!

      The Angel of Death laughs" The only error was that you could
      not forget yourself.
      Come along chum."

      Death is of what we have known about ourselves, what we have
      believed ourselves to be, both the mundane definitions as
      well as the spiritual definitions mind you.
      This bag of knowledge concretised is the ego.
      And the spiritual ego is the hardest to see through as it is
      more subtle and hence more powerful.

      So long the identification is with these definitions, death
      is a reality.
      Cut the identification and death is a joke.

      The sculptor was a caught because he truly could not become
      one of the statues, I.e., could not disappear into

      In zikr



      I think sometimes I just got to get me a church 'cause I
      feel the spirit coming on and just rushing around in me so
      strong, I just got to let it out my mouth. Yessiree. This
      heart of mine wants to jump out of me and run around the
      whole place and gather everybody up and sit them down
      because I've got something to say. I've got to say it.
      I've just got to.

      And maybe you don't want to hear about it, but I really
      think your heart wants to hear it. And maybe you don't like
      the way I preach, but I'll tell you something. In the
      deepest heart of you, it doesn't care how I preach or how
      the other fellow preaches, because all it wants to hear
      about is the plain truth. And this is just what I've got to
      preach about, and deep in the heart of me I don't even care
      if you're listening or judging or thinking or something
      completely different, because this spirit just comes over me
      and jumps out of my mouth.

      And this is what I've got to say ... and this is all I've
      got to say. If you think you are a somebody who did this or
      that, and who this and that happened to, well you've just
      plumb mistaken. All those stories you tell about you and
      her or you and him or you and them that's all they are.
      They're just stories. Maybe they're good stories with a lot
      of adventures in them and maybe they're pretty sad stories
      and maybe they're sort of boring stories, but it doesn't
      matter at all. Because once you put down that book or walk
      out of that movie or shut your own mouth about it, what are
      you then? What are you when all that talking and
      remembering and singing has quit? Aren't you that Alive
      something that was talking and was listening and watching
      that whole time? And aren't you just that same Alive
      something that is still here now?

      In fact, I'll ask you this. If it came right down to it and
      you had to say what that something is, could you even
      rightly call it a Something? Be honest, now. Could you?
      Maybe you're saying 'Well that's just me.' and I would have
      to say to you 'Yes ma'am' or 'Yes sir' it is you, but does
      that mean it's a Something? Look real close now, just as
      quiet as you can be.

      Just as quiet as that mouse they talk about. And now I bet
      you can't tell what you said was something called Me from
      what is looking. Can you now?
      Tell the truth.

      And this something that isn't really anything you could name
      at all how does it feel to look real close? Closer and so
      close that looking just plain quits because there's nothing
      there to look at? But what's it feel like?

      Can you get any words together around it that cover the
      whole of it? Oh, I know, sometimes it'll shoot all out like
      fireworks and sometimes it'll be as still as a trout fishing
      hole. And sometimes you'll feel like the first time you
      fell in love back when it was all pure and happy except you
      just can't think who it is you might be in love with. But
      mostly if you keep on there and don't go off wandering
      around the world getting into trouble again you'll find out
      this Alive something that is nothing just has no end to it
      at all. And if you don't go trying to decide what it ain't,
      well it'll just keep on showing you more and more of where
      it's been hiding at.

      It's that kind of something and nothing that just fills up
      the whole darn place, like sky except it doesn't even stop
      at the top of your head or the bottom of your feet. And
      lord knows there's just no end to the surprises you can get
      once you get off of your high horse and down on your knees.

      It just makes you wonder how you ever could have gotten
      yourself in such a fix that you didn't even know this sweet
      beauty was going on all the time.
      It's like you played a game of hide and seek with yourself
      and you got so much into the hiding part that you feel
      asleep in there, like the kids do sometimes. Then you go
      around calling and calling them to dinner. Once they come
      out they're all grumpy and fussy for a while but it's ok
      because the game is over and everybody gets to go home.


      JERRY: That was the moment in which Reality was seen. That
      moment, however, is not sufficient.

      MIRA: If that moment is not sufficient, then what is...?

      JAN: For those not satisfied with seeing a moment of
      Reality, perhaps this:
      When that moment is the unconditional "NOW", events are
      being witnessed as seemingly forming an ongoing movie at the
      end of which, nothing really has changed :)

      PEON: Maybe my answer is not anyone elses answer and that is
      fine, but one moment it would appear changed the life and
      future of Jesus, the story of his being in the desert and
      confronted by Satan before beginning his ministry, Buddha
      had his moment, Whitman "How I lay upon the grass, my heart
      stripped bare....." Ospensky, Bucke in a chariot returning
      home after an evening dicussing Whitman and Emerson, Dante,
      J Krisnumurti relates his single experience, and hundredsof
      others who relate a sinlge "moment" as being sufficient to
      die and be reborn a new person, free of the attachments and
      desires of the one who died.

      Yet one moment is not "suficient" for the state of Awakening
      need remain a constant in ones life to be of great value.
      The knowledge of oneness is IMHO fruit of the experience but
      living Enlightenment is not the single experience itself,
      anymore than a ticket is flight to elsewhere or an auto is a

      I have seen all too many however confuse feeling with
      Enlightenment....as though the Bliss should endure as a
      constant. The same nerve endings and brain cells which
      deliver pleasure deliver pain and I would not wish to endure
      intense pain as a constant.

      Best those Awakened acknowledge such and be on with the
      living rather than the regretting less the value be lost,

      JERRY: There is a space, an interval there, at that place
      which neither is nor is not. Everything pours into that
      interval eternally. The knowing, the seeing of that
      spilling into the interval, is something of what it is like
      to be, what people call, enlightened, if you want to look at
      the dynamics of enlightenment.

      SYENA: This is what I call the Gap...The space between
      breaths....between thoughts...The stillness....The silence
      that is not silent. As far as I am concerned it is
      sufficient to just go there.
      Everything comes from there and it all filters out to here.
      That is all I know put very simply. My brain just drained
      reading all the words and thoughts and ponderings between
      you two. It was exhausting. I am not being critical here,
      just expressing what it literally did to me. Now maybe this
      comes from my ignorance of what was being said? But I do
      know the essence of it. I know if not Understand. I just
      wonder what use is it to go round and round and round about
      with a finite mind trying to sort out that which is infinite
      and unexplainable in limiting terms of speach? Does not the
      experience of that solve the whole shooting match? Is not
      the other just mental masterbation? Words that have spirit
      behind them, that enliven the heart that point the way to
      Bliss.....those are recognized by all. I think you are
      grand......Thanks for bringing this out for me to see.
      Love and Namaste.

      The Pathway of Nonduality

      by Raphael

      Chapter 8


      Q. What is meant by the term maya?

      A. The term has a number of different meanings according to
      the points of view of the different Vedantic currents.
      Thus, phenomena, prakriti-nature, sakti, avidya, that which
      renders possible the impossible, taking one thing for
      another, veiling superimposition, etc. refer all to maya.

      Q. What is meant, for example, by 'veiling

      A. It means superimposing a thing upon another thus taking
      a thing to be something else. For example, we can
      superimpose the colour blue upon the sky which is really
      colourless. We can superimpose the physical body upon the
      pure atman so that we fall into the error of considering the
      physical body as being absolute and real. We can
      superimpose a 'concept' upon a reality, the nature of which
      is different. In this way we had, for a long time, a
      'concept' of matter which we have to rectify. This implies
      that we superimposed an erroneous idea upon the datum called

      Superimposition is caused by two factors: the one projective
      -- we project with our imagination an idea, a concept, etc.
      -- the other veiling, because the projection veils and hides
      the reality of the datum. In fact, the blue colour that we
      have projected upon the sky hides the true nature of the
      sky, just as the concept of physical body, which we have
      projected upon the atman, hides as a result the true nature
      of the atman.

      Maya is not a real-absolute datum, it does not belong to the
      category of tangible objects, it can be recognized by simple
      ascertainment. For example, we might easily take a piece of
      rope -- if we saw it lying in a country lane -- to be a
      snake; in this case we have superimposed the concept of
      'snake', or the image-snake, upon the rope, which is not the
      snake. But on looking more carefully we recognize, or
      ascertain, that the snake does not exist and what really
      exists is instead a rope. Who fooled us? Maya. From this
      standpoint we can say that the 'projection' of the snake is
      the outcome of an error of perception, the effect of not
      knowing, the fruit of avidya (ignorance concerning the true
      nature of a thing).

      Q. What is meant by saying that maya is synonymous with

      A. Prakriti is the equivalent of natura naturans, of
      substance, of 'matter' (in a special sense), of the
      universal Mother that produces bodies, forms of all
      dimensions and degrees.

      It is the plastic and eternal substance (as a pole of the
      essence) from which all things produced are made. A
      body-form (such as a cloud in the sky or a mineral or
      vegetal body) which is born, grows and dies represents a
      phenomena; therefore, maya-prakriti is a producer of
      phenomena. All we see around us is phenomenon, it is

      This prakriti-matter -- as we now know -- not only undergoes
      endless change, but can resolve itself into other grades of
      energetic density; mass can resolve itself into energy and
      physical energy into subtle, superphysical energy, or into
      non-matter. All bodies and planes of existence are made of
      maya-prakriti stuff. Therefore, maya is synonymous with
      prakriti, with phenomenon, with movement-change, since a
      body is the result of a particular mayika movement.

      Sakti is the name give to nature in movement.

      Q. We are all maya-sakti then?

      A. If the human individual were made of only the physical
      body we would be obliged to give a positive answer. The
      dense physical body of man is maya, because it is matter,
      phenomenon, movement-change. It is born, it grows and dies;
      it is subject therefore to transformation, change,
      dissolution. This is the conception of the materialist who
      considers matter to be the absolute reality.

      But for the traditional Philosophy, man is not merely
      maya-prakriti, he is also purusha, this is atman, Spirit,
      Essence or Being. We therefore have the polarity
      purusha-prakriti; we have Being which through
      quantity-substance expresses qualities. When the purusha
      withdraws from its manifest body, this remains inert, void
      of intelligence, of will and of self-consciousness.
      Intelligence and will, like self-consciousness, are
      con-substantial aspects of the purusha, while prakriti-maya
      substance is only 'sentient'. Purusha can detach itself
      from its physical body and perceive clearly how its material
      instrument is something other than itself. Moreover, it can
      be aware, in an intelligent way, of being able to operate,
      manifest and express itself on other existential levels
      beyond the dense physical one.

      Q. What does the physical body represent, then, for the

      A. A body, at whatever dimensions or level it may be, is an
      instrument of contact and of expression capable of operating
      upon an existential level of life. To live and ooperate
      upon the dense physical plane, for example, we must have a
      body of expression or an instrument capable of establishing
      relations with that exitential plane. However, the body is
      only an instrument of contact which can be taken up or


      Divorced Jewish man, seeks partner to attend shul with,
      light shabbos candles, celebrate holidays, build Sukkah
      together, attend brisses, bar mitzvahs. Religion not
      important. PB 658

      Sincere rabbinical student, 27. Enjoys Yom Kippur, Tisha
      B'av, Taanis Esther, Tzom Gedaliah, Asarah B'Teves, Shiva
      Asar B'Tammuz. Seeks companion for living life in the
      "fast" lane. POB 90.

      Yeshiva bochur, Torah scholar, long beard, payos. Seeks
      same in woman.
      POB 43.

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