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#1484 Sunday, July 6, 2003

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    *********************************************************** NDH - Issue # 1484 - Sunday, July 6, 2003 - Editors: Christiana & Joyce
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      NDH - Issue #  1484  - Sunday, July 6, 2003   - Editors: Christiana & Joyce
      warmspirit offers
      An old fashioned coffee pot percolates, not from the hands that fill it with water,
      and not from the coffee grounds within a filter, but rather from the heat of fire
      under the container of water
      which makes the process possible.
      The flavor of the product, 
      is dependent not upon the coffee, nor upon the pot or the heat, but rather upon the mouth that tastes it.
      Photos of the natural world observed by list members:
      Lotus with dragonfly - Al Larus
      Bee and flowers - eric paroissien
      Robin fledglings - LadyJoy

      Keep a diary, something interesting happens every day. Nigel Sackville-West.. quoting Virginia Woolfe 

      paper lanterns  LiveJournal - "zen within" community
      Intelligent people know others.
      Enlightened people know themselves. 
      You can conquer others with power.
      But it takes true strength to conquer yourself. 
      --Lao Tzu 

      Jerry to Livejournal - I thought this was interesting.
      Chris Damitio, author of ROUGH LIVING: TIPS AND TALES OF
      A VAGABOND to set out on the Twenty Book Tour of the Pacific
      Chris Damitio, author of ROUGH LIVING: TIPS AND TALES OF A VAGABOND
      today announced that he will be doing a book tour despite having
      an overdrawn bank account, no money, and a quarter tank of gas.
      Damitio calls it "The Twenty Book Tour". 
      When asked how he would fund the trip, Damitio, the
      world-traveling vagabond extraordinaire shrugged his shoulders
      and said " I'm going to sell my twenty books. It's gonna to be
      rough living, but you know, I wrote the book on that. I figure people
      should be able to see that the methods I talk about in ROUGH
      LIVING: TIPS AND TALES OF A VAGABOND actually work." 
      His book has done well so far with zero dollars spent on
      promotion. "The book almost paid my rent in the first month, but
      now I'm back to not having any bills, except paying my bank
      back," Damitio said. "Hopefully, people will understand that they
      can order the book at
      http://www.booklocker.com/books/1097.html and get it in two to
      three days. That way they can bring their copies for me to sign
      when I visit their cities." Damitio thinks the twenty copies he has
      will sell pretty fast. 
      As unemployment rates continue to rise and dissatisfaction with
      the consumer society continues to grow, Damitio will explain and
      demonstrate the techniques, rewards, and pitfalls of living a rough
      life. Those interested can follow his progress at his on-line Blog.
      http://roughliving.blogspot.com and those interested in
      communicating on-line with Damitio should join his on-line bulletin
      board forum at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gonzobeats/ In
      October of 2000, Damitio set out on a unique travel experience
      as he began to explore the possibilities of living without what
      many people consider essential. As a result of this rough lifestyle,
      Damitio was surprised to find himself climbing the Great Wall of
      China, abducted by pirates in Laos, and playing guitars with
      strangers who became friends throughout Asia. All of this was
      done on the budget of a bum. 
      Damitio reveals some of the secrets that made his adventures
      possible and some of the adventures he had along the way.
      Damitio hitches, flies, drives, floats, and climbs his way to
      adventure. \ Now, Damitio is doing it again on The Twenty Book
      Tour. Damitio plans to drive north and south but is not real sure
      about east and west. He's not sure how long it will take, when he
      will be in each city, or what will happen, but you can be sure it will
      be exciting. The public is encouraged to follow his adventures in
      rough living at
      http://roughliving.blogspot.com ### 
      Chris Damitio (503) 502-3384 E-mail: cdamitio@... 
      currently available at
      www.booklocker.com and now by special
      order at bookstores nationwide. 

      The July issue of one of my favorite online journals
      "Amigo" is ready to read at: http://www.ods.nl/am1gos
      Below are clips found there:
      A talk with Leo Hartong
      ~ Why is the title of your book Awakening to the Dream and not
      Awakening from the dream? 
      Leo Hartong: Awakening to the dream is like lucid dreaming. You
      wake up in a dream and realize that you're dreaming and then
      carry on with your dream. Even when you see that life is like a
      dream it nevertheless carries on. At that point you have awoken to
      the dream; that's what I mean. You could say: 'It is clear that it is
      but a dream, so if I know that, I am awake', but the film continues
      anyway. It does not all come to a stop. There isn't a flash of white
      light wherein everything disappears. 
      ~ So you have 'awakened'. Did any specific thing happen? Would
      you talk about it? 
      The idea that it is possible for someone to wake up is nonsense.
      An awakened person is a paradox. The awakened Self is not a
      person. There is the clarity that there is no one to awaken. So it is
      not about freedom for the ego, but about freedom from the ego.
      But the show continues, the apparent characters continue to play
      their part. 
      Leo Hartong's book Awakening to the Dream is now available:
      Exerpt from the book:
      All the seeking, all the spiritual practices, and all the effort to
      understand veils the plain and simple truth of this, as it is.
      Whatever thought arises, whatever feeling comes up, be it
      labeled good or bad, there is something still and quietly aware of
      all that's going on. It simply is, without the slightest effort. Snap
      your fingers. Did you hear the sound? How much effort did that
      take? None! Now, at this very moment, Pure Awareness is the
      silent background to you reading these words. You don't have to
      do a thing for it to be there. It is always present, even though it is
      too close to get at, like the eye is too close to see itself. 
      for more and to subscribe to his newsletter, go to:

      from Steven Harrison - 'The question to life's answers'
      ~ Do you think then that there is an enlightened state? 
      What would that be? 
      ~ Why do all these enlightened beings, supposedly beyond any
      sense of personal doer-ship, still find it necessary to talk about
      themselves as separate entities? Would a truly non-dual
      consciousness speak or write, and what would it have to say, and
      to whom? 
      Enlightenment is a myth. Non-duality is a story. Aren't these
      so-called enlightened beings defined as such by those of us who
      choose to define ourselves as unenlightened? Isn't this a social
      construction and a mutual delusion? 
      ~ You seem to me to be a teacher in the lineage of Ramana
      Maharshi. Do you see yourself that way? 
      Ramana Maharshi had no lineage. He had ample time to create
      one and did not. He did not even want an ashram. He barely
      agreed to speak or teach. How then can anyone claim to be in his
      lineage, and further, what is the motivation to claim this? I have
      the highest regard for Ramana, and I honor him each day by
      having nothing to do with him. 
      Steven Harrison www.doingnothing.com 

      Michael L to NDS 
      I created a new web page today that has the story of
      how I disovered the Awareness watching Awareness method. 
      It includes many quotes by Sri Muruganar on
      the Awareness watching Awareness method. 
      To read it click this link:  http://uarelove1.tripod.com/AWA_DISCOVERY.htm 

      eric paroissien photos:
      the flower self and
      his busy bee the mind 
      pictures fresh from the garden (click on the
      "flowers and bees" folder)
      Viorica Weissman
      Agni: The Fire of Self-Inquiry 
      by David Frawley
      Other seekers with a more intellectual
      background tend to approach the Self in a
      conceptual way , as if it were some category
      of cosmic existence to be appreciated by the
      rational mind. This too misses the living reality
      of the Self which has the power to consume
      the mind and cannot be approached by any
      mere logic or dialectic. 
      To question deeply about who we really are is
      to create a friction at the core of the mind that
      naturally gives rise to an inner fire. The inquiry
      'Who Am I?" is the ultimate stirring of the mind
      that brings forth an inner flame that can
      consume all other questions and doubts , like a
      fire burning dry grass. It takes us back to the
      core fire at the core of the mind , which is the
      inextinguishable light of the supreme I AM. That
      universal Self of pure light and consciousness
      shining deep within us is the real goal of our
      from THE MOUNTAIN PATH , Jan-March 2003" 

      From: 'Meeting The Shadow'  Edited by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams 
      snip from The Shadow Of The Enlightened Guru 
      by Georg Feuerstein 
      That the personality of enlightened beings and advanced mystics
      remains largely intact is obvious when one examines biographies
      and autobiographies of adepts, past and present. Each one
      manifests specific psychological qualities, as determined by his
      or her genetics and life history. Some are inclined toward
      passivity, others are spectacularly dynamic. Some are gentle,
      others fierce. Some have no interest in learning, others are great
      scholars. What these fully awakened beings have in common is
      that they no longer identify with the personality complex, however
      it may be configured, but live out of the identity of the Self.
      Enlightenment, then, consists in the transcendence of the
      ego-habit, but enlightenment does not obliterate the personality. If
      it did, we would be justified in equating it with psychosis. 
      The fact that the basic personality structure is essentially the
      same after enlightenment as it was before raises the crucial
      question of whether enlightenment also leaves untouched traits
      that in the unenlightened individual might be called neurotic. I
      believe that this is so. If they are true teachers, their overriding
      purpose can be expected to be the communication of the
      transcendental Reality. Yet, their behavior is, in the outside world,
      always a matter of personal style. 


      Ladyjoy shares (in delightful prose and photos) the joy of discovering a Robin's nest built on her porch; and her family patient excitement in watching the process from eggs laid to fledglings chirping.
      Note the touch of green Easter
      egg grass in the nest.
      Mommy! Mommy!" Jason, 6, runs up the gentle slope of our backyard to where I am pulling weeds left over from last fall, his face flushed
      with excitement. He beckons me to follow him down to the back porch, and points to the outdoor rack which is still filled with the refuse
      and other things which I did not put away for the winter. Amidst the mess of potting soil, pots, plant food, unplanted seeds and bubble
      blowing liquid, I see nothing. Nothing but a mess. 
      "Look, Mom, there is a robin's nest there." He points to the top shelf of the rack. I hesitate and
      think to myself that he has to be mistaken. Surely we aren't going to have another robin's nest this year, and surely it is not going to
      appear on my back porch. Still, to humor him, I follow. As I approach the porch, my mouth drops as I
      see what is clearly a nest. It is
      perched almost precariously atop
      a leftover salt carton....
      weeks later...
      One day, I come home and go out to the porch.
      As I approach the nest, I see a little head
      hanging out over the side of the nest. As I get
      closer, I see the our little friend is fast asleep. In
      fact, they are all asleep, lazy yawning mouths,
      not a care in the world except where the next
      worm is coming from...is this enlightenment or what? 

      There isn't any acceptance or non-acceptance. There are only
      explanations about appearances. Change, doing doers,
      acceptance all are appearances in the unreal. These things
      happen because 'you' are observing. The real is inmutable, only
      the unreal changes. As long as there is someone looking the
      show will go on. So acceptance is only a pacifier for minds busy
      controlling their illusory activities. 

      Buckminster Fuller's dream
      In Spaceship Earth’s Cockpit —By Leif Utne, Utne.com  July 7, 2003 Issue 
      More than 30 years ago, the late architect and futurist R.
      Buckminster Fuller, who, among other things, invented the
      geodesic dome, said, “There is no energy crisis, food crisis, or
      environmental crisis. There is only a crisis of ignorance.” Fuller
      imagined a “Geoscope” that would allow people to overcome that
      ignorance by seeing, in real time, humanity’s impact on the
      planet, and compute possible future scenarios so as to make
      better choices and correct our past mistakes. The Buckminster
      Fuller Institute (BFI) is close to making that vision a reality, in the
      form of a computer program under development called the
      EARTHscope (download a Flash demo at the link below). A sort
      of interactive atlas, this visually stunning tool will let you tap into a
      vast library of both historical and live data, and view multi-layered
      displays showing the current state of each of Earth’s life-support
      systems—energy, population, education, food, human rights, and
      many others. The most interesting feature will allow you to
      compare future scenarios for “business as usual” and
      “sustainability.” The EARTHscope, says BFI president Josh
      Arnow, “makes the invisible visible.” —Leif Utne 

      Douglas E. Fireman  TrueVision@yahoogroups.com
      Mandala of Light
      Slowly rotating in your head
      a kaleidescope of light!-
      generating images
      dreamed of every day and every night
      Close your eyes and visualize...
      that mandala called Soul,
      the source of God and all
      the images of Life's inner/outer show.
      Intensely focus on its center;
      on the images that appear,
      and sacred words will emerge
      from within that golden sphere
      Glistening like scarab wings
      against the rising sun soon
      these words will lovingly merge
      as the poet and poem
      Douglas E. Fireman July 4, 2003

      'This is essay TWO of a series of essays by W. Michael Breland,
      M.D., Ph.D., laying out what he calls "The Trans-Quantum
      Mechanical Hypothesis Of Consciousness."

      Crasch's LiveJournal online personal ad
      Are you tired of dating handsome, financially solvent men?
      Do you hate to receive flowers? Do you need less excitement
      in your life? Then I'm the guy for you! I promise to sit like a
      lobotomized troll in front the computer for hours on end. No
      feeding required, as I'm more than willing to help myself to
      whatever's in your fridge. If you're looking for a nice
      "fixer-upper" look no farther! 
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