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#1469 - Sunday, June 22, 2003

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  • Jerry Katz
    ... #1469 - Sunday, June 22, 2003 - Editor: Joyce (Know_Mystery) Apology: A brief message intended for the Highlights editors was sent to this list
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      #1469 - Sunday, June 22, 2003 - Editor: Joyce (Know_Mystery)  
      Apology: A brief message intended for the Highlights editors was sent to this list inadvertently. Now...onto the latest edition, hot off the presses, as they say....


      Manuel Hernandez ~ A Net of Jewels

      "In the mistaken belief that one is an entity separate from all other people and all other manifestation, there is no escape from sorrow."
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~
      "The individual does not finally merge with his original nature any more than a wave merges with water. They were not different to begin with. A wave is nothing more than the shifting shape of the water itself. It is not a question of joining separate things but of the abandonment of something inessential and superficial, the false identity of a separate individual entity."
      ~ Ramesh S. Balkesar ~

      A_Sky_Dancer ~ Dzogchen

       My Home

      photo by Benny

      I think this is beautiful and profound, watch the introduction. It's ALL there.


       Wu Nein ~ AdvaitaToZen

      What Is The Ego?
      Hello. What is the ego? What is the personality? What is the Self? Any one will be kind enough to comment about the three.
      Here are some quotations Distinguishing ego from true self (Quotations from The Hua Hu Ching)
      The ego is entranced by ... names and ideas... (However) names and concepts only block your perception of this Great Oneness. Therefore it is wise to ignore them. Those who live inside their egos are continually bewildered. (32)
      Pain and happiness are simply conditions of the ego. Forget the ego. (46)
      Because clarity and enlightenment are within your own nature, they are regained without moving an inch. (44)
      Remember: if you can cease all restless activity, your integral nature will appear. (45)

      Nagarjuna quoted by Mazie Lane ~ AdyashantiSatsang

      "In a passage in the poem, 'Self,' Nagarjuna offers a glimpse of the sublime depth disclosed when the constricting hold of fixations is eased:

      'It is all at ease
      Unfixtable by fixations

      "Not only is the subjective experience one of ease, but ease is revealed as a feature of the sublime itself. For not only do fixations generate conflict and anguish, they also obscure a natural world that endlessly unfolds and vanishes, untroubled by the desires and fears of humankind.

      "Although we may take our fixations with utmost seriousness, that about which we are fixated is utterly unaffected by them.  For life is incapable of ever being tied down. While we generate volumes of theories and descriptions of reality, none of them can capture the mystery of its happening at all. And no matter how minutely we dissect and categorize experience, the lines we draw leave no trace on the seamlesss web of life itself."

      ~ Stephen Batchelor ~

      From the book, "Verses From The Center: A Buddhist Vision of The Sublime," Riverhead Books.

      Mace Mealer ~ Illuminata




      Photo by Lucy Pringle


      It is a singular attribute
      of modern man
      that a sense of wonder
      inevitably contains
      the subtle constituents
      of curiosity and disbelief.
      Strangely enough,
      once these qualities
      are satisfactorily resolved,
      wonder is itself
      At times,
      one might WONDER
      if adequate and appropriate
      attention is given
      to the process
      as well as the object.




      Bill Rishel ~ AdvaitaToZen



      Silence is the dissolution of all concepts.

      Or equally, the 'disillusion' of all concepts.

      Else it is not truly Silence.


      Manuel Hernandez ~ A Net Of Jewels


      The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


      "Understanding confusion means becoming free of it." 


      "Nothing extraordinary can happen to a consciousness knowing exactly what it


        Jan Sultan ~ NondualitySalon 

      Don't Air Your Attachments In Public

      In the nudity of nothingness we are all the same. It's only our attachments
      that differentiates us. When you post something or criticize what some one else
      has posted you reveal your attachments to others. Most of us are very
      transparent. The more we spout the more we reveal our weaknesses. Get rid of
      your attachments, don't air them in the public! [I am talking to myself, of
      course, as usual.]


      PS: Are you provoked easily?

      Eric Ashford ~ TrueVision



      Bodhi Leaf Saffron


      photo by Laurence Ranson

      Stepping out into the morning
      Emptying my rucksack
      Of everything but water and bread for the birds
      I walk over the hill and across the valley
      Where the silver lake is as pacific as molten sun.
      I am as usual looking for the heart.
      In all directions
      I see only myself looking for the heart.
      Then suddenly
      There is nothing to see.
      No eyes looking.
      Nothing to look at.
      Only molten sun in a rucksack.
      Nothing to carry.
      No water; No birds.
      Emptiness in the Heart.

      Eric Parisien ~ NondualitySalon


      as the first word comes out,
      some idea has been betrayed,
      and before it the essence of it betrayed too.
      the attempt to spread a series of words
      (even when all those betray just one idea)
      is as ignoble as the reproduction among mammals:
      you never know how many of them will come out
      very unsafe too, all these words out there,
      that still i deem belong to me;
      (which one was a blunder? which other was a slip? and if that other
      was too true will i live up to it?)
      and nobody is home to take care of the fire
      myself is running on hills and in meadows
      shouting: this one is my sheep! that one too!



      Eric Parisien & Tim Gerchmez ~ NDS


      It Takes All Kinds To Make The 'What Is'

      [eric] should we so often question our motives or need to communicate, and
      enquire about the genuinness of our human exchanges or need often to
      keep in the background of our conversations the holy reference to
      as if repeatedly questionning if we should live?

      [Tim G] From here, genuineness takes care of itself when we aren't even
      paying attention. The conversations of last night look pretty
      genuine from here. Wherever anyone was coming from, they came from
      there without anything getting in the way. There's nothing
      preventing it, and even the usual "shoulds" are an _expression of
      complete clarity, 'this as is'.

      [eric] hi tim,
      your are exactly illustrating what happens daily,
      one touch further, something realised, a new understanding is born,
      thank you.



      Harsh K. Luther ~ HarshaSatsangh

      Enlightenment - The Open Secret

      The secret is to breath in and breath out and not get too caught up in concepts
      and words (especially one's own, and especially about nonduality :-).

      To remember oneself without words, to be quietly aware of awareness. It is all
      an open secret. It always has been. Other than that there are no secrets worth
      chasing after.

      Love to all


      Joyce ~ NDS



      A Red Rubber Ball

      so much depends
      a red rubber

      cradled in your







      [with apologies and respect to William Carlos Williams]

      Gary Merrill  ~ ConsciousnessIsAll

      The perceiver, the experiencer, is never found apart from the
      perception apart from the experience. Likewise the thinker can't be found apart from thought. So I give vent to this in my expressions like 'the perceiever is the perceived'. This doesn't necessarily mean that any such thing exists, like 'perception'. Even if a story is made out about the great perception which happened at the start of time which gave rise to all the perceptions which happen nowadays.

      The doer and the done, subject and object, always form some kind of story in time, yet the present has never been in time, has never been old and is never new.


      Panhala ~ Joe Riley

      The True Love

      There's a faith in loving fiercely the one who is rightfully yours
      especially if you have waited years and especially if part of you never
      believed you could deserve this loved and beckoning hand held
      out to you this way.

      I am thinking of faith now and the testaments of loneliness
      and what we feel we are worthy of in this world.
      Years ago in the Hebrides I remember an old man
      who would walk every morning on the gray stones
      to the shore of baying seals, who would press his
      hat to his chest in the blustering salt wind and say his
      prayer to the turbulent Jesus hidden in the waters.

      And I think of the story of the storm and the people
      waking and seeing the distant, yet familiar figure,
      far across the water calling to them.
      And how we are all preparing for that abrupt waking
      and that calling and that moment when we have to say yes!
      Except it will not come so grandly, so biblically,
      but more subtly, and intimately in the face
      of the one you know you have to love.
      So that when we finally step out of the boat
      toward them we find, everything holds us,
      and everything confirms our courage.

      And if you wanted to drown, you could,
      But you don't, because finally, after all
      this struggle and all these years,
      you don't want to anymore.
      You've simply had enough of drowning
      and you want to live, and you want to love.
      And you'll walk across any territory,
      and any darkness, however fluid,
      and however dangerous to take the one
      hand and the one life, you know belongs in yours.
      ~ David Whyte ~
      ... for HT ...

      To subscribe to Panhala, send a blank email to Panhala-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      (left button to play, right button to save)

      Steve Toth ~ Awareness-TheWayToLove

       Somewhere between
            stupidity & confusion
       is the balance I'm looking for
       Pain is what life does to you
            suffering is what
            you do to yourself
       Lonely cries think no one will listen
            but I hear them all the time
       I'm healing you with love
            Love is healing you
       I was talking with a friend
            We told each other
       "There's no point
            that stays sharp
       once it's blown
            out of proportion
            or you are"
       Another friend wrote before he died
            "Good-bye Good-bye  It
            seemed so real"
       Knowing nothing makes it easier
            to say what's on my mind
       Pain you can live with
            suffering you can live without
       Don't talk of love
            show us how
       a lover moves
            through the darkness
            looking for flowers to open

      Alan Larus ~ AdyashantiSatsang


      Collecting Clouds



      Photo by Alan Larus

      Collecting Clouds

      First I found
      how to unwrap the sound 
      of birdsong

      In between the rough
      the fine woven strings
      and I heard them sing;
      my oh my
      come fly with us
      let us open the whole sky.

      This is how I came to be 
      a collector of clouds

      If you have none of these

      I would like to swap with you
      from one single point on this ground
      I traveled the whole round
      catching the soft blue 
      and the dark sincere
      then the distant pink and fluffy ones
      and the largest I can show you here.

      Gabriele Ebert ~ RamanaMaharshi

      I Pray, Fill My Heart

      Once a sannyasi came and stayed in the
      Ashram for three weeks. On the last day
      he came near Bhagavan and said:
      "Swami, I am satisfied in every way with
      my stay in the Ashram. Now I pray, fill
      my heart." Bhagavan got up and held the
      sannyasi's hands. They stood thus for a
      long time. Then the sannyasi prostrated
      before Bhagavan and said: "Now I am
      blessed." With that he departed.
      Shantamma In: Ramana Smrti

       Kalyaanmitra ~ HarshaSatsangh

      Re: [Fwd: [RamanaMaharshi] I Pray, Fill My Heart]

      sometimes it is just that touch, that look, that gesture

      and the heart is filled
      the three knots dissolve

      life continues
      with a smile
      the good, the bad, the ugly


      Robert O'Hearn ~ AdyashantiSatsang

      No Complaint

      "The night doesn't complain when the stars appear."

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