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#1423 - Wed, May 7, 2003

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1423 - Tues/Wed, May 6-7, 2003 - Editor: Jerry ... may my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living whatever they sing is better than
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      #1423 - Tues/Wed, May 6-7, 2003 - Editor: Jerry

      may my heart always be open to little
      birds who are the secrets of living
      whatever they sing is better than to know
      and if men should not hear them men are old
      may my mind stroll about hungry
      and fearless and thirsty and supple
      and even if it's sunday may i be wrong
      for whenever men are right they are not young
      and may myself do nothing usefully
      and love yourself so more than truly
      there's never been quite such a fool who could fail
      pulling all the sky over him with one smile
      ~ e.e. cummings ~


      you can go to site and click on button, and food will be donated to an animal

      just a click on the button, that's all it takes (less than minute), and you
      can save site and do it everyday if you want to do that.

      also the next page it takes you to, you can click on button for food donated
      to feeding people, and other buttons, funding for breast cancer and so
      on...you'll see it.

      thanks a lot,

      A new film
      Though dubbed "Godfather of the New Age movement" by Time
      magazine, Castaneda branded New Age Spirituality as
      self-indulgent egoism, yet his works freely borrowed from
      Paganism, Wiccan, and Native American Shamanic traditions.
      A best-selling Author for over 30 years, Carlos Castaneda
      inspired millions to break free from social dogma, fueling
      controversy over his work's authenticity and over his
      assertions of achieving perception of non-ordinary reality,
      during an apprenticeship with Yaqui sorcerer, don Juan Matus. 
      His books earned him a Doctorate of Anthropology from UCLA,
      world-renowned fame, and harsh criticism from staunch social
      Where fans created the icon, his books created the myth.  Yet
      when others would have capitalized on status and fame,
      Castaneda receded, embodying the moniker of "enigma" to such
      an extreme degree, that it compounded suspicion over his
      life's work.  To this day, Castaneda's books are ferociously
      debated at seminars, on internet lists, and on web sites;
      raising questions over the sincerity of his character,
      authenticity of his findings and suspicions over his true
      Genius, guru, cult leader or fraud?  No one knows for sure.
      Castaneda's dominance over his followers was shattered after
      his death, and his once loyal followers were left to pick up
      the pieces of their lives.  Complicating matters further, five
      of Castaneda's highest ranking women known as "The Witches"
      vanished without a trace just days after Castaneda's death. 
      It's presumed they committed suicide in Death Valley but their
      bodies were never found, leaving the truth of what happened a
      clouded mystery.   
      Now, for the first time, go behind the enigma with former
      members of Castaneda's Sorcerers Group who offer rare insight
      into Castaneda's ideology, along with experts in Shamanism,
      dreaming and mythology.  Abstract imagery and intermixed
      visualizations invite the viewer to experience Castaneda's
      non-ordinary reality firsthand and replicate what it was like
      to be part of the Castaneda phenomenon.
      ~ ~ ~
      As the feeling of the individual self became stronger, man lost his
      natural connection to silent knowledge.

      --Carlos Castaneda

      JOE KING
      Hey everyone, I aint got much time, just wanted to update you all on my
      life.  I have been getting depressed lately kinda, been bored and nearly
      out of school.  I am considering taking the fall off along with this
      summer cause I need a break.  I am hoping to move to Nashville if I can
      find the money to work on a project I got going.  Oh well, hey I got my
      new website up.  Its http://www.joepking.com <http://www.joepking.com/>
      I made it myself so be gentle:-)  go leave a message on the message
      board if u like, thanks all, talk to ya later!!


      Here are the Seven Invitations that comprise Setting Your Heart on Fire, each followed by a brief excerpt from the book:

      The First Invitation, Feel Everything
      Describes how to stay emotionally present in any circumstance.

      'When it comes to feelings, the only way out is through. It's that simple. The beauty of opening to all feelings, even the ones we judge as negative, is that in time they let go of us. The more we feel, the more we love. And the more we love, the more love becomes us.'
      pg 12

      The Second Invitation, Question Everything
      Explains how to transform limiting beliefs into a source of possibility and growth.

      'Only when your entire life is founded upon exploration, only when you're as comfortable in mystery as you are certainty, only when you can open to new and differing points of view with the ease and constancy of breathing ­ only then will you have met love's challenge.'
      pg 45

      The Third Invitation, Resist Nothing
      Shows how to overcome convictions about the way things should be in order to accept them as they really are.

      'You cannot change what you don't first accept. And this acceptance can't just be lip service, but instead must involve your whole being. This unconditional acceptance is required to resolve any internal or external problem. As long as you resist, you cannot see the problem fully and clearly. As long as you resist, you remain mired in negativity. As long as you resist, it's more than likely that your solution to the problem will end up perpetuating it in another form.'
      pg 74

      The Fourth Invitation, Live Like You're Dying
      Explores how to access the power of every moment.

      'When you begin to live a life imbued with death, everything becomes more vibrant. Even life's most mundane and unpleasant aspects suddenly seem miraculous. It's akin to falling in love. Only now, instead of a person, the love object is life itself.'
      pg 108

      The Fifth Invitation, Live Like You're Dreaming
      Demonstrates how to bring the creativity of the unconscious into waking life.

      'When you bring the wide-eyed, ever-curious approach of your dream-self into everyday waking existence, suddenly the difference between the two realms seems to diminish. Both are rich in subtlety, resonant with depth, and full of endless surprise.'
      pg 140

      The Sixth Invitation, Love Like You're Dancing
      Reveals how to turn any relationship into a springboard for self-discovery.

      'In the dance of love there are actually four partners ­ you, the present moment as you experience it, your partner, and the present moment as he or she experiences it. Your dance with the present is your own. The same is true of your partner's. If both of you are gliding along easily with the present, open to yourselves and to love, then you can follow one another's movements with grace. If either or both of you are shut down, disconnected from yourselves and from love, then the dance between you becomes immediately strained.'
      pg 176

      The Seventh Invitation, Widen Your World
      Illustrates how to treat the entire global community as if it were your own beloved.

      'One of the best ways to work on yourself is to work on the world. In doing so the deeper truth re-emerges ­ the two are separate facets of a united whole. Your unity with all of creation now translates into concrete deeds. Working to better the world is what makes the world feel more like home. It's how your heart heals, grows, and ultimately ignites.'
      pg 223





      In May 2001, Dalia experienced a spiritual awakening which was brought about through the grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Since then she has run retreats and held regular satsangs in her home for those interested in sharing her experience of non-duality. Those who hear Dalia are struck by the clarity which enters her when she is ‘speaking from Source’ as well as by her authenticity and lack of pretension. Her words are an encouragement for us all to ‘return to what we already are’ and to dispense with concepts. To meet Dalia is to connect with Self and to remove the barriers placed by our minds.

      Dalia’s father was an unusual Gloucestershire clergyman, born in India, with a deep interest in esoteric matters. She was brought up as a vegetarian and was introduced to religious personalities of all creeds and races from an early age. In 1954, at the age of seven, she met Swami Veda Bharati who was to initiate her into the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation at his ashram in Rishikesh some forty years later. Married to Godfrey since 1970, Dalia has raised two sons and she became a grandmother in September 2002. In the 1980s we lived as a family in India where Dalia became interested in Buddhism and the Dzogchen (Advaita) teachings of Namkhai Norbu in particular. Subsequently, she read ‘Be As You Are’ (The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi) edited by David Godman and she knew that she had discovered Truth.
      Dalia has worked for many years as a creative and performing artist in the fields of music, dance and art. She is an exponent not only of Russian ballet but also of the Indian classical dance forms of Bharata Natyam and Kathak. She has painted many intuitive mandalas based on the inspiration she has drawn from her experience of Advaita and she frequently includes mandala painting in her retreats. She has recently written a personal account of her spiritual journey entitled ‘From Then to Now’ which she hopes to publish in 2003. Dalia challenges our thoughts and beliefs but she does it from the heart rather than the mind. Whilst Dalia has led a rich and varied life, her decision to give satsang comes from her unique experience of non-duality and a sincere desire to honour and serve Bhagavan in this way.

      I have known Dalia for over thirty-five years but I recognise the Truth which has manifested itself in her since May 2001. Together we have enjoyed an inspirational pilgrimage to Sri Ramanashramam in February 2002, and I see in her every day the joy of having found her Self. I hope that those who attend her satsang or who come to stay at our own ‘Arunachala’ beneath Glastonbury Tor will be helped to find the same everlasting Truth within themselves.

      Godfrey Bishop



      We were talking about magic
      as we drove along a crowded
      Sunday highway
      when the whirl of wings
      made me turn
      and a flock of geese
      flew over our car
      so low I could see
      their feet tucked under them.
      For a moment the rustle
      of their presence over our heads
      obscured everything
      and as they disappeared
      you said,
      "I see what you mean."
      ~ Jenifer Nostrand ~
      Web version at www.Panhala.net/Archive/Magic.html

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