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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

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  • Michael A. Read
    Non Duality Highlights Tuesday, April 15, 2003 issue #1402 editor - michael ... Words from the Dalai Lama: The events of this day cause every thinking person
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      Non Duality Highlights
      Tuesday, April 15, 2003
      issue #1402
      editor - michael

      Words from the Dalai Lama:

      The events of this day cause every thinking person to stop their daily lives, whatever is going on in them, and to ponder deeply the larger questions of life. We search again for not only the meaning of life, but the purpose of our individual and collective experience as we have created it--and we look earnestly for ways in which we might recreate ourselves as a human species, so that we will never treat each other this way again.

      --- In SufiMystic@yahoogroups.com, Jan Sultan  wrote:

      from Diamond Heart, Book II
      [ http://www.ridhwan.org/dheartb.html ]

      Liberation and the Experience of Essence

      This issue typically arises for people who have a taste of essence,
      some experience of their true nature, because the taste brings an
      appetite for complete liberation. Liberation or freedom is not really
      concerned with any particular essential aspect, quality, or state. It
      does not matter what essential state exists in the experience of
      liberation. If you are free from personality, you are free no matter
      what the state is. In the state of liberation the content of
      experience becomes unimportant. It is very ordinary. Nothing specific
      happens, no huge realization or mindshattering experience. It is the
      most natural state. It is so ordinary and so natural that when we
      have it, we don't know we have it. It is so uneventful that almost
      everyone goes in and out of it frequently. There are no flashing
      lights or brilliant suns. There is no drama. Liberation is beyond the
      dichotomy of essence and personality, and because it is so
      uneventful, it usually escapes us. Its subtlety prevents us from
      recognizing it, or even from being aware that it is happening. It is
      not easy to talk about it because it is so ordinary; there is nothing
      in particular that is present or not present. It is a state you
      experience every day when you are not self-conscious or concerned
      with anything in particular.

      When your mind is free, not concerned, or worried, or focused on
      anything in particular, and your heart is not grasping or clinging to
      anything, then you are free. The most characteristic quality is that
      there is no fixation on anything; you're not focused on any issue or
      experience. Whatever is there, is there. So there is a freedom of
      mind. The mind is not saying, "I want this," or "I want to look at
      this," or "It has to be this way." The mind is loose. The
      expression "hang loose" tells us what it means to be liberated.

      --- In SufiMystic@yahoogroups.com, Jan Sultan wrote:

      Q: What do you mean by 'it was done'? You became enlightened?

      Catherine Ingram: Enlightenment is not a word I use. I prefer to call this a natural way of being, the most natural actually. Or just radiant
      presence or dear awareness, clear seeing. I don't use the word
      enlightenment because the term itself is very loaded. To many people
      it implies a kind of Big Bang after which you are eternally in a
      steady state called enlightenment. While in fact the actual
      experience is a kind of opening in spaciousness, here and now, which
      allows anything to come and go, with no resistance. It is not a
      state, it is just relaxing into a natural ease of being. It's already
      here. When people use the word enlightenment, it implies some point
      in time that you hop into or it happens to you and then you are there
      for ever more... I don't think this is a good way of thinking about

      Q: Then let me put the question this way: with Poonjaji you realized
      your true nature?

      CI: Yes, but what I saw was a recognition of something I already
      knew. I just hadn't been paying full attention to it. I hadn't given
      it it's due, it's importance, until I met Poonjaji. I didn't realize:
      this is IT. And then I saw it really was ~. And it became more and
      more IT, over time. Everybody has the potential of knowing and living
      in this vastness. Everyone has an awakened nature and is
      consciousness manifesting. It just has to do with what you are paying
      attention to. Some people are paying more attention to this ease of
      being. They are allowing their attention to rest essentially in this
      ease of being. Little bubbles on the screen may come by and sometimes they get a little attention, but that's about it. While normally people are lost in the bubbles on the screen; they focus on them.
      That's the difference. It is a switch of perception.

      Q: A switch in perception which usually takes place as a gradual

      CI: Well, it can happen totally instantaneously too. Some people
      recognize their true nature right away and that is where their
      attention rests from that moment on. But for many people it is a
      process of getting used to it. It is not a process of an occurring;
      it is a process of a consistency. It is a deepening and a slow
      relaxation into that recognition. .... It takes a moment to realize
      that the central problem is gone before you realize that all the
      other problems that were hanging on to it are also gone. The moment
      you recognize your true nature, it takes a moment to realize that all
      your problems were hanging on the central erroneous belief that you
      are somebody. When this belief is gone, all the problems are gone at
      the same time. To realize this is waking up fully from the dream.

      Q: How did the process of realizing your true nature develop for you?
      CI: When I first recognized this pure awareness, that nobody ever
      touches, which nothing ever sticks to, it was very thrilling to me. I
      thought that I would never again notice anything else. But the little
      bubbles, neuroses and all kinds of things came up again. They caught
      my attention for a little while. And then they fell away again and
      there was this spaciousness, vastness again. So on one hand I could
      say it has been a gradual process. But on the other hand I would say
      it has really gone quite quickly and continuously. And it still goes
      on and on.

      Readers Write Back

                       Please tell our friend Ken Wilber that he has the rare gift of obscuring any issue or question in a flood of meaningless neologisms and absurd concepts.

                        Earl McHugh
      Jerry responds:
      It's no wonder he's so popular. Look at all the stuff he drops into your Halloween pillow case:
      And more!
      However, I have seen quotes that are direct and without the intellectual ginger bread.

      dear jerry,

      i think this piece is by you?  i'm appreciating its beauty and clarity, for me right now. (whoever that is)

      i've written a couple of small questions below, in the "avenues" paragraph.

      if you would care to clarify these for me i'd like that. and if it's inappropriate for me to ask that in this context -- maybe i should be sending this to the NDS list (but i don't generally read it) -- that's fine.

      & love

      (martha is responding to issue #1401)

      --- In NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com, "fewtch" wrote:

      "What does it matter to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless
      whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of
      totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?"

      --Mahatma Gandhi

      --- In NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com, "markwotter704" wrote:

      Go to Sleep  - Dan Bern

      Enough of this throat singing already
      If you wanna sing two notes at once
      Why don't you do like everyone else
      Get a multi-track machine
      Lay 'em down separately
      Make a little harmony
      Maybe a bass track
      Like one from the Rolling Stones
      None of this long lost art
      This archaic stuff
      Go out and make something

      If you wanna make some dough
      You oughta invest in my company
      We're putting barcodes
      On the fetuses
      Using ultrasound
      And laser technology
      We used to do babies
      But some of them still got mixed up
      This takes care of that

      My love, go to sleep
      We'll wake you tomorrow
      My love, go to sleep
      We'll wake you tomorrow

      There's some tomatoes
      Chemically engineered
      They come out square
      To fit in boxes
      There's some people
      Chemically engineered
      They come out square
      To fit in boxes
      I'm sitting on the roof today
      All by myself
      Not saying nothing
      To no one
      I'm sitting on the roof today
      All by myself
      Not saying nothing

      My love go to sleep
      We'll wake you tomorrow
      My love go to sleep
      We'll wake you tomorrow

      Love, Mark

      --- In NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry Katz" wrote:
      >   ----- Original Message -----
      >   From: Mary Bianco
      >   To: Nonduality Salon
      >   Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 12:10 AM
      Subject: [NDS] re: the end of it all
      <Tell me your world didn't change a little when you met your
      first square pizza. Mine did. Oh it was a good pizza, but I felt I was
      shooting marbles with dice. It was like waking up and finding the pyramids are concrete boxes. Sure, there's still a mummy encased in gold, still gobs of Italian sausage lost in a quick sand of mozarella, but where's the sacredness? The day they squared pizza, God nearly left the ristorante. I say 'nearly' because there were still the meatballs. And Louisa!
      >   Jerry>
      >   ...and (sigh) square watermelons that fit in the
      >   mary
      >   lord have mercy, what
      they've done to watermelons shouldn't be
      done to anything. Except gurus.
      >   j.

      Mace Mealer

             Whatever one may think it is,
             it is not.
             Whatever one may long to find
             is unfindable.
             Have you not been instructed
             that the answer,
             that is not an answer,
             does not bend to thought
             or desire?
             Yet not garnered
             by the thoughtless
             or corrupted by want,
             recognition patiently awaits
             the caring heart.

      overview / multiverses
      --- In NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole" wrote:

      A long, entertaining, and thought-provoking
      article in Scientific American online...


      Note: The site has been 'slashdotted' (again) and
      so may be slow to load.

      If less is more, nothing is everything.

      editor's note: the site loaded fine on my dial-up connection.
      Thank you for the link, Mr. Poole.

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