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Sunday, April 6, 2003

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  • Gloria Lee
    A New Form of Matter Scientists have created a new kind of matter: It comes in waves and bridges the gap between the everyday world of humans and the
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      A New Form of Matter

      Scientists have created a new kind of matter:
      It comes in waves and bridges the gap between the everyday
      world of humans and the micro-domain of quantum physics.

      Quantum mechanics describes the bizarre rules of light and matter on atomic scales. In that realm, matter can be in two places at once; objects behave as both particles and waves (a strange duality described by Schrodinger's wave equation); and nothing is certain: the quantum world runs on probability.

      Although quantum rules are counter-intuitive, they underlie the macroscopic reality we experience day-to-day. Bose-Einstein condensates are curious objects that bridge the gap between those two realms. They obey the laws of the small even as they intrude on the big.

      Issue #1394 - Friday, April 4, 2003 - Editor: Gloria Lee
      Ed Note: Issue #1393 from Saturday was truncated by Outlook Express,
      so you may have missed the last half. The entire message is on yahoo at:

      This following article is repeated from Saturday's highlight.
      Christiana, thank-you for sending this piece. 
      (All of us are affected by the war in Iraq. Many are for it, many are against it.
      Many think all war is wrong, others speak of there being ‘just’ wars, war
      that, while still being regrettable, is necessary for the greater good.
      Whatever your perspective, I think it is important to remember that world
      peace is never going to exist in a sustained way on this  planet until a critical
      mass of us finds true inner peace. With that in mind, I offer the following…) 
      The quest for enlightenment, for true inner freedom, involves a deep  inquiry
      into who and what you really are, beyond all ideas about who  you are. It
      involves a deep inquiry into the nature of reality itself. If you  are able to put
      whatever religious beliefs and concepts you currently  hold aside, and look
      closely at the way physical reality is put together, you come to a remarkable
      discovery. You come to the same insights  arrived at by quantum physics in
      our own time, by Jesus 2,000 years  ago, and by the Buddha 2,500 years
      This discovery is that reality is a unified field of energy and consciousness.
      It is not the universe of separate objects and things, of  "us" in here, and the
      rest of the world out there, as Newton believed, but is a participatory
      universe, where every particle, every atom is  profoundly interconnected.
      Reality is so interconnected that just by observing, looking into a system,
      you affect and change the  system—and are, in turn, affected and changed by
      This quantum perspective brings an entirely new, and astonishingly 
      contemporary—indeed, timeless—kind of meaning to the Buddha’s 
      statements that, "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form," and "All the
      ten thousand things are created by a single thought." It allows us to hear
      Jesus’ words, "I and the Father are One" in a new way, especially if we see
      the word "Father" as a metaphor for consciousness itself. It makes it easier
      for us to understand Jesus when he said to his  disciples, "This applies to
      you, too. You are just as much a part of the Oneness as I am." 
      We are not separate from the rest of creation, but are one with it.  Ramesh
      Balsekar, a contemporary Indian teacher of self-realization,  reminds us that
      in Hindu mythology, the universe was perceived  thousands of years ago as
      a multi-dimensional net of jewels, each one  a reflection of, and profoundly
      related to, the other. He quotes an  ancient Chinese saying: "Pick a blade of
      grass and you shake the universe." 
      And the fundamental quality that connects everything, as modern quantum
      physics is discovering, is consciousness itself. In fact, the quantum
      scientists have come to the startling conclusion that  consciousness is a
      permanent and inherent property of the universe, and that conscious
      awareness, or observership, is a mandatory requirement for making reality
      tangible. We, as observers, participants, are creating the whole thing.
      Perception, in other words,  is reality. 
      One thinks of Shakespeare, the brilliant playwright and—in his own  way,
      metaphysician—writing over five hundred years ago: "All the world’s a
      stage, and all the people many players." What becomes clear with the
      universal, quantum, or holographic perspective is that we are scripting the
      whole thing. It doesn’t happen without our thinking, or dreaming it, into
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      Nagual Series II - Free Will? We Create Our Own Reality? - NOT

      "Our nagual creates the major themes in our  life. It is up to us to fill in the details."
      The subject of free will has come up recently on the forum. It's time to look at it 
      and some other baby metaphysical concepts such as 'we create our own reality'. 
      We have no free will, nor do we create our own reality. These were concepts that 
      became popular during the 70's and 80's among 'new agers' and they now have 
      become beliefs established in the dream of mass consciousness. They were 
      necessary to bring about the realization that we are responsible for our thoughts, 
      feelings, and actions. It is not a savior outside of ourselves that will absolve us of 
      all of our sins. We alone are responsible for our own salvation. 
      But it is time to graduate from baby metaphysics and realize that we do not 
      create our reality, nor do we really have free will. Many on this board have come 
      to this realization already, or have sincerely questioned these new age beliefs. 
      On the other hand it is equally incorrect to say that all of our life is predetermined, 
      that we have no choice in life, or that we are chosen for a pre-determined destiny 
      that we will fulfill whether we like it or not. It is incorrect to say that all of what 
      happens in our life happens for a reason. This is more baby metaphysics. The 
      fact is that most of the events in an average man's life occur accidentally. 
      Philosophers would call this a paradox. But a Toltec sees no contradiction here. 
      Paradoxes are for the mental body. When one begins to 'see', paradoxes fall 
      away into knowingness. 
      Our nagual aspect is the unstructured part of ourselves. It is UNLIMITED. Our 
      destiny and major themes of our life are set up by our nagual. Our tonal is our 
      personality aspect, which consists of our mental, emotional and physical bodies, 
      is our structured aspect. Our personality contains our POTENTIAL. If we fully align
       our tonal to our nagual we have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. 
      We have absolutely no control over our nagual. Our nagual is much, much bigger 
      and many times more powerful than we are. As organic beings we identify with 
      our tonal, our personality self (mental, emotional and physical bodies). The 
      average human has no awareness at all of their nagual. They only know their 
      tonal, and actually know very little about that. 
      Mexican Spanish has a word, mitote, which was originally a Toltec word meaning
       chaos and disorder. It was originally used to describe a market place where you 
      have a thousand people talking to each other at the same time and nobody 
      understands each other. The Toltecs use the word mitote to describe the 
      average person's mind. Our tonal actually consists of a thousand different I's 
      each contradicting each other. We have many buffers in our personality that blind 
      us to our contradictions. Each of these I's have different desires, different wills 
      and depending on which particular I we are identified with in the moment, we will 
      make decisions and take actions that may be totally contradictory to another 
      moment when another one of the I's in our chaotic market place. 
      This is the average state of the human. It is a very difficult place to be in. From 
      this state it is impossible to sense or to be aware of our nagual aspect. It vibrates
       way too high. The only way out is to muster up as much intent as we can to begin
       to get some of our thousands of I's to align up. 
      Ultimately we want all of these subpersonalities to align to our nagual. But as it is 
      near impossible to know our nagual when living in Chaos we must first align them
      to something outside of ourselves. We may align them to a teacher or nagual. Or
      we may begin to align our-selves to books and other teachings that ring true to 
      us. One by one we must rigorously stalk the I's in our tonal, processing them while
      bringing down our buffers. This is very difficult as it requires brute honesty with 
      our-selves, all aspects of our-selves. 
      This can take a lifetime for some. But until we are able to process and heal our 
      personality selves to a degree where we have a sufficient 'mass' of 
      subpersonalities in alignment, we do not have enough personal power to access 
      our nagual. And true growth only begins when we are working directly with our 
      Returning to free will and creating our reality, we can see that in a state of chaos 
      with so many contractions in ourselves we are virtually powerless. In this state 
      there is no way we can truly create our reality. We only fool ourselves into 
      believing we can. It is very easy to fool ourselves when we have so many buffers 
      in ourselves that blind us from ourselves. In this state of chaos what we choose 
      and what we will is solely dependent on what particular subpersonality we are 
      identifying with in the moment. More often than not, which subpersonality is 
      manifesting through ourselves is determined by some thing or event outside of 
      ourselves. This is not free will. The average man lives by the law of accident, not 
      the law of destiny. 
      When we align ourselves to our nagual we are then able to manifest the nagual in
      our lives. We are aligned to and fulfill our destiny. Living naguals are very 
      powerful as they are in alignment with their nagual aspect. Their tonal is aligned 
      to their nagual. In some paths this state is called self-realization. The personality 
      self is fully realized (aligned to) the higher self. 
      Many want to skip dealing with their personality selves and go directly to the 
      nagual. They want to believe that a warrior's life is something different than their 
      own. I personally am guilty of this. I wanted to have out of bodies, run energy, 
      dream and have all the oohs and ahs. I got to be pretty efficient at doing these 
      things. I didn't want to deal with my personality self and had convinced myself that
      'only other people have problems, I was above that stuff'. But you can only go so 
      far running high frequencies of energy without working on your tonal. Power will 
      eventually come and knock you on your ass. It knocked me down so low that I 
      was suicidal for over a year. For more than 3 years I was in more pain than I 
      could have ever imagined was possible, and I was totally powerless. It was a very
      ugly place to be in. 
      But now my life is very different. I still remember those painful years. And I can 
      recall my life prior to that. But when I finally made it out the other side I stepped 
      into a new probability that I could have never imagined existed. This evening 
      when running my nagual opened and spoke to me the entire time I was running. 
      Normally, when running I open to my nagual and I get glimpses and flashes of 
      knowingness on how to live my life. But tonight, my nagual opened to me and was
      in a very talkative mood ;-) 
      To finish three quickies .. . . 
      * Eventually you will get to the place where your teacher is your own nagual 
      aspect. It is not a book or someone outside of you. Then when you speak to 
      others of your path you will have true origin-ality. The origin of your knowledge 
      comes from your origin, your nagual. 
      * The word impeccable means 'without sin'. Sin is defined as a 'transgression 
      against God.' As God is unknowable we are left with our nagual aspect. I would 
      define sin as a 'transgression against our nagual aspect.' To be impeccable 
      means to be without sin or to be in alignment with our nagual. 
      * For humans truth is not absolute. It is relative to our level of growth. Truth has a 
      purpose for that particular level of growth. Often the purpose behind the truth is 
      more important than the truth itself. Example - the purpose of instilling the 
      belief/truth that 'we create our own reality' was to make people aware that they 
      are responsible for their growth and their lives(not a savior or God outside of 
      themselves). A more accurate truth is that we don't create our own reality, our 
      destiny has already been created by our nagual. But, to realise our destiny we 
      must align our tonal to our nagual. Only we can do this. Our nagual will not do it for
      us. Again, the purpose of this truth is the same as the first truth - we are 
      responsible for our growth, no one else, no other entity outside of ourself, we are 
      responsible. Whichever 'truth' you believe, the purpose is the same, only you are 
      responsible for your growth, your life. Eventually you will get to the point where 
      you have no beliefs/truths. You will not need them. For you will know your 
      Thanks to Karta for posting this on several lists.
      image of "interference patterns" from
      I have not kept up with this thread on Advaitin but here are some thoughts and
      comments on the "Fate" V. "Free Will" debate. Will pass this on to NDS and HS
      for those interested.
      Inquiry about Fate and Free Will is important but there should be no
      compromises. It should be taken to the limit (within one's own mind). What does it
      mean? It is the intensity of the inquiry that is needed not the evaluation of "truth"
      or "falsity" of the doctrine of predetermination (or free will). 
      You can rest assured that from the perspective of the Self, both doctrines, "free
      will" and "predetermination", are equally unreal and have no standing what so
      People have pointed out that Ramesh Baleskar states that everything is
      predetermined. So what? On an issue of this subtle nature, relying on authority is
      not the best strategy, especially if the goal is that of Self Knowledge.
      It seems to me that what Baleskar or anyone else says on the matter is quite
      irrelevant. What do you say? That is important.
      The actual inquiry on this matter, in order to be fruitful, must take place in one's
      own consciousness with focus and intensity. 
      Sri Ramana once indicated to a devotee that all was predetermined. At other
      times the Sage pointed out that reading of scriptures and spiritual practice are
      premised on Free Will. Both statements have their uses in particular times and
      places. A devotee may find either philosophy useful.
      The inquiry about "Fate" and "Free Will" is a device only to open up within to the
      Self- Knowledge, the Heart, that is untouched by either fate or free will. The
      constructs of "fate" and "free will" depend on each for meaning and can have no
      independent existence.
      It is only minor teachers who are obsessed with "Fate" and the "deterministic"
      nature of the world who attempt to maintain consistency in their responses.
      Baleskar certainly fits that category. 
      A true master is not interested in logic or consistency for their own sake. S/He
      has no investment in "free will" or "determinism." These are mere tools that
      maybe useful for inquiry. Once the inquiry into the nature of consciousness starts,
      that itself becomes the tool. 
      The main thing is consciousness, not the constructs that have consciousness as
      their source. If you follow the constructs outwards, you see the world and are
      bound. If you follow the constructs inwards through inquiry, you see that You
      Yourself Are the Consciousness untouched by fate or free will. 
      Love to all Harsha
      From the little I have read by Ramesh Balsekar, it seems he aims to
      use the notion of predestination to counter the "I am the doer"
      belief: if it's predestined, what can anyone do.

      However, for what it's worth, here is a quote from
      The Teachings of
      Ramana Maharshi in His Own Words
      about the question of

      "It is as though a group of people who had never heard of radio were
      to stand around one, arguing whether the man in it has to sing what
      the transmitting station tells him to or whether he can change parts
      of the songs.  The answer is that there is no man in the equipment,
      and therefore the question does not arise."

      Thanks to AdvaitGirl on NDS
      After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the
      inexpressible, is music. ~ Aldous Huxley ~

      The art of music is endowed with a supernatural origin and a divine
      purpose, more so than any other art. ~ Liebniz ~

      Which of these two powers, love or music, can elevate man to the
      sublimest heights? Why separate them? They are the two wings of the
      soul. ~ Hector Berlioz ~

      What is best in music is not to be found in the notes. ~ Gustav
      Mahler ~

      Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the
      mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness and life to
      everything. Fine music is the essence of order and leads to all that
      is just and good, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless
      dazzling, passionate and eternal form. ~ Plato ~

      Don't play the notes. Play the meaning of the notes. ~ Pablo Casals ~

      Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the
      agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and
      delightful presents God has given us. ~ Martin Luther ~

      Only the flint of man's soul can strike fire in music. ~ Ludwig von
      Beethoven ~

      Do not fear mistakes. There are none. ~ Miles Davis ~
      Thanks to Joyce on Allspirit
      "If you could get rid
      Of yourself just once,
      The secret of secrets
      Would open to you.
      The face of the unknown,
      Hidden beyond the universe
      Would appear on the
      Mirror of your perception."

      ~ Rumi ~

      From "Crazy as We Are"; Translated by Nevit O Ergin
      Thanks to Gill Eardly on RumiHafiz

      "It is easier to get enlightened than to stay enlightened. More  people have
      profound spiritual experiences than most realize. Having  momentarily intuited or
      recognized who and what one truly is  (Reality itself, things as they are,
      unmediated by thought),  habitual dualistic propensities do tend to resurface,
      obscuring that  fundamental existential insight and openness. One's intrinsic 
      clarity and innate wakefulness is again shrouded by, and prey to,  the winds of
      karma, the storm of emotionality and delusion. As a  catalyzing agent, deep
      continuous meditation and uncompromising self- inquiry is the great highway to
      wisdom and transcendence.  Wonderment -- wondering about everything -- is the
      key. The Buddha  himself reached perfect awakened enlightenment through such
      a  practice-path; we are fortunate to be heirs to his legacy." ~Lama Surya Das
      Thanks to Daily Dharma
      Patterns of Destiny

      "The apparent is from the created and the Inward is from the Truth"
      -Bahauddin Naqshband.
      "The Sufis quite openly assert that they sense, and work together with, patterns
      of life and of the environment which are imperceptible to others. Indeed, for this
      reason, the Naqshbandi Sufis are called The Designers (Naqshband) and in Sufi
      poetic and other literature it is stated not only that there is a design in the world,
      but that man is part of it. Omar Khayyam, in one of his poems, says 'Without any
      doubt we are the design on the bezel of a ring'. I asked Hakim Jan one day if he
      could expand on the Design idea. As is quite usual, he chose to answer by
      means of a story. It suggested the unfamiliar idea that the Design may be
      sustained by the presence of a particular individual and may relapse into an
      'imperfection' when his presence is withdrawn.
      'All things on this world are connected', said Hakim 'and if an imbalance occurs in
       one part, it will cause upheaval in another. Thus, people(for instance in the West)
       say to people in the East, "' If you have such great knowledge, why are your
       affairs in such a state?" They do not realise that it is people who have caused
       the disorder, and that Sufi intervention represents the maximum which can be
       effected within the Design. The rest of the balancing of the world must come
       when other, very big elements are righted.
      'Almost fourteen hundred years ago, there was a man who lived in an oasis in the
       Arabian desert. His peculiarity was that he kept, as pets, both a goat and a wolf,
       which lived with him in harmony.
      'A traveller whose journeys periodically took him past the oasis, got to know him.
       He asked how and why he kept these two such ill-assorted animals.
      'The man said, "The goat provides milk, and the wolf gives us both protection.
       One works with the other, because there is a certain harmony in the world, in
       certain parts." Then, one day, the traveller was again approaching the Arab's hut
       when he was horrified to see the wolf leap upon the goat and devour it. 'As he
       reached the spot the bedouin came running out, and exclaimed. "A saint has
       died, and the world is dislocated. There are people on the earth whose
       presence has a certain effect. Now we shall see upsets and disasters, and
       things will not be the same until matters are set to rights."
      from: Travels with a Sufi Master. by H.B.M.Dervish
      Thanks to Marcos Lacerda on SufiMystic
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