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Saturday, April 5

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  • John Metzger
    Somewhere a black bear has just risen from sleep and is staring down the mountain. All night in the brisk and shallow restlessness of early spring I think of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2003
         a black bear
            has just risen from sleep
               and is staring
      down the mountain.
         All night
            in the brisk and shallow restlessness
               of early spring
      I think of her,
         her four black fists
            flicking the gravel,
               her tongue
      like a red fire
         touching the grass,
            the cold water.
               There is only one question:
      how to love this world.
         I think of her
               like a black and leafy ledge
      to sharpen her claws against
         the silence
            of the trees.
               Whatever else
      my life is
         with its poems
            and its music
               and its cities,
      it is also this dazzling darkness
            down the mountain,
               breathing and tasting;
      all day I think of her–
         her white teeth,
            her wordlessness,
               her perfect love.
      "Spring"  Mary Oliver
      Joseph Riley   Panhala

      Idries Shah - peace be upon him - wrote of the Commanding Self.

      Gurdjieff, master mad trickster, stand-up comic and fellow
      Greek-Armenian, understood that we are not just one self - but a
      veritable legion of selves.

      Me and my Legion were sitting on my Nissan Maxima's meditation cushion
      yesterday, driving at 110 kph and puffing on a French cigarette
      (Gauloise - not Winstons). I felt a twinge of guilt and concern about
      my nicotine addiction. Then I recalled that Idries smoked like a
      freaking chimney and I'm sure George inhaled deeply from a hookah or
      two or plenty more.

      So I was sitting, Vipassana-on-the-go, watching the clouds of thoughts
      foam and fizzle. A Forest Dweller roaring through Toronto's highways
      past the downtown skyline in my 1987 metal meditation hut on wheels.

      I saw some of my own Commanding Selves.

      I saw my own private Saddam Hussein. Cute moustache and grandfatherly
      jowls. I saw my own doubles - sent out to kiss babies and shoot rifles
      in the air to impress my devoted and frightened citizenry. I saw my
      palaces, statues, posters and underground bunkers. I saw my own
      Republican Guard, Secret Police and torture chambers.

      I saw gas - lots of gas.

      Noxious gas. That I've used against my own people selves - people who
      wanted to be free - people who threatened me - people who got on my
      nerves - so I got to theirs, lethally.

      Oh Golly - I even saw my own private George Bush.

      Grandiose evangelical compassionate conservative fascist King George
      who feels called by Jesus to fulfill some divine mission or other. I
      saw my delight in having death-row inmates die, evildoers squirm in
      agony, having the deserving God-blessed rich get richer, having the
      environment do a death rattle as long as oil gets pumped from the
      ground to keep me rich, having freedoms squashed in the name of
      security, using patriotic symbols to get people pumped with
      nationalistic fever and the oh so special delight of having the
      unliberated unenlightened people who are under a vicious dictatorship
      feel my version of Supreme Truth get stuffed down their unliberated
      throats whether they like the taste of it or not.

      I saw my own private Ari Fleisher - spouting, spinning and
      manufacturing doublespeak to convince the already convinced that their
      convictions are continuously valid.

      I saw my own private hawks and doves. Hawks munching on dove entrails
      and doves cooing with protest signs.

      I wondered: who likes to see their own psyche's global cast of
      characters? Who wants to acknowledge their own delusions and madness?
      Who wants to see that what is out there - is also in here?

      Thankfully, I also saw my own private Nelson Mandela.

      I felt grateful for seeing my madness.

      It's what keeps me from going insane.

      JP "Gandhi" Poffandi   NDS

      Greetings All,

      I am trying to spread the word about a group which might be of
      interest to members here. It is dedicated to the American mystic
      Franklin Merrell-Wolff. I think more interest should be paid to his
      work and to that end I founded the Merrell-Wolff group:


      All are invited to join this group and discuss the concepts of this
      early 20th Century master! Here is a brief introduction:

      Franklin Merrell-Wolff was an American mystic, philosopher, and
      mathematician. Born in 1887 in Pasadena, California, he was the son
      of a Methodist minister. He graduated from Stanford University in
      1911 with a major in mathematics and minors in philosophy and
      psychology, proceding to Harvard graduate school to study philosophy,
      where he was particularly influenced by the study of Kant's Critique
      of Pure Reason. As a result of his philosophical studies,
      Wolff "became convinced of the probable existence of a transcendent
      mode of consciousness that could not be comprehended within the
      limits of our ordinary forms of knowledge." He left his teaching
      career to engage in a spiritual quest.

      Wolff's twenty years of seeking included studies of yoga, theosophy,
      Sufism, and Hinduism. Later he was drawn to the philosophical works
      of the Indian sage Shankara, who founded the Advaita Vedanta school
      of Hindu philosophy. While in deep contemplation of the teachings of
      Shankara, in 1936, his efforts culminated in two Transcendental
      Realizations which provided the foundation for his philosophy. While
      the first Realization confirmed the perspective of Shankara's
      philosophy, the second opened Wolff's philosophical view beyond his
      understanding of Advaita Vedanta. His books Pathways Through To Space
      and The Philosophy of Consciousness Without An Object provide a
      detailed record of his realizations and a philosophical description
      of Transcendental Consciousness. He spent his retirement years at the
      foothills of the eastern Sierra Nevada near Lone Pine, California and
      died there in 1985 at the age of 98.


      diana   being one

      Terry Murphy  SufiMystic
      Tao Te Ching (feng/english)

      Chapter Fifty-five

      He who is filled with Virtue is like a new-born child.
      Wasps and serpents will not sting him;
      Wild beasts will not pounce on him;
      He will not be attacked by birds of prey.
      His bones are soft, his muscles weak,
      But his grip is firm.
      He has not experienced the union of man and woman, but is whole.
      His manhood is strong.
      He screams all day without becoming hoarse.
      This is perfect harmony.

      Knowing harmony is constancy.
      Knowing constancy is enlightenment.

      It is not wise to rush about.
      Controlling the breath causes strain.
      If too much energy is used, exhaustion follows.
      This is not the way of Tao.
      Whatever is contrary to Tao will not last long.

      Awe's Boss   Jerry   livejournal
      2003.03.31  23.48

      Have you ever not known what you want to do, but were happy doing nothing?

      And people close to you are nicely urging you to do something?

      Or not so nicely?

      But you were happy and there was nothing to do?

      No one needing your attention and nothing hard to do or to bear?

      And all there is are these adjustments that some call committments, callings, non-doings, but you know them as adjustments?

      Have you ever?

      And as you're making adjustments, you know you're like a pitcher in the bullpen

      Waiting to be called in to pitch?

      Or waiting to be born?

      Have you ever felt distant from what's on CNN

      And close to reality television?

      Have you watched things happen and really have to strain to see them happen?

      Like, for example, just about anything?

      Are you exactly the same while dreaming and while awake?

      And isn't the comfort world burning

      In a dish

      And the dish hot

      And on your lap

      And with a little adjustment

      You remain cool

      Knowing the iceberg

      Is on its way

      To meet it?

      Nonduality Community   livejournal
      I found a wonderful website about (my favorite contrarian advaitin) U.G. Krishnamurti. Huge amounts of audio and video files there to listen/watch, and find out why he's been the gadfly of the "New Age."


      "There is no moksha, no jivanmukti, and no Atman. And there is no such thing as self-realization. Those are all lies. There is only the 'natural state'. I don't like to use your terms such as enlightenment, jivanmukti, nirvana, or moksha to refer to this state. Those terms suggest some other meanings. They sound weird to me. When I talk about the 'natural state', it is not the state of someone who has attained self-realization or God-realization. It is not something created through self-effort. This natural state is always living and spontaneous."

      Book of Life  J. Krishnamurti
      April 5
      Why shouldn’t one have pleasure?
      You see a beautiful sunset, a lovely tree, a river that has a wide, curving movement, or a beautiful face, and to look at it gives great pleasure, delight. What is wrong with that? It seems to me the confusion and the misery begin when that face, that river, that cloud, that mountain becomes a memory, and this memory then demands a greater continuity of pleasure; we want such things repeated. We all know this. I have had a certain pleasure, or you have had a certain delight in something, and we want it repeated. Whether it be sexual, artistic, intellectual, or something not quite of this character, we want it repeated—and I think that is where pleasure begins to darken the mind and create values which are false, not actual.

      What matters is to understand pleasure, not try to get rid of it—that is too stupid. Nobody can get rid of pleasure. But to understand the nature and the structure of pleasure is essential; because if life is only pleasure, and if that is what one wants, then with pleasure go the misery, the confusion, the illusions, the false values which we create, and therefore there is no clarity.

      Books and movies and DVD

      Buddhists, Catholics Launch First Formal Dialogue
      By Kevin Eckstrom
      Religion News Service
      (RNS) Buddhists and Roman Catholic bishops sat down at a California retreat center recently for their first round of official dialogue.

      The March 20-23 talks were the first for the two sides, organized by the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, the San Francisco Zen Center and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The 14 Buddhists and 14 Catholics spoke about what it means to follow the way of Bodhisattvas (enlightened beings) and the way of Jesus Christ. The group reflected on the writings of everyone from the Dalai Lama to St. Ignatius. "Several times participants discussed their understanding of terms such as transformation, grace, the incarnation and the passion of Jesus, discernment of spirits, prayer, Buddha-nature and related terms," a church news release said.
      Each day was opened with 45 minutes of optional meditation in the Buddhists' meditation hall. The Buddhist hosts transformed their Confucius Hall into a space for Christian worship, with a newly constructed wooden cross on the wall.

      The two sides plan to meet again in 2004 and continue the regular talks through 2006.


      Boomeritis leaves us in a world of spiritual pretense that robs the sacred of its power and goodness by trying to make it serve us and our personal need for control.

      Christiana, thank-you for sending this piece.

      (All of us are affected by the war in Iraq. Many
      are for it, many are against
      it. Many think all war is wrong, others speak of
      there being ‘just’ wars,
      war that, while still being regrettable, is
      necessary for the greater good.
      Whatever your perspective, I think it is important
      to remember that world
      peace is never going to exist in a sustained way
      on this planet until a
      critical mass of us finds true inner peace. With
      that in mind, I offer the

      The quest for enlightenment, for true inner
      freedom, involves a deep inquiry
      into who and what you really are, beyond all ideas
      about who you are. It
      involves a deep inquiry into the nature of reality
      itself. If you are able to
      put whatever religious beliefs and concepts you
      currently hold aside, and
      look closely at the way physical reality is put
      together, you come to a
      remarkable discovery. You come to the same
      insights arrived at by quantum
      physics in our own time, by Jesus 2,000 years ago,
      and by the Buddha 2, 500
      years ago.

      This discovery is that reality is a unified field
      of energy and
      consciousness. It is not the universe of separate
      objects and things, of "us"
      in here, and the rest of the world out there, as
      Newton believed, but is a
      participatory universe, where every particle,
      every atom is profoundly
      interconnected. Reality is so interconnected that
      just by observing, looking
      into a system, you affect and change the
      system—and are, in turn, affected
      and change by it.

      This quantum perspective brings an entirely new,
      and astonishingly contempor
      ary—indeed, timeless—kind of meaning to the Buddha’s
      statements that,
      "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form," and
      "All the ten thousand things
      are created by a single thought." It allows us to
      hear Jesus’ words, "I and
      the Father are One" in a new way, especially if we
      see the word "Father" as a
      metaphor for consciousness itself.  It makes it
      easier for us to understand
      Jesus when he said to his disciples, "This applies
      to you, too. You are just
      as much a part of the Oneness as I am."

      We are not separate from the rest of creation, but
      are one with it. Ramesh
      Balsekar, a contemporary Indian teacher of
      self-realization, reminds us that
      in Hindu mythology, the universe was perceived
      thousands of years ago as a
      multi-dimensional net of jewels, each one a
      reflection of, and profoundly
      related to, the other. He quotes an ancient
      Chinese saying: "Pick a blade of
      grass and you shake the universe."

      And the fundamental quality that connects
      everything, as modern quantum
      physics is discovering, is consciousness itself.
      In fact, the quantum
      scientists have come to the startling conclusion
      that consciousness is a
      permanent and inherent property of the universe,
      and that conscious
      awareness, or observership, is a mandatory
      requirement for making reality
      tangible. We, as observers, participants, are
      creating the whole thing.
      Perception, in other words, is reality.

      One thinks of Shakespeare, the brilliant
      playwright and—in his own way,
      metaphysician—writing over five hundred years ago:
      "All the world’s a stage,
      and all the people many players." What becomes
      clear with the universal,
      quantum, or holographic perspective is that we are
      scripting the whole thing.
      It doesn’t happen without our thinking, or
      dreaming it, into being.

      © Jim Dreaver 2003

      If you have a question about your transformational
      journey, and what it takes
      to live authentically amidst the challenges of
      daily life, email it to me and
      I will give you my perspective. There is no charge
      for this, though it may
      take a week or two to get back to you


      For more information about my books, tapes,
      schedule, and private
      Transformational  Counseling sessions, whether in
      person or by phone, visit
      my website at www.jimdreaver.com


      If you have a friend whom you think would enjoy or
      benefit from this message,
      feel free to copy it and forward it. To subscribe,
      send an email to
      jdreaver@... and type ‘Wisdom Mailing’ in
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      type ‘Remove’ in subject line.

      450 Pitt Ave
      Sebastopol, CA 95472
      Tel: 707-823-1640
      Web: www.jimdreaver.com

      know_mystery   Joyce   allspirit
      MY thoughts shimmer with these shimmering leaves and my heart sings
      with the touch of this sunlight; my life is glad to be floating with
      all things into the blue of space, into the dark of time.

      DARK clouds become heaven's flowers when kissed by light.

      THY sunshine smiles upon the winter days of my heart, never doubting
      of its spring flowers.

      LET me feel this world as thy love taking form, then my love will
      help it.

      I HAVE dipped the vessel of my heart into this silent hour; it has
      filled with love.

      MY heart, with its lapping waves of song, longs to caress this green
      world of the sunny day.

      THE world has kissed my soul with its pain, asking for its return in

      TIMID thoughts, do not be afraid of me. I am a poet.

      THE song feels the infinite in the air, the picture in the earth, the
      poem in the air and the earth; For its words have meaning that walks
      and music that soars.

      LET this be my last word, that I trust in thy love.

      ~ Rabindranath Tagore ~    From "Stray Birds"

       Brother Void
      What is meant by light? To gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness.
      On the dark and difficult path you have chosen, you sometime lose
      your way. Your spirit becomes suffused in a warm, fuzzy light. The
      Universe becomes infinitely benevolent. Things start to happen for
      a reason. Eventually you hit bottom and purchase the collected
      works of Yanni. But do not be fooled. Remember; there are two
      kinds of light: the steady blue flame at the heart of darkness and the
      false, desperate sunshine of the cheery countenance. Your wisdom
      will grow not by conjuring figures of light, but by making the dark-
      ness conscious. So pick up the path you lost and, once again, be on
      your dark and difficult way.
      The dark path lights my way.

      Edition #1393
      Saturday, April 5, 2003
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