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Saturday, March 22

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  • John Metzger
    a day at blues creek counting species wiped away by green blinded geeks most versatile breed whether war hawk or peace lord depends on fed creed! stranded on
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2003
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      a day at blues creek
      counting species wiped away
      by green blinded geeks
      most versatile breed
      whether war hawk or peace lord
      depends on fed creed!
      stranded on death beach
      agent orange took young leaves
      but their shadow stays
      bush palm beach and fogs
      breathing problems killing grounds
      agent orange rogues
      fiery clouds light up
      signs of an impending doom
      wars and dire disease
      a world of fire floats
      on the sea of Iraq's oil
      to pay for gunboats
      the world's largest debt
      powered by the stars and stripes
      paid with Iraq's oil
      ethics gene at bay
      global warming chilly view
      on a windless day
      yo! all bridges bombed
      praise gunboat diplomacy
      hail eye for an eye!

      hurricane's blind date
      clouds gather above palm bush
      ghouls the pawns of fate
      Gaia quakes with likes
      California here they come
      pure preemptive strikes!
      whatever perceived
      in the neural network soap
      life is but a dream
      view from top is best
      even within deepest dreams
      not one moment rest
      Jan   NDS

      Marcia Paul   NDS   response to Jodi
      I am waxing sentimental. Perhaps it is the glass of wine
      I am sipping. I have not written to this list in a year. I have
      not read anything on this list in a year. But the same folks
      are here. I appreciate you guys. ( I am not sure I would
      appreciate Judy.) But what the heck. Dan I remember,
      fondly. I am so self-focused. If no one responds then
      then I think no one likes me. It is hilarious really.
      Can anyone see the humor in this? It is absolutely
      the funniest. Who the heck am I anyway? It is so

      I look at Judy. She talks about getting to the absolute
      bottom of the barrel and then that is how one sees.
      But that can't be the only way to "see". That is for sure
      one way. I mean, my circumstances are different. I
      have been married twenty five years. We are
      comfortable. I took care of dying parents and that
      was "real." I took care of a friend dying of mad cow
      disease in December. I went with him across the
      threshold of death. These things matter. They are

      I watched "About Schmidt" last night. The one thing
      he did that made a difference was to care for this
      hungry child. What in one's life makes a difference?
      Can we say...none of it makes a difference?

      I see humans as "meaning making" entities. It seems
      that nonduality is saying that there is no meaning. How
      to reconcile this.

      The thing about the Gurdjieff work is that it is about
      conscience. Conscience is buried in essence like
      Atlantis was buried. To me nonduality is so theoretical.
      But then perhaps I just "don't get it" Some of the "old
      familiar voices" here seem genuine. Is it me. Don't I
      get it?

      There are people in power with various agendas, but they are not 
      super clever by most standards, although they maybe somewhat devious.

      The nondual truth of it is: it is. It's been the natural outcome of the
      process of evolution, not a conspiracy of secret societies.

      There's little to be done expect to do your job (whatever that is)
      and not expect anything.

      At some point you'll understand that there is no "they" as there
      is no "you" to be concerned with them.

      Dan, Sat Karta   AdvaitaToZen
      Ken Wilber's complex maps to answer philosophical
      questions that he thinks need maps, and Andrew
      Cohen's self-serving notions of enlightenment
      authorities, are just more of the same old,
      same old -- dressed up in the clothes of enlightenment
      instead of the clothes of churchianity.
      If you hear authorities making weighty pronouncements
      about the way that enlightenment really works,
      and what it's doing for humanity -- check that
      your wallet is still in your pocket and smite
      them with bolts of lightening immediately!
      The Emperor has no clothes!
      The first step to enlightenment is the last step --
      and it requires no movement.
      Unless one knows enlightenment now,
      first-hand, enlightenment is a concept only for that one --
      something one wants to get for whatever it is believed
      it will do for oneself, or whatever evolution one 
      believes it will bring for oneself.
      So, you see -- enlightenment is just another thing
      that I come up with so I can keep the game going,
      with authorities, paths, those half-way up the
      mountain, those at the top, all that stuff.
      The pyramid of greed - whether it is greed for
      enlightenment or money, is structured the same.
      When for you there is no bottom nor top -- no
      authority will be needed or sought -- no map
      will be useful.
      Then, which is now, you will know, that not
      even a single step is involved.
      Evolution requires time.
      Time requires a place to form a perspective,
      a perspective of a movement from before to after ... 
      Enlightenment of no before nor after won't
      be found evolving.
      It won't be made into a program or a map.
      It's like that old Christian song:
      "He's got the whole world in his hands ..."
      It's got all the evolutions of all possible
      beings in all worlds, in its hands.
      And the devolutions.
      But itself is not evolving, nor devolving.
      Sat Karta: 
      HI Dan
      oh! i am shivering now, was this 
      the burning bush talking me in 
      the form of an enlightened person? 
      i mean *Enlightened* as understood 
      and excepted phenomena for ages by 
      the religion biz and the sages..
      or the lightening bold will struck
      my wallet?
      or was it a successful and bright 
      phd talking with envy of an other one;
      who by the much condemned word: "by *Practice*" as meditation etc
      became Enlightened?
      ps: "we are pure conditioning. And that conditioned 
      entity thinks it knows something, has some knowledge upon which it 
      can build. But in doing so, it is building upon the wrong
      foundation,  because knowledge is always fragmentary, limited. 
      It is always of 
      thought, of the intellect, the mind, and what we are interested in
      is  not new theories, new concepts, all resulting from mentation, but
      to  go beyond the mind."

      i see NO "going beyond mentation"
      not much REAL exchange; but rather
      repetitions of each of our own 
      or even to listen to the other :-(((
      Learning can go on and on.

      What is learned today is later forgotten.

      We can pretend to influence each other in a
      give and take.

      But what is taken in today is given up later.

      The peace where there is nothing to learn,
      seems dead to an inquisitive mind.

      The inquisitive mind doesn't want to know
      that it has no place of its own.

      It wants to keep on learning, doing, being.

      It doesn't want to come to the noplace where
      no minds or beings are.

      But what it wants is only its own conceptuality,
      for ever and ever, in the form of experiences.

      And its wanting to continue is devoid of any truth.

      This is peace.

      Gloria, Xan   allspirit
      Words can never convey the beauty of a tree;
      to understand it you must see it with your own eyes.
      Language cannot capture the melody of a song;
      to understand it you must hear it with your own ears.

      So it is with the Tao [Self]:
      the only way to understand
      it is to directly experience it.

      The subtle truth of the universe
      is unsayable and unthinkable.
      Therefore the highest teachings are wordless.

      My own words are not the medicine but a prescription;
      not the destination but a map to help you reach it.

      To get there
      quiet your mind
      and close your mouth.

      Don't analyze the Tao.
      Strive instead to live it:
      silently, undividedly,
      with your whole harmonious being.

      - Hua Hu Jing
      Chapter 30

      sandeep  being one

      Daily Dharma   Saturday morning

      "In classical Buddhist terms, ‘the middle way’ involves not identifying with anything: either pleasure or pain, separateness or togetherness, attachment or detachment.  The middle way is not some bland middle ground.  Rather, it requires us to be alert and awake at all times, so that we do not harden into any position, no matter how righteous it may seem.  Not solidifying a position keeps us sensitive to continue to flow fluidly.  When two people become too invested in their positions (for example ‘I need more closeness’ versus ‘I need more space’), they become polarized and the

      dance grinds to a halt." ~~John Welwood

      From the book, "Toward a Psychology of awakening,” published by Shambhala.

      In response to the world, the mystery deepens, widens, opens, includes,
      shares, flows back.

      There is an endless depth for us in the stillness, answers beyond our own
      creation, unless we realize we are one with the divine.

      I who sit, think, write, contemplate, write again, and pray, cannot fathom
      the mystery. When I leave myself, the divine enters, fulfills me, reveals
      things beyond my comprehension.

      As so the language itself, shrouded in mystery, speaks impossibly about
      paradoxical things, for how could I leave myself? How could I be one with the

      Yet these are the words that resonate within, the very poetry of my soul.

      I am one with the divine.

      And I am apart.

      We are magnificent goodness and impossible horror, bound up in being.

      I watch this beautiful world crack, shatter, cry out.

      Yet somehow within the deepening continues.

      And I am one with the divine in a mystery beyond my comprehension.

      I look within now for the beauty and truth.

      And the more I look into the world the more deeply I must look within.

      Eman8tions   March 22
      John MacEnulty

      A Net of Jewels
      Ramesh S. Balsekar

      March 22

      It is the false sense of separation between man's fictional personal
      identity and the rest of the world that is the cause of all human conflict
      and unhappiness.  Yet with unbelievable, obtuseness, man still seeks
      salvation only from this imaginary unhappiness rather than from the false
      identity that is its cause!

             ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

      Our imperfect perception of the manifested world in terms of measurement,
      diversification and classification is the veil that maintains our commitment
      to illusion.

      NDhighlights   Issue 1379
      Saturday, March 22, 2003
      Editor   John

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