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Saturday, February 22

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  • John Metzger
    l o o k all birds are one, like just one dog, one man the feather in your hand too, glowing golden in the sky, diving down fast, the same bird waking you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2003
      l   o   o   k
      all birds are one,
      like just one dog, one man
      the feather in your hand too,
      glowing golden in the sky,
      diving down fast,
      the same bird waking you
      I am,
      I am,
      every drinker of this sound
      I am
      dancing upon
      a piece of flesh that is this ground,
      in the field of shining stars
      w  h  o
      Al Larus   truevision

      Al Larus   truevision

      Dave Mason   livejournal
      when he continued his voice was stronger and his eyes shone again:

      "All your life you have felt isolated and far away from people. But of course, your hidden agenda - a desperate need for love and acceptance - was driving you, forcing you to get as close to people as you could. Your need was insatiable because it never stood a chance of real fulfilment, you never believed people when they expressed love or affection for you. The very thing you wanted, you could not accept when it was offered....."

      "How do you know all this? I haven't talked..."

      "But you have talked! It was in your words, if not in their actual meaning. As Constancy develops you will learn not only about you own Self-Image, but about other peoples' as well. Intuitions that are available to everyone will grow stronger for you, you will have feelings about people as you talk with them, these feelings may be at great variance from the factual content of the discussion. Whenever people talk to each other, they are sharing something. Not just the words, and not just the meaning of the words, but other things. People can grow close to each other - and vice versa - even when they are just talking about the weather, because other communications are going on as well. As Constancy opens you up you will feel the possibilities of the closeness that you have always wanted, and it is just at this time that you must be careful, for now, you will perceive the hidden agendas of others, their suppressed longings. You will perceive that they are not just sharing things with you, you will see that their sharing is loaded. The more Constancy takes root the more impossible it will be for you to collude with the loaded sharing of others."

      NDhighlights # 1358
      Saturday, February 22
      Editor John


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